29-Guardian of time

 <The magic clock (tel) pointed to 11:59:55.
 As Sasha and Misha look towards their origins, the magic of the Levide takes them to their roots in the past.
 <The second hand of the Magic Clock (Tel) moved, indicating 56 seconds.

 Instantly the world turned white.
 The floor, the ceiling, the walls, everything was white.

 Another second or two passed.
 However, the second hand of the magic clock (tell) remained stationary.

 This place, this space, was isolated from the world.

You've arrived.

 At that moment, the empty space in front of me was torn open. The tip of a silvery white blade can be seen. It's as if the one who was hiding behind the space cut the curtain to come into this side.
 The object that cut through the space looks like an unusual spear from the tip of the blade alone, but I am well aware that it is a scythe.

''What is that...?''

 Sasha leaks out her words in surprise.

''........I can't see the bottom of my magic power......''

 Misha says. 'This will be the first time she's encountered someone with so much magic she can't see the bottom of it, other than me.

'Stay focused on the origins. Magic isn't fully established yet. Besides, this guy is not someone you can handle.

 A wet hand appeared as if to widen the space he had cut up. It is wearing white gloves. It pried open the space with both hands and slowly appeared on this side.

 He was wearing a pure white hooded robe, and no matter how hard you looked into his magical eye, you could not see his face. Or maybe there is no such thing as a face.

''Hey. Anos, what is that...?

 Again, Sasha asks me.

"The Guardian of Time, Ego La Lavias. Simply put, he's the god who keeps the time order.

"....What....is God...?

 Stunned, Sasha let the words slip out.

'He's trying to change the past in a big way. God is the only one who will come out. They just can't stand the idea of time being out of order.

 Ego La Raviaz turns to me.
 Then, when he recognizes me, he says.

"--Xu Sanu--

 A solemn voice, just like that, made the space tremble violently.

''Ho. I've never met a talking individual before.''

 2,000 years from now, God will be different.

"Xu Sanu...

 Once again, Ego La Ravias speaks up.

'Hmm. It would be helpful if you could close your eyes, if you could? Changing the past is simply saving one demon race. Or can't anyone, even a god, allow just one tragedy to disappear from this world?

Xu Sanu...

 If you try to change the past with magic, there is a supernatural force that tries to prevent it from happening.
 The order of this world, the laws of this world, or providence, are embodied in the Watchtower.

 The watchdog god of time, Eugo La Ravias, restores the order of time by removing the causes of changing the past.
 In other words, he tries to kill the sorcerers.

"Man, you're still so narrow-minded after 2,000 years, aren't you? You are so narrow-minded, even after 2,000 years, you still can't allow anyone but God to perform miracles as if they were your own personal property.

 They ignore the prayers of humans and trample the pride of the demon race.
 What is the value of a god who saves no one, who merely preserves order?

The rules of this world that you set for yourselves are unreasonable. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to follow those rules.

I forgive you for not wanting to disturb the flow of time. I will let the time judge thee.

 Eugo La Raviaz disappears with the light.
 The next thing I know, he's standing next to Ibis Necron crucified to the wall.

 What are you going to do?

"The Seven Devils' Grandfather, Ibis Necron...

 When Ego La Lavias held up his hand, the magic sword gadol came loose and rolled to the floor as if it were being played backwards.
 The skewered Ivis' face healed in a flash.
 The wound of the magic sword gadol could not be healed. He, who is the guardian god of time, turned back the time for Aivis.
 Before Gadol stabbed him, before he was burned by the Gio-Glaze.

 Thus, Aivis's body was completely healed.
 No, it was assumed that there were no wounds.

I give thee the power of the god of time. Thou shalt destroy Anos Voldigod--

 Eugo La Ravias turned into light and quickly disappeared, as if he was sucked into Ivis' body.
 The only thing left is the silvery white weapon he was holding in his hand, the