274-1500 year prayer

 Faintly, a singing voice could be heard.
 The sound grew louder and louder, and the divine dragon's singing voice began to sound the same as before.

 If it was a part of the divine dragon that Tomogui ate, a dragon that covers the entire geordal area, then it would only be a graze.

 I said to Naya, who looked at me blankly.

It's not safe out there. It's better to return to the Demon King's Castle.

'Ha, yes. I'm sorry. Let's go, Tomo. Be quiet this time, okay?

 Tomogui replied with a coole.
 Holding the dragon to her chest, Naya walked into the Demon King's Castle.

 I jumped up in  The chanting flames that were rising in all directions quickly disappeared.

 When I thought that, pillars of flame rose again from the same place in the north, south, east and west.

 The chanting flames collided violently with the created by Arcana in the canopy and the snow and moon flower wards it sent down, causing sparks to fly.

 <If you follow the magic line connected with the Demon King's Army (Guys) and turn your magical eye to Ray and the others' vision, they are already all engaged with the Geordal cult's troops bombarding the ground with flames.

 The enemy is a single battalion, they won't be able to stop the chanting in an instant, but it's only a matter of time before they are overrun.

 The divine dragon's singing voice hinders the demon eyes and hides even the large troops.
 Using the troops that were firing loudly as a diversion, there were probably still a few battalions of ambush soldiers lurking around.

 Somewhere in there is Pope Gorloana, who commands the entire battalion. She is looking at the opportunity to shoot at the ground with her flames with an eye on the ground - that's what she wants me to think.

 That's why I shot at Mid-Haze.
 I'm not going to let my mind wander to the most populous city in Dirheid.

 He wants me to warn the chanting flames.

 His real target is the divine dragon's singing voice.
 The sound is majestically sounded to make it seem that this is just a cover for Geordal's troops.

 But perhaps, the singing voice cannot be hidden.
 When the divine dragon, the dragon of sound, is active, the sound will probably ring loudly when it tries to conceal itself with magic.

 In order not to make it seem unnatural, the magic bombardment was used.

 The divine dragon's singing voice has properties similar to the dragon range.
 But if this was a sound dragon, then it was only a cry, a byproduct.

 If it really is a dragon, it should be able to do something other than spawn the dragon realm.
 That is most likely the Pope's objective.

 I'm going to direct my magical eye all over Geordal.
 The work of the magic eye is inhibited, however, it's not difficult to find the place where the singing voice is strongest.

 On the contrary, you just need to find a place where you can't see the magic power.
 Looking across the country, there was a point in the west where not even the slightest bit of magic power could be seen.

 Two hundred kilometers from here, the underground ruins of Regalondror.

 Without sparing any of my magic power from being drained, I flew to the west at full speed .
 In the blink of an eye, we arrived at the place, in the sky above Regalondror.

 The divine dragon's voice was chanting in multiple circles at ear-splittingly loud volumes.

 Descending as it is, I burst through the door and plunge into the interior of the underground ruins.

 I descend downward, but unlike yesterday when I came here, there is no end in sight.
 Eventually, the subterranean sky appears in front of me.

 A canopy covers the top of my head.
 It's the wilderness of that book I saw in the dream of the Traces God.

 Huge shelves lined and towered over the endless land, far and wide.

 Standing in the center of it all was a tribe of gods, holding a pure white book in their hands and dressed in a solemn costume.
 Lieberschneid, the trace god.

 And kneeling beside him and praying is Pope Gorloana.

 I landed on the wilderness land and turned my gaze straight to them.

''So the trace god Lieberschneid has already made a pact with you?

 As the words are thrown at her, Gorloana opens her mouth quietly.

''Yes. The Traces God has been passed down through successive popes, the guardian god of Geordar. Even before I was chosen by the God of Selection, the Evangelical God Dordired, I have been in a pact with Lieberschneid.

 The subsurface has been sustained by the power of God. It's possible.

''The divine dragon's voice is a dragon of sound. If you look further into the abyss, it forms a sonic magic circle.

 It's like a dragon of sound that the phonetic magic circle is constantly creating.
 The Pope opened his eyes, kneeling without breaking his hands in prayer.

 I turned to him and said, "I'm not sure I've ever heard of this before.

'A rhyming magic circle that was once used somewhere under the ground. By picking up traces of it, combining them, and playing them over and over again, successive Popes have made a phonetic magic circle that spans the entire Geordal region resound. Taking over the trace god Lieberschneid, and taking over the scriptures for the day to come.

 Perhaps it would be today.

''I don't know how long the divine dragon's voice has been resounding, but at the very least, it has been playing its sonic magic circle uninterruptedly for more than a thousand years. I don't know how long it has been playing its phonetic magic circle, but I estimate that it has been playing its phonetic magic circle for at least a thousand years, and with the use of the Trace God's order, it could easily cause a miracle.

 With a pious look on his face, Gorloana says solemnly.

'If Ahide hadn't disobeyed his teachings, you wouldn't be standing here now.

 They are no longer going to hide it.
 Diedrich, the Prophet of Agaha, told me that if I let Gorloana live, I would endanger Dirheid.

 The fact that he didn't try to cut the silence to the end, and that he wanted to stop me from bombarding the ground, must have been because of that prophecy," said Diedrich.

'Not just mid-haze, the target is Dillhade. I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on here.

 I threw a few words at Gorloana as she continued to pray.

'Is it God's way of blowing up that canopy, Pope of Geordar?

"If the Agaha teaches that a king dragon reincarnates a man into a baby dragon in the womb of a dragon, then Geordal teaches that the divine dragon is the one who reincarnates the world in the dragon's womb.

 Gorloana teaches sternly.

'Swallow the world, impregnate it in the womb, and re-create it rightly. The divine messenger who transforms that canopy into the sky, the border between the earth's depths and the ground, is the divine dragon. From the reborn firmament, a rain of blessings will pour down, and this subterranean world will be reborn as a paradise.

'Turning the canopy into an empty sky would mean burning the ground to ashes.

"It is only a matter of dissolving boundaries and reincarnating the world. Please don't worry. It is God's mercy to you who live on earth that you will not die. It is God's mercy to you who live in this world, though in different countries.

There is no story. I'll lose the earth and live in the ground? It's as good as losing your life now. Do you want paradise so badly, Gorloana, that you would deprive the innocent people of their happiness on earth?

I have told you that we cannot join hands with each other. We are so divided that we cannot understand each other, even the peoples of the earth, as we are divided from Geordar, Agaha, and Gadeisiola, much less the peoples of the earth. And with the peoples of the earth it is impossible to do so.

 The reason why the Pope is responding to my story is probably because the divine dragon, the phonetic magic circle, needs time to activate. The more you talk, the more time it will buy you.

''It's a shameful thing to say.''

'O king of the earth! The world is divided, O King of the Earth. That boundary established between the earth and the earth's depths, this separation will never be bridged, no matter what.

 Gorloana glares at me with unwavering determination.

'You've seen the wilderness on one side before you got here,'

 In a tranquil voice, the Pope says.

''By the grace of the Summoning Dragon and the Summoning God, the people of the underground are alive. On the contrary, they cannot live without it. Compared to the grace of order brought to the earth, the grace given to us is too small. Why are the people of the earth, who have not sinned, less fortunate than the people of the earth?

 The Pope asked and then said.

The boundary should not be a barrier to one's happiness. Then we must get rid of the boundaries. Equality of the living is the only way to achieve the utopia that everyone has in mind. God will realize the utopia that everyone has in mind.

'Do you think that anything that has lived on earth can live under the ground just because it has been raining blessings? In the end, it's all about injustice. Tell God. You're too late. We should never have built a boundary in the first place.

 I stared straight at the Pope and spoke out forcefully.

'Why should anyone on earth pay for the failure God has made?'

'Everything is for the future, even if injustice is created now. It is the duty of a pope who cares for this country to continue to pray for the next hundred years, even if it doesn't happen now.

Don't do it. Radical change can only bring about conflict. The consciousness of the people cannot be maintained, even if essential equality is created in this land. The people's consciousness will never be restored, even if essential equality is created in this land. Do you intend to bind the people in a cycle of resentment that will last for a thousand years?

 I don't think he's a fool who doesn't understand that.
 He must be trapped in something.

If you want to change the world, you have to change it in an easy way. If you want to change the world, you have to change it, and the only way to do that is to work for a better tomorrow than today.

'Would you have said the same thing if you were the king of the earth?

"Then speak the truth to the people beneath the earth.

 A moment of silence falls over Regalondror as the words are thrust into the air.

'Above the canopy, the demons, humans and spirits live like the people of the earth's depths. You will take that blessing and make it ours.

'This is the teaching of Giordar as handed down in the scriptures. This is the teaching of Gioldar, handed down in the scriptures. It is my duty as Pope of this country to bear the sins of the people of the earth in my body and to pray for them.

 Closing her eyes, Gorloana prays deeply to God.

Why should we be disadvantaged because of where we were born? It's not hard to understand your opinion. If you have that much desire, if you want to achieve the world's ideals, then don't pray to the gods, but take this hand.

 I walked right in front of him and I held out my hand.

'It's not just me. Let's go hand in hand with the Agaha, Gadeisiola, and many other nations. I promise you. We will reach a future that is somewhat better than this foolish choice.

 Gorloana continues to pray, even as she looks at the outstretched hand.

'Isn't it too late for me to shoot through the canopy after I've missed my appointment?

 At those words, Gorloana closed her mouth for a few seconds and pondered as if she were praying.
 Then the Pope opened his eyes, looked at me as if he were shooting through me and said.

''I'm afraid it's too late. It's already too late to even think about it. Today, this is the only day that the divine dragon will flap its wings to the true sky. There will be no second time. I believe in the Almighty Splendor, Eques. God alone will bring salvation to the depths of the earth.

 The divine dragon's voice that echoed in Geordal since ancient times, its phonetic magic circle would only be effective today and this time.

My father, my grandfather and his father again, all prayed for salvation and ended up in this land. This prayer, which has been handed down from the day of the revelation to this day, and which has been handed down to the Popes for fifteen hundred years, has been entrusted to me by some chance. Their prayers, their longing, cannot now be put to nought.

 The Pope raised his voice as if he had no intention of conceding an inch.

'I have already stepped down from the Selection Judge, but let me fulfill my last duty as a savior. Nonconformist, your willingness to destroy the Selective Judge is wrong. Deny your God, bring you down from the Selection Judge's throne, and I will redeem you.


'Anos Voldigord. Let me teach him that I am right, along with these fifteen hundred years of prayer.

Hmm. Go ahead.

 He drew a magic circle and dyed his hands in black .

Blinded by the years of prayer, you all think you are right. One hundred and fifty years is no longer an easy time to start over. Still, what you really had to do was to have the courage to admit your mistake.

 He glares at Gorloana and the trace god standing beside him.

'I will break your prayers, your gods, and everything else, and teach this country a lesson. Your one hundred and fifty years have been a waste of time.