417-Incomplete birth


 A hushed voice rang out from the two-headed snake.
 Red threads unraveled from its chained body, and ascended to the heavens as fast as they could. 

 Do you understand what I'm saying? I will not allow you to try to destroy the order of this world...!

Don't worry. I won't ask for your forgiveness.

 I look at the order of the abortion gods, weak and about to disappear, with my Demon Eyes.

"....You are not the only enemy of the mistress. All the gods, all the gods of this world, the worldly order, do not forgive your deeds and there is only one destination in this world, no matter how much you resist it. There is no other way but to obey...!


 I laugh and look down at Anderk.

'You don't talk in your sleep until you're asleep.

 My demon eyes flashed annihilatingly purple, and with a jangling sound, the chains of the bondage god fell to the floor.
 The red thread that formed the body of the two-headed snake instantly untied and disappeared.

''Ho, it's gone!

What? Order has just been turned inside out.

 A faint light begins to gather a few meters to the side from where Anderk disappeared.
 It takes the form of a human figure, and Wenzel, the god of birth, is revealed.

'How are you doing, Wenzel?'

 She nodded persistently and gave him a peaceful look.

''Thank you. Demon King Anos. As hard as it is to believe, the abortion order is in decline and birth is thriving. Unless an unwanted life is about to be born again, the Anderks will not naturally reveal themselves.

'Well, won't it perish while it's flipped?'

 Wenzel responds to Eleonor's question.

'The abortion order will naturally restore its power to prepare for the next time. As long as I am out in the open, her will will will not affect that divine body or order.

 Wenzel, the god of birth, looks tenderly at Eleonor.
 Her face and the umbilical cord like a magic wire.

 If you follow it, you'll see a shell of light glowing like an egg.

'Now, Ennesone is born here.

 Solemnly, Wenzel, the god of birth, raises his hands.
 The drawn magic circle wraps around Ennesone as if to bless him.

 Then, a crack appeared in the shell of light.
 Shanshan, the crack spreads out while echoing a pleasant tone.

''.........Enne......Go for it......'' Good luck..........!

 As if in support of the birth, Zesia shouted out, waving her hands wide.
 As if in response, the shell of light cracked and countless feathers poured out from within with great vigor.

 A single loud sound was heard with a shang.
 The shell of light cracked completely, and the feathers fluttered up and down in the sky.

 As if the magic ray that extended from Eleonor's navel had done its job, it was gently detached and returned to her womb.

''........Nice to meet you........?''

 She laughs, shyly.
 The one standing there was still the same little girl.

''Wenzel, Demon King Anos, Eleonor, Sister Zesia... thank you...''

 Other than two small wings sprouting on her back, she was almost unchanged from Ennesone when she was a root source fetus.

 However, if one looked into the abyss, a certain magic power emanated from her root source.


 As Zesia held out her arms, Ennezone ran out and hugged her.

''Enne........she's born.......!

Un...! Ennesone was born. She was born as the sister of big sister Zecia...!

It's.........a big deal........

 They looked at each other happily and smiled at each other.

''Well you know what? We're running out of time.

 Ennezone, who said that, had a serious expression on her face.

''........Enne.......? Do you want to go.... somewhere...?

 Slowly she shook her head from side to side.

'Ennesone remembered. 'The magical order of the Root Nativity, that's Ennesone.'

 Hmm. So, a glimpse of it was the ?

"Well, what's the nativity again?

 Eleonor twisted his head with a question on his face.
 Then Wenzel said.

'The birth of a great man, a saint, or a great king into the world is called a nativity.

Wow. So Enne-chan is going to bring an awful lot of life, huh?

 Ennesone flaps the wings of his head.

'I don't know if it's great or not, but Ennesone was born to give birth to a new life, out of the confines of order. A new humanity.

'Hmm? Let's see........Enne-chan is a god of the nativity, and she gives birth to a different life than humans and demons?

 She said, flapping her head wings and moving them around.

'Ennesone is a bit special. It's an order, but it's not a god, it's one magical order called Ennesone. It's magic for the Demon King, created by Militia to make the world kind to a world ruled by a divine order.

 Ennesone spun around on his heels.

'But you know what, no.'

What do you mean?

 Walking slowly, Ennesone opens his mouth.

'Ennesone is not kind. I finally understand. The reason I called everyone here. Ennesone couldn't wait. Ennesone had to be born early.

 She stopped just around the magical cage where Wenzel was trapped.
 Misha and Sasha were lying on the floor.

 With the Anderk gone, soon their magical effects would be gone and they would be able to stand up.
 Ennesone stared sadly at them, then shifted his gaze to the tattered and crumbling mural.


 Among the murals with various patterns and drawings, she turned her gaze to see a certain magic circle carved into it.

''Um, it's a matching umbrella magic circle?''

 Eleonor and Zesia said.

'So on earth they call it the Comrades Umbrella Magic Circle?

 They look back at Wenzel.

'Is it different in the god realm?'

This is the symbol for the sister gods of the dorsal-opponent.

 Eleonor huffed and shifted his gaze to Ennesone.

'You've all probably seen it before. 'You've probably seen Averniu's drawings on Delzogade.

 Indeed, it was engraved.
 In the names of Militia and Averniu.

'As I recall, Militia said she couldn't meet Averniu. Is it because they were sister gods, back to back, like Anderk and Wenzel?

 Is this the reason why when Sasha's roots were divided into two in the Separation and Fusion Reincarnation (Dino-Dixess), one of them took on the personality of Misha?

 Because they were originally two.

 One body, two consciousnesses.
 Well, not quite.

 If you think so--.


 As if to break up my thoughts, Meinomiya Shinto shook violently.


No, no--

 He felt a great magical power overhead and looked up to see the sea in the sky split in half.
 There, a castle was floating in the air.

 The same as Delzogade, a castle with a three-dimensional magic circle.

 Eleonor pointed to it floating far overhead as he raised his voice.

 The Aebelast Anzeta, a divine schoolhouse that must have been located in the depths of the earth.
 Both its appearance and its magical power were definitely that castle he had once seen.


 Ennesone said with a nonchalant expression.

'Demon King Anos, that's Militia. It was activated in the wake of Ennesone's order being created. If we don't do it quickly--''

 As if to support his words, countless snow and moonflowers descend from the fluttering Aebelast Anzeta.

 A magic circle was drawn on the castle, and a white and silver light poured down.
 It softly enveloped Misha, who fell to the floor.

 The shining pale blue-white star, the founding star Erial, followed the white and silver light and melted into her.

 Silently, Misha raised her body.
 Both of her eyes were glowing blue-white.


 Softly, Misha said.

 Just as indifferent as usual.
 But a little differently than usual, a divine serenity flooded her voice.

'I told you to keep it a secret until it was all over,'

'But ... but ... Ennesone ...'

I'm just not very good at making things.

 As she uttered that, Misha looked at me.
 She walked slowly towards me.

 I stepped forward too.

"Hmm. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. Not everything is going to go as planned.

 She blinked and nodded quietly.

'You remember, Militia?'

It's been 2,000 years.

 She said nonchalantly.

'There's only one thing I want to ask you, though?'

I know.

 She mouthed that and gave me a questioning look.

'Can I ask you first?'

I'm fine.

What's more important, order or people?

 It's a question that was inscribed on the Aebelast Anzeta.

'In order for a man to live, he needs order. Not the other way around.

 The little god smiles thinly as he answers instantly.

'This day, and thee, I have been waiting for.