496-Ball of destruction

 While turning the area into ashes, the fireball of annihilation pulled a seven-fold spiral tail and fiercely attacked the Two Rites Pretender.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future. However, the momentum doesn't stop, and its feet are receding as it gouges the earth.

 All of the power of the annihilation is concentrated in the Two Rite Pretender's , but he forcibly suppressed it and proudly grabbed the annihilation in his right hand.

 Immediately after that, he extends his left hand.

"The High Bullet Flame Demon Cutthroat Artillery (Doguda Azzedara).

 A magic circle was drawn and a series of blue stars were shot out.

''-- Like this?''

 Drawing on the same technique, I ejected the .

 The blue stars collided with each other, and in the aftermath of the collision, the flames swirled and exploded loudly.

 At the moment when the undulating blue flames covered my vision, the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderblocker (Egil Groene Angdroa) flew in to slice through the flames.

''I'll use a classic move.''

 The hand of the Rayon grabbed the fireball of annihilation with the hand of the Rayon, which was dyed in the evening darkness.

 The black particles of the seven-fold spiral raged and bared their fangs in an attempt to destroy everything in this world. Leaving it to my physical and magical strength, I forcefully hold it down.

 A smile naturally fell from his mouth.

''-- It's an utterly ridiculous technique. I'm not going to be able to get my hands on it. You will be able to grasp that it is the fire of annihilation, but the amount of time you gather it to a single point will make the magic more powerful than it originally was. I'm not going to be able to get the power to rage in my hand or else I'm going to go boom.

 If your only goal is to protect yourself, it is much better to construct an anti-magic technique with the same magic power.
 Even if one grabbed the magic, the , the would still resonate in the core of one's body.

 Moreover, the amount of magic power it consumes is extraordinary.

''This is the magic formula of a champion who disregards his own danger. You have a few screws off in your head for developing such magic.

 As I said, I stepped forward and fired dozens of rounds of the Gio-Glaze.

"Unfortunately, I'm not very good at anti-magic.

 As if he realized it was a check, he stood in peace without defending himself while the Geophysical Flame Annihilation Cannon poured down, and he kept his eyes fixed on the fireball of destruction in my hand.

''That's an oddity,''

 I kicked the ground and took off for him in a single bound.

"Doguda Azbeda Azbehara.

 The Two Rite Pretender shoots a blue star at me as I rush forward.

 I was quick to connect the Gio Glaze, which was scattered around the area, and turned into a magician's circle, dying my right leg in shining black flames.

"Jiao Die Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara)

 Flying forward, I pierced the High Bullet Flame Demon Cutthroat Gun with a kick of shining black flame. The Two Rite Pretender catches my toes with his right hand as he breaks through the blue star and closes in on me.


 Lifting me up with his right hand, he steps through the shadows on the ground.
 He shakes my whole body with a violent jolt, and blood flows from the source.

'That technique is the only thing I don't understand.

 Folding my upper body, I wielded the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon at close range.

 His magic eye and my magic eye crossed.
 I struck the fireball of annihilation in my hand as hard as I could.

 The Two Ruling Pretender deployed his in his left hand and met it head on.

 Black flames swirled and black ashes danced up.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of this one.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to do with it.

"Is your left hand actually your dominant hand?

 Letting go of the fireball, I used with my free right hand and superimposed and on the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsud).

 If I fired my hand sword at the left wrist of the guy catching the fireball of destruction, the Two Rite Pretender let go of my leg and defended against it with his right hand.

 The momentum of the collision sent my body back from the air.

 When my shadow is away from his leg, the Two Ruling Pretender also deploys the Hand Grip Demon Hand in his right hand and suppresses the fireball of annihilation with both hands.

 The power of this is pushing him, gutting the ground as his body recedes.

"Hmm. So that's how it works.

 I look at his feet.
 The Two Rite Pretender had no shadow.

''The Two Rite Shadow Treader (Dagdara) destroys the main body by stepping on the shadow. And within its effective range, it cannot directly harm the body.

 He points at his feet.

"With the exception of you, who has no shadow, the body is only unharmed while stepping on other shadows.

 Therefore, the moment my feet left my shadow, I was pushed by the power of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Embers Artillery.

 The closer you get to him, the easier it is to remove the Embers, the easier it is to remove them, but that principle doesn't work against him as soon as he steps on your shadow.

 <As long as he is stepping on the shadow with Dagdara, he is almost invincible.

In other words.

 The Two Rite Pretender has a fireball of destruction at the ready, looking for an opening to throw it.
 I step out loosely and let him walk to the front of him.

 Leaving a distance of one shadow, I spread my hands in the evening darkness.

'If we're going to throw at each other, this is the distance.'

 With his achromatic eyes, he looks into my abyss.

'Let me tell you something,'

 The snarled voice of the Two Rite Pretender resounded.

'Where have you dumped the screws in Sir's head?'

 Kuhuha, an involuntary laugh escaped.

It's a good thing you're a two-bit presumptive. Maybe we'll get along better if we talk?

 As a response, he took a step forward.


 I lower myself to avoid the shadow stomp aimed at my head, just in time to avoid it.
 That foot stomps through the ground and the vibration causes my body to lose its balance.

"Kageweed arrowhead.

 I avoided the magical arrowhead released by the Two Rite Pretender. It stabbed into my shadow's right hand and the right arm of the main body was sewn to the ground.

''It's over.''

 From a high angle, he throws a fireball of annihilation at my back, which is in a low posture.
 Black flames and ashes swirled vigorously.

 I smiled wryly as I stretched out my left hand on my back and caught the fireball of destruction.

'You don't like to play with balls, Two Rite Pretender. There's still more to come.'


 Closing the gap even more, the Two Ruling Pretender stretches out his legs to my shadow.

 I pulled up my right arm and with all the strength I could muster, I went forward at full speed while pulling off the "Shadow Sewing Arrowhead".

 His foot steps through the ground.
 My shadow, which just barely passed me, avoided the shadow stomp.

''It's your turn to go next.''

 I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the only one who can do this.

 You will be able to get a good idea of what to expect when you are in a position to do so.
 The black sparks of fire danced around and a large amount of ashes were pouring out.

 I kicked the ground and chased after the man who was being pushed by the momentum of the fireball of annihilation.

 The distance is one shadow.
 I catch the fireball of annihilation that he throws back and throw it back again at close range.

 <With the "Griping Magic Hand (Rayon)," the "Extreme Hell Realm Annihilation Ashfire Demon Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa)" increases in power with each ball. If they failed to do so, they would already have the power to lightly destroy this world, but it's needless to say that this is an unnecessary concern when dealing with the man in front of you.

 It's a game until one of us makes a sound.

''Come on,''

 The retreat of the two-legged pretender has stopped.

 But he didn't try to throw it back right away.
 ''What are you aiming for?

 No, this is--?

Strong man. Sir, you have won. You should be proud...

 In his hands, the went out of control. <The failed.

 The magic power of the Two Rite Pretender began to rapidly fade.

 It was unnatural.

 A strong body, enormous magical power.
 In comparison, a terribly weak root source.

 It was as if the magic power was being sucked out of his body, his root source was weakening in no time at all.

 How is it possible for a man's root source to be this weak?

 No, vulnerable is a bit different.
 If you look further into the abyss, then yes, it's not a good fit.

 I can only see it now that he has lost his magic and his anti-magic is rapidly peeling away.
 The root and the body were twitchy.


 The Two Rite Pretender silently holds the Fireball of Doom in his hands in the evening darkness.
 He must know that it has risen to a dangerous power that can destroy the world.

 I'm sure he knows that this has risen to the level of dangerous power to destroy the world, and he intends to suppress it with his own body and roots in order to minimize the damage.

 I stretched out my right hand from the "Griping Magician's Hand" (Rayon).

".........What do you mean by that.......?

You can have two-thirds of it. The rest you'll have to deal with by stepping on the shadows.

 The fireball of annihilation is torn off by the evening's dark hands and gripped tightly.


 He ripped open his chest with his left hand and threw the held in his right hand into his own roots, daring to fail and explode the .

 Mitigated by Graham's emptiness and destroyed by my destruction.

 Immediately afterwards, the apocalyptic fire that was freed from the raged. The heavens and the earth turned to ashes in the blink of an eye, and the blood of the demon king began to corrode the sea of trees.

 The mountains collapsed, the rivers dried up and the green as far as the eye could see was covered in ashes.
 Everything in the vast sea of trees in this world disappeared in the blink of an eye.

 But - barely - it stopped.

 I let out one breath.

 But not yet.
 This body began to clothe itself in the black particles of the sevenfold spiral, and now the ground cracked.

 With a dull thud, the earth cracks open, no bottom in sight, no end in sight.

 Perdition is about to overflow from its tattered roots.
 I take a quiet breath and somehow suppress it again.

 It subsided to the point where only a few black particles leaked out.
 In this world, this much would be manageable.


 I turn my gaze to the man who has crumbled into the wilderness on one side.

 He also seems to have managed to stop the rest of the and is even more battered than we are.

 I said, "We've been playing ball.

I said, "We have played ball together. Can't we talk about something?