"Establishing two rules.

 A snarky voice echoed.
 Instead of answering my question, the silver-haired man said.

''Hunting Gijukuin, do you offer the life of Count Balzarondo and leave the tree line?

 Hunting Academy? From the name, it sounds like a school--?

"Will you be a martyr to Pablo Hetara's treaty of academy and fight this two-tiered pretender?

 I'm full of confusion. I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'm pretty sure you think you're his friend because you're protecting Barzalondo.


 Without even trying to shake off my hand, the man told me quietly.
 The man said quietly, as if to say there was no other option.

Hmm. Well, here's what we'll do. I'll tolerate your earlier greeting and your ignoring my questions. Instead, why don't you let these people go and have a little chat with me?


 With a pop, a light like fireflies rises from the body of the Two Rite Pretender.
 It's a magical light.

''Will you be a martyr to the Academy Treaty?

 His long silver hair swayed as if drifting on the surface of the water.
 Even if you look into the depths of the abyss, you cannot see the depths of this man.

"Nobody listens to me.

 In order to suppress his power, I unleash the magic power of the root.
 Black particles rise up from my entire body.

 The Two Rite Pretender applies tremendous force to his right arm to push me away. When I gingerly held it down, the magic power violently swirled around me and him.

 Arm and arm pressed together, silver fireflies and jet black particles rival each other.

 While casting a recovery spell on the severed arm, Barzalondo kept an eye on the magic eye.
 The next moment, a gust of wind occurred with a thud.


 Balzalondo and his men are pushed by a gust of wind and slammed into the trees.

 We're going to leave the tree line like this........!


 The soldiers were half blown away by the wind that rolled up again, but they left the place.
 If it weren't for my bad luck, I wouldn't die. 

 But this man doesn't falter.
 It's interesting.

"You say you're a two-legged presumptive.

 He doesn't listen to me, he just turns his achromatic eyes.

It's a tremendous power. But you can't be serious yet.

 I hold it down as hard as he puts his arms around me.
 There's a thumping of the earth and the sea of trees begins to shake.

'More. Show me the bottom.

What a fascinating man. What do you think you're doing?

 A snatched voice echoed.

"I'm new to this world and I don't know how much I'm willing to take. It looks sturdier than the one I was in, but I'm afraid it will be destroyed by the force of its own accord.

 He further strengthens his arms.
 The fireflies that poured out of it began to light up the entire tree line.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.

I've never met anyone who would use me as a ruler.

 "Good," he says, without any emotion.


 Countless brilliant fireflies rise from his body.

''You can measure your height to your heart's content.

 In a moment, the man unleashed a tremendous amount of power.
 He looked into the depths of his power and held it down head on with a stronger force.

 The trees in the tree line were blown away by the clash of power between me and the Two Rite Pretender.
 The ground is gouged out and turned into a wilderness in a matter of seconds.

 Our arms are not moving on each other. The two sides' power was completely antagonistic.

''Ho. I was going to crush you on the ground.''

It's a marvel. The strongest man we have seen in a long time.

 His achromatic eyes flashed suspiciously.

''I admit it. Sir, you are an outstanding man worthy of seeing the true power of this two-ruled presumptive Lord.

 Loosely lifting his foot, he stepped on my shadow.
 Instantly, a shock echoes inside my body.

 Blood seeped into my mouth, but I gritted my teeth and endured it.


 A magic circle floats in my shadow.
 With a zugantuan thrust, the Two Rite Pretender steps through that shadow, and its power pierces my roots.

 The impact, even more than just a moment ago, stirs the core of my body.
 The demon king's blood poured out in a thud.


 Without a moment's pause, a jet-black fingertip pierces the chest of the Two Rite Pretender.

 But it's a strange response.
 It's not just that the blood doesn't overflow, it's that I can't grasp the source of the blood that should be there for sure.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to do with it.

 When I landed, the huge rock behind me shattered with a crash.
 I didn't do anything. I just stepped in a shadow.

'Looks like you'd better not get hit by a shadow, that's the magic.

 He drew a hundred magic circles and fired the Gio-Glaze.

 The two pretenders drew the same number of magicians.

"Doguda Azbeda Azbehara.

 The ones that were released were blue stars.
 They collided with my Gio Glaze and were easily swallowed.

 <I stared at them with my Doomsday Eye and created a wall with my Four Realms Wall.

 However, the Doguda Azbeda Azbedaara pierced both of them and poured down on my body.
 The blue flames swirled around and rose up as if to pierce the heavens.

 The source of the fire was burned and the overflowing demon king's blood corroded it, finally extinguishing the fire.


 Aside from the meatball battle, the magic in the world of Militia is weak here.

 The power of magic varies depending on the amount of magic power, but the upper limit exists as a matter of course.

 If you exceed a certain amount of magic power, you will never be able to match the Great Hot Flame (Gusgam) with the Great Hot Flame (Grega) and the Great Hot Flame (Gusgam) with the Hellfire Annihilation Cannon (Geo Glaze).

 The highest level of flame attribute magic, the Gio Glaze, has sufficient firepower in the world of Militia.
 In any case, if it was more powerful than that, it would not only burn the country, it would burn the world.

 But that's not the case here.

 Even if you have one hundred times the magic power of the Two Rulers, the Gio Glaze is not as powerful as the Doguda Azzedara.

 The only magic in hand that surpasses it is the Ashburger Purple Thunderfire Electric Field or the Extreme Hellfire Demon Cannon.

 However, it's unknown how powerful the latter will be reduced to.
 We can't shoot it without a second thought.

"Zora e Dipto.

 Jet-black flames rushed around the Two Rite Pretender and turned into chains.

''Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).''

 He restricts his movement with the Polar Flame Chain and shoots a black lightning bolt.

 <While avoiding the , the Two Ruling Pretenders draw a magic formation.
 Just as I thought that hand shone in the evening darkness, the next moment, the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) rebounded at me.

 <I stared at it with my Demon Eye of Doom, but it couldn't completely disappear.
 The rebounded Jirasd was much more powerful.

 The black Bevsud hand sliced the lightning bolt in half.

'Interesting magic. Let me show you more.

 <The Gio-Glaze is superimposed on the Gio-Glaze and the Demon Black Thunderer fires wildly at him.

What a waste of a man. You are a strong man, but your magic is still young. If he could only learn the depths, he would be able to deal with these two pretenders.

 He loosely pointed his finger at the tip of his finger and greeted it with the High Bullet Flame Demon Cutthroat Artillery (Doguda Azzedara).
 The blue star is also easily swallowed by the jet-black sun clad in lightning.

 With a loud explosion, several blue pillars of flame stood up.

 I rushed to cut through them.
 One by one, my figures appeared from the blue flames.

 <It's a Reiner.
 In addition to that, they are using their Secret Magic Power (Nazira) to dazzle the body's whereabouts.

 A dozen or so of me surround the Two Rite Pretender.

"The Shadow Bell.

 He creates a faintly glowing bell in the air.

 When the bell rang, the shadow disappeared from my "phantom mimicry (liner)".

"Imposters don't have shadows, right?

 The Two Rite Pretender turned to the left, trying to head straight for the real me.
 There was nothing. Nevertheless, only my shadow was there.


 Blood drips from his chest.
 <I, Veneziara, pierced his body with my Veneziara, the root cause of death.

Did you think there was only one real one?

 However, a magic circle floats in the shadow of the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara) that approaches from behind as a chase.


 When the Two Rite Pretender stepped on the shadow, the me of possibility blew up and disappeared.

''........the embodiment of possibility.......''

 He murmurs in a snatched voice and rings a lean and  He directs his gaze at the surrounding shadows that have emerged.

 With a single glance, he saw the identity of the and responded to it.
 This is no ordinary magic eye.

"Shallow magic is not something to be discarded.

 <While I created an opening in the , I clutched the purple lightning in both hands and condensed it.

 The spilling purple lightning bolts drew a total of twenty magic circles on the right and left.

 A magical circle of purple electricity linked together shot out at the Two Ruling Pretenders.
 The entire area of the tree line was dyed purple and an ear-splitting thunderclap roared out.

 The lightning of annihilation raged and shot through his body.

 Even that purple lightning would not be able to finish him off.
 But this is not the world of Militia.


"The ash-burning, purple-annihilating, lightning-fire electric field of Lavia Gaverijds.

 Surrounding the Two Rite Pretender, I, the , shoot out a bolt of destruction.


 In this way, a total of twenty , which could never be used in Militia's world, was layered on top of each other, and the sea of trees was vividly dyed to the color of destruction.

"You have done well to concoct this shallow magic.

 In the midst of a thunderstorm reminiscent of the apocalypse, a figure moving leisurely can be seen.


 The Two Rite Pretender drew a black pentagram while being struck by the lightning of destruction.
 Following that, a huge blue fixed star appeared from the magic circle drawn behind it.

 <The increased its magic power tremendously by the .

It's for you. You can show it off in the afterlife.

Ha ha. That's some serious magic. I've been waiting for that one.

 I pointed the multi-magic turret at him.
 The black particles gently drew a seven-fold spiral.

 The earth is cracked, the sky is shaken, and trees in the distance are blown away, but the damage is not as bad as in the world of Militia.

 Good. It's more sturdy than I expected.
 In this world, it won't be destroyed by the aftermath alone.

"Egil Groene Angdroa.

 The fire of the end is unleashed on the two pretenders.

 As if to shoot at them, he unleashed the Doguda Azzedara.

 The blue star, clad in fireflies, collides with the dark flames in a seven-fold spiral.
 The intense light covered the entire area.

 The two magics ravaged each other as if to cancel each other's power.
 The blue fixed stars quickly turned to black ashes and the apocalyptic fires scattered.

 At the end of the great clash that shook the world, the one that was defeated was Egil Groene Angdroa.

 All of the magic he released turned to ashes, and the seven spirals of fire struck his outstretched hand.

''- ''Griping Magic Hand (Rayon).''

 I watched his evil eye.

 His right hand, which was dyed in the color of evening darkness.
 That was the one that was gripping the Eglone Angdroa.

 It is a magic of destruction that will turn even the world to ashes if you touch it.
 You will be able to find out what is going on in the world.

The magic is deep. The magic is deep.

 Quietly, he drew his arm and, as expected, threw back the , the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons.

 The seven-fold spiral sped up. Like the previous , it was several levels faster and contained a more powerful destructive power, but its apocalyptic fire hit my body.

 And then the entire sea of trees burned black.

 Black, black, turning to ashes--

"...hahaha. The sea is vast. <To see a man casually throwing back the Egil Grone-Angdroa Cannon is quite a surprise.

 As I walked loosely through the sea of black fire, the Two Ruling Pretenders slightly hardened their demon eyes.
 His gaze is focused on my right hand.

 I'm going to be able to get the best out of it.

''- You're right, I have to learn the depths, or I'll be a little short. I had a hard time with all the unfamiliar magic letters, but thanks to the fact that you showed me some of them, I understand most of them. <It's a good idea. That's the kind of good magic I like.

 It's the first time he's taken a step back.

 <The magic that is grabbed by the grasping hand is more powerful than when it was unleashed.
 It's only natural for a guy who is familiar with its characteristics to move away from it.

The only thing that matters is the fact that they're in the same boat. I'm not going to be able to get a hold of it.

 With a large swing of his arm, he throws back the , which was loaded with magic power, with all his might.

 The doomsday fire that flew like an arrow again, the aftermath alone burns the sea of trees and the sky black.

''You will perish!''