270-Flame that strikes heaven

You remember...

 Celis muttered to herself and said again.

'Are you sure about that?'

 Without losing her spare expression, Cerise looks straight at me.

 I don't see any confusion.
 As always, he said in an unpretentious tone of voice, "I've never met your sister.

I've never met your sister," he said, "I've never met your sister. I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more information on this. Do you know what that means?

For one thing, you're lying.

 Narrowing her eyes, Celis returns the words to me.

'And the other thing I remember, your memory is wrong.

 Loosely, he points at me.

'Militia, the creator god, has put a double and triple trick on your memory. If you remember a memory you've forgotten, it's the mind's way of deluding you into thinking it's real. That's why I've prepared a false memory in case you try to remember it.

 I don't think this stinking man would tell the truth so foolishly.

 But he could have told the truth in anticipation that I wouldn't believe him, and he could have turned his back on it.

 It's not impossible that my memory is not correct.

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I've been thinking about the fact that this nameless god, Arcana, is a creator god. What do you think he's up to?

 Ceris looks at Arcana.

'I seek salvation. Just that God.'

Are you sure about that?

 Before Arcana could answer that question, Ceris uttered her next words.

'You called it the Bonfire of Judgment. If you're recalling an old memory, does that mean you saw it on earth?


Then I'll show you something interesting. You can follow me.

 Celis uses the magic of transference (Gatom).
 She uses her magical eye to see through the magic and conveys the technique to Sasha and others via thought transmission (reeks).

 The Dark Lord and the Curse King also shifted.
 Following their example, we also used the transference method.

 Our vision turned white and we arrived at the middle floor of Aebelast Anzeta.
 It is a large space, so large that there is no end in sight.

 Standing columns and countless bonfires.
 In the center of it all, there was a silver flame that stood out from the rest.

 Celis and the others were standing in front of the flames.

''This is the Bonfire of the Judges.

 Holding up his hands, he says.

'Only in this Aebelast Anzeta is the fire of judgment brought by God. Think carefully about how it came to be here on earth.

 The Bonfire of Judgment and this space are certainly the same as I saw them in my dreams.

I'm not sure if Aebelast Anzeta was on earth. But with a castle with a three-dimensional magic circle the size of Delzogade in Dirheid, can it really be hidden from the evil eye of Anos, you and the demons of that era?

 It's true, I can't believe I missed it.
 Not when you are a child, but even more so when I am grown up.

 It's strange that I'm not the only one who knows of its existence.
 It wouldn't make sense to just block my memory.

'Let's say it's true that Arcana is your sister. What I mean by that is this. Once you were forced to leave your sister, she became a god, and so you were reunited with her here in the depths of the earth. No, no, what a touching story. It brings tears to my eyes.

 Celis says vexingly, without any emotion.

Do you think there are any such convenient coincidences in the world? God is order. Order means that everything is colored by necessity. Can your recollected memories and this current reality really fit together?

 Indeed, there are times when we don't talk to each other.
 After the first selection tribunal in the bowels of the earth, the deputies were born and the Alliance Pearl was brought in.

 It's also just as Celis said earlier, and that's the history that was inscribed on the stone monument in Aebelast Anzeta.

 The subterranean ground was created about two thousand years ago. It must have been after I was reincarnated.
 Otherwise, it would be strange if I didn't notice the existence of the dragon when I tried to destroy it.

 Then why was the Alliance Pearl already there when I was a child?
 Those three dragon-like people who broke into the house were clearly 'summoning' the dragon to 'possess' it.

It might make sense somehow. But how many miracles would it take to make it work?

 Let's assume that the Ligue Pearl was on earth two thousand years ago.
 It continued to be kept secret, and eventually no one knew about it, and the summoning magic that used the Lordship was not spread on earth.

 Arcana became a god by accident.
 I accidentally became a god and accidentally abandoned my name.

 And then he accidentally reunited with me and accidentally made a pact with me.
 It's true that these things could be called miracles.

It's not a problem when miracles happen, though. But if a miracle happened, it may have been God's intention.

Hmm. That's not impossible.

I know a part of your past that I've forgotten. I can fill in the blanks in your memory. In a way that never lies.

 <Cerise drew the magic circle of the covenant.

"Would you like to know?

Not for free.

 Ceris raises one hand.
 Then a magic circle is drawn on the bonfire of that judge.

 <It's the magic of remote clairvoyance (Rimneto).
 What was reflected in that flame was a distant view of Geordal.

 The cityscape of Georheise and a cathedral the size of a pea grain can be seen there.

'My knight in hiding has reported to me. The singing of the divine dragon has grown louder.

 Celis snapped her fingers.
 Then a sound came from .

 The voice of the divine dragon's song that always echoes in Geordal. That faint tune that was like the murmur of a stream was now echoing loudly throughout the country.

 In the next moment, flames rose from Geordal's cathedral.

 A chanting flame.
 It swelled far more immensely than when he had fought Pope Gorloana and shot upward with great force.

 It is a purifying fire that impels the heavens.
 The blazing fire melted the canopy and drilled a hole in it.

 The momentum does not stop and the flames continue to thrust upward and upward through the canopy to nowhere.

''Is that...?''

 Sasha gives me a surprised look.


 Misha mutters.

 The chanting flames subside.
 From the destroyed canopy, rattles and countless rocks and dirt poured down to the bottom of the earth.

''It seems that the first shot was received by the magical wards that stretched underground. It's hard to see it clearly due to the divine dragon's singing voice, but, well, with the wards you constructed, even those chanting flames only took half the wear and tear, didn't they?

 The magical ward that stretches across the underground dungeon of Midgaze is not fragile.

 However, it's that powerful of a chanting flame.
 I'm not sure how many times I'm going to be able to catch that many flames in my absence.

You can't have that many times. The third shot isn't going to hold the warding.

''I guess the reason why the divine dragon's voice is so loud is because it's blocking the and not letting it go to the archer of chanting flames.

 It's true that if the divine dragon's singing voice is this loud, not to mention the transference, we won't be able to check the situation with our magical eyes.

The first thing that comes to mind is a proposal, Anos. I'm going to shoot a spell to destroy Geolhaise now. I'm sure the Pope will be the mastermind behind it.

Just because the firing point is Georhese doesn't mean he's there.

'Yes. That's why we don't destroy the cathedral, we destroy Georheise. Do you understand? If we lose the country we're supposed to defend, if there's no congregation to save, the Pope has no reason to fight. If we can't destroy Ziolhayze, then we can destroy the entire Zioldar.

 Celis says, with an obvious look on her face.

'That way we can easily protect Dillhade. I'm not asking you to get your hands dirty. All you have to do is watch me destroy them as they draw their bows to Dirheid. Of course, I'll wait for your men over there to escape. And then I'll tell you your past without a lie.

 Celis added a condition to the Contract (Zekt).

If you sign it, Dirheid's enemies will be destroyed, the country will be protected, and you will know your lost memories. There will be no more reason for you to concern yourself with the trace gods, will there?

That would certainly be a wise decision.

 Cerys narrowed her eyes.

'But it's far from ideal.

 Staring outside with my demon eyes, I look for a place where the divine dragon's singing voice can't reach me, a place where I can just barely jump with
"It's just as the contract says, Seris. I have no intention of destroying Geordahl. Back off from Geordahl and Lieberschneid.

'By the end of the day, we're talking about it. I might still change my mind.


 I assure you, I draw the magic circle of  It's a bit of a challenging transition. Reaching out, I join hands with Misha and the others.

"Shin, Eldmaed, you have to keep an eye on them. <Only Cerise is the one who made the contract with Zekt. If you let them out of your sight, there are plenty of ways to shoot Geordhaize.

"As you wish.

 Singh takes a few steps forward and pulls the plundering sword Gilionoges and the severed sword Deltroz from the magic circle.
 Looking at it flatly, Ceris says.

'Are you two good? <Thanks to the Contract (Zekt), we can't shoot Geordal now, but they are different. You might as well stay here and have your men stop the flames.

 Celis laughed, as if to say it was gracious.

'Or else you might regret it.

Don't underestimate him. Sin is my right hand man, and even though you have the power to destroy a nation, you're still my right hand man.

 I glance lightly at the Cutthroat King, who is grinning back at me.

''That man, destroying the Cutthroat King is quite tricky too.

 The Cutthroat King waved his hands to the side as if in denial.

He said, "When I was against the Cutthroat King, I had the power and opportunity to destroy him. But in the end, I'm standing here now with a blank expression on my face. At best, you'll be able to avoid falling for the trick.

 With a thump, Eldmead tapped the floor with his staff.
 As if to signal that, the moment Shin put his magic power into the magic sword, the attention of Celis and the others turned to him.

''Do not wriggle. Its head will be parted from your body.''

 By the time Singh said that, we had disappeared from the scene and moved to nearby Zioldar.

''The right hand of the Itachi Demon King and the Cutthroat King, if two of us three are going to be able to hold them back, that's arrogance.

 As he confronted Singh, who was holding two demon swords, the Dark Lord Iges pointed the crimson demon spear at him.

''Jiste........watch me.......I will not forgive those who have hurt you......!

 The Curse King Kaihiram pulls the magical bow Neteroaves from the magic circle and nails three arrows at once.

''Good grief!''

 Sighing, Ceris raised her hand and drew a multiple magic circle.

 Despite the fact that no magic was being activated, just building up the magic formula, the atmosphere trembled and Aebelast Anzeta shook.

 A beeping and purple electric light seemed to leak around them, and a spherical magic circle appeared in front of Ceris.

 Then, Celis and the others and Shin glared at each other, and that was just when it was all over.

''Kakkka, I never thought that such a reunion would be waiting for us in the depths of the earth!

 Randomly, Eldmead walks out and exposes himself to them, holding his weapons and magic at the ready.

'It's something I've missed. Yggeth, you're still a stiff as ever. Kaihiram, you're even crazier than usual. The rest of us would have been able to talk about it if we had that research idiot, Guilicilis, but, well, we have a replacement.

 Eldmead thrusts his wand and rests his weight languidly on his hands.

"Hey, Cerise Voldigord. If you were a potential enemy of the Demon King, this Cutthroat King, I would have parted the grassroots to find you, but I see, I see that it is you.

 The Cutthroat King laughs with a hint of a smile.
 It's as if he claims to know about Cerise.

"What do you mean?

'No, no, I'd rather not say it. But if I don't, I'm afraid I'll accidentally slip up. But three against two, enough to destroy a country. We are in a bad situation. If it is possible to buy time on the condition that you don't speak of what you are hiding, I'm willing to make a contract with you, but...

 Erdmade says, amusingly, painfully.

You see, Cerys Voldigord," he says. It would be a waste of time to discover your plan here. You are the enemy. It will be no fun at all if you don't at least act like the enemy.

You're funny.

 Unmoved, Celis responded with a smile.

'Of course I have something to hide. 'Of course there are things that children don't need to know. But I'm not sure. You can't be sure you know that.

'Yes, yes, you're right. But in case you don't know, you're right. And I'm a big talker. The sooner you can keep your mouth shut, the better. Something unpredictable could jeopardize your plans.

 Eldmead grins at Cerys, who smiles thinly, and smiles at him.

You have 10 minutes. If you wait for 10 minutes, I can make a contract with you that the information will be kept secret with your life.

 The Cutthroat King says as he confronts me.
 I don't know if he really knows or if he's just bluffing.

 But if he did know something, he thought he'd be lucky.

 He was trading information for time against a much stronger opponent.
 It's hard to say that he's not in opposition to me, and yet he's in danger of raising my enemies.

"Rather, let me make a contract (zekt).

 So amused, the Fierce Death King pleaded.