273-The true identity of Shinryu

 When Singh and Eldmead were confronting Cerys and the others--
 We shifted to the vicinity of the canopy, just out of the reach of the divine dragon's song, just outside the reach of the canopy.

 In front of me was a scene of chanting flames rising from Geordal.
 The blazing fire of purification was like a spear through the canopy, trying to pierce the mid-heys.

 Even though there are wards in the increased underground dungeon, this is the second shot.
 I won't be able to withstand the next chanting flame.

''Let's go ahead.

 I fly through the canopy-covered subterranean sky in an instant, like a light.
 The only person who could barely keep up with my flight speed was Arcana alone.

 When I turned my magic eye to the subterranean earth, the third shot of flame flickered.
 I stare at the flames that have risen up from the flames with my Demon Eye of Doom, burning with great force and rising three times.


 The pressing chanting flames weakened their fire with each close call on my body, and then they disappeared.

'The second and third firing points are different.

 Arcana says as he catches up.

''It seems so. The magical bombardment aimed at Midhays is or a similar magic. The fact that it is much stronger than that time means that it may have raised a lot of dead people from the Rebirth of the Faithful (Egredo).

"The God who perished at the Selection Judgment will not rise again until it is over. <Egregation is not a magic that can be used without the authority of Doldired, the God of the Gospel.

We did destroy it.

 He had seen it from that close range, with his evil eye.
 There's no way they could be mistaken for each other.

You can't be mistaken for a magician. There are a lot of congregations in Geordal, and I wonder if we could stir up a few people to sing, if they wouldn't be as powerful as they are now?

 It was Sasha who uttered that.
 She has fused with Misha to increase her flight speed, becoming Aisha.

 Misha also represents the true body of Avos Dilhevia, and along with Ray, is catching up.

'Hmm. That doesn't seem impossible. <If we can't use the Rebirth of the Faithful, that's fair enough.

 Because of the divine dragon's singing, as expected, the dragon men in the city of Geordal could not be seen from this distance.

''Or perhaps this is why they didn't tell the people of Geordal of their presence on earth.

 If we know that there is a country above the canopy, and that people live in it just as we do, no matter how devout a believer is, goodness would not be able to do this kind of imitation.

 Have we concealed the truth so as not to give rise to unnecessary hesitation and create doubt about God?

"...why would the Pope shoot at the ground?

 Arcana questions me.

'Well. The fact that I shot at the country doesn't stop me from finishing the selection process. There should be no reason to unnecessarily add fuel to the fire, but that may be for our own convenience.

 What do you plan to do after destroying Midgaze?
 It's not hard to see why shooting the demon kingdom would only incur my wrath.

 Well, you'll never know unless you ask.

"This is what I promised the Pope I'd do. "The task is exactly as I declared to the Pope: to stop this magical bombardment, to put an end to his schemes, and to find out what happened.

 We stare intently down at him.

'....Hmm? They've stopped shooting at us, huh?

 Eleonor gives him a curious look.

...out of ammunition...?

 At Zesia's question, Eleonor hmmm and puzzled over it.
 If he was going to run out of magic power at this level, he wouldn't have shot them in the beginning. 

''Since we're here, I guess they think it's no use shooting us, right?

 Ray says.

'That's a possibility. No matter where we shoot from, we'll have to pass through this airspace if we want to get at Mid-Haze from underground. If we shoot, we'll find out where the shooter is and we'll crush him. The interval between the first and third shots and the point of fire, there will be at least three units capable of firing their flames. A battalion of at least a thousand men.

 Nine times out of ten, there will be more troops than that.

'The only reason they haven't shot at us is that they're probably moving the battalion that's already been shelled in a big hurry. They are no longer at the firing point we just saw.

 If we bypass it, we could be bombarded from another place while our defenses are out of control.

''Normally, I'd like to compare roots.

 Ray smiles, annoyed.

'It's a win-win if it's limited to this one, but what about Sin and Eldmead? They are not the only three Knights of Illusion. If they intervene, they will not be able to do so peacefully.

 Even though we don't know the depths of Cerise's power, those two can still buy us some time.
 But if they're going to go at each other with all their might, there's no telling if they'll win or lose.

 I'm not going to be able to get any more than a few hours of sleep.

 I'm sure he'll try to stir up the situation and bring it to the point where I am forced to destroy Zioldar.

"One Arcana will be left behind, while the others will search for and destroy the flaming congregations in various parts of Zioldar.

I can prevent that chanting fire. But there are limits.

 Arcana said calmly.

'That's what I'm after. If there's any merit in shooting, they'll shoot at you. That way, they'll know where to shoot. This time we can crush them before they move. Either they have to break through Arcana's protection first, or we have to neutralize all the troops first.

 Thinking for a moment, Arcana said.

'Can you leave the fate of your country in my hands?

'You're the best man for the job. If God stands in the way, the congregation might hesitate to fire.

"...if there is a substitute, to another ...your country is too heavy for this body to carry. It should be done by the most trustworthy.

 Hmm. You have a point.
 But it's strange.

 Since he came back from Regalondror?
 Arcana's mind began to wander.

 I couldn't remember, she said.
 But even so, it might not be that she couldn't see anything.

'Arcana. What was your wish?

Help me.

 She said, in a tranquil voice, sure enough.

'Please help the people to be saved. That is my wish.

Then there is no one better qualified than you. Guard it and have your back, that's the wish.

 Arcana stared into my eyes and then nodded at me.

''I'll do as you say...''

'Let's go. Ray will go down to the east, Misa to the west, Aisha to the north, Eleonor and Zesia to the south, and I'll go down to the central georheise. Once the magic fire is fired, the closest one from the firing point will head there.

 We'll keep our eyes open and quickly descend to the land of Geordar.

 One way or another, they'll be watching us here.
 If you move away from the canopy more than a certain amount, they will shoot at you.

 The earth is closing in on us. The dragon landing place is right there.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

The snowflakes fall and light up the sky.

  Artillert Noah floats in the subterranean sky.
 It rained down glittering snow and moon flowers, creating a silvery white ward protecting the canopy.

 Fire sparks and snowflakes fell fantastically onto the earth of Geordal.

''I'm going to go.''

 Ray heads for the firing point of the magic bombardment.
 Immediately, a chanting flame goes up. This time it was from the west.

''I'm going to go clean up.

 As Mass headed there, another magical bombardment of chanting flames was released from two locations.

''It's Zesia and the others'........cue........''

I'm going to kill you before you die.

 Zesia and Eleonor head south.

'I knew it was like a congregation building a phonetic magic circle.
One hundred and twelve in all.

 Sasha and Misha said and headed for the northern firing point.

 I descend to the dragon landing in Geolheise.
 When I looked, I saw the students of the Demon King's Academy near the entrance of the Demon King's Castle.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what the hell is going on, but I'm looking up at the rising chanting flames and the silvery white moon that is blocking them.

''Ah...! Lord Anos!

 When Ellen noticed me, all of the girls from the Fun Union turned around to look at me.
 Then the students of the Demon King Academy also turned to look at me.

''You may enter the castle. We're entering the castle, but there's a bit of mid-haze being shot at. It could become a battlefield. Tell the others that.

Okay, I understand.

 The girls were flying into the Demon King's Castle.

 Now, if there are no flames nearby, let's find the Pope.
 It would be nice if he was in the cathedral.

 But it's a strange thing to do.
 You knew that we wanted to invite them to join us, but you still managed to raise the flames with four battalions at once.

 There are still many ambushers.
 But this is such a great magic. When you think about the magical power of the dragon men in Geordal, it's unlikely that they have that much strength left.

 Nevertheless, they still lavishly invested their precious strength in it.
 It's as if they wanted me to find them as soon as possible.

 This is the protection of one Arcana.
 I'm not sure if this is the best way to go, although hopefully we can break through with a concentrated barrage of fire.

 Was it a diversion that fired loudly?
 Then there must be another real life.

 What do you want?

Tomo, no... Let's go back to the castle!

 A cute cooing sound echoed.
 If I look at it, I see a small dragon Tomogui playing chase with Naya.

 Naya managed to catch Tomogui and hold him tightly to her chest.

I'm sorry. This boy wants to go outside to eat the dragon right away...''

I don't see any dragons in there now.


 Naya looked around the dragon landing.
 There were always a few dragons there, but now none were there.


 As Tomogui cried out, a huge magic ball appeared at the dragon landing.
 It gradually shrank in size until it was as big as a ball.

 When the ball of magic power flew up to Tomogui's side, the dragon let out a single squeal and swallowed it.

 Instantly, the sound stopped.
 The divine dragon's singing voice, which had been ringing noisily, disappeared cleanly.

''And Tomo? What did you eat...?

 Curiously, Naya looks at Tomogui.
 For a moment, the little dragon seemed to disappear, and then only a cooing, cooing sound began to echo.

'Tomogh? Where is it? Come on out. Let's go back to the castle!

 Naya said worriedly, and then she heard the cooing of the tomoguy again.
 The little dragon wasn't going anywhere and was perched on Naya's shoulder.


Hmm. Maybe this thing can acquire the characteristics of a bitten dragon.


 Naya gave him a questioning look.

 Tomogui, who only ate dragons, ate this singing voice.
 In other words, that's what it must be about.

 The singing voice that echoed in Geordal was emitted by the divine dragon.
 But no one anywhere had seen the divine dragon, Ahide had said.

 That was half right, half wrong.
 The divine dragon had always been in this land. Everyone had touched it.

 Because it is the dragon of sound, which is invisible to the eye.
 In other words, it is this singing voice itself.

 Geordal had always been inside the body of a giant sound dragon.