418-God's Wishing World of Creation

 The sea in the sky is cracked, and the divine school Averast Anzeta floats there.

 The moon is not visible.
 Nevertheless, the silvery white moonlight gently illuminated the Mei-Gu shrine city.

'Hmm. This day - is this the day that Ennesone is born?

 Misha nods at my words.

"Seven hundred million years have passed since I created the world.

 In a serene voice she says.

'All along, I've been watching over this world. Averniu and I have been together. Destroyed and created, the life of the world goes in cycles. In the midst of days of strife, the roots of the world came in a dizzying circle. A life born under a star of tragedy may one day find happiness. That's what I thought in the beginning.

I can't believe I'm wrong. My father lives quietly and peacefully beside me.

 Misha smiles sadly.

'That's one fact. But it wasn't all that.'

 His voice is quiet and heavy, and his voice echoes heavily.

The root is reincarnation, and life is a cycle, but it is not eternal, I realized. But I realized that it is not permanent. But I realized that it is not permanent. Even if this life is filled with sadness, if the next life is more joyful, then happiness and unhappiness are in harmony.

 Looking straight into my eyes, Misha spoke.

'If it didn't end in sorrow.... If only we could repeat it over and over again, and hope for the next life, there would still be salvation in this world.

 Once she held her tongue, Misha turned over.
 Then she uttered a voice that sounded like she was going to cut herself.

''The total potential magic power in this world is constantly decreasing.

 Hmm. Total amount, huh?

''The sum of the power of all things with magical power, including demons, humans, magical tools, magic swords, holy swords, and so on?

 Misha nodded quietly.

'Magic does not circulate completely. Of the lives that continue to circulate, some spill out and eventually disappear.

 If the total amount of magic power in the world continues to decrease, it's reasonable to assume that some lives are incapable of reincarnation or reincarnation.

 You may even lose your magic power like my father, Cerys Voldigord.
 Then, if you don't even lose your magic, the source itself will eventually disappear.


 Sadly, she called my name.

'The world isn't kind,' she said. This world is taking away people's happiness, little by little.

 She confessed, as if to say that it was her own sin.

'That's the order.'

Let's overturn him.

 She smiles slightly as she utters that.

'That's very Anos,'

 The words were not Militia's, but seemed to come from Misha.

'So that the world may be at peace, so that there may be less sorrow from the world, you have deprived the god of destruction of order. The Demon King's Castle, Delzogade, was built in Mid-Haze and everything was far from destruction. But some problems remained.

Is one of those selective referees?

Yes. The order of the god of destruction has vanished and the world has turned to creation. In order to maintain the integrity of the order, a selective judgement was held, and the conflict involving God and man was repeated.

 Militia became the Selection God of Arcana and fought the Selection Judge that occurred under the ground.

'What else?'

'What is in your memory you have forgotten. The God of Creation and the God of Destruction are the front and back of order, the sister gods of the backside. Our root is two and one, one and two. Two gods, one order.

 As I recall, Sasha had said that he had put off some kind of problem with the memory that he remembered.
 So that's it?

'So here's the thing. If the god of destruction is out of order, you, the god of creation, would not have lived long.

 Misha nodded.

 'With the god of destruction as Delzogade, Militia, the sister god of the dorsal back, has lost the order of the back, and her lifespan has been limited.

'The same goes for Averniu. Its roots are of the divine race. Reincarnating into the demon race doesn't mean that the connection of order has been completely severed.''

'If we leave the God of Destruction as a delzogade, the Creator God will be destroyed. If the creator god is destroyed, does that mean that eventually Sasha will disappear as well?


You don't think I'm an idiot?

 Nodding, Misha replied.

'I gave up the order of the Creator God to stop the Selection Judge. I changed its divine body into the divine school Aebelast Anzeta, just like the magic you used. As per the order of Elrolarielom, the god of alignment.

 Then the two orders, the Creator God and the Congruent God, would disappear at the same time.

 The balance between creation and destruction would be preserved, and the order of alignment would be significantly weakened, so that selection judges and similar orders would cease to work.

'My root is the back and front of Averniu's root. Because she was in the process of incarnation, I could incarnate with her.

In a dream you had sometime ago, you said you gave your sister everything you had?

 Misha nodded.

''A god who is separated from order cannot live long. But if the connection between the God of Destruction and the God of Creation can be severed and completely reincarnated as a demon race, Averniu can live. The two orders became Delzogade and Averlast Anzeta. The faintest remaining connection is that we are two in one.

'So if I was completely alone, I could break my connection with the God of Destruction and reincarnate Sasha as an ordinary demon race.

Then she would have stayed in the world and my last wish would have been granted.

 The reason it didn't happen is obvious.
 Someone got in Militia's way.


'Yes. He tried to humiliate me with the power of Arcana, Gaudgemon the Thunder Sword, and Aganzon the god of madness. This wish was not granted and I was reincarnated in a way I did not want.

'Your roots are now one with Sasha, but you still have a consciousness that is scheduled to disappear.

 Misha nods.

'At one root, we were supposed to be born in the distorted form of two consciousnesses.

 Simply put, he was probably in a state like Kaihiram and Jiste.

"And it just so happens that they were divided into two in the Separation Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Zixes), huh?

 But I don't know what Graham wanted to do.
 The man. I mean, that could be construed as harassment, but is that really all?

Coincidence. But maybe it was meant to be.

...Hmmm. So, what is it Ray?

''He is a brave man chosen by the Spirit God Human Sword. That holy sword that breaks fate may have answered his thoughts even if he didn't know it.

 The Evanescence Mana was not supposed to be in Ray's hands at the time, though.
 Even so, if I had arranged for Misha and Sasha to be saved, what a tremendous power I would have.

 However, it's a holy sword that can destroy me in the first place.
 It is said to have been forged by a master craftsman, inhabited by a spirit, and blessed by the gods, but I don't know what those three people are.

 Is it any wonder that they possess an inscrutable power?

 If Sasha and Misha, whom I met after my reincarnation, were in a state of two consciousnesses at one root, they would have at least decided that there was no need to change the past to save them.

The link between the God of Destruction and the God of Creation was weakening as we were divided into two. <Because the Moon of Creation and the Sun of Destruction do not rise in the sky at the same time.

 They were gods as close to the demon race as they could get.

'Had you two remained alone, the link between the God of Destruction and the God of Creation remained strong, and you, cut off from order, would have perished?

'Yes. It was too fortunate to be a coincidence. We were granted fifteen years' reprieve by a brave man.

 Certainly, it would be more natural to assume that some kind of force was at work.
 It's a strange coincidence.

"And so, fifteen years later, you came along.

 <If I had completed the Dino Dixie reincarnation and returned to being one person, the two of us would still be doomed to die.

 Unknowingly, I saved them.

"I got to live again for a little while.

 Misha said with a calm look on her face.

'Anos is here, Sasha is here, and I am here.

 As if to say that it is about to be destroyed.

"It was a dream we saw of bubbles.

 A silvery white light falls on Misha's body and she floats up softly.

'Reincarnation, demon race, or two, God is still God and order is still order. A god who is out of order cannot live long. 'But,'

 Misha smiled gently.

'You have given me many miracles. You have walled off the world and shown me peace. <You dropped the Sun of Doom and showed me the love of God. You showed me Averniu's reincarnation as a demon.

 Higher and higher, Misha ascends to the sky, as if drawn to the divine schoolhouse.

'I have been watching over the world all my life, and all I've seen is things I've never seen before.

 She turned away from Aebelast Anzeta.

'The world has become incredibly peaceful. Anos. The final miracle is mine. I will gently recreate this world.

 Looking up at her, I asked.

'What are you going to do?'

Do you know who was born first, the world or me?

 'I don't know,' said Misha, when I gave her a look.

'The world first,' said Misha. Before me there was a Creator, and when the old world reaches its limits, the Creator perishes. When the old world reaches its limits, the Creator will perish. Then the root that came close to destruction will create for the last time. It will produce the next Creator God, and that new order will create a new world.

 Aebelast Anzeta shone in the white and silver light.

''I see. So at the end of the total amount of magic power that keeps diminishing, the creator god of that generation will recreate the world?''

But I am the last of the creator gods. Because I will resist the world's order that only repeats itself.

 Blinking once, the light of the divine academy was taken away and Misha's eyes turned white and silver.
 Her inherent power as a creator god poured into them.

''You taught me how to fight,''

 With the second blink of an eye, Misha's eyes turned into Artillert Noah.
 When her gaze is directed at the divine school Aebelast Anzeta, the castle's three-dimensional magic circle is activated.

 With snow and moon flowers dancing around, Aebelast Anzeta turns into the .

 However, it is different from the ordinary.
 There was a slight shadow shining on that moon.

 It is the lunar eclipse.

My moon is fading at the time of the destruction. The total lunar eclipse of Artilian Tonoa. This is the last creation, the eclipse of the moon, called the eclipse of Genso. The Light of Creation will create this world again.

 With determination, she said.

'To a world without God, a gentle world.'

Will you deprive the world of all order?

 Misha nodded.

'The cold order in which everything was defined is gone, and the world is replaced by a fuzzy, ambiguous one. A time of uncertainty is coming, the unknown and the uncertainty is spreading. But the hot chaos is surely what people call hope. And besides--

 Straight away Misha threw the words at me.

'You are in that world. After the world is recreated, give birth to the people of the new world through your magic. <The people born by the Enneasement will not be trapped by the divine order. The total amount of magic will no longer be diminished, and no matter how much they are pushed to the brink of despair, there will always be hope somewhere.

 The order of this world, sustained by God, is constantly chipping away at life.

 Hence, Militia attempted to create Ennesone.
 To create a new world where my magic creates life, a non-conformist, out of the confines of order, instead of a disappearing god.

'When the order disappears, the gods will be disqualified and they will live as one new life. There will be no more gods to grieve over the punishment of order. Like Averniew.

Hmm. Why, that sounds better than the world we live in now.

'Well wait a minute I can't get my head around this too fast...'

 Eleonor says and hmmm, deep in thought.

'Well the new world sounds good... but from what we've heard, Misha-chan is going to perish in order to recreate the world...' ...?

What? Doom will overcome you. Let me give you a hand.

 Smiling, Misha shook her head quietly.

I will not perish, for I will not be destroyed. I will be reborn in this world.


 Eleonor's face is tinted with surprise.

'Misha ... to the world ... will it change ...?'

 Zesia asked with a worried look on her face.


Can I see you again...?

 She laughed, though just a little sadly.

I'll always see you. I will be there for you. I will be in this world to protect and care for you gently. I just can't talk to you because you have lost the sense of me.

No, Militia!

 Ennesone raises his voice.

'No... that's not... because then there's no Militia in all of us...'

 Smiling in annoyance, Misha shook her head from side to side.

'You're not a god, you're a demon king order for a new world. That's why you're kind. Your human-like gentleness makes me very happy.

 Misha said softly, as if to convince the young child.

'We just have different roles,'

 Ennesione looked like she was going to start crying.
 She must have wanted to stop Militia.

 Therefore, a vague memory, a faint thought, thus called me here. 

I have been watching. I have been watching and watching for 700 million years since the world was born. This is what I have always wanted to do. If only I could be this world instead of creating it, then I could be closer to it and keep a gentle eye on everyone.

 When she raises her hands, the Artillery Tonoa is chipping away.
 The lunar eclipse is in progress.

'Anos, Eleonor, Zesia, Ennesone, Wenzel.

 Smiling, the girl said.

'I'm sorry. Thank you. That was fun.'

 <The total lunar eclipse of the Moon of Creation progresses rapidly, and its silvery white light takes on a reddish hue.

Say hello to Abelnyu.

You could at least say goodbye to him yourself.

 With a slightly troubled look on her face, Misha slowly shook her head from side to side.

'I'm sure she'll be pissed.'

 Artillery Lutnoa was completely absent and a total lunar eclipse was coming.
 That moon illuminated the Mei-Gu divine City with a faint red-silver light.


 Blink twice, and the moon in Misha's eyes turns red and silver--

Bye, bye.

 <The shook, and the red and silver light faded slightly.
 The magic power of the strong gaze was slammed into Artilian Tonoa.

''You don't have it! You're an idiot!

 There was a figure charging at Misha from the ground with a magic circle in his eyes.
 Even if I didn't see who it was, I was long aware of it.

 The girl is Sasha, who had collapsed there just now.

''Kuhaha. I'm sorry, Militia. You've been pissed off.

Ha-ha-ha. I mean, why do you have to listen to me? Stop it now. Neither Eleonor nor Zecia would take this crap.

 Sasha bared her canine teeth and stared at the as she slammed the words down on us.

'Good grief. I'm sorry, Militia. I'm sorry, Militia," he says, "but we can't do without the wishes of our fellow countrymen who have worked together for peace.

 I fly up into the sky and draw a huge magic circle in the sky.

"Summoning the Demon King's Castle (delzogade).

 The shadow of the huge castle shimmers and turns into the Demon King's Castle Delzogade as if it were reversed.

 The creator god, Militia's Arty Lutnoa, cannot be stopped with half-hearted power.
 Hence, he's going to hit her with an equal amount of power.

Well, don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. There's much more to tell.

 I let Delzogade plunge into the .
 The black particles rising from the Demon King's Castle and the red and silver light rivaled each other, and sparks swirled violently.

 Do, do, do, do, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah.
 Then the lunar eclipse stopped and the moon returned to the divine school Averast Anzeta.

 It was then pushed into the Demon King's Castle with great force, blocking the power of the Moon of Creation.

 In the meantime, Sasha rises even higher.
 Misha gazed tenderly at her sister, who was coming towards her to hold herself back.

I'm sorry, Averniu. I wanted to leave the world a kinder place.

Good evening. Good, Militia. I don't care how sweet the world is without you, no matter how peaceful it is.

 As Sasha rises, she reaches out to Misha, who is standing in the sky.

'I'm not laughing at you! I don't want that world at all!