Ray. Take a left here.

 While holding the one-armed man down with his feet, Misha's divine eyes peered into the icy mountain range and sent a .

 The man turned his gaze gloomily towards us.

"Don't worry about it. It's none of your business.

 He's looking at me with his probing, evil eye, as if he's not concerned about the fact that he's been hit in the face.
 It's as if he doesn't care that his face has been struck on the floor.

"........are you the headmaster?

'Here's the question I'm going to ask you. Why did you go after my mother without knowing my face?

 Then, for some reason, the man's face changed color.


'Didn't you hear that? Why did you go after my mother?

 The expression on his face was indescribable.
 It's a terribly ugly face, a mixture of rage and glee, contempt and madness.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

''Kukku, kufufufufufufufufufufufufufufu! Yeah, right! You gave birth! You've finally given birth! You, who have been resisting, have finally surrendered to disaster........!

 I stomped on him as hard as I could and his face was buried in the floor again.

'You know your place. Your mother would be horrified to hear such a vulgar laugh.

 The one arm reaches out and grabs my ankle, which is stomping on my head.
 His gaze wraps around me, sticky.

"Don't say that. "Don't say that, brother.

 Jet-black particles flooded out of the man's entire body.
 A tremendous rush of magical power began to rattle and shake the warding-covered home.

''Are you trying to keep it all to yourself?''

 His hands tighten around my ankles, and my bones creak with a squeak.

'Unfortunately, I'm only eight months old. It's my right to have my mother all to myself.

 <With the Doomsday Eye, the magic power of the man is sealed off, but the jet-black particles flood in endlessly, and the room is quickly filled with magic power.

But he never told me that he had another child. It's not a new scam, is it?

 The jet-black particles cling to my body to suppress his power.

It's not just a matter of time before you find yourself in a situation where you can't hide your magical power. I'm sure you're trying to change it, but I can see it. You would understand. The same kind of magic is present in you.

 I heard a strange ringing in my ears, gee, gee, gee.

 It's true that it's slight, but my root source is reacting in a way that resonates with his root source.
 It's not necessarily wrong to call it the same kind of magical power.

''It is said that there are three people in the world with the same face. Just because someone happens to have a similar magical power doesn't mean that they are brothers. In the first place--

 I can't help but notice that his hands are digging into my ankles.
 Quite why, it's the same or even better than Anahem's physical strength.

 The moment I focused my magic power on my leg, he quickly let go of my hand and threw the red claw that had fallen on the floor to my mom.
 <I put up the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), but as soon as the red claw touched the black defensive wall, it took it in and turned it into power.

 The claws clad in black aurora borealis were closing in on my mother's eyes.

 As soon as I kicked his head away, I retreated and grabbed the red claw with my own hand.
 I hold it down with force as it flails violently with beatings and sparks.

 If it weren't for my house, which is protected by the order of the Eques Kiln, the whole area would have been blown up.

'In the unlikely event that they were born from the same belly, an unfilial parent like you can't be called a brother.

 When he was finally freed, he raised himself up and fiercely fleshed out on me.



 The magic we used was different, but we turned each other's hands jet black.

 His hand blade is thrust straight out and my palm catches it.
 The collision of powerful magic with each other causes the pillars of the house to scream as a large amount of sparks are scattered around the area.

''Hm. With all this power, where have you been hiding?

It's you, brother. How did you keep it from me?

What are you talking about?

Are you kidding me?

 Unable to withstand the push and shove between me and him, the legs of both of them slam into the floor with a zugan.
 Instantly, black particles gather on that ship arm.

 It was unnatural.
 His right arm is missing from his shoulder.

 But it is precisely in that nonexistent right arm that a more powerful magic power seems to reside. 
 The magical power of that mysterious right arm gives strength to his ship arm.

 The man's power increased to an extraordinary degree and my body was pushed.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

I'm not going to be able to get a hold of my ship arm with one hand. You have a bad eye, brother.

Yeah, I can't really see the little ones these days.

 A crack appeared in the wall at my back.

I didn't see any little guys or anything.

 Perhaps under my provocation, black particles swirled around the ship arm.

 He kicked the ground vigorously and smashed through the wall with my body and vigorously.


 Mom's voice echoed.
 The one-armed man pushed me straight to the kitchen.

Hm. You can't even see into the depths of your power, yet you have a glib tongue. I don't know if you wanted to show your power on equal terms, but I don't have a single arm, I have two arms. It's a good idea to use your right arm as well, or you'll regret it.

What? One arm is as good as another. After all, you are.

 Taking another step back, I said.

'Not enough brains.'

 I relax my palm and catch his sword.
 I stepped on the tatara and rasped the back of his head with my Bevsed hand.

At this hour of the day, any more force would be a nuisance to the neighbors.

 I don't kill the momentum he's advancing, but I grab his head and throw it at him with great vigor.

 What awaits beyond that is an eques kiln on fire.

''.........Gosh, gahhh.......!

 He rammed his head into the Eques kiln and the flames burned him.

 Quickly, he deployed his anti-magic and grabbed the edge of the kiln with his left arm.


 If I kicked his ass away with vigor, his half-exposed body entered the Eques Kiln.



 The jet-black sun fires continuously into the sturdy Eques kiln.

 The Gio Glaze, which is so powerful it could burn a country, hits the kiln one after another, and the black flames rage inside the kiln.

Answer me. Who are you? Why did you go after my mom?


''Well you have a way of playing dumb, brother...''


 <I'm going to bind his body to the ground with my Zora-Edipto.


I'll let you out when you're ready to talk.

 With a slam, he closed the lid of the Eques kiln.

 A riotous sound could be heard from inside.
 However, it was a kamado made based on the Eques kiln. It doesn't break for a very long time.

 He brings despair, so the Eques kiln judged. Therefore, a lot of fuel was thrown into this kiln, and the burning inside spread rapidly, and the temperature was increasing every minute.

 It was getting hotter and hotter by the minute.

 He pulled his chair up and was about to sit down when he suddenly felt his eyes on the ceiling.

 I look up at the ceiling and see through it. There is no one in the sky.

 Narrowing my field of vision, I put some magic power in my demon eyes and extend my gaze into the thin distance.
 There is still no one at the end of the sky.

 Far away in the sky, on the black skies, there was a girl with long braids.

 She wears a skull on her shoulders and a crest of bubbles and waves on her chest, and she holds up a parasol.
 It's a woman's, but it's probably the same uniform as the one-armed man.

 She has her eyes closed.
 But even so, as if she was still perceiving, the tip of the parasol was pointed at me, far above ground, and a magic circle was drawn there.

 <I'm not going to be able to get rid of it.

"Are you one of his friends?

 <Flying a thought transmission.

Just in case.

 Jet-black light bullets were released from the tip of the parasol.
  unfolded in multiple layers and covered the outside of the house.

 At the same time, the was also stretched around Mom.

 At the same time, the four walls disappeared and a jet-black flare appeared in front of Mom's eyes.

 It was replaced.


 With a murmur from Mom, a huge explosion occurred.
 The exterior walls and ceiling were blown off, and their home collapsed with a rattle.

We worked so hard to rebuild it.

 Holding Mom in my arms, I had escaped faster than the explosion could spread.
 I don't know the conditions, but if we're going to swap magic for magic, we can't leave our side.

 I'm not going to be able to get out of the house that was blown up.

 The lid of the eques kiln, the only one that has retained its original form, has been opened.
 The clasp must have come off in the current blast.

'This is just the beginning.

 A one-armed man crawls out of the Eques kiln.

 He draws a magic circle with one hand and glares at me.
 This one is easy to deal with, but the woman in the black skies is going to be tricky.


 A flies from the woman under the parasol to the one-armed man.
 She didn't seem to have any intention of hiding it, and I didn't need to intercept it to hear it.

"My purpose is not yet.

'I got more than that. Step aside.

 The woman said in a high-pressure voice.

'This is their territory. 'This is their territory,' she said, 'and they'll be here soon. Your ship's arm is useless.'

Five seconds. It will serve the purpose.

 As soon as he said it, the ship-armed man jumped at me and swung his hand blade at high speed.
 While holding my mom, I effortlessly avoided all of them and kicked him in the face in the opposite direction.


Do you think it's easier to give with your hands full?

"How dare you blows that don't cause any itchiness?

 The one-armed man placed his hand on the severed part of his right arm.
 There, a mischievous magic circle floats in the air.

"Don't get too carried away as long as you take it easy.

 The next moment when the jet-black particles flooded in, the man's figure suddenly disappeared.
 Instead, what fell to the ground with a plop was a small doll with one arm missing.

''Hmm. If there are any similarities, we can replace them, I suppose.

 If I looked up overhead and flew my gaze to the distant black skies, I saw a one-armed man floating next to a girl under a parasol.

 Quietly setting my mother down, I asked, "Who are you?

'Where are you people from?'

"There's nothing to talk about right now. "There's nothing to talk about right now," he said, "but I wasn't expecting to find you. Next time you see me, we could be on your side, or we could be enemies.

Do you think you can just walk into someone's house with your feet on the ground and expect them to listen to you?

"It's just a fact. I have nothing against you, and I don't want to be your mother now--

 The woman looks like she's just realized something.
 She ran a hand over her right eyelid, as if she felt uncomfortable with her eyes, which had been closed for a while now.

'You finally noticed,'

 I open my hand and show it to the sky. There was a glass ball on it.
 It's an artificial eye.

 It was taken away by Lee Gunneas during the previous attack.

I wondered why he didn't open his eyes, but with his arm and this prosthetic eye, the secret to your power lies in your missing bodies.

"...what's your name?

 The calm woman's voice quivered slightly.

'Well, it looks like it's up to both of us not to say our names.

"Corstoria Arzenon

 The woman said as she spat.
 I sneer at her.

'It's Anos Voldigord,'


 She said, trembling with anger.

''I will not forgive you. I don't care if you become an enemy or an ally. Keep that eye. Remember my name. Kostoria Arzenon will take away the most important thing in your life...'

Oh, man. What's so important about this guy?

 Gulping, he squeezed the prosthetic eye.
 Kostoria opened her mouth in surprise.

I'm sure you've tried to do that just a few days ago. It's a good idea to taste it for yourself and repent before resenting.

 Coastoria's left eyelid opened, and her eyes, tinted with anger, stared at me.

''Remember. You will definitely be destroyed one day, one day........!

Why don't you do it now instead of someday?

 She grits her teeth.
 However, she didn't take advantage of the provocation and called out to the ship-armed man to further ascend the black skies.

 As expected, it takes even Misha to chase it with his magic eye any further.

 Then, two magic circles are drawn right beside me, and Shin and Yeejus have shifted over.
 They must have heard of the commotion and rushed to the scene.

''Your orders,''

 Singh says.

'Wait a while. I've set up an 'enoy' on the bandits. We'll find out where he runs off to, and we'll know which hand he comes from.

 That's when I kicked the one-armed man.

 They haven't gone unconscious yet, and now they're moving fast across the black skies.
 Wherever they return to, my magical power can track them to the end of the world.


What's going on?

 With a grim expression on his face, Yggess asks, "We've lost track of it.

"The chase is broken.

He gets it.

You'd know that if a spell had done something to you.

 The chase (enoy) that I had set up was neither destroyed nor blocked, but ceased abruptly.
 It was as if it had gone out of its effective range.