493-Without knowing the frog ocean in the well


 Barzalondo's eyes widened and his voice trembled as he looked shocked.

'A barbarian? Am I the only one of the Five Holy Saints of the Hunter's Nobility to be in an uproar over Count Bartsalondo Fresnelos? I won't give you a free pass, depending on your answer!

"Lord Balzalondo. 'With all due respect, sir, they are inhabitants of the shallow world, the newly-formed first layer of the world. Have you never heard of the Five Holy Kings?


 Advised by his subordinate, Barzalondo gritted his teeth in frustration.

A delightful parlor trick, my dear Balzalondo.

 When I say that, he gives me a sharp look.
 All of my subordinates drew their swords as if to say they were ready for battle.

''Don't be in such a hurry to die. You are extremely rude, but if you are here to retrieve the Spiritual God and Human Sword, you have a good reason to come to us. If you agree to talk to us, we'll tolerate you.

 Barzalondo's gaze grew steely.

'A thief's worth of talk from above.

That's a mistake to begin with. The origin of this sword is unknown. It has been in our world for some time now. Someone may have stolen it, but at least I don't know what happened to it.

 Barzalondo listens to my words, at least in part.

'Tell me the name of the killer. If you have proof, I'll put that guy in front of you.

"Hmm. You can't prove your innocence. You know what happens to those who conspire, don't you?

Cook it, grill it, whatever.

 I said, and he laughed.

"Very well. Show him the proof.

 Barzalondo says.
 Then his men buzzed.

'What's the matter?' Quickly.

This time, because of the Holy King's edict, there is no such thing as.......

 One of his men rushed over to him and told him to listen.
 Instantly, Barzalondo's hue changed.

'No proof? You are a bunch of idiots! You accuse me of stealing without any proof! I told you to be sure before you left!

'Yeeeee! It's not that we don't have proof, we just don't know about it...! It is the word of the Holy King, namely, that it is the evidence.

'What about the Holy King? I don't care who said it, it doesn't prove anything!

Oh, you're too kind.

Do you think you're bringing the Five Holy Saints name into disrepute by judging the innocent?

But because of the Holy King's decree, we have no reason to doubt it.

 Barzalondo's swordsmanship caused his men to flinch.
 They were caught in the middle between the edict of the Holy King and the others.

That's enough!

 Breaking off the conversation, Barzalondo steps in front of me.

'I am sorry. I have wronged an innocent man. The failure of my men is my fault. I will repay you for this.

 Baltzalondo holds out the Spirit God Man Sword.

''Lord Baltzalondo! You can't do that!

What kind of punishment will be meted out?

Shut up!

 The men were blackmailed and shushed.

'Do you impose your sins on others for the sake of your own selfishness? Don't tarnish the name of the hunter and aristocrat any more.

 You're a surprisingly well-spoken man.
 Well, I should have checked the evidence first, so I'm sure I'm missing something.

"We don't know for sure that the sword is not stolen. Anyway, this sword was originally in your possession, wasn't it?

"The Spirit God-Man Sword has a will. If Evansmana himself has gone to your world, we will obey his will. Later, if we find evidence of the theft, we will come back for it. That's common courtesy among men.

 I looked at Ray and he took a few steps forward and received the Spirit God Man Sword. 

''I will identify myself again. I am Balzarondo Frenelos.

Anos Voldigord.

'Let me apologise for my disrespect. If there's anything I can do to help you, I'd like you to say it.

Hmm. I'd like to ask you a few questions.

 I drew a magic circle and put my hand in the center.
 I took out that red claw that the one-armed man had thrown at my mother.

Do you know what this is?

 Instantly, Barzalondo's eyes widen.

"Lord Balzalondo!

You have to leave!

 At the same time as the words were spoken, Baltzalondo was distancing himself from me in a wary manner.

''This guy, this guy........!

 The subordinates released magical power from their entire bodies.

 Their magical eyes showed maximum vigilance, showing an incomparable amount of spirit compared to when we boarded this ship.

 No, it's not spirit, it's more of a killing spirit.
 It's as if they're hunting a vicious beast in front of them, and they have a ruthless evil eye.

Don't shout. I'm well aware of that.

 Barzalondo tells his men.

'Hmm. 'Is this really that big of a deal?'

'You said Anos Voldigord. That's something we, the Holy Sword World Hyphoria, can't afford to overlook.

 Balzarondo turned his gaze sharply.
 The expression on his face that had just slipped away was nowhere to be seen, and he, too, had changed to a ruthless look, like a hunter facing his prey.

''Where did you get it?

A short time ago, a bandit who had just entered our world dropped it off.

 The moment I said it, two of Balzalondo's men came towards me.

'Quick. We're in the middle of a conversation.'

 Ignoring my words, the sword is swung down without mercy.
 Shin and Rei were catching those two blades with their magic swords.

The inhabitants of the shallow world can't possibly repel those lions of destruction!

Lord Balzalondo, this one speaks to Artenon! If we can't catch him, we'll just have to choke him out here!

 While the two of them were pouncing on each other, the other soldiers had their bows ready and their arrows on guard.
 Their sights are all pointed at me.

'Don't struggle with your bloodthirsty men. It's the same as before. I've got no proof.

'If there's no evidence, you can't charge him with a crime. That's common courtesy and propriety between people.

 With a bitter look on his face, Barzalondo says.

'It's a different story if the other party is a beast. If you have the Evanescence Mana and even the claws of Arzenon, then as a hunting noble I must hunt.'


 That's a very easy thing to do.

"I can't give you Evans Mana and return it to the world you came from. But as an apology for framing you, I will show you one last mercy.

 'Justice is mine,' said Baltzalondo proudly.

'If you are innocent, then lay down all your arms and become a prisoner of war. Then, in the name of the count, I will do my best to prove your innocence.

What if I say no?

I don't guarantee my life.

 Clearly, Barzalondo assured me so.

 Regardless of my answer, his men are fully motivated.
 At the first sign of an opening, those arrows will be unleashed without mercy.

 Unlike the swords they hold in their hands, the magic power of the bow is off the charts.
 It's as if they were holding a weapon against a man just now, and now they are holding a weapon against a beast.

 Barzalondo's attitude is lax by the standards of these hunter aristocrats.

"Hmm. ''Very well. The little girl from Kostoria will not be able to steal Arzenon's claws," said Balzalondo. That's why it is logical that I am the one who is in touch with the girl.

 I draw a magic circle in front of me.

'I mean, the only way to clear my name is to prove that I'm stronger than that woman, right?

'Arzenon's Lion of Perdition is a monster capable of destroying the nations of the Deep World, you can't prove that. You must surrender maturely.

"Ha ha. Hahaha. One nation, that's a bit of an exaggeration. If they call you a monster, you should at least have the power to destroy the world.

 A jet-black sun appears from the magician's gunport.

"The Gio-Glaze.

 He turns the jet-black sun towards Baltzalond and shoots it out.
 But it's odd. The fire is remarkably weak.

"Holy Cross Freeze (Elrosse).

 The moment the cross light emitted by Balzarondo hit the , the jet black sun was frozen in an instant.

 <The momentum of the didn't die, and it came directly towards us.

 I lightly jumped back and dodged it.
 However, the cross light grazed my toes and froze to my right knee.

 Is this a heavy body?
 What have you done? No, you don't.

"You can't control your magic and you can't control your body.

 Baltzalondo moved in an instant in front of me as I fell to my knees.
 I didn't use magic. It's bare speed. 

''Hmm. He's definitely not feeling well.

In this little world, which exists deeper than your little world, the power of all things is in another dimension. Strength, speed, stubbornness, magic, everything. Even a grain of air is a weight to you. If I unleash a spell to destroy your shallow world, you won't be able to destroy a single ship here.

 Balzalondo says, as if to admonish me.
 "You don't want to destroy me, you want me to surrender," he says.

"I suppose he's a strong man in your world.

 Balzarondo points to Ray.

'But in the earlier game I was holding back. Even after I went easy on him, the man couldn't keep up with my speed. If this Baltzalondo was serious, the world would be destroyed to that degree. Let me make it clear.

 His figure seemed to blur, and in an instant he took my back.
 I caught the kick released without a moment's notice with my palm, and the sparks of magic were violently scattered.

''It's a frog in a well.''

 My body bounced off the hull and slammed into the wall of the ship.

'Know the seas, Anos Voldigord. Then lay down your weapons and surrender. That is the only thing you can do in the shallowest of small worlds.


 I loosely stand up on the spot.

 I thought I'd been thrown off by the sheer force of the blast, but I didn't know that the hull of the ship was unscathed. It is indeed stronger than the matter of my world.

"If I unleash a world-destroying spell, you can't destroy a single ship, can you?

 I put my magic power into my frozen right leg.
 Black particles spiraled and shattered the ice.

That's pretty good news. If you're confident in your speed, you can compare one with the other...

 As he said it, he kicked the deck of the ship as hard as he could, at that moment.
 A fierce roaring sound as if it was going to explode resounded through the soles of my feet.

'Gah ... ah ... ah ... ...!

''Uh ... uh ... uh ... uh ...''

 The astonishment of the soldiers flooded the ship.
 A large ship that had been flying through the air broke off and began to disintegrate in mid-air.

 I guess the ship couldn't withstand the impact of my running.
 They screamed and screamed out.

I'm not going to be able to get out of it. This silver water ship, Nepheus, is...?

What the hell is going on...? What just happened?

You can't mean to tell me that he just took a step...

Oh, no! No, I don't! The inhabitants of the shallow world can't even scratch the hull of a ship!

"Just fix it first! We're going to crash headfirst!

I'm doing it! But the damage to the engine section is so severe...!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! The Cloudspeakers...!

Averted! Evasionooooooooooo!

No, no! I can't steer a--

 The silver water ship, which had begun to crumble, plunged into the mountains peeking out between the clouds and crushed its hull with a limp.
 At the earliest, there was nothing that could be done if it collapsed that far, and with the momentum, the ship bounced off the woodwork.

 The soldiers were thrown out of the sky and hit their bodies hard against the mountainside.

 Balzarondo regained his position in the air and landed on the mountain range.
 He turned his keen gaze in the direction of the dust.

'Haha. I'm sorry. I was going to try to beat you to the punch, but the ship is more fragile than you say.

 The dust is quickly swept away by the wind, revealing me, Rei and Shin.

 Balzarondo let his voice trail off with a grim expression.
 I smiled wryly at him and said.

'Did you think that just because the well is so narrow that the frog isn't huge?