Above Misha, a magic circle was drawn and a pseudo-Delzogade was constructed there.
 <She gently pointed the magical eye of creation at the approaching Sasha.

 A moment later--


 The jet-black sun beat wildly, setting the pseudo demon castle in the sky on fire.
 Passing Misha, I dyed my right hand into black flames.

 He headed in a straight line to the Pseudo Demon King's Castle and smashed through the castle from the lowest level to the highest level at once.
 Consumed by the shining black flames, the created castle turned to ashes in a flash.

"Don't be selfish! We had a deal. Next time, we'll meet up. I finally met you. I remembered you at last!

 Misha's looks at Sasha and covers her body with ice.

"All I ask is this.

 Sasha's outstretched hand freezes, halting her upward momentum.

'I'll give you everything else. You'll get your wish.

 In the blink of an eye, Sasha's body froze.
 From the neck up, which was barely safe, is gradually being transformed into ice.

 It would eventually melt.
 It was all over, afterwards.

"Be in love, be happy. Avernilleux. I will watch your face every day as I become the world.

 Sasha's face completely froze.
 Instantly, a magic circle is drawn in her eyes.

 <As the glared at that airspace, the ice shattered into pieces with a clink, and Sasha's body was released.

''You're an idiot! I don't need love! I don't have to make a wish!

 <Offsetting the Magic Eye of Creation with the Magic Eye of Ruin, Sasha jumped up again with Flight (Fres).

 Then her right hand grabbed Misha's left hand and her left hand grabbed Misha's right hand. 

You don't have to make anything happen. I'm going to give up too, and so is Militia. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. Because I don't...

 <With the Devil's Eye of Ruin dyed red and tears spilling out, Sasha said to Misha at close range.

"Militia. I was already happy.


 Gently, Misha says.

'As long as there are two of us, the fate of the God of Creation and the God of Destruction cannot be erased. You have not yet become a demon. You have not yet become a demon, you have just lost your order. A god out of order is headed for destruction.

 Misha gently squeezed Sasha's hand back.

'It was nice to finally see you.'

"I'm going to ruin your life. I'm going to destroy your fate as many times as I can...

 In a trembling voice, but still resolute, Sasha said.

'It is not the same as that time. Even if I am not yet a demon, even if the fate of the god of creation and destruction is to destroy us, even if that is the order of the world, I will destroy everything!

 Strongly, strongly, far more powerfully than ever before, that was shining.

''Hmm. Well said. That's my man.

 After burning down the Pseudo Demon King's Castle, I descended and took Misha's back.

''Averniu, whose incarnation is incomplete, will eventually be destroyed. After we resolve that issue we put off first, Militia, if we can bring the world to true peace without your sacrifice, then what's the problem?

 Then Misha smiled thinly and extended her left hand to me.
 She shifts her body slightly and I take her small hand in mine.

'It's not a sacrifice, it's a wish.'

 She tells us plainly.

'I kept praying. I kept praying. I could only watch this cold world. And now, seven hundred million years have passed. Now, at last, my wish is fulfilled. So don't be sad.

 Misha squeezes my and Sasha's hands gently.


 Sasha cried and shook her head from side to side.
 Her golden hair swayed sadly.

'For the first time in my life, I can do what I deserve to do as the God of Creation. Not once did I deserve to be called the God of Creation.

 She stares at Sasha.

'Averniu. I loved the world straight away, and I want you to send me off as a troubled sister.

 Next, Misha looks at me.

"Anos. I want you to be proud to watch me as the king of this world as I walk God's righteous path.

 She holds me and Sasha's back gently in her hands.

'I am not unhappy, I am never unhappy. I can be this world and continue to tenderly watch over the people I love.

 Misha laughed.
 Softly, as if to blow away our gloom.

'Sad goodbyes are nowhere to be found. I just continued to be God.


 With a trembling voice, Sasha says

''........Even if it's Militia's request, I don't want to! I'll never send you out. No way. I mean, you know what I mean. Even if I am laughing and Anos is laughing, Militia is not laughing. She can't speak or hold hands like this. I can only watch. That's not just lonely!

 Misha says, blinking and blinking.

'I'm not lonely.'

Militia is good, but I'm the one who's lonely! I'll cry for the rest of my life. I'm going to keep calling Militia's name. If you do that, you will regret it. I will definitely, positively make you regret it!

 Misha looked annoyed, and Sasha stared.

'I won't let go,'

 Sasha says, hanging on to Misha.

'I will never let go of this hand. 'The end of the world is coming,'

Thank you.

 Misha blinks once.
 Her eyes turned silvery white, and at the second blink of an eye, they changed to the Moon of Creation.

 <It is the divine eye of Genso.
 A moment later - the surroundings were dyed pure white.

"I'll be watching. I'm watching you, my beloved sister.

 A cloud of ice was created in the empty white space. Next, a land of ice was constructed, and grass, flowers and trees grew. A mountain of ice rises, and a great sea appears.

The World of Ice

 Misha's voice echoed in .
 We were in the ice world she had created.

 Below us, we see Eleonor who looks confused.
 Zesia, Ennesone, Wenzel, and Wesnera seemed to have been swallowed up as well.

'Let me out, Militia! Don't let me out!

"Stay where you are. We're running out of time.

 Sasha directs her magical eye of doom to the world of ice.
 The ice shatters, but the world itself does not budge.

The forces of destruction and creation are aligned. But there is always, and always will be, a little more destruction. That is the current world order. To create, you have to destroy. But the God of Destruction is gone, and the lives that were not destroyed before are waiting for their turn.

 A gentle voice echoed through the icy world.

'A god of war has been born. The world is ripped open and the doors of the gods are opening. The soldiers of the order are rushing in en masse.'

I'm gonna kick the shit out of you!

"You don't have to fight. There is no friend or foe. Enough fighting, the world will be reborn gently.

You're an idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Let's get this thing going! Let me out, or I'll destroy everything!

 <The magical eye of doom destroys the sky and splits the sea.
 She looks to her roots and uses her power to draw closer to destruction, raising her magical power.

 Every moment she is heading towards her own destruction, her power getting closer and closer to the God of Destruction she once was.
 But Sasha has lost her god body. She can't keep her body in this state.

''That's enough.

 She covered Sasha's magic eye with her hand and stopped her power.
 She gulped and deflated like a doll whose strings had been broken.

 Repeating her rough breathing, Sasha deliriously called out her sister's name.
 I open my mouth, casting a recovery spell.

'Militia. Did you think that the world created by the god of creation could keep me locked up?

"Your perdition, I will tenderly accept.

 Misha said.

Come," she said. The new world I will create will not be destroyed. This is proof of that. This time, I will create a world where you can run around with all your might.

 His voice smiles gently.

"I want to be able to run like a child.

 It's as healthy as ever.
 The new world doesn't have to worry about me accidentally destroying it.

 I guess you could say that I'll be able to live my life without any worries.

 Fool. You are a fool.
 You will not change. Whether you remember or not, you are always thinking of people and full of compassion.

"Militia. You are kind. The world you are about to create will indeed be kind.

 I say to her out in the ice world.

'But it's a gentle lie,'

 Misha listens silently to those words.

It's a fragile thing, even if the lie is gentle. It's a good thing that you're able to get your hands on a few of them. No, no, no--

 I say in no uncertain terms.

"It's a little more chancy than the world I'm about to create.

 A slight silence passed, and she said.

'Trust me,'

So let's play a game.

 I draw a magic circle on the spot.

'Which of us can create a better world? If you know that I can create a better world than you, may I change my mind?

"A creative magic contest with me?

 I chuckled at the surprised sound in his voice.

'If I can recreate this ice world, I've won.

 Still, Misha thinks.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

 I'm going to be able to get the most out of it.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world.

"What about the contract (Zekt)?

 I laugh at the words.

'We did?'

"All right. Demon King Anos. I challenge you.

 I held my hand over the magic circle I drew and poured my magic power into it.
 I'm not going to be able to get out of it.

 I'm not going to be able to get out of it.

"Fill with green!

 <Through the magic of Ibis, greenery overflows into the icy land.
 As the black magic particles gathered there, trees quickly grew and fertile soil was constructed.

Ice and Snow

 In the blink of an eye, the green land I had created was transformed into ice.

Hmm. You are a god of creation, indeed.

"Your power is outside the bounds of the world. But you can reach it with your creation magic.

'I don't know. This is a game that will create a new world. Unfortunately, my creation is not as kind as yours.

 I held my hand in front of me and drew a multiple magic circle.
 I piled them up in layers like a turret and pointed the standard to the sky.

 Jet-black particles swirled violently and twisted around the turret of the magic circle.
 The aftermath of the powerful magic shook the air and melted the ice with a thud.

 I hug its body as if to protect Sasha.
 Wenzel, Eleonor and the others flew up into the sky, all of them constructing a magical ward.

 Black particles form a seven-fold spiral around the turret.
 A deep crack ran through the icy earth and sky as if it was divided into four parts.

''Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 From the magician's turret, the fire of the apocalypse is released.
 The dark flames in a seven-fold spiral headed straight for the sky with a roar that foretold the end, laying waste to everything.

 The origin magic that borrowed the magic of Militia, the creator god of two thousand years ago, Averniu, the god of destruction, and Anos Voldigord, the demon king.

 It won't work on Militia's main body, but if it's a world she created, it's a different story.

 The apocalyptic fire has reached the end of the sky, and everything in the world has gone up in flames.
 The icy clouds burned, the endless sky burned, the earth and mountains burned, and everything turned to black ashes.

 And so the world was simply dyed black and white.
 But the framework itself is alive and well.

 The proof of this is that we have not returned to Megumiya Shrine City.

''It's quite an impressive feat that even the Extreme Hell Realm Annihilation Cinderblocker can't break you. It seems that your words about accepting my destruction are true.

"I will not lie.


 Loosely, he lowered his right hand and opened it to the heavens.
 A sword of shadow appeared there.

 As if to invade the icy world, the Demon King's Castle Delzogade had appeared in the sky.
 I grasp my right hand and the dark-colored long sword rests in my hand as the shadow flips over.

''You are lying. Now I'm going to expose you for it.''

 He holds the Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa up to the heavens.
 The shadows projected from it make various images appear in the black and white world.

 Castles and towns, mountains and forests, deserts and lakes, and the people who live there appeared like a three-dimensional shadow play.

 Hundreds of millions of shadow puppets create the world anew.


"You knew.

 One shadow picture froze.

'The Rational Destruction Sword is the power of the God of Destruction. The magic of destruction is what makes you better than anyone else. The world of the god of creation cannot be recreated even if you add up destruction and destruction and turn them into the power of creation.

 The earth froze again, as if the world of shadow puppets were being repainted.

'I was happy,'

 She says.

'I'll never forget.'

 As if in parting words.

'You did not try to destroy the world I created until the end. Even at a time like this.

 A moment of silence, Sasha trembled in his arms.

'The tyrannical demon king, who is good at the magic of destruction, challenged me to hold him back, to compete for the creation of the world. That is the best way to get rid of me.

 Misha's voice was nonchalant, yet I could tell she was smiling.

'Thank you,'

 White and silver cover the world at once.

'I have been watching this world, and I have been watching and thinking about it. I've been watching and thinking about it. I want you to be sad. I want you to laugh. This is the right answer that I have been thinking about for 700 million years. So...'

 The words trailed off.
 I looked and saw that the silvery white ice had stopped just as it covered half the world.

''You said I gave you a miracle, Militia...''

 Half of the world is white and half of the world is shadow puppets.
 The Creator God, who could have changed the world in an instant, could not, however, make the shadow puppets disappear.

A wall separates the worlds, revealing peace. <Dropped the Sun of Doom, showed the love of God. He showed Abelnyu turning into a demon.

 The silvery white world was once again being painted over by shadows.
 Slowly but surely, the shadow puppets increased in number.

'That's the lie. That's not the kind of miracle I've shown you.

 I'm at a disadvantage in the rivalry between creation magic and creation magic.
 Nevertheless, the world of shadow puppets will not be frozen again.

"You and I, the reincarnated, became the first friends of this era.

 Far away from my gaze, the shadowgraph floating there is the scene where Misha and I met in Mid-Hays.

"You and Sasha had a falling out over the matter of the Separation Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixess) and you followed her with me and made up for it.

 The shadow puppet that emerged in a different place was the underground dungeon of Delzogade.
 It was there that Sasha was hanging on to Misha.

'I gave you a birthday ring,'

 A shadowgraph of my house comes to mind.
 There was Misha there, wearing a and a big smile on her face.

 Indeed, she thought them to be a miracle.

'The other day at the Demon Sword Tournament you said. I'm not a tyrannical demon king, I'm your classmate and friend. I'm a new person and now I'm a student. Have a good time. You didn't see the Demon King as he was, you saw me as I am. The reborn me.

 With her words, I could feel the peace I was seeking.

'I will give you back exactly as you were. You're not a creator anymore, you're just a student and my friend. You're just a student, my friend. I'm not the only one. Did you think you could just disappear without saying a word to your friends who aren't here, and have them smile?

 In Misha's god's eye as she stared at the ice world, countless shadow puppets would be reflected in her eyes.

 They were Rei and Misa, Shin and Reno, the girls of Fun Union, Emilia, Eldmead, Father and Mother, and the students of the Demon King Academy.

''It's been six months since I met you, seven months now? I guess I've been keeping those memories and thoughts away. I've recreated them with the power of creation and kept them in the back of my mind so that my resolve would not be disturbed. That is your lie. But I know. God's order is no match for love and kindness.

 When she turned away, I created a world of shadow puppets to confront her.


 I call her name.
 I was saddened when no one called her name, her name.

 Not a creator god, but a demon reborn as one, her name.

"Don't be a fool. I cannot afford to lose you.

That's right, Misha!

 The flying Eleonor shouted loudly.

''The Demon King's army has won all the battles, no one is missing, and we're going home again this time! So we'll have a drink together. If Misha-chan wasn't there, who would stop little Sasha from being a drunkard?

"Misha is........kind to Zecia.......!

 Zecia shouted loudly in defeat.

'When Misha is gone who will secretly........eat....Zesia's grass?

 With both fists clenched, Zesia appeals strongly to her outside of this world.

''Zecia........can't be.......a herbivore.......!


 In my arms, Sasha speaks up.

''.......Hey Misha. I know what you want, but is that really what you want...?

 Very gently and terribly sadly, Sasha speaks to me.

We've always been two people. It doesn't matter if he's a creator or a destroyer. ─ We have always been two people, even then. Even if you knew that you couldn't live alone, you couldn't do it, because.... Because...

 Drops of tears spill out of the .


 And Sasha repeated the words.

'........because we can't live without each other! If you become the world, I will become the world. Even if you are no longer the god of creation and destruction, this connection will never be broken... If you insist on being reborn into the world, just ask me to come with you!

 Slowly she reaches out a trembling hand.
 She's not here, she turns to Misha.

'I'm your sister, but I'm your big sister...! I can't die after you. I can't die before you. I have to be with you. Hey, don't you, Misha!

 With a strong will, Sasha cried out.
 To the sister she once was, to her irreplaceable sister.

 To the half of herself that must never be lacking.

Two thousand years ago, the answer might have been different. But you have already lived as a demon.

 I broke off and looked around me.

The world can no longer be a kind place. The world that generates so much sorrow for so many people can't be kind.

 To my kind-hearted friend, I smiled at him.
 I opened my hands wide and a world of shadow puppets danced on my back.

If you say otherwise, then let's create a new one right here and now. If not, let's recreate the world we've lived in for the past seven months.

 My creation magic spreads shadows across the world.

 Every one of the countless shadow puppets that appear show the seven months we spent in the world.
 Her mind cannot erase them, even if the order of the Creator God can recreate them.

 Her beloved memories cannot be erased.

 It does not need to be destroyed.
 These days we've lived through are a miracle that cannot be recreated by lies or magic.

Hey, Misha.

 I'm letting go of the sword.

 No sword. No magic.
 All you need is your mind.

"Did you really think that 700 million years of solutions you could come up with on your own would be a match for our seven months?

 Without a sound, countless pieces dance in front of me.
 They are pieces of the world.

 Memories reflected in the glass spun around and around like a dance, and the world of shadow puppets drifted away.

 Seven months of days passed by like a running light, and before I knew it, the sky in front of me was the sky of Megumi Shinto.

 There was Misha with tears filling her eyes.


 Before she could say anything else, Sasha squeezed her body.

"Welcome back, Misha. I won't let you go.

 Tear drops spilled down her cheeks.
 She said in a scratchy voice.

''I'm home........''