420-Epilogue: Holy Grail of the Demon King

 The sisters hugging each other floated in the sky of the Mei-Gu shrine city.
 The cracked sea that surged above them was gradually returning to its original shape.


 Gently, Misha patted Sasha's shoulder.
 But she didn't let go of her hand and hugged her sister tightly.

'It's okay,'

 That's what Misha says, but Sasha shakes his head and hugs her, keeping his face buried in her shoulder.
 If I let go of her hand, Misha would go away again, as if to tell me that if I let go of her hand, Misha would go away again.

 Misha looked at me, annoyed.

'Haha. It's a self-sown seed. I'll have to do something about it myself.


 Misha gently strokes Sasha's head as he squirms to himself.

'We don't have much time.'

 As she spoke, Sasha looked up.

''The divine race separated from the order cannot live for long. In the case of the demon race, it's similar to how they were separated from each other in .

 Sasha wiped her tears away and I could see the strong will in her eyes.

''You said that as long as Misha and I are together, the connection between the God of Destruction and the God of Creation is unbreakable, right?

 Misha nodded.

'When Sasha and I become one root, one consciousness, our reincarnation as the demon race will be completely complete. But for now, we'll still be the divine race for a little while.

 In other words, the two of them will perish if they don't.

What should we do?

 Misha can't answer that question.

 She had wanted to save Sasha by becoming this world herself, but she would not have any other way to do it.

'Hmm. If we restore order to the God of Destruction and Creation, though, we won't have to worry about destroying it.

 It means that once again, the order of destruction will return to the world.
 What did not die will begin to die, and what did not perish will be destroyed.

 Unlike two thousand years ago, both demons and humans have degenerated their magical powers and magic. 
 If Averniu, the god of destruction, were to be resurrected in this day and age, he would be the source of much destruction.

"If we can create a world without order...

 Misha says.

'In The Lunar Eclipse of Genketsu,'

''But that will only work if Misha is destroyed, right?''

 She nodded in reply to Sasha's question.

'It can only be used when the Creator God faces destruction. Even if he conquers perdition, he cannot create the world out of nothing. The condition of approaching perdition and offering up my strongest and brightest source is the condition to recreate the world.

 Turning her gaze to me, Misha said.

'Surely there's another way.'

There is no need to rebuild everything. We can minimize the amount of work required by keeping what is useful and remaking only what is inconvenient.

 Even if we don't use our authority to just create, Misha and Sasha will survive and make this world a better place.

'If we look into the abyss of the world, we can do that too.

 A world where the total amount of magic power is decreasing.
 Even after the God of Destruction disappears, the reincarnating lives are slowly disappearing.

 The source of this world's demise must lie somewhere.
 If only they can find it, they can help the two of them and lead the world to its proper form.

I have been watching the world. I've been watching the world, and I've seen that the world order is intricately intertwined, and it is working properly. "And when one order breaks down...

 Misha is momentarily flabbergasted.

'What's wrong?'

 By the time Sasha asked me that, I had noticed something strange too.


 In the direction of Misha's gaze, there was the Divine School Averast Anzeta.
 Its huge castle rose straight up, scattering white and silver light.

 The one in the direction of travel was the Demon King's Castle Delzogade.

''Hmm. This one is also out of control.

 I put my magic power into the Demon King's Castle in an attempt to move it, but it doesn't work the way I want it to.
 The only person who can resist my control should be Averniu, but his consciousness is now in front of him, Sasha.

The Ice World.

 Misha blinks twice.
  created a small glass ball between Aebelast Anzeta and Delzogade.

 It is a wall that separates the two castles.
 Even though it is small, it is a world with a tremendous distance.

 But suddenly, the glass ball she had created suddenly disappeared in a huff.
 The silvery white moonlight that had fallen on her disappeared, and the in her eyes disappeared.


 Misha has been reincarnated as a demon.
 The power and memories of the Creator God were left behind in Aebelast Anzeta.

 That supply had been cut off by someone.

 However, there was no sign of the enemy anywhere.

''No ... no ... it's going to hit us ...!

 With an ear-splitting roar, Aebelast Anzeta and Delzogade collide.
 The collision didn't do anything to the castle built on the basis of the God of Creation and Destruction, but as if pushed up, the two sank into the empty sea.

 Zazu, Zazu, Zazu, an unpleasant noise ran through my head.

''........I said.......I should have......''

 Sasha and Misha turned to me.
 A creepy voice spilled out of my roots, even louder than before.

''If she hadn't come here, she would never have known. Unbeknownst to her, the Creator God would have been destroyed, the world would have been recreated, and Ennesone's magical order would have become the source of new life...''

Did you do that?

 I stare at the two castles being swallowed up by the empty sea.

'Why don't you stop hiding forever and tell us your name soon?

'Seven hundred million years and seven hundred million years of wishing, her hopes have been crushed at this very moment. Missed the last hope, the sister gods of creation and destruction perish with regret in their hearts.

 As usual, the guy didn't take me up on my words.

"The world is not kind and it's not laughing.

 A sea of sky swirled around.
 A light was seen in the center of it, and as it looked, Aebelast Anzeta and Delzogade were sucked in.

''It's the Gate of the Divine Realm!''

 Sasha said, followed by Misha.

'We're going to be shut down,'

 At the center of the whirlpool of the sky, looking into its abyss, there was indeed a stern gate.
 Slowly it was closing and about to disappear.

 Beyond that was the azure of the gods, the divine world, the home of the gods.
 Once the gate was closed, they would not be able to come back so easily.

"I Guneaus.

 With both pale hands, he grabbed the gate of the divine world.
 But the next moment, the gate that I grabbed began to fall to pieces.

 It was being broken down from the inside.
 If it continues like this, the path to the divine world will be completely cut off.

 Leaving the earth was a gamble in a way, but Aebelast Anzeta and Delzogade were half of Misha and Sasha. If the girls are to survive, they can't let go of that thing.

Let's go after them.

 <I jumped up into the sky with my flight.
 Sasha and Misha followed right after me.

We're coming with you.

I'm going to save... Misha and Sasha... help... you...!

 Eleonor, Zesia, Ennesone, and Wenzel followed behind us.
 Wesnera is a bit far away. We can't get there in time.

 I plunge into the whirlpool of the sky and stare at the gates of the dying god realm.
 Behind it, the dimensions were shaking and surging violently.

 With the gate half destroyed, the magic formula that connects this place to the divine world is in disarray.
 You can go, you can go, but you can't go peacefully.

''Take your hands. If you let go, we will each be sent to a different place.

 Misha and Sasha take my hand.

 In the rear, Eleonor and the others were holding each other's hands.

 It would be safer if they all froze, but there doesn't seem to be any room for that either. It's just barely in time for the other side.

"Eleonor, if you can successfully enter the azure heavens of the gods, talk to Wenzel and act with caution. If you can't, turn back to earth and tell Shin.

I got it!

 We passed through the whirlpool tide and our eyes turned white in front of us.
 We have entered the gates of the divine world.

 With the magic raging like a turbulent stream, we clasped our two small hands together and moved onward.

''Why did Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta stop listening to you...?''

 Sasha questions that.

''I don't know...''

 Misha's gaze soured, staring ahead of him.

'That voice,'

 Misha muttered with a face full of melancholy.

''........that I'll regret it.......''

 If you know, you will regret it.
 If she visited this place, she would know reality again, the voice echoing at the source said.

 Slightly, Misha's hands were trembling.
 She must be anxious.

 Is it the same for Sasha?
 She's holding my hand tightly, as if to hide her frustration.

'Hmm. That's something I've missed.''

 When I told them that, their faces were tinted with doubt.

'You cannot live alone. If you try to live together, the peace in the world will collapse. Well, well, it's just the same situation. Misha and Sasha, you have just added to your lives the peace of the world. Now, which one is the right thing to do?

 I looked at them as I flew straight ahead.

'Do you remember, my answer?'

 Misha's hands stopped shaking.
 Sasha giggled.

 They both said at the same time.

''We'll save all three.''

 Haha, I laughed.

'Don't wish, don't pray, just walk behind me.

 I saw the light before me.
 Soon, I passed through the chasm and reached the azure sky of the gods.

 It wasn't over yet. That's all.
 Nothing would change.

 As if to show that my words at that time were not false, I repeat: "We will stand in front of you.

I'm going to destroy every inexcusable thing that stands in front of you from now on.