490-Those who serve the dead

 The mansion of the Noros family.

 Misha and Sasha were walking on the gleaming carpet, led by a drum.

 The Noros family seems to be a prominent family there, as they have interacted with the Nekron family, and the mansion is a luxurious structure. You can find beautiful furnishings and artifacts lining the aisles.

''It's this way,''

 Stopping in his tracks, Drum pointed to a large, sturdy-looking door.
 The construction was typical of Dillhade, but it was painted with a magic circle and a strong ward.

''It's ... pretty tight.''

 Even though Sasha directs her magic eye, the magic power in the room cannot be detected.
 This is because the magical power of the wards maintained by the door is too great.

''I have a gift for you.


 Misha and Sasha look around lightly.

 They wondered how they could have prepared so many wards for a single gift.

 And even more than that, the big question was whether the Noros family had a magician who could construct this. Even two thousand years ago, this is a magical ward that is as good as it gets.

'So? If you've already prepared it, then what do you need to discuss?

I was hoping you two would choose something that would please your mother.

 As he says it, Drum holds his hand over the door.
 As he sends his magic, the door opens without a sound.

'Come in. Please come in.''

 They followed the drum and went inside.

 The large room was filled with a variety of items.

 From jewelry to ornaments, clothing, accessories, paintings, antiques, and more, there is such a wide variety of items that it is impressive how they have collected so much, and moreover, you can tell at a glance that all of them are first-class.

 Misha turned his divine eye vaguely to look over the room.

It's fine to choose, but before you do, can you tell me what's going on?

 Sasha said with a serious look on her face.

''It's not peaceful to prepare such a gift, and it's not peaceful to have the Noros family's existence at stake.

Very funny. As a matter of fact, I--

 As he was about to say it, Drum looked puzzled.
 He didn't open his mouth easily, as if in thought.

'What's wrong?'

"...no, that's not...

 The drummer stammered.

''I don't know...''


"...I can't remember... why am I doing this...? Certainly not before....

 Misha and Sasha looked at each other.
 Then an honest voice sounded from inside the room.

'I beg your pardon. I allowed him to implant a false memory. No harm done.'

 A figure can be seen at the back of the room.
 A man wearing a school cap appeared in front of them.

 The color of the uniform he wears is peacock green, with a flame emblem on his shoulders and cap, and a wave and foam emblem on his chest.

 He walked straight to the front of Misha and Sasha with a military look on his face, as if he were a soldier.

''Wha........who are you?!''

 The moment the drummer raised his voice, the man in the control hat extended his fingertips to him.


I know!

 The moment the magic circle was drawn on the drum, Sasha destroyed it with the before the magic could be activated.

'Stand back,'

 Misha and Sasha stand in front of him, sheltering the drum.

'No harm done. Now that we've done our business, we'll bring his memory back.

I don't trust you.

 Sasha said with a snap, and the man in the control hat dropped his hand.

'My apologies. Give it a few days and it'll come back naturally.'

You wanted to see us?

 Misha asks nonchalantly.

'Affirmation. My name is Guy Ambared. I can't reveal my affiliation. I will not answer any other questions. Misha Necron, Sasha Necron, I came here to ask you both a favor.

'You have a favor to ask and you're not going to answer the question? That's a very self-serving argument.

 Sasha glares at Guy while revealing the .
 Even though he didn't intend to attack, an ordinary person would have swooned the moment their eyes met.

 However, that man met that gaze of destruction head on.

''I'm aware of your rudeness.

 Misha stared at him and said.

'What can I do for you?'

'Just as I had the man say. I want you to choose a gift for your mother from among these.

 In an honest tone, Guy said.
 Sasha wondered.

'I don't get it. It's not a good idea to choose a gift for your mother when you're trying to make an enemy of the Necron family. If you're not up to something, then you must be insane.

'Both are in denial. The choice is a gift to your former mother.

 Slightly, Misha rolled her god's eyes.

'You mean Elesia?'

Affirmative. If you choose, I will leave here as soon as possible. I promise that no harm will come to you.

 Misha thought and then said.

'My mother was destroyed.'


How did you get the gift?

I don't answer questions.

 Misha and Sasha look out for each other.
 It was as if they didn't understand Guy's purpose.

'Give me a reason and I'll choose.'

If you can't, I'm afraid you'll have to leave.

 Guy stood upright there with a curt face.
 He remained still and silent, not changing a single expression, as if he was thinking.

 Eventually, he opens his mouth.

'I am a squire of Elesia. I need a souvenir to take with me to see my master.'

Does that mean I'm going to die?

I don't answer questions.

 At Sasha's question, Gee said, without an island to cling to.

 If he was a follower of the previous creator god Ehrenesia, then he was a person who lived in the world before Militia was born.

 Indeed, the wavelength of magic power is different.
 They are different from humans, demons, and dragon men. They are not spirits, nor are they gods.

 But if you look into the abyss, it appears as if all of them were mixed together.

''All right.''

 Misha said and began to rummage through the items placed around.
 Sasha followed her sister, although she was wary of Gee.

''Are you sure? We don't even know what the hell this thing is, do we?

I don't think he lied about the gift.

So, what else is going on?

I don't know.

 Misha looks at Guy, who is standing upright and unmoving, not looking at the two of them.

'Strong willed, hiding your heart. Only when you mentioned the gift, did I see a little of your true intentions.

Is it true that you were Elesia's squire? Hmmm, the world was recreated before life died out completely, so maybe some people still remember it...

 Sasha's expression was one of disbelief.

'I've never seen it before, either.

 If she who has been watching over this world since the beginning says so, it must be very rare.

''........A gift, or in short, an offering to the dead......right? Why did I do this roundabout thing...?

 Misha nodded her head.

'Are there rules from the previous world?'

'Well there's no way to be sure. Well, I don't mind picking and choosing. It'll make it clear what he wants.

It's the one.

 Misha held a parchment letter in her hand.

''Are you going to ... write something?''

 She nods with a curt nod.

'Thank you.'

 Sasha smiles.
 Even at a time like this, it's probably because she seriously chose something that Elesia would be happy with.

'That's very Misha,'

Does Sasha write too?

I don't think it's a good idea to give it to a shady guy...


Well, okay. It's like a real gift for my mom.

 Sasha grabs a magic quill that was close by.

'Let's write together,'


 The two men use the quill to spell out words on the parchment, place it in an envelope and apply a 'chamois' to it.
 It is a sealing spell that can only be seen by the person to whom it is addressed.

 In Dirheid, it has been the custom since ancient times to apply a 'chamois' to a letter when writing to the deceased.
 It is said to reach the person who has died.

It's done.

 Misha holds out the letter to Guy.
 Together, Sasha holds out the quill she has just used.

 She doesn't let her guard down and glares at the man in the control hat.

'Cooperation, thank you.'

 As soon as he received the letter and quill, Guy immediately used the  A magic circle appeared at his feet and his figure disappeared.

 With a face like a shrug of the shoulders, Sasha was often stunned.

''........Did you really just come here to have a gift picked out for me?''

I guess.