276-The dream that God had

 The song was echoing.
 The voice of the divine dragon's song was woody in Regalondror.

 Stunned, the Pope let the words slip out.

''........Do you mean to say this.......? The magic you improvised has destroyed God's world....i.e., the new wisdom you thought up on your own outweighs the old wisdom of your predecessors....

 Chuckling wryly, I said.

'Did you think you were born in an instant just because you improvised?

 Gorloana gave him a puzzled look.

'The past is not something to be clung to. It's something to be accumulated. The accumulation of the past, its many traces, made me take a new step, and the was born.

 The earth of traces that should not be broken. The Pope couldn't ignore my words as I trampled it down and showed him.

'As long as you just keep praying, the power of Lieberschneid is just a trace, a relic of the past. You will never arrive at a more correct solution, drawn from the many answers that our predecessors have accumulated.

 I say to Gorloana, who listens in silence, "What is the world without division, without admitting mistakes, without correcting them?

I say to Gorloana, who listens in silence, "What is the world without distinction, without admitting mistakes, without correcting them? How can you say that your thoughts have no boundaries of 150 years of prayer?

 The Pope gritted his back teeth.

'Get rid of your boundary before you remove the lid of heaven.

 He squeezed his right hand tightly and put his magic into it.

If you can't do it, then I will destroy that god next time.

"...I told you it was too late...

 As she tightened her grip on the selection pact pearl, Gorloana gripped her right hand gingerly with her left hand and prayed in unison.

''While you have been trampling the land of traces, the Lieberschneid has already done its job. It is useless to destroy my god now. The divine dragon's song will ascend to the heavens as it is, and then the divine dragon will impregnate the canopy. The world will not be separated and will be reborn. That is the last gospel, .

 Gorloana glares at me with unwavering determination.

'Your power is a tremendous perdition. Therefore, it was already too late. No matter what you destroy, you will not be able to protect that canopy.'

Hmm. You're right. You're right. If the sonic magicians of the Behelom Conception are destroyed, the earth will not come free.

 At best, the terrain will be completely different.
 At best, it'll change the landscape, and at worst, it'll destroy everything on the ground.

If I can do it myself.

 <Using a leaks, I said.

"Arcana, you heard me. <There's no way to stop the Behelom Conception, but there is a way to protect it.

 Arcana's voice comes back.

''What should I do?''

I will use the Sword of the Almighty, Livyngirma, to make the earth immutable forever. Even the Divine Dragon Embryo is useless if it is in the midst of the Divine Dragon's Judgment.

 I'm sure that neither my attacks nor the shackles of Nedonnerias will be able to reach the permanently unchanging Ahide. He'll be able to repel any magic that will cause him harm.

The only people who are immortalized in Levine Guilma are those who have made a pact with me. The only people who will be immutable are you.

Then I'll destroy the reason.

 The magic power gathered in his right hand flew upward.
 It reached the vicinity of the canopy and drew a magic circle to where Arcana was.

''Summoning the Demon King's Castle (Delzogade).

 Black particles rise up from the drawn magic circle, and the Demon King's Castle Delzogade appears there.
 The black shining at the main gate is the Sword of Reason and Annihilation, Venuzdnoa.

It's the Sword of Reason and Annihilation Venuzdnoa. I can at least change the object that is permanently immutable, even if it changes its form.

 Arcana flew through the air and moved to the Ridiculous Sword.
 While confirming this, I looked at Gorloana.

''I'm willing to let the trace god live if you help me regain my memories, what do you think?

Well, let me ask you something.

 With a hint of a hint, Gorloana asks me.

'Which is the one you want to know...?'

Hmm. What do you mean, which one?

 Quietly he said.

'Is this the memory of the one Arcana has already recovered? Or is it the rest of your memories that you have yet to regain?

 Hearing Gorloana's words, he remembered that Arcana was acting strangely.
 Was she seeing something, after all?

'She had already found a piece of her own memory in a dream of the trace god once when she visited this Regalondror. Why do you think she hasn't told you, the selector, about it?

 Saying as if to ask a question, Gorloana continued to speak.

'This is a fact brought about by the trace divine order. If it was a lie, then let us give this life back to God.

 <We draw the magic circle of the Zekt and he signs it.
 And he says in no uncertain terms.

"She is the treacherous and false god of betrayal, the treacherous Gennudunub. In accordance with her name, Arcana will eventually betray you. It may be now, this time.

 <The effect of the contract (zekt) is definitely working.
 The fact that Gorloana is alive, that is what it means.

''You thought you had the power of the dream guard god to retrace your memories. But that was just a lie, you didn't have a sister-in-law named Arcana. It's all a downright lie.

 <The covenant is not broken, and Golroana is alive.
 The dream was a lie, it was real.

It's true she had forgotten her memories. But even when she remembered that she herself was an apostate god, she did not confide in you. She didn't tell you the truth, and in vain she dreamed another dream with both of us and tried to remain your sister. What on earth did I have to lie to you for?

 One after another, Gorloana tells the truth.

'For what purpose have you tried to be my false sister?'

 It was going to make one thing clear.

'All to betray you at this moment.

 With a pious look on his face, the Pope admonished the congregation, saying.

'Think well, O nonconformist. Are you really willing to entrust your earthly destiny to that apostate god for what you wish to protect? That treacherous god? How can you be sure she won't wipe out the earth?

 The Pope must have been waiting for this moment, this timing.
 He looked past the past in the order of traces and read through it to see how I would come out.

 To take away the time to think, to talk, to extract a compromise from me.

 I knew from the beginning that I couldn't win.
 He patiently continued to play the clown, aiming for this move.

''In the Conception of the Divine Dragon (Behelom), I swear to God that I will never let the people of the earth take away my life. The boundary will simply disappear. If you have that much power, doesn't it make much of a difference whether or not there are borders?

 That's certainly true.
 If you're only alive, if you're not destroyed, you can do it all over again.

 When the canopy is gone and the place where you live has changed, you can stomp out all the tragedies that have flown in and crush them.

'But if you leave everything in the hands of the Disobedience God, many demons and humans may perish. Can you really believe in your God? How can you, who don't believe in God, entrust this choice to her, who wasn't even your sister?

 In rapid succession, the Pope asks.

Compromise. Compromise. You have told me not to cling to the past, but you, you and your God, did not even have an accumulated past. False memories, false dreams, such a frothy bond cannot possibly reach this fifteen hundred year prayer.

 The Pope announced solemnly and looked up overhead.
 The doors of the Regalondror were open, and in the distance he could see the canopy.

''Go ahead, confirm it to your God. <We still have some time before the Behelom Conception.

 Floating in the canopy beyond, he turned his magic eye to Arcana.
 If I passed through the magic line, I could also see her expression clearly.


 Just like that time.

 Just like when he woke up from the trace god's dream in Regalondror, Arcana muttered with a dark expression.

'That dragonborn is right. I remembered. I am GennuDunub, the god of disobedience. I am the god of deceit and treachery, against order. Anos, I--'

 Biting her lip and looking downcast, she still confided.

'You must never believe it.'

 It was a sad sound that tore at her body and made her sound sad.
 Tears spilled out of her mouth as she spoke, her voice unspeakable.

 But her replacement heart was delivered to me through a magic wire.

 --And then, in the dream of the trace god, I found my memory--

 --I remember, I'm Gennu Denub, the apostate god.
 -- like burning yourself, burning up the root of your body.

 --A fathomless rage was brewing in the air.

 --I was not, after all, a kind God.
 --And the proof is that he kept on deceiving you...

 -- not to speak of the memories I remembered, but to continue to be your sister--
 -- and how happy I would be, I thought -- if that were the case.

 --I can see that now.

 --It was definitely a dream of mine.
 --It's not a memory.

 --It was only a dream I hoped for, only a dream.

 --I was being chased.

 --Dragons have been attacking him since he was a little boy.
 -- persecuted and hunted by the dragonborn in this subterranean land --

 -- every one of them was my enemy, and there was no one to protect me -- and no one to protect me.

 --So I thought it would be nice to have my brother--

 --When the dragon attacked me...
 -- when the dragonmen broke into the house to sacrifice --
 --When the dragon's body was swallowed up...

 --I guess I was hoping to have a brother to help me out--

 --until the end, when he couldn't look directly at the memory.
   I looked away...

 --I just can't bring myself to tell you.
   I kept my mouth shut--

 --I still wanted to have that dream just a little bit longer--
 -- at least in my dreams, so that I can forget that I'm a foolish god, only in my dreams.

 --Everything is a lie, everything is a lie--
 --I am a god coated in falsehoods.

 --He will betray you...
 --They will hurt you...

 -- even this feeling, this desire to help people.
   For I am the counterfeit I made in the Moon of Creation

 --When the time comes, when all the memories and all the minds have returned...
 --I have betrayed myself to accomplish my goal.

 -- so, Anos, I want you to destroy yourself first --
 --I wasn't your sister.

 -- he lied even to himself, and thought the lie was true -- and he thought it was true.
 --A foolish, lonely, uncelebrated god.

 --I was Dora the Liar...

 A voice rang out from the Pope in front of me.

'This is your salvation. You will not be betrayed by a God who does not put up a fight.

 Gorloana closes her eyes as if in prayer.

'All in all, as the wills.


 I said quietly.

'Is this what you wanted to do until you used the power of the Trace God?

 He opened his eyes and looked at me.

'If that's the case, I guess I'm out of luck.

 Inexplicably, the Pope furrows his brow.


My sister would never betray me.

"....what are you doing stupidly...? She is not your sister. It was all a bubble dream.

Oh, yes. Yeah, that's right. That's why you make wishes come true, Pope. You can see the past, but you can't see the heart of man, Pope.

'She is a treacherous and false god of treachery, not a man! It's because he tried to deceive you that he kept dreaming and lying to you! Just as Arcana said herself!

Foolishness. Don't you know the difference between a lie and a wish? Indeed, it was her dream. Arcana longed for her brother. The God, who no one had ever believed in, was looking for an older brother who would continue to believe in him.

 To a man trapped in the past as a god of disobedience, I say.

"Didn't you see that loneliness, didn't you see the traces of that sorrow, Gorloana?


 Arcana's voice echoes.
 It sounds sad, stained with tears.

'Do you remember your promise, Arcana?'

 I said the words softly, trying to get her to understand.

'I told you to remember, without fail. You are my sister. You are certainly not my blood. But you are still my sister.

"....the days I spent with you were a lie and the promise I made you were a lie...

But that dream I saw with you was not a lie.

 A flurry of tears spills out of Arcana's eyes.
 It was as if it was the same as when I saw it in my dream.

'When I'm reborn, I'll be stronger, won't I? I told you that you would help me. Then overcome that weakness here and now. Be strong. I don't care if it's a god of treachery or a god of betrayal and falsehood. This time it's not a lie, you told me in a dream.

 If no one else can reach her wish, then I'm going to make it come true.

Did you think that just because it was a dream, it didn't make it real?

"....I'm going to be your...

"I will not let you betray me. I will not let you betray me, no matter what happens, even if it takes all my strength.

 The Pope prayed as he pleaded.
 The divine dragon's voice was one of the loudest, echoing through the subterranean sky.

 Soon, the canopy will be reborn.

The Book of the Gospel, the final movement, "The Conception of the Divine Dragon (Behelom).

 The heavens blinked fiercely, and I was enveloped in a light I could not see directly.

'I believe my God's word, my sister's wish, to the end. If that's not enough, I'll say it again.

 A moment of blankness, the atmosphere trembled with the tears.

'Be my sister.'

"....my brother..........

 Arcana reaches out and grabs the Rational Annihilation Sword Venusdnoa.
 <The Moon of Creation mingles with it and fuses with it.

 Golloana's blood changed.

"...how could you be so foolish as to believe in a treacherous god...! Destroy the sinful, the scourge of the world, Lieberschneid...!

 The trace god opens the pure white book and holds out his hand to me.
 Immediately afterwards, a sound of destruction echoes through the underground ruins with a Zgo-oh-oh, and a divine sword falls from above my head.

 The Sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma.
 I lifted the sword created by Arcana with the Rational Destruction Sword and the , while keeping it in its sheath, and put my hand on the hilt.

"Traces of the blade--

 Like a wave, my body and my magic power wavered and shuddered.

"The Heavenly Fang Blade Cutter.

 Those countless sword flashes released by Lieberschneid attacked me.
 I stepped out to the traces of the God who was coming towards me as if to meet him head on.

''Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara).

 Bodies intermingled and swapped their positions.
 A moment of silence. Wobblingly, the trace god Lieberschneid's body shifted.

 Its divine body was split in half.

 With Levine Girma in his sheath, the blade of possibility sliced through the and the enemy in front of him.
 In the face of this sword that cuts through the past, future and present, even a trace god cannot escape destruction.

''Pope I hereby leave you a prayer...''

 In the next moment, the god shattered into pieces.
 Only one thing was left there, the pure white book I was holding in my hand, like a trace.

 I loosely look up at the canopy.

 <The Divine Dragon Embryo (Behelom) was activated.
 However, nothing on earth changed, it was still there.

 The Almighty's sword, Levine Girma, had reshaped it into eternal immortality and repelled the power of the Divine Dragon Embryo (Behelom).

 If one listens, instead of the ever-present song of the divine dragon, the cry of Arcana silently echoed in the subterranean sky.