491-Golden pattern

 Northeast of the continent of Azation.
 A mountain range of ice with no name -

Left, there.

 Hearing the Thought Communication (Leaks) I sent, Ray turned left at the parting of the road.

 After a while, I saw a large block of ice in front of me.
 He walked to the side of it and tilted his gaze.

 Buried inside the ice was the Spirit Godman Sword Evans Mana.
 He drew a magic circle and pulled out the Unique Sword Sig Shasta from the center.


 A chunk of ice is slashed and crumbles down with a thud.

 Remorsefully, he looks around him. There were no tricks, and there was still no sign of anyone. But if that's the case, the question remains as to why he couldn't use the .

 Ray walked carelessly and arrived at Evans Mana, who was impaled on the ice floor.

 No damage was seen.
 The Spirit Godman Sword was still emitting a divine light as before.

 He touched its hilt and grasped it.
 Then, a platinum electric current ran through the entire holy sword and raged through it.

 Ray quickly released his hand from Evans Mana as soon as possible.
 A portion of the hilt slightly chipped off.

''........What's happening, Evans Mana......? Can you tell me?

 Then, a magic circle was drawn on the floor around the point where the sword barrel had been stabbed.
 Also partly, the hilt of the holy sword chipped off with a bollock.

 Right now, something is happening to the Spirit Godman Sword.
 Hence, it must have not responded to Ray's summons.

 Ray focused on the holy sword and reached for the hilt again.

''Don't touch it.''

 An accusatory voice rang out.
 Ray turns around and a man emerges from the path he can see at the back.

 He is wearing a fine vest, a jacket with gold embroidery, and a jabot around his neck.
 He carries a large bow on his back.

 He is dressed as both a nobleman and a hunter, but is probably in uniform.

 It has the emblem of a sword on its shoulder and the emblem of foam and waves on its chest.
 The crest on the shoulder was somewhat similar to the Spirit God Man Sword.

''You filthy thief. Can't you see that I'm trying to return to my true form?''

 The man says from above.
 He speaks as if he knows Evans Mana.

'Who are you?'

''Insolent! You're a thief and you ask me my name? You have no name to give me. Just shut up and follow me.

 "Get out of there," the man says overbearingly.

"Get away from me. I've already had the holy sword returned to me.

I don't know what you're talking about. Can you tell me what's going on?

Just get rid of it. Don't ask me for a third time. I'll make this sword rust.

 The man who claimed to be the Five Holy Dukes ran his hand over the sword at his waist.
 Ray smiled briskly back at that guy who was glaring at him threateningly.

''I won't budge.''

 A moment later, a flash of swords and a metallic sound rang out.
 Ray was catching the sword that the man of the Five Holy Dukes pulled out of its scabbard with his Sig Shester.

''Thief fierce, as they used to say.

''I didn't mean to steal it. If the Spirit God Human Sword had chosen someone else, I would have been fine with that.

 The two men exchanged glances as they exchanged glances as they fought with each other in a tug-of-war.
 The man of the Five Sacred Dukes is no ordinary wielder, to not be able to settle the matter in one match.

 However, he looks like a stranger.
 I've never heard of the Five Holy Fathers, either.

"Then name the swordsmith who trained Evans Mana.

'A master craftsman of humanity - that's all you know. Two thousand years ago, the name was lost.

 The man asks further as he snickers.

'What is the name of the God who blessed the sword? What about the spirit that resides there?

Do you know about this?

 Magical power fills the man's entire body of the Five Sacred Dukes man and flicks off Lei's body with his sword.

''It's only natural! But--

 The tip of the sword is pointed at Ray.

"You're too good to be true!

 A momentary thrust is still faster than a flash of light.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it. It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more information on this topic.

 The sound of sword fights rang out so fiercely that it shook the icy mountain range, and in just a few moments, the number of blades the two men had exchanged exceeded a hundred.


 With a high-pitched strange voice, the man unleashed a full-throated thrust.
 Blade to blade slashed together, and Ray's unique sword flew through the air and then stabbed into the ceiling.

 It was an invitation. Right next to him was the Spirit Godman Sword thrusting into him. He thought he was unarmed, and when he slashed at him, it would be a calculation to finish him off in the opposite direction.

 The man of the Five Holy Baron jumped into Lei's bosom - I thought he was going to jump into Lei's bosom - but he quickly drew his sword and stood on a stick.

''Aren't you coming?''

'Do not underestimate me. 'Do not underestimate me, Balzalondo, I would never slay an unarmed man in the name of the Count, even if he were a sinner. You may pick him up at once.


 Ray leaps up and pulls out a Sig Shester stuck in the ceiling.

'But are you sure?'

 Barzalondo snickered.

''Hmm. Even if you pick up a sword, the outcome will be the same. It's obvious that you're no match for me--'

Didn't you say you didn't have a name to give me?

 Balzalondo made an expression of, "Shit," and then a straight face as if he was trying to mend his ways.

"You are a good talker. "You are a good talker, you're a good talker, you've got the name right.

 As if to deceive, his magic power ran down his arm and covered the sword.
 A force gathered there that made the sword body scream with a mischief.

''But I will not lose in a sword fight.

 A spirited look pierced Ray, as if to pretend the blunder hadn't happened.
 Holding up his sword, Barzalondo said.

'My sword is the fastest blade. My sword is the fastest blade, the hunting sword of the Balzalondo style, which can slice through time.

 A hush fell over the place, and it was as if time had stopped.

 In a world where everything was still, only Barzalondo was moving.
 No, the man's sword was far too fast.

 In contrast, the action Ray took was to let the flesh slice through and cut through the bone.
 No matter how fast he is, he judges that a single strike cannot cut through all seven roots, so he dares not defend it and aims for an opening in his great technique.

 The Unique Sword sprinted to his neck after Balzarondo.


 Barzalondo's sword stabbed into Ray's chest - just before the edge, its sword barrel shattered in tatters.
 The sword speed was too fast for his sword to withstand.

 Ray's unique sword, which was coming at him as if it was going to cut off Balzarondo's head, was stopped with a snap.
 Blood smeared on his neck.

''Well, wait. Stop.........

 Despite the sword against his neck, Barzalondo said matter-of-factly.

'I demand a fresh partition. This sword was not good enough. I am not used to fighting here.'

What are you talking about?

 Smiling, Ray smiles, but doesn't let the unique sword leave his neck.
 If he felt like it, he could decapitate Baltzalondo in a matter of seconds.

''I don't know, but can you tell me what you're up to and what your purpose is with the Spirit God Man Sword?''

 The man barely bit his back teeth.

 At that time, there was a sound of something shattering.

 When Ray turned his gaze, the hilt of the Spiritual God Human Sword that was there had flown off.
 It was as if the holy sword itself had done so.

 His gaze turned stern.
 Such a thing had never tried to happen before.

''That was not the original hilt of the Spirit God Man Sword.

 Barzalondo says, drawing a magic circle with his fingertips.

'The real thing is here,'

 Emerging from the center of the magic circle was the hilt of a golden sword.
 It had no blade, and a blue gemstone was buried in the peak.

 Then, the Spirit Godman Sword slipped out of its own accord and flew over as if drawn to the golden hilt. Just as the Spirit Godman Sword was poised to come towards Ray's back, he quickly jumped back as quickly as he could.

 Ray caught the flying Evans Mana with his hand.
 Balzarondo was holding the sword-barrelless hilt.

'The time has come for Evansmana to return to his true form, having done his job of punishing you. Let us have it back.

 A divine light overflowed from the golden hilt.
 It was indeed emitting a magical power that looked exactly like Evans Mana.

''........Apparently, it's not a lie to say that it's the hilt of a Spirit God Human Sword.''

 Ray set up his Sig Shesta and the patternless Evans mana and looked at Baltzalondo with an unguarded eye.

 He ticks a step, but stops moving there.

'Give him the Spirit Godman Sword.'

 It was my thought transmission that came through.

"Do you have an idea?

"I've seen others wearing the same crest. They may have come from outside.

...out in the world?

"That's a bit of an oversight. It's a good idea to let him swim around and follow you.

 As he told him that, Ray threw the Spirit Godman Sword towards Baltzalondo.

 Looking at that sword stuck in the ground, he says

''Hohoho. Looks like you've found it useless to resist.

''If you can pull off the Spirit God Man Sword, I'm willing to admit that you're the owner. In any case, it's not a world that needs it anymore.

Then scrape the surface.

 Barzalondo grabbed the broken hilt of the Spirit Godman Sword and pulled it out and released it.
 He then raised the holy sword above his head.

"This Balzalondo is truly the one chosen to wield the Spirit Godman Sword, Evans Mana, a brave and fearless hunter! A brave and fearless hunter!

 The holy sword that chooses its owner, while in his hands, emits a divine light as a sign of power.
 Maybe it's not a lie that he originally owned it.

''It was something I said myself. You have no complaints about that, do you?

 Ray nodded.

'Hmm. An auspicious note. You're a lifesaver.

 As soon as he says this, he thrusts the golden hilt into the heavens.
 The golden light floods from there and melts the ice ceiling.

'Farewell. I'm going to have to say goodbye to you. I'll give you credit for it.

 Barzalondo flew off into the sky through the hole he had made wide open with the light.