492-Outside world

 Me and Singh have transitioned into the skies above the Ice Mountains.

 Mom has an ejus attached to her. I told Arcana to return as well, just in case. Eleonor and his friends will be coming with us, so there will be no need to worry.

'If Barzalondo came from outside the world, could the Spirit Godman Sword be too?

 Ray flew in

 That golden hilt he was holding in his hand was indeed in sync with Evans Mana.
 The story that it was the hilt of the Spirit God Human Sword was not a lie.

''It should be enough to get this far away. Let's go after him.

 <Using Illusion Mimicry (Reinel) and Secret Magic Power (Nazira) to hide our appearance and magic, we track Baltzalondo as he continues to rise.

In the lore, Evans Mana is a holy sword used to destroy evil plagues. The Hooshi god who guarded the sword said that it was created by humans, gods and spirits in ancient times to break the fate of calamity. And it was only when you appeared that the Spirit God-Man Sword emitted its sacred light.

 Ray says.

 The Spirit God Human Sword is definitely a holy sword for destroying the tyrannical demon king.
 In fact, it's unparalleled in its power against the root of my destruction.

''How could that be from outside the world?''


 We flew through the sky and out into the black skies.

''The Coastoria and the ship-armed man who targeted your mother, but if those two are also from outside the world, it's puzzling.

 Singh says.

'Indeed. Whether you're going after the Spirit God Human Sword or my mother, I doubt it's now. There would have been plenty of opportunities to do so.

 If it was the Spirit God Human Sword, my mother would have been more certain to aim for it before I was born while it was in the Temple of the Heroic Academy.
 But neither Balzarondo nor Kostoria did.

'They came along about the same time we realized the possibilities out there in the world. I don't think it was a coincidence.

'Does this have something to do with the world being reincarnated...?

It would make sense if they were the first to discover this world of Militia after the incarnation.

 Has the world being reborn made it easier to see from the outside?


 He spread his arms and stopped rising.
 Singh and Ray stopped too.

'The ship.'

 Gazing out across the black skies with demonic eyes
 Out of the corner of Balzarondo's eye, he saw a large ship.

 A three-masted flying sailing ship.
 It has gun gates. It must be a warship. I could see armed soldiers.

 The hull of the ship was filled with particles of magic power, and a ward covered the ship in a spherical shape.
 It's a pretty powerful magical barrier.

 What I don't understand is the power.
 It's not flying by magic. You can't look into the abyss and see anything, but the sailing ship certainly flies freely across the black sky.

 Balzalondo called out to a nearby flying sailing ship.

He called out to a nearby airship. There is no one from this little world around. Disengage the tactless magical barriers and all of you look to me.

 As he said this, the magic barrier on the sailboat was lifted.

''Now, scrape away. I, Balzarondo, have reclaimed the sword barrel of the stolen Spirit Godman Sword Evansmana!

 Baltzalondo slowly swims right over the ship as if to show those on board the sailing ship, holding the Evans Mana above his head.

'Praise be to Baltzalondo! Glory to the Lord of the Hunter and the Aristocrat! Long live Hyphoria!

 Barzalondo raised his voice, and those on board the ship chanted.

' "'Long live Hyphoria! Long live Hyphoria!

 The sailors are Balzalondo's men.
 They all wear the same uniform as he does, with bows on their backs and swords on their hips.

 But he is even more of an outsider than I feared.

"We'll stick to the hull. Follow me.

 <I give the order via thought transmission (leaks) and fly towards the sailing ship.

 The magical barrier is lifted and the gaze of those on board the ship is directed upwards to Baltzalondo.
 On the other side of the ship, I go around from below the ship and grab the bottom of the ship with
 Reach out your other hand and Shin grabs it, and Ray grabs Shin's hand.

"Turn the wheel to Pablo Hetara.

 Landing on the mast, Barzalondo said.

'Yessir! But, Lord Balzalondo, you must come down...!

Hmm. Best place to see the tide. Go.


 As expected, the ship steered to the edge of the black skies and accelerated rapidly.

 No matter how fast it flew, it would only circle the black skies and come out the other side, if the order of this world was to be followed.
 If we are heading out of the world, there is a reason why this ship must be the one to go.

 While clinging to the bottom of the ship, I stare into the depths of the abyss with my magic eye.

 It doesn't look like any special magic formula is being developed.

 But if you look down on the entire ship, the sails are swollen up.
 It's just a matter of time before the wind blows through the ship.

 There's something about it.
 Just like the gears in Eques, there is some kind of power at work here that the demon eyes cannot see.

 Is it something akin to order?
 Either way, if there's something there, there must be a way to look into the abyss of the power.

 I changed my various magic eyes and searched for a wavelength that didn't match the unseen power.
 But before I could get the hang of it, a silvery light flooded the black sky in front of me.

 The ship heads straight for that silver light.
 Gradually, little by little, the black sky turns to silver.

 Again, the ship accelerated, and countless bubbles could be seen flowing in front of my eyes.

''What is this...?''

 Ray gasped at the scene around him.
 Even Singh's gaze was steely, as if he couldn't hide his astonishment.

 We were in a sea of spilling silver light.

 When I looked back, what was there was an endlessly huge, round bubble of silver light.
 If you look into your eyes, you can see the magic of Militia, the God of Creation.

 This silver bubble is the world we were in.
 In other words, it went out of that world.

''Hm. You can't send Misha a thought transmission.

 She is connected to the magic line of the Demon King's Army (Guys).
 Nevertheless, it rarely works.

''It seems that things are a little different between inside and outside.''

 At my words, Ray and Shin's faces changed.

 From here on out, it's an unknown world.
 I don't know what awaits us, and the other side apparently knows more than we do.

''What are your plans for the future?''

 Ray asks.

'As a side note. I'm going to ask you to take me back to their world. You can't just turn around and go back to the world of Militia.

"I hope you're not going home.

 Ray said, smiling.

'I suppose it would be in your best interest to take the ship on the way back.

 Singh says.
 That would be the most certainty right now. 

 Under our breaths as adults, we wait for the ship to arrive at its destination.

 Outside the spherical magical barrier that covers the ship, the waters of the ocean are simply wide open.
 Our magical eyes are slow and unable to see what's ahead.

 The only thing that shone down was the silver light that was pouring down from every angle.

''If the world looks like that silver bubble from the outside, then this light might be all of them radiating.

Are you saying that there's a world as big as this light?

 Singh turned his magic eye on the numerous lights.
 A tremendous number of them, to the point where it would be ridiculous to count them.

''Haha. I'm sure you'll be able to find it. You could get lost by accident.

"It's no laughing matter, though.

 Ray says.

 A few hours passed as it did, and soon the silver light illuminated in front of us.
 It's as if a path of light has been created.

 As if guided by it, the hull of the ship went further and, like the world of Militia earlier, a huge silver bubble came into view.
 The ship plunges straight into that bubble.

 The silver water disappears as darkness envelops us this time in front of us.
 Instead, a black sky appeared - a black sky like our world.

 The ship descends further, and gradually the light of the sun is reflected in our eyes.

 The sky has turned red. Sunset.

 Below us we could see vast forests, mountain ranges, wide lakes, streams, and cities.
 It was a different world, unmistakably different from our own. 

What is that, boys?

 Suddenly, an angry voice sounded from the top of the ship.
 It belonged to Balzarondo.

'Why didn't you notice that those thieves were hanging around!

 Shin and Rei looked at me.
 I hoped that we could continue on to their headquarters, but as expected, we weren't that far out of the way.

 <The workings of the Illusion Mimicry and the Secret Magic Power (Nazira) have weakened, was anti-magic used?

I'm sorry...! I was ordered to honor Lord Balzalondo--

"Mugu..... Yeah, what's done is done. Shake it off!


 When the magic barrier is released, the ship's hull increases in speed and makes a sharp turn.
 The strong acceleration assaults us, but Lee Guneaz's hand is not far away.

You are stubborn. Then we'll have a plan. Don't turn the boat around. Full speed ahead.

But, Lord Balzalondo. But, Lord Balzalondo, the Yugenjukai is just ahead.

We can't just walk into that airspace and he's...!

We're going to the border. You understand?

 One of my men gasps.

'Yes, yessir! Full speed ahead!

 The ship is moving faster and faster, and a powerful wind pressure is hitting us.

'My Lord,'

 In the direction that Singh looked, there was a huge mountain high on the other side of those clouds.
 Suddenly, the ship made a sharp turn and plummeted with the momentum of crash-landing on that mountain top.

 Gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, the bottom of the ship rubbed against the mountain surface.

''Hmph. You don't know what you're doing, stowaway. You've been punished for choosing my ship.


 His eyes widened, and Barzalondo looked up above him.

'Is there a rule in your world that it is acceptable to break into another country's territorial waters with a warship, but not to stow away?

 Shin, Ray and I will descend on the ship in flight.

"If you're coming in, you better show me the proper respect, barbarian.