275-Trace Land

 Particles of magic power rising up.
 They overflowed from me and Gorloana's bodies, and they intersected as if they were pushing each other away, and sparks of open warfare flew.

 I thrust my right hand, dyed jet-black , out to Gorloana.
 The fellow, who is still kneeling and praying, doesn't even show any signs of avoiding the blow that was coming at his nose.

 Relentlessly, the black fingertips blew off the Pope's face.
 The root of it is torn to pieces and he turns to dust.

"This is the underground ruins of Regalondror. A land of traces, where all the past is carved into the dirt.

 Sternly the trace god Lieberschneid said.

 If you cast your gaze to the side, Pope Gorloana appears in the same position in which he prayed.
 Surely the root that should have torn him to pieces, but it was as if nothing had happened.

'Have you distorted time?'

 I stare into the abyss with my evil eye and say

It's true. You will not reach the future in the land of traces. My congregation, the life of Golloana, remains etched in the past and will never be destroyed.

Hmm. So I guess I'll just have to take care of you first.

'Yes, but I am also immortal. But I, too, am immortal. This body is the order of traces, the past of all things. This body is the past of all things. No matter how many times you rewrite time, the fact remains that it was there.

 An existence that has already passed, an order of gods whose records and memories are traces.

 To destroy him, it would be preferable to alter the past, but there is no way to win by challenging the god who controls that order with time magic.

 He was indeed here.
 That fact will not change, no matter what.

 And that is the reason why the past is immortal.
 You can see that Seris tried to destroy the trace gods in his sleep.

"I ask you, Lieberschneid. "I ask you, Lieberschneid, is it your goal to swallow the canopy in the womb of the divine dragon?

'I am the order that inscribes records and memories. I have only inscribed the prayers of generations of popes, their pains and their wishes. It is not I who chooses, but Pope Gorloana, with whom I have made a pact. I can only carve in my body the path they have taken, the history of the world.

 It's a typical answer for the divine race.
 Is the divine dragon's singing voice only the will of the past popes who made the pact?

''Oh, non-conformist, demon king of the earth.

 Golloana says as she sings.

'A trial will come to you, and the great blade of light will cut you to pieces. The Book of Traces, Verse 1

 Lieberschneid opens the pure white book in his hand.
 It must be the Book of Traces. Surrounded by light, the book seemed to float in the air, and then it turned into a single holy sword.

 It was the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana.
 Lieberschneid took it in his hand.

 I'm already inside the pause of his sword.
 I take another step forward and pierce Lieberschneid with the fingertips of the
 He squeezes his heart and destroys all the root causes.

The past is not destroyed, though it may destroy the present.

 Lieberschneid, who had regenerated his body in the blink of an eye, swung the Spirit Godman Sword.
 <I wore the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) in my left hand and was about to receive the blade, a moment later, my eyes widened.

''The trace is the blade--''

 It was like a recreation of one day.
 He swung that holy sword down, just like Ray.

"Heavenly Father's Cut.

 A dazzling ray of pure white light gathered on Evans Mana, and a dazzling ray of light was emitted.
 In the space of a single breath, countless sword flashes of light sliced through my body at the same time.

 Faster than I can swing down, the sword blasts strike countless times, cutting off my fate.
 The Spiritual God and Human Sword, the first of its secrets, the Tengahadan.

 The blade is all over the place, tearing into my body and leaving scars at the root of my body.
 The Demon King's blood, which corrodes attacks, is not very effective against the only holy sword that was created to destroy the Demon King.

 <Wearing the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) all over his body, he was able to surpass the sword strike of the Spirit God Man Sword.
 And so, at the moment when he was about to turn to counterattack--

"Traces are the blade,

 Once again, Lieberschneid unleashes the secret depths of the Spirit God Man Sword.
  repeatedly slices through this body and cuts away the root of it.

 Even Lei would not be able to unleash the Spiritual God and Human Sword's secret depths to this extent.
 The Trace God blinked his sword flashes without ceasing, as if even his magical power and strength were inexhaustible.

'From the traces of the world, I have chosen a blade that will destroy you. The enemy you recognized, the heroic canon, will unleash an endless ordeal,
 Golloana's voice is cheerful.

'Hmm. Surely it must be Ray's sword.'

 <He superimposed the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) on the
''But at the same time, this is not Rey's sword.


 The trace gods let out a roar.
 My right hand definitely grabbed the body of the Spirit God Human Sword that was swung down from the top stage.

''You can recreate the traces of the past. This is no different from the one that Ray unleashed one day.

 With the holy sword still in his grasp, the trace god unleashes a Heavenly Fang Blade.

 However, I grabbed all of them with my arms and legs and shut them down.

It's a blade that will grow into the future with every swing of it. It is unpredictable because each sword transcends the past. But your sword merely traces the past.

 Because he is a trace god, he cannot wield a new sword.
 It is not the sword of the ray.

"Did you think that the blow of a bogus hero would reach me?

 He slashed off the trace god's right arm with his hand sword.
 He threw down the Spirit God Human Sword and twisted his jet black right arm into his abdomen.

 The black snake bruise appears on Lieberschneid's body and he begins to fiercely flail about as if it were trying to devour him.

 The curse that causes the opponent's magic power to run amok and lead to death.
 God's magic goes out of control and his body rots away.

 I pull out my right arm, forcibly tearing off the magic circle I drew at the source.
 After taking it out of my body, I crush it with a gagging motion.

 In an instant, the Trace God's body was completely decayed and weathered.
 Of course, this was only for a short time. If this is how it will be destroyed, there will be no trouble.

''I can see the general gist of it. In order to destroy you, I'll have to destroy this trace of the earth first.

 This is a world where the order of time is out of whack.
 Then it doesn't matter if you get a little serious.

 He held up his hand and drew a multiple magic circle.
 It was layered like a turret and aimed at Lieberschneid.

 Black particles poured out of the turret of the magic circle.

 The origin magic that borrows power from the tyrannical demon king Anos Voldigod, the creator god Militia, and the destroying god Averniu, , the origin magic, .


 With a voice, Lieberschneid appears at a distance.
 In his hand, he still holds the Book of Traces.

'Every trace is on my side. Your trump card, origin magic, cannot be used against the order of traces.

 The black particles that overflowed from the magician's turret suddenly dissipated.
 The magic power borrowed from the past disappeared at a moment's notice.

The past is not on your side. The past is not on your side. The past is not your friend, the past is not your friend, but this land is the future's closed off place.

 Gorloana said as she sang again.

'The greatest tribulation will come upon you, the greatest destruction in the world will come upon you. The Book of Traces, Verse 6

 The Book of Traces of Lieberschneid is opened and it turns into a magic circle.
 It is drawn in the form of a turret, and black particles flood out of it.

 Shards of raging magic power swirled like living creatures and twisted around the turret of the magic circle.

 The aftermath alone shook the earth of the traces, and countless books rattled and fell from the huge shelves that impaled the heavens and danced in the sky.

''Hmm. <''The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa)?''

'Nonconformist. You may think that origin magic has no effect on those who have borrowed its magic. But every past is on the side of Lieberschneid, the trace god.

 Does that mean it will work on this body as well?
 Considering the order of the traces god so far, it's not a bluff.

 The magician's turret is aimed at me.

"I will give you a chance to repent. Say a prayer to God and repent. Repent and repent, and you will be saved. Otherwise, you will suffer the destruction of the world.

Now, a good hit would be nice, but if you miss, this trail of earth may disappear.

 Without hesitation, Gorloana said.

'As the Almighty Glittering willed.

 Black particles spiraled in a sevenfold spiral around its turret.
 A bottomless crack appeared in the earth of the traces and it split this world in two.

''Traces of Doom--the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 Lieberschneid emits a heavy bass voice.

 An apocalyptic fire emerges from the turret of the magic circle.
 That dark fire drew a seven-fold spiral and shot out with a roar.

 The moment I tried to duck from that doomsday magic approaching, I felt resistance in my extremities.

''Traces of bondage--
 A transparent chain appeared out of nowhere and tied up my extremities.
 No, I was already bound.

 As if the past had been altered, my body had been bound to the Gicherje chain before this moment.

 The fire of the apocalypse approached my body before I could tear it off, and then it flared up.
 The world-destroying flames burned me, and my roots were nearing their end.

 But, on the other hand, my magic swelled as fast as it came.

'Lieberschneid and this earth are immortal because they are the past of all things, that is, the traces of all things.

 Gorloana's eyes widen as she looks at me, burning in the fire of the apocalypse.


 He spills the words as if it's inexplicable that I won't perish in an instant.

"That would be an indelible footprint, indelible no matter how far back in time you go.

 I look at my footprints on the earth.

'You can carve your footprints on this earth, but you can never erase them. Then how can you destroy it?

 Lieberschneid stares at me, dumbfounded, as I should be dying.

'The answer is this.'

 He lifted his foot lightly and stepped on the ground again.
 Then the footprints that were around me disappeared, not a shadow or a shape.

 My footsteps, accompanied by magical power, turned into huge footprints that could cover even this earth.

'Let's put a footprint bigger than this earth. The original traces were crushed and disappeared, and the new footprints couldn't fit on the ground. So the order of the footprints will be disrupted.

Impossible. This is a land of traces where everything in the world fits together without error. From the beginning of time to the present day, there have been seven hundred million years of traces. A vessel to repeat it a hundred times is the size of this earth. There are no greater traces in the heavens and earth.

 Lieberschneid speaks out sternly.

'But that's all in the past, isn't it?'

 I draw a magic circle at the source of my own annihilation.
 I have taken the world-destroying apocalyptic fire into my body.

I'm sorry, but I'm heading into the future

 It took just a minute, but we made it.

 <The source of my roots are close to annihilation due to the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa).
 It's a sign of an end I haven't felt in a long time. The time of the end.

 That is, I increase the light, and with that light I overcome the light.

 This is the reason why the magic of annihilation is even stronger for me, even though it is applied to all sources.
 The closer you get to the annihilation, the stronger you become, the more powerful you become and the more you overcome the annihilation.

 <There's no way I'll ever have the chance to receive the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 It is for this reason that I chose to expose myself to it.

"No trace of you is left behind, this is freshly brewed magic.

 The power of destruction swallowed up inside my body flooded out.
 The black flames of the seven-fold spiral wrapped around my entire body.

 Silently, I chant its magic.

 A magic that releases the magic of destruction condensed at the root and condensed at the root, releasing the magic of destruction with every step, instantly raising my power to the bottom.

 Facing the trace god, I stepped out loosely.

 The conquest of Nirvana seven steps to raise the level of all power.
 The only thing I did this time, both in terms of releasing my magic power, was to just walk--

 Step one--
 The huge bookshelves that line the ground have all collapsed, and all the books with traces of the world on them have been thrown into the air.

 Page after page is opened to show the traces of this world.

 The shadows of countless people appear in the wilderness. And in the next moment, they were crushed and destroyed without a trace by my first step.

 The second step--.
 The book breaks apart as it flies through the air, and countless pages are scattered.

 Swarms of creatures appear in the water, birds and dragons in the sky in shadows.
 Those traces are trampled by my feet, and all the creatures perish in an untold number of ways.

 The third step--.
 The earth shakes, and countless scattered pages pop off.

 As the canopy disappears and the firmament appears, traces of the sun, the stars and the moon float in the air.
 The shadows are trampled by my first step and perish beyond the sky.

 The fourth step--.
 Shards of scattered pages, fragments of traces, were further atomized.

 The earth cracked to pieces, the lake dried up, and every plant and tree withered and perished.

 The fifth step--.
 A number of bookshelves are rising up again in the earth as if they were carved with the marks of destruction.
 They shake and shatter in an instant as if they were trampled.

 The sky is crushed by my step, and the shattered heavens flicker above my head.

 The sixth step--
 The earliest traces of nothingness on the earth were simply trampled and shook violently.

 The only remaining light in front of my eyes was trampled by my step, and the world was closed in darkness.

 The seventh step--
 I was about to tick off my paces when I stopped moving with a snap.

 The earth of the trail is gone, and the surroundings are back to the cobblestone floor.
 If I had taken this seventh step on the floor, the world would have nearly perished a thousand times and I would have made change.

''Hmm. I made it as a spell to conquer even the earth of traces after seven steps, but it's quite a failure. If you take seven steps, you'll have nothing left.

 By the sixth step, all traces of destruction had been carved into that earth, and the earth of traces had exceeded its capacity.
 The world could not bear it anymore and it collapsed.

  was released and I put my feet on the floor.

 While watching with her eyes, Gorloana's expression is one of astonishment, as if she still can't believe it.

".........the earth of traces........the God-made and boundless world.......was trampled down.......

 I said to Gorloana, who was muttering dumbly.

''I guess even the God's Earth, which is carved with seven billion years of traces, couldn't withstand my seven steps.