494-Mysterious sea

 I cast my gaze across the mountainous region that rises between the clouds.

 Barzalondo's men had raised themselves up and were already drawing their bows.

 Although their silver water ship was destroyed and they were floating, they were not disabled from fighting to the extent of colliding with the mountainside, and all of them had not lost their will to fight.

 I'm sure he's right, they're all stronger than the inhabitants of Militia's world.

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. I have only proved your logic wrong.

 I told them so, but however, Baltzalondo and the others were even more cautious than before and clothed their arrows with magical power.

''Hmm. It seems that this level of power is still not enough for you.

"...you are too strong for the shallow world...

 Barzalondo said.

'Are you ready to believe the story of how you took Arzenon's claws?

No, no. No, this is not possible. A person from the shallow world, much less a dweller from the first layer world, would crush the Silver Water Ship Nepheus with a single step, no matter where you look in this Silver Water Holy Sea, such an order does not exist!

Haha. Didn't exist, did it? After all, you've been in the well all this time.

It is increasingly unlikely that I will listen to this nonsense.

 Balzarondo tightened his grip on the golden hilt.
 A hunter's sharp gaze stabbed me.

''You are the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon. You took the sword-body of the Spirit God Human Sword and hid in the shallow world.''

 Hmm. I see.
 If you don't know what's going on out there, you won't be able to read the reactions.

What's this Arzenon's lion of doom in the first place? I'm a true native of that world.

Shut up, I don't need your help!

 Barzalondo says, deafeningly, "I am a hunter and have a better sense of smell than the arithmetic.

'As a hunter, I have a better sense of smell than I do of arithmetic. My body moves before I can think. The sword and the bow speak louder than words.

You make it very clear that you're an idiot.

"That is why I will not be persuaded by the lion of perdition! This handle of justice will determine the prey to be hunted. Judge, Evans Mana! We will expose this man's woe!

 The golden hilt was held high by Balzarondo.
 The blue jewel had turned to red.

 The soldiers gasp silently.
 Their murderous spirit is swelling up.

''Watch out. Behold the red color of disaster shown by the Spirit God and Human Sword. This is the proof that you are the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon, the Beast of Calamity born from the pit of perdition!

 I don't understand.

 I don't think he's trying to frame me by making the pattern shine red.
 I don't care if his nature is distorted like Graham's, but this man doesn't seem to have the wisdom to be distorted or the brains to be able to put on a show.

 If the hilt of the Spiritual God and Human Sword has the power to sniff out the lion of destruction of Arzenon, why do you react to me?

 I heard a strange ringing in my ears as I confronted the one-armed man. I'm pretty sure my root source responded in a way that resonated with his.

 But it was as if I didn't remember it.
 My mother was called the Abyssal Princess of Calamity, but did it have something to do with that?

 In any case, I don't care what your excuses are, I don't want to hear them.

You can call me what you like. Well?

 I said, stepping forward lazily.

'So what's the matter? This doomed lion of Arzenon has been sowing his claws on my mother. And now it is hostile. If you're the hunter, you might as well leave me alone for now.

 He smiles at them as he braces himself.

"Anybody who threatens our peace will not be punished. No one who threatens our peace will go unpunished, not even our own people.

''I will not give you the Sword of the Spirit God and Man...''

 He doesn't believe my words from the top of his head, and he turns his sharp gaze on my body and the Spirit Goddess Human Sword in Ray's hand.
 Even Barzalondo's subordinates had prepared expressions on their faces.

 As if to disturb them, they all ran off in different directions at once.

 The wind blows from the magic circle drawn by the soldiers.

 Glistening grains of air blew up and filled this entire mountainous region with light.
 The swirling storm blocked their vision, dazzling even their magical eyes.

''Where the sacred wind blows, that's our hunting ground.

 Riding the wind, voices came from various directions.
 Apparently, my ears can't rely on them much either.

 A moment later, a single arrow appeared in front of me, clad in a glowing wind.
 Catching it with one hand, hundreds of arrows were reflected in my narrow vision.


 He grabbed them all with his pale, pallid hands.

 No, I failed to grab five of them.
 Just as the arrows of the gale were about to drill a hole in my body, Shin's sword knocked them away.

''Your body is heavy.''

 Singh says.

'More than that, the magic seems to be working slower than that.

 <It was the same with the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze).
 It doesn't seem to be a matter of simply having more or less magic power.

 On the other hand, they are fully capable of using magic.


 The voices of the hunters echoed.

'You are a beast, a force not of man.

"But on the hunt, the hunter outshines the beast.

"No lion will escape the arrows of the Hyphorian hunter.

You'll regret leaving the herd.

 Voices echoed.
 The sound of strings pulling the bow was layered.

'Sure, it's only faintly visible, but don't let that stop you.

 I clenched my fist firmly and black particles spiraled out of it.


With your fists clenched at that distance?

Even if the mountain falls, it doesn't matter if it doesn't hit.

"Every beast is the same in front of our noble hunting stock.

"The prey that is trapped in the hunt becomes delirious with unseen fear.

 Barzalondo's voice rang out.

'The more you struggle, the more you are hunted down.

 Taking one big step forward, I thrust my fist out vigorously.

'Fool! Fists are useless at this distance--Gahhhhhhhhhh!

 The magical fist pressure crushed the countless arrows that were shot out, blowing the swirling "Holy Hunting Ground" away and sending Balzalondo and the other hunting nobles far away.

''Wah, Lord Balzalondo........!

 They were blown away from the mountainous area and fell headlong into the tree line.

I told you not to do that. I told you not to do that. We need to see clearly, otherwise we won't know who to turn to.

 There were more than a dozen men left in this mountainous region. It's about half of them.

 As soon as they had been sighted, they jumped up and made an escape move.

 They are quite quick to judge.

 If the advantage against the beast is lost, it's standard practice to run away.
 Only when you're sure, you should kill it.

"Chase them. I want information and a ship.

"As you wish.

 Shin and Ray chased them and flew through the sky.
 They jumped into the empty , which was set up like a trap.

The people of this world are generally strong. Don't pursue them too hard.

I know.

 <I flew towards the sea of trees while using the thought communication (leaks).

 I turned my gaze to a corner of the dense foliage of the trees.
 I think I fell in that area, but this sea of trees isn't an ordinary place.

 I can feel the magic power far stronger than the Forest of Demon Trees in Mid-Hays.
 The function of the evil eye is also obstructed, so I can't see as well as I would like.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what's going on, but I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what's going on.
 He seems to be unconscious. But the others are nowhere to be seen.

 It's a bit of a bonehead to look for them.

 But I didn't expect to find him so soon.

"Finn, where are you? If you are safe, you will respond.

 Barzalondo was sending out indiscriminate "thought transmissions" while raising his voice.

 When I approached from above, I saw that he and his soldiers were searching the area for their friends.

'........Lord Balzalondo, no more....

''There's also the matter of the Lion of Perdition, and we can't stay in this sea of trees for long.... If even the Two Pretenders appear, then we can't....

'Finn is one of the hunters. I'm ready for it.

Idiots! I wish this Count Barzalondo had been the man who abandoned his squire! If you're intimidated by this, you'll be the first to return.

 Balzalondo stepped alone into the depths of the forest.

'Ba, Lord Balzalondo.

Please wait!

 Hurriedly, the soldiers chased after him.

''Hmm. If only we could clear up this trivial misunderstanding, I think we'd be able to get along quite well with you.

 As soon as I landed in the tree line from the sky, they immediately put an arrow in the bow.

'What do you think? Why don't we discuss it before we fight?

 I snapped my pale fingers in front of me, and one of the soldiers caught in a tree branch flew into my hands.

 I tossed the soldier to Baltzalondo, whose expression turned grim, and he caught it with both arms without hesitation.
 He catches it with both arms without hesitation.

''What do you think you're doing?

'You've seen enough of the difference in power. Even if you're not smart enough, you'd still be better off talking it out.

 Barzalondo is at a loss for words.
 He has a look of doubt on his face.

'Do you think we can trust them?'

That's what people say at first.

 Barzalondo glares at me without warning.
 One of the soldiers I was holding, Finn, I think. I'm not sure if it's a bad guess, but it's a pretty serious wound.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

You can't get away with it.

I can't. It's a strange world. I don't know what's left or right.

 I stand there calmly and say without hostility.

"I'll talk to you. I'll give you a guarantee for your life.

 Barzalondo doesn't answer right away and grits his teeth.

 Is he looking for an opening for me, or does he think he has room to negotiate?
 There was silence for a few seconds.


 When he opened his mouth, right at that very moment--


 Blood fell to the ground with a plop.

 Blood was dripping on my lips.
 Someone had pierced my body from behind.

 I didn't feel any magic until I was just about to get close to it.
 However, the one behind him now was emitting a magical power that was incomparably more powerful than Baltzalondo's.

 Barzalondo muttered with a pale face.
 All of his men were fighting in fear.

'We must retreat with Finn in our arms! I'll take the time--

 Balzarondo hissed and picked up the golden hilt.
 Stepping forward, he drew a magic circle and drew the hiltless sword barrel from it.

 The moment he was about to join the golden hilt to the sword barrel and apply his magic, Balzalondo's right arm fell off with a plop.


 The one who should have been behind me moved instantly and stood in front of Baltzalondo.

 His unusually long silver hair floated in the water as if it were drifting in the shimmering water.
 The tall man wore a cloak that seemed to embody the evening darkness and had achromatic eyes.


 The silver-haired man stepped over Baltzalondo's shadow.
 With that, he spat out blood and crumpled to the ground.

 Wordlessly looking down at the figure, the man put his magic in his hand as a last resort.

 The sword, swung down mercilessly, came to a snapping halt in front of Balzarondo's eyes.

'Well, wait. Well, wait. I will discuss it with this man.

 I held the silver-haired man's arm at my side.

'I'll ask you one question--'

 The achromatic eyes look at me loosely.
 There's no surprise, no fear. These are the eyes of a strong man who does not doubt his own power.

"Is it the greeting of this world to suddenly make a hole in another person's chest?