421-Prologue-Beginning day-

 It's a memory of a distant, distant beginning--
 It was the primordial and repeated creation of this world for the billionth time.

 The silver-haired girl opens her eyelids.

 The first thing that appears in her vision is a sky dyed pure white.
 There was no top or bottom, no left or right, and as far as the eye could see, white continued to be everywhere.

'Good morning.'

 A voice rang out.

'Good morning. The Last Child.'

 The silver-haired girl blinks with a snap.
 She looks around, but the owner of the voice is nowhere to be found.

''Even if you look for it, it's gone. I have already been destroyed. This is the voice I created to tell you something important.

"...who are you...?

 When the girl asked, a gentle voice immediately replied.

'I am the creator god of your previous generation. My name is Elenesia. I am the mother of you and your sister.''


 The silver-haired girl turns her gaze to her back.
 Gently, she stretched out her hand behind her back, but all that was there was just the sky.

 It must have felt like someone was there. But it was an illusion, and there was still nothing behind her.

 Still, she made a gesture as if she were holding someone's hand.

'I don't have enough of a voice left behind to tell you everything. My sweet child, you have my failure. I must tell you of the end of the world in Elesia.'

 The pure white world is melting.
 It was like snow, gentle and soft.

 Soon, behind the pure white world, a desolate land appears.

 Devastated towns and villages, dry seas, withered forests and crumbling mountains.
 The end of the world, with no sign of life, was thrust in front of the girl.

This is the end of the world in Elesia.

...a sad world...

 'Yes,' the silver-haired girl muttered.


 The voice of Elesia says.

'I was able to give birth to a tender child in my last days.

 There was a great sadness and a little hope in those words.

'My dear child. Please listen to me. This is the history of the world that we, the gods of creation, have been repeating. A fairy tale of the gods passed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation.

 The silver-haired girl listens as she looks down at the desolate world.
 To her mother's voice, which has already disappeared.

Elenesia, the god of creation, created the world. The world was full of green, rich and beautiful. It was a world of green, rich and beautiful. In order to stabilize the world, order must be maintained, especially if destruction and creation are not equal. In particular, if destruction and creation are not equal, the world will not circulate and its roots will be out of the frame of samsara.'

 The wilderness world is sprinkled with a pale light.
 It is the light of life that has ended, the light of its source.

'I kept order. I kept order, I kept the integrity of destruction and creation. But in the world of Elesia, the seeds of conflict have never ceased to grow. People continued to fight, and the world was slowly drifting towards destruction. Where we've ended up is as you see it now.

 A world where death and destruction are rampant and marginal.
 A root drifting in the wilderness, never to gain a body again, but only to wander incessantly.

'I may have made a mistake. Maybe I made a mistake at the beginning, at the creation of the world, and I made a mistake. That's why the world of Elesia was incomplete. The tiny scratches of order that we inflicted on the world when we created it eventually spread and destroyed it. I could not create a kinder world.

 His words were filled with regret.
 The sorrow of a god who couldn't fulfill his role was swallowed up by the wind and disappeared softly.

''........What was the wound of order.......?

 The silver-haired girl asks.
 From birth, she understands that she herself is about to be created.

 The girl who has inherited the order of Elenesia is, without a doubt, the god of creation.

''I don't understand. This god's eye did not see the blemish of order. The world she had created seemed perfect. I should have seen it all along, but I didn't see it at last.

 A heavy, sad voice sounded as if confessing his sins.

'I am not the only one. My mother ... the God of creation before Erenesia, the God of creation before that, and the God of creation long, long before that, none of them noticed the flaws in the world. Unaware, the world has reached its limits, and we have done our last creation.'

"The Final Creation?

The Creator, according to his order, is permitted to use the Lunar Eclipse of Genso only twice in his life. At the beginning of the world and at the end of it.

 After blinking twice, the silver-haired girl opens her mouth.

'When you create a new world, and when you create a new creator god?'

'Yes. When the world understands that it has reached its limits, the Creator God offers up its perishing roots and creates his own daughter. The new God of creation can recreate a world that has reached its limits and start a new day, from scratch.'

 The unspinning source of roots gradually diminished in its brilliance.
 The light of the wilderness was fading with every second.

 She was right, the world of Elesia had already reached its limits.

Maybe this world itself has already ended a long time ago. We have remade the world. But no matter how many times we recreate it, the finished world is always heading towards its end. Maybe the world is not flawed, and the end is just fate and order.

 You cannot revive a world that has already been destroyed by offering up the roots of the Creator God. It can only make it look like it has not been destroyed. That's what Elesia is trying to say.

Throughout the billions of beginnings, we have only passed on the fate of sorrow to our children. You cannot escape this fate. That is why I wish for this world, this land that the gods of creation have linked together, and the smiles of the people who lived under the sky of Elesia.

 For a moment, there is a choking sound.

'I've decided to end it here.

 His voice, filled with determination, covered the world.

'This world is going to perish here as it is. You are my creator god with new powers, create a new world from scratch with your power. Throw away the old beginning and take a new beginning into your hands. Please, please--

 In the girl's ear as she stared at the world, her mother said lovingly.

'Your own gentle world.'

 After turning over and thinking for a moment, the girl looks out at the wilderness and the sky.
 Pale lights flickered and wavered.

 One of them swiftly flew over and landed in her palm.
 Wrapping it gently in her hand, the silver-haired girl shook her head clearly from side to side.

'It's okay.'

 She says softly.

'It's not over. The world of Elesia that my mother loved is still alive and well here.

 A momentary void.
 A voice rang out.

'No. No. It's over. And we didn't notice. No, we did, and we turned away from it. And so I have bequeathed only a sad fate to my children. It's over for me now. I want to leave you a happy world.'

 Again, the girl shook her head from side to side.

'It's not just a sad fate we're left with.

 The newborn Creator God said this in a gentle voice.

'My mother's mother and her mother. And the mother of the beginning. All those years, they have been connected to this world in an unbroken line. I think that everyone in this world loved the smiles of the people who live here.

 As if gazing at her mother's already ruined face, the young girl turned her silvery white god's eyes still into the void.

''That's why no one could end it.

 Elesia's voice had stopped.
 Listen to the words of my child.

I will not end it. Elenesia, my mother," she said, "I will not let it end. I will use the power of creation that you gave me to keep the world smiling this time. I love this world and I love the people who live in it, just as the God of Creation's ancestors did.

 The silver-haired girl held up her hands.
 Then the moon rose over the wilderness.

'I'll make the world a kinder place.

 A shadow shines on the silvery white full moon.
 <The lunar eclipse of Genso begins, and the red and silver light gently colors the world.

Your thoughts, which have kept me connected until today, are connected to me. I will create a world that is gentle and kind so that all of you can sleep peacefully and know that you are not only sad, but are also connected to this happy ending.

 I heard the earth shake.
 It was gentle, warm and far away - it was the embryo of the world.

 In the red-silver light, greenery began to fill the wilderness.
 The world was being created anew.

'My child, you are so kind and so strong. You are so kind and so strong.'

 Eleanesia's voice echoed.

'Please promise me,'

 The girl waited patiently for her mother's words.

'Don't tell anyone about this day. No one but your child.'


'I don't know. We've been piecing together these words all along. If we tell those who live in this world the day of the beginning, they will be destroyed by those who stand in the way of order.'

 Nodding her head, the girl said.

'I promise,'

 The world was gently wrapped in red and silver light.
 Soon, the creation will be complete.

 New life will be born and love and kindness will fill the world.

'I'm going to say goodbye. Do you have any last questions you'd like to ask? I can teach you how to create the world. How to make the world less stressful, how to make people smile, how to grow your civilization. How to enrich your magic. If there's one thing you don't know, it's that you still have the power to tell.

 Thinking for a few moments, the girl looked up.

'What's your name?'

 After asking that, she asks again.

'My name.'

 Puzzled, Elesia replied.

'Your order, you understand. The name of the Creator is given by the Creator Himself, for it is equal to the name of the world. The name of the creator is given by the creator himself, for it is equal to the name of the world. I can't help you by telling you his name, because it is equivalent to the name of the world. You should ask him something more useful.

 The girl shook her head from side to side.

'I wanted to have the name my mother gave me, just as most people's parents do. I'm sure that her love and kindness will be felt in this world.

 Once the words were cut off, the girl said straight away.

'Because you will help me more than any other way of creating the world. Mother.

 After a few moments of silence, Ehrenesia's voice rang out.


 The girl smiles when she hears the name.

'Militia. "I wish you all the happiness in the world. I forgive my mother for not being able to be with you. I forgive my mother for not being able to teach me. Please, please, this time--

 His voice is snatched and faded away.
 By giving it a name, it must have exhausted the power of the creation it left behind.

 A life that had already ceased to exist would require a reasonable amount of strength to create new possibilities.

 Nevertheless, as if strangling his thoughts, a voice echoed.

'May the God of Creation (you) and the world grow up in good health.

 With that, the voice fades away.

 The silver-haired girl clasps her hands tightly to her chest as if to gently envelop the name she was given.

 The red and silver light flashed and a world of lush greenery spread out there.
 The new God of creation said.

 'Thank you to my mother.

'Thank you.'