271-The power of God and the power of demons

 The bonfire of the judges is burning with a roar.
 Celis and the other three, Shin and Eldmead continued to glare at each other as they faced each other.

 As if to break the silence, the Cutthroat King said.

''Kaka, what is it, Cerise Voldigord? <If you don't want to make a contract, then you should shut your mouth sooner rather than later. Or what is it? Do you want it to be another boring battle just to be overrun by the Demon King? Hmm?

 As Cerise looked at him in an unconcerned manner without losing her natural disposition, Eldmead continued, 'Or is it even part of your plan to blame me for what I just did?

"Or is it part of your plan for me to blurt it out, right here, right now?

Say it. That'll make sense, won't it?

 Cuckoo and Erdmeade laugh at Cerys' unmoved words.

''Yes, yes, that's the right answer. I'm not going to be able to say that I have a clue what's going on, if you are in a hurry and respond to the "contract (zekt)". As expected of a man who wants to be an enemy of the Demon King, that's what I'm talking about! Well, then, feel free to say it. You're--gasp...!

 A crimson magic spear was thrust into Eldmead's throat.

''You are still a careless man, as usual. Your thoughts are farther from understanding than that Demon King.''

 Across the dimensions, from a distance away, the Dark Lord pushed out the Dhiid Atem.
 With great force, the tip of the ear pierces the Cutthroat King's throat.

 However, despite being covered in blood, Erdmeade smiles.

''Did you stab me because I was caught off guard or because it's not good for you to talk?


 The Cutthroat King grabbed the hilt of the spear, but the Cutthroat King grabbed the hilt of the tip of the spear.

"Let my arrows shoot you to death!

 Kaihiram fired three arrows from the demonic bow Netero Auvus.
 The Cutthroat King, still pierced by Dichid Atem, had no way of escaping and was skewered in the brain, heart and abdomen by the arrows.

'Curse his body, Netero Auvus.

 With Kaihiram's words, a black haze rises in the arrow's stab wound.
 It is a curse that consumes the body. It's the weight of the magic bow, put on magic and muscle power.


 Fresh blood splattered from the Cutthroat King's body again as he was pushed by Yeges' spear.

''Are you sure, Senken? If you are only wary of the Lord Commander, your friends will die.

 At Yggess's words, however, Singh was poised in peace and did not move as he looked at Cerys.

'Go ahead and finish it. It's a good thing that you're a member of the same team now, but the Cutthroat King is a person who will eventually avenge my son. It would be my pleasure if I could take care of him here.

 Coldly, Shin says.
 In the face of that sharp killing spirit that seems to control the wit, Celis doesn't try to move carelessly either.

 Did he think that if the Cutthroat King is defeated, three against one, he would be able to gain an advantage in the war by simply waiting?

''But, Dark Lord, you are the one who must be on your guard. If he is so foolish as to expose himself to the blade through inaction, he would have been slaughtered by my lord long ago.

 At Shin's words, the grin and the Cutthroat King laughs.

''O fool who spits in the heavens! Take your punishment for disobeying the order. Look up to God.'

 The words of a miracle-working god spilled out of Eldmead's mouth.
 His body was engulfed in light, and his magical power swelled to an order of magnitude.


 Eldmead's body is changing.
 Her hair turns to gold, her eyes turn to a fiery red glow, and the particles of her magic power gather on her back to form wings of light.

 The earth shakes with a resounding echo, and Aebelast Anzeta is shaken.
 The presence of a true god possessed by the vast amount of magical power blows up the air and shakes the world as well.

 In front of the overwhelming anti-magic and magical barrier released by that divine body, Dichid Atem broke and Netero Auvus's arrows shattered.

 Immediately, the Dark Lord stabbed his own left chest with his hand and used the blood to create a demonic spear.
 With his one-eyed demonic eye, he still looked into the Cutthroat King's abyss.

''Kaka, do you understand me, ejus? I finally got what I've been after for two thousand years.''

 Removing his silk hat, the Cutthroat King cajoles it off.
 Each time it bounces in his hand, the number of them increases.

''But as a matter of fact, I'm still not too familiar with the divine body. It's up to the roll of the dice to decide which god will appear. Now, now, what will we get?

 Erdmaed throws his hat, which has been increased to ten, into the air.

"In accordance with the order of Heavenly Father, it is commanded by Erdmaed, the Cutthroat King. "Be born, guardian of order and reason, God of the dead.

 From the ten silk hats, light like confetti and ribbons glittered down from the ten silk hats in large quantities.
 Like a magic trick, they began to take shape on the body of the guardian god.

 It is the faceless guardian god wearing white gloves and a pure white hooded robe.
 <There were 10 Eugo La Lavias carrying the