269-Betrayal and False God

 She didn't seem overly concerned about Cerise, as if to say she was just going to get rid of her old chair.

 It doesn't look like a threat or a bluff.
 He must be serious about destroying Geordal.

"This is all too hasty, isn't it? Or have you been preparing for it to this day?

'The trouble is, you're not supposed to be, Anos.

 Celis says in a tone that doesn't seem to be troubled.

'What we've been preparing for is the destruction of the trace god Lieberschneid. Originally, we should have accomplished that as of yesterday.

It's not surprising that they would be hostile to the gods. But there are many different gods in one word. Lieberschneid was asleep. Did they have a reason to destroy him?

"Being God,

 Celis said absent-mindedly.

'Don't you think that's reason enough to destroy them?

I don't think so. If he's asleep, no harm will come to him. Just let him sleep.

 Cerise quickly returns the words.

'Then let me put it this way. Lieberschneid, the God of Traces, is the guardian of the earth's depths. The earth's depths and the ground are incompatible. They will invade the earth one day. Just as they are now. I am also a demon. I'm a demon too, and I want to protect my home.

 He has a look of patriotism on his face, but his words are so light that his conviction is nowhere to be seen.
 It's as if he doesn't care whether the earth or the depths of the earth are destroyed for a moment.

If you try to destroy Geordal, Lieberschneid will surely appear to defend it. If they are all destroyed, two things will disappear that would do harm to the earth.

 Cerys holds up two fingers.

'You seem to love a good fight.

'No way. 'If it means we don't have to fight, that's the best way to go about it. They just don't see it that way. Peace is a very difficult thing to achieve.

 Pasting on a smile, which looked like a good-natured smile, Cerys said.

'You are now King of Dirheid. Anos, why don't you join me in defending your homeland?

All right. Follow me. I won't have to destroy Geordal or Lieberschneid, but I will protect Dirhade.

 Sighing, Cerys laughs dismissively.

'Good grief. You're such a hard child to listen to. I can't believe you're my son.'

You're the weakest man I've ever known in my life.

 Cerise's eyes widen with interest at his words.


You want to claim to be my father, prove it with force. How can you claim to be the father of a demon king if you're so weak that you can't even defend your homeland without destroying innocent people?

'You're sweet, Anos. But you're just a kid. If you can't help it, you can't help it.

Sweet? Haha. You lack the guts to think so. It's a good thing that you have a blood relationship. But my real father has a much wider range of tolerance than you.

 Then he narrowed his eyes and said.

"It's all right. I don't want to be too popular with you. I don't want to be too popular either. How about some more parent-child bonding?


Would you like to place a bet? If you want to destroy that country by the end of the day, I will win. Then I will close my eyes to the destruction of Zioldar and Lieberschneid.

'Interesting. If I don't feel like destroying Zioldar, then stay out of Zioldar and Lieberschneid. Stay out of it at all costs.

 <When I drew the magic circle of the , Celis signed it without hesitation.

 Do you know the truth so well that I want to destroy Geordal?
 He looks like a crazy man. It's possible that this is all just a game to him.

By the way, Anos. You have an unhappy god with you.

 Celis said this abruptly with a casual expression on her face.

'After all, I think your thoughts are similar to the teachings of Gadeisiola.

 Celis turned her gaze to Sasha and Misha.

'Backstabbing god Genudunub, I didn't think you'd split in two and reincarnate on earth. 'So, no matter where you look under the ground, you won't find them?'

Unfortunately, these two are under my command. It's not that I'm dragging them around with me, because they were originally treacherous gods. But I'm not sure if that's true, either.

 Glaring at Cerys, I say as I search for the truth.

'After all, it was your word, none other than yours.

How much do you know about the Betrayal God?

 Unmoved, Cerys asks me a question.

'As a god who does not pine, he is a god opposed to God, is he not? The only thing I know is that they don't treat you well in the depths of the earth. I don't know much about Gadeshiola, and Arcana doesn't know much about it either.

 Then Cerys said with a kind look on her face.

'Order against order. A god of deceit and treachery, who has turned against even his own order, who has deceived and disobeyed the gods and people, that is the god of disobedience, Genudunub.

 Hearing this, Sasha's gaze turned stern.
 Misha takes her hand gently and squeezes it.

'It is said that Genudunub was the god of Geordar. Tradition has it that he followed his devout followers and fought with them in the first selective judgments that took place under the ground. To bring grace to the depths of the earth. And so, as a result of the victory, the blessing of the Alliance Pearl was brought to this desolate land. Geordar was to become a powerful nation, with other nations as its vassals, and it was to prosper for a long time.

 Is Genudunub the selection god who participated in the first selection tribunal?
 I guess he wasn't called a disobedient god at that point in time, because he followed the order of the Selection Judges.

'But Genudunub betrayed Geordar and took half of the Alliance Pearl to the Agaha. It seems that the god was originally the god of the Agaha. He had tricked the Pope of Geordar. With that, Agaha, who had gained strength, fought against Geordal, who wanted to take back the Alliance Pearl. There were many deaths on both sides. The two countries avoided clashing, and the war, which was overt, died down, despite the religious conflict between them.

 Celis goes on to explain in a nonchalant manner.

'For a while, things were peaceful. In the harsh depths of the earth, the dragonmen lived through the power of the summoned dragons and the summoning gods. But Genudunub, this time, betrayed Agaha. No, it wasn't just Agaha, but the gods, and the order was wrong, turned their swords against them. Genudunub rebelled against not only the dragon men but even the gods, and became known as the god of no matsuri, the god of disobedience.

 It's not hard to understand why the order is wrong, though.

Genudunub, the god of disobedience, was opposed to the gods, and before long, people from Zioldar, Agaha and other small nations began to gather around him, who had lost their faith in the gods. The Disobedient God led them to fight against the gods. And with the gods of Geordar and Agaha. In time, they became a group that could be called a nation, and Gadeisiola, the land of the High Dragons, was born.

 Have the godless gathered to the God who fights with God?
 The demons of the Knights of the Illusory Order might be the same.

 At least on the surface.

However, the treacherous god Genudunub betrayed even the people of Gadeisiola he had gathered himself. As the battle with the gods continued, the Dorsal God shot his allies in the back. In the end, the people of Gadeisiola killed the Dorsal God. The one who defeated him was called the High King. However, with the Backstreet God gone, Gadeisiola was dealt a severe blow.

Hmm. I don't understand. Does Gadiçiora still worship that treacherous god, the one he betrayed? You believe in the unfaithful God.

'Yes. Genudunub is the god of deceit and betrayal. He is enshrined in Gadeisiola as a god who should never be believed in. They don't believe in God, because they don't believe in him. But as long as we live under the earth, we need the power of God. So, by the teaching of not believing in a disobedient god, that is, by believing that Genudunubu will always betray them, the people of Gadeysiora live.

 It's a complicated thing, but I guess it's partly because of the godless way of life and partly because of the environment underneath the ground where you have to rely on God's help, so it all adds up.

'Hmm. Simply put, a God who absolutely lies is the same as an honest man?

'That's what I mean. So if you're putting your trust in that little dispensation, you'd better watch out.

 Seris says, as if to gently advise her.

'Because the treacherous gods will surely betray you,'

 Kicking back, Sasha glares at Cerys.

'Sorry to hear that. Even if I were an apostate god, that would never happen.'

We are of Anos.

 Misha said calmly, but with a strong will.

'I'll always hope he wins.

 Unmoved, Celis returned the words.

'He said yesterday, didn't he? 'The ugliest lowlifes come in looking like good people, was it?'

 Sasha bares her canine teeth, revealing her hostility towards Cerys.
 I restrain her with my hand as she tries to jump on me now, and I tell him.

'No way.'

'It's not surprising that you think so. ─ People see what they want to see, even when they don't want to see it. It's a good thing that people see what they want to see, even if it means turning away from reality. Isn't it the same for you, the so-called "demon king"?

"You turn away from it because it is beyond your power. All we have to do is stare at the inconvenient reality and destroy it, turning it into an ideal.

 Shrugging his shoulders, Cerys said.

'The treacherous gods will always betray you. He will betray you, even your ideals. Genudunub is a god of deceit and betrayal. Everyone once believed in him, and everyone else was deceived and betrayed. You will understand the meaning of that one day, if not sooner. In the not-too-distant future.

 Celis smiles a good-natured smile.
 That is irresistibly scandalous.

'Anos, I am. I'm worried about you. You have become convinced that you can reach any ideal with your powers. It's tough, but it's a parent's job to teach a child who has grown up to be a parent the reality of the situation.


 Narrowing her eyes, Celis held out her hands to greet me.

''I know it's hard to accept right now. I'm sure you'll find it hard to accept it now, but we had some good days as a father and son, even if they were short. If you remember that, I'm sure my words will reach you as well.

You need to get over your delusion.

 I take a few steps towards him.
 Arcana followed next to me.

 The Dark Lord and the Curse King braced themselves to greet him, but Ceris lightly raised her hand to control it.

'Do you know her?'

 Pointing to Arcana, I say.

'The Selected God you made a pact with, I guess. The unnamed god, the Pope of Geordal, said it was the creator god, Militia, but I don't know if I'm right either.

If you want to be a father, you should at least remember my sister.

 He said it matter-of-factly, as if he were trying to shake a guy who was convinced I had no memory.

'Remember one thing. When was the last time you and I had the pleasure of playing with fire?

 I smiled at the blue eyes that looked straight back at me.
 I looked into the abyss to make sure I didn't miss that heartbeat.

'Did you enjoy the Bonfire Judgment, Celis?'