272-The battle of truth

 Immediately after the Dark Lord had fallen, Celis didn't even try to revive him and pointed her fingertips at Eldmead.

 Celis' voice echoes.
 With a roaring thunderclap, a raging purple lightning is released.

 It pierces through him so fast that the Cutthroat King can't react and mercilessly chips away at his divine body.

''Kaka, you're finally ready to play. Let's let them play with you, Demon King's father, Celis Voldigord!

 A moment later, Celis was approaching in front of the Cutthroat King's eyes.
 His hand reaches out wetly and grabs the guy's face.

 With a good-natured face, Ceris says.

''Your fun is over.

I'm glad to see you finally showed an opening.

 The white blade drives.

 Reading the breath that Celis stepped in, Shin could not have been more timely, and with a single flash of his plunder sword Gyrionoges into the magic circle of the sphere that he was continuing to deploy.

''I don't remember showing it to you,''

 The purple lightning blinked.

 With a violent sound of gaga gaga gaga, the unleashed <紫電雷光 (Gavest> smashed Shin's plundering sword.

 The reason why Girionoges broke so easily is because at that moment, Shin's magic power had turned into nothingness.

''Severed sword, the secret depths of it--''

 The cursed magic sword that sucks up magic power, the severed sword Deltros, turns into a cold, beautiful blade.
 The secret depths of the sword, which cut off the enemy under a single blow, ran faster than a flash of light.



 Before the fearsome secret blade, Celis didn't step back and raised his right arm head on.

 The purple electricity that overflowed from the magic circle of the sphere gathered as if clothed in his right arm and turned into a giant battle axe of offense and defense.
 Then, like lightning, it intercepted the severed sword Deltroz.

 The severed blade and the axe of lightning collided, and an explosive sound that pierced the ears resounded as the severed blade and the axe of lightning collided, jeezeezeezeezeezee.
 Celis's broke in half, and Shin's Deltroz was burned to a black burn.

''Would you like to try again?

 When Celis concentrated her magic power in her hands, the broken would regenerate.

''Kakkka, isn't this wonderful? There aren't many people who can do that much with Shin Reglia's sword!

 Eldmead, standing behind Ceris, let golden fire rise from his hands.

''Come on, show me more power!

 The divine sword Lord Yuie was ejected with great force.

 However, it didn't slash at Celis, but flew in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

''Kai Hiram's continues,''

It saves us the trouble of having to give it to you. Hey, Sinn Reglia.

 Singh grabbed Lord Yuye as he flew towards Kaihiram.

''Omae would be able to use it.

 Rewriting the master of that divine sword to himself in an instant, Shin moved forward towards Celis.

 As if to crush him, Celis swings down the from the upper level.

 With the lightning battle axe that combines weight and speed, Shin cuts it off with Lord Uyet.
 Three clashes. Just like the previous time, a tremendous roar rang out, but this time both sides' blades were unharmed.

 Singh, who brought the form of the battle axe into the form of a brinksmanship with his flowing technique, as if to tease it the next moment, struck it away with his technique.

 <Although the Thunderbolt Hard Axe (Galvedur) is powerful, Shin is still superior in swordplay.
 As soon as it entered his bosom, he flashed Lord Yueye.

 <It's a good idea to have a clear aim at the base of his right arm, which is not clad in the , and then cut it down.

 Blood splattered and Celis' right arm flew through the air.


 As he chases after the retreating Celis, Shin thrusts Lord Yue into his heart.

 With a thud, the one that was dropped is the .

 The detached right arm moved like an independent creature, and with its Purple Electric Axe, it slashed off the right arm that held Shin's Lord Uiye.

 Celis grabbed the right arm with her left hand and forced it to join with her own body.

''Finally showing an opening, did you think?''

 Smiling, Celis, however, as if she noticed something, looked at Singh's arm that had fallen to the ground.

 It turned into a mist.
 It wasn't just the arm, Shin's body also turned into fog.

 And with that, he increased to two.
 Celis turned her gaze inexplicably.

 There is plenty of magic to deceive sight and the demonic eye.
 But no matter how much he looked into the abyss, no magic circle had unfolded on his body.


 A high-pitched, childlike laugh rang out.

'Out of the way.'

I'm not that old man with the sword.

Common sense!

 There appeared to be a little fairy with wings, Titi.
 They were flying around the two Singhs.

 The sound of footsteps echoed, and Celis looked behind her.

'They are children of my country. When I told them we were going to the depths of the unknown, they insisted on coming along.

 A third Shin figure appears at a distance.

 <Just before he was cut off by the , he escaped into the space of the Hidden Wolf Jennuru's God's Concealment, which was also following him, and was replaced by Titi.

''A new prank.''

I'll learn.

The real one.

Who's that?

 The figures of Titi and the others turned into mist and covered the place.
 The three Singhs also dissolved into the fog once, and so the fog turned into the figures of the twenty-two Singhs.

 Even though I elaborated on the magic eye, it was as if I had no idea which one was the real one.

''Ahartheln's Spirits, huh...''

''Yes. Maybe it's because you've been underground for so long, but you don't seem to know much about spirits.

 Singh and the fake Singhs say the same words.

'What about it? If you can't tell the difference, it's until you blow it all up.

 Celis thrust her hand into the spherical magic circle.
 If you pour your magic power directly into it, the magic circle will be dyed with purple electricity and scatter lightning lightning lightning around it with beatings.


 Gulpily, Celis clenches his fist, and the condensed purple electricity gathers in his right hand like a magic circle being compressed.

 What he feels is an overwhelming power of destruction.
 With that, he was probably trying to destroy the trace god and Geordal with it.

''--Let everything be burnt to ashes.

 As soon as he did, the world turned white.
 It wasn't Celis' magic.

''The Garden of the Time God........''

 Ceris muttered.
 'Cuckoo,' said Eldmead's voice, mockingly.

'I said you gave birth to a hundred guard gods, but I didn't say it wasn't a hundred and one.

 Celis carefully looks around with her magical eyes.
 But the Watchtower of Time is nowhere to be seen.

'There are no seeds or tricks. The mischievous fairies, Titi and the others, have hidden that god and now they are being allowed to disguise themselves as Sin Reglia.

 The two Singhs surrounded Ceris with a guarded gait.
 'Grin,' laughed Alemade.

'Well, well. One hit, twenty outliers, and one remaining big outlier, and you'll be happily transported to the world in a few hours.

 Celis drew a magic circle with her free left hand.

 Shiden struck the heavens and earth with lightning, destroying the garden of the Time God.
 At the same time, Shin kicked the ground, and as he approached, he hit Celis in the face with a Lord Uiye.

 The guy dodges it just in time.
 But he couldn't completely avoid it, and blood spattered from its neck.


 One of the twenty-two people who had reacted slightly to the destruction of the Garden of Time God.
 He judged that it was Eugo La Ravias, and he shot out with his
"This is not a child's trick--

 As he was about to say that, he turned his evil eye to the surroundings.
 It was still a pure white world. It was in the garden of the Time God.

''Kakkka, I said you gave birth to each and every one of them, but--''

 Erdmeade's lips lifted up in an amused manner.

''-- I'm not saying it wasn't really one or two of them.

 Is there already one more Ego La Raviers disguised as Shin?
 No, is there really only one more?

 Celis must be filled with doubt.

''Just because we're father and son, you're a lot like that demon king. It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to find a way to make your life easier. That right-handed magic, if you use it, you can certainly blow up the God's Garden at this time, no matter how many layers it is stacked on top of each other. But to do so would involve the Watchtower of Time.

 If we destroy the Banjin, a few hours will have passed when we leave the Garden of the Time God.
 Then the bet would be over.

Of course I can use the Purple Thunderbolt to destroy the garden one by one, but now, do you have any idea how many more gods I have left to give birth to?

 The Cutthroat King dared to keep the essence of that question as well.

 Even if he remembered, if it came down to it, if Shin cut down the guardian god, that would send Celis flying away a few hours later.
 As long as you don't know which one is Shin and which one is the guardian deity, there is no way for Cerise to prevent that from happening.

 And even if there was a way to prevent it, the Cutthroat King could still be hiding his secret hands.
 That's what I'm smelling.

"That's where the contract is. I'll keep my mouth shut in exchange for ten minutes of silence. Oh, yeah, if you can give birth to Eugo La Viez, it's easy to go back in time and see what happened. And while we're at it, let's get that area sealed up too. That's not a bad deal, is it?

 Erdmead draws the magic circle of the Contract (Zekt).

It's not a matter of time before you get out of here, but if you wait for ten minutes, you can get out. Then, just because you responded to the Zekt, it doesn't mean that you have any secrets that you want to keep hidden. A good cause should have been established.

 Staring at Singh and his fakes around her, Ceris sighed with a breeze.

'Good grief. It can't be helped. Like Anos said, you're a tricky man.'

 The magic circle in his right hand is erased, and Celis signs the .
 That's why the eldmade is available. Maybe that's what he thought.

"Kakkakka, isn't that a deal. No, no, this man is a formidable opponent. That was a close call, Demon King. Well, it's all about reaching our ideals. I had to stall for time in exchange for useful information for you.

 What do you know about Cerise? Erdmead sent me a thought transmission (leaks) that was just as delightful and painful.