416-Unborn order

 The sky above the Mei-Gong divine city of Forthronar Reef--
 A flock of storks flew through the thresholds of that empty sea.

 Having hatched all their eggs, the storks, from chicks to adults, opened their beaks and ate the red thread, the symbol of the abortion god's order.

 The rain of the red thread disappeared, and the puddle of red thread that had been scarred on the stork's stomach disappeared as well.

I'll do another round. This time I'm going to shoot a lot more. <Theo Trias!

 When Eleonor uttered her voice, a magic circle was drawn on her pseudo-root in the stork, and shells of light were released in all directions.

 The remaining abortion watchdogs were also swept up before the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon, which was fired without an escape route, and disappeared without a trace.

 At the same time, Zecia's wounds are being healed by the magic of the "Total Demon Healing" used by Eleonor.


 As the enemy was wiped out, a strange thing happened.
 From one hundred and twenty-two storks, a single shining thread stretched out to Ennesone.

 She was wrapped in a round shell of light and floated up to be suspended by the thread.

'Come, with Ennesone.'

Yes, sir!

 Zesia and Eleonor float in and fly next to Enneone.

'.........Enne.......will you be born.......?

''I don't know... maybe... maybe... almost... I think Ennesone is going to find out about Ennesone...''

 The three of them flew vigorously overhead.
 I could see them with my naked eyes from my position in the palace of the Force Ronal Reef.

''Hmm. Nice try, Abortion God. If you were just a little weaker, you could have destroyed us first.''

 I look down at my feet.

 The giant two-headed serpent that I had stepped on was on the verge of destruction, burrowing into the cracked ground.


 As Eleonor's voice echoes, the girls slowly descend to where I am.

''As I thought, it's another great victory for our Demon King's Army!

It's... good... for Zecia...!

 'Ahem,' said Zecia, puffing out her chest as she descended.

Great, great, great. That's why my daughter is so cute and strong.

 When Eleonor praised her, Zesia looked good at it again.

'Now we just have to wait for Enne-chan to be born, don't we?

 Suspended by the birds and wrapped in a shell of shining light, Ennesone flapped his head wings.

''What do we do with this........?''

 Zesia stared at Anderk, buried in the ground.

'Ah, yes. We shouldn't destroy it, but what are we going to do about it?

'The Abortion God is an abortion order. Its power and authority is only as strong as the life before it is born. The reason why you reacted to me is because this divine realm, the Mei Palace divine City of Forthronal Reef, served as a womb, so to speak.

 Hence, he mentioned to me that it was my luck that I came here.
 It means that those who are in the Mei-Gu Divine City will be recognized as life before they are born.

''........I understand.......I understand......!

 Zesia nodded proudly and said.

'Hmm? Did Zecia just figure it out? What do you mean?

I understand... the difficulty...!

 Giggling, Eleonor laughs with a deflated look on his face.

'I mean. Once Ennesone is born, abortion will no longer be possible. Once she's born, she will be able to control the Mei-Gong divine City. The Anderk has lost its abortion target, and its order will fade and lean towards birth.

'Oh, I see. You came out to abort Enne-chan, so you don't have to destroy her, but that will get you back to Wenzel.

 As if convinced, Eleonor raised his voice.

''Well then.........''

 Small, a voice leaks out.
 The two-headed snake's eyes stared at me.

What did you say, Anderk?

I said not in vain.


 He reflects Ennesone out of the corner of his eye.
 After being enveloped in a shell of light, there is no particular change.

''.........Megumiya Shrine City is a microcosm of the world. Therefore, Ennesaone will not be born, Ennesaone? Is it about time you remembered...?

 As if to curse, Anderk emits an eerie voice.

'Never to be born, its own order.'

 Large eyes were turned on him, and Enneasone freaked out in his shell.
 Zesia pulled out Ennehale and struck its eyes with a bang.


Enne you can't.....tease me.....you can't...!

 With a miffed expression, Zesia stood in front of the two-headed snake.

''.........Demon King Anos......''

 Ennesone hugs himself and shrinks the wings of his head.

'What's wrong?'

"The maximum number of lives in the Meinong Divine City is one hundred and twenty-two.

 As if remembering his own order, Ennesone says

'Ennesone is the one hundred and twenty-third life to be born. If you don't take someone's life, there is no slot for Ennesone to be born. But if you take someone's life, Ennesone's turn will not come around.

''Hmm. The condition for producing one hundred and twenty-two storks is to produce ennestraum, but the Meinong Shinto can only allow one hundred and twenty-two?


 Sadly, the little girl nodded.

'Ennesone will never be born, the one hundred twenty-third life. That is the imposed order.

 Anderk smiles triumphantly.

Well there you have it. You are right, Nonconformist, you have won this battle. But unless Ennesone is born, she will not be turned over to the God of Birth.......

 It was a powerless voice.
 Yet there was a dim madness hidden in its depths.

'Do you understand? Her downfall cannot be stopped and if she is destroyed, your sister, the god behind the scenes, will also be destroyed. If that happens, Ennesone will not be able to maintain the order he was born with, and he will perish.

 He laughs again, "chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.
 He laughs again, as if he's not afraid of his own demise.

"Abortion, abortion. "Abortion, abortion, there is no escape from order. You, too, have fallen from the hand of the mistress, but you will be swallowed up by the reason of this great world, and then you will disappear. It's either too late or too soon.


 Eleonor was surprised and turned his evil eye to the God of Abortion.
 The red thread that forms the two-headed serpent unravels and disappears in a flash.

''It's going to disappear!

 She casts a [Ingal], but the magic is aborted in an instant.
 The Anderuk is dying, and therefore the only order of abortion she possesses is even stronger.

You can't do this. If we continue to perish, Wenzel and Enne-chan won't be able to survive!

"...Anos...! Enne........please help me........!

 Eleonor and Zecia look at me as if they are hanging on.

'No use, no use. Even if you could think, you wouldn't know, would you? It's too late for that. Nope, you're a misfit. You've always been good at destroying things. You are a foreigner to the world, an outsider who destroys even order. But you can only destroy the world, you can never save it. It can only destroy order and life.

 The snake's mouth grinned.
 As soon as he laughed, the thread began to unravel and crumble.

It's a shame that I can't talk about it. It's a real shame that we can't see what happens next...

 With each word, the body of the two-headed snake turned into a simple red thread.

I wish I could have seen the look on your face as you and your sister broke down in despair.

Hmm. Want me to show you something?

 A moment of silence. Anderuk floated a question.


 He grabbed a frayed thread and tied it to a single crimson chain.
 It is the chain of the god of bondage, borrowed from Wesnella.

"Your face wracked with despair.

 With the chains of the bondage god, he twisted the unraveling red thread and wrapped it around the spot.

"Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, it's no use. It will only buy you more time.

'Ennesone is the gentle order that Militia tried to create. It seems that the interference of you goddesses has caused her to forget what it is, even herself, but I finally understand.

 I look into the depths of Ennesone's abyss, wrapped in a shell of light.

'Why did Ennesone only allow Eleonor and Zesia to dream? Why do vessels and mindless dolls without magic power react to the pseudo-roots of ? Why is the number of storks in the Mei-Gong divine City the same as the number of root source clones that the can produce?

 He drew a magic circle in front of him and stared at Anderk from it.

'I figured that Militia left me what I needed in order to give birth to Ennesone, but the essence is a little different. Ennesone is a born-again order. A certain magical order created by the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria and recreated by Militia--

...is that...?

 If you send magic power through the magic wire, magic letters drift around Eleonor.


 Holy water overflowed, forming a sphere, and she emerged there.

'A magical order to work the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor), that's what Ennesone is.

 That time, Militia deprived the Heavenly Father of the new magical order he had created.
 And the one he created was Ennesone.

 Ennesone, the magical order, went to this place. As Ennesone's order was about to be born, the magic formula of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor) began to work and she, a humanoid magic, was born in the College of Heroes.

All that was needed to give birth to Ennesone was a mindless doll, a vessel without magic power, a spirit spirit spirit without a body. And Ennesone herself is one of these, a disembodied spirit spirit spirit spirit.

 As she walked out of the room with the heartless doll in the roofless house, Ennesone fell down. But even though she was still in the room, the mindless doll began to reconstruct.

 Proof that she is a mind. Proof that she is a spirit spirit without a body.

'The reason the one hundred and twenty-third life cannot be born is because the pseudo-root source to give birth to in the first place is not born in this Mei-Gu divine City. A vessel without magic power and a mindless doll to team up with Ennesone.

 A vessel without magic power and a mindless doll that would be born if one hundred and twenty-two storks were aligned. Since they are beyond the capacity of the Mei-Gu Kamito's life, they cannot be born.

''But there is a magic here that operates in exactly the same order as the Meinomiya Shinto.

 The magic of the is built up and controlled by the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor).
 Rays of light extending from the stork disengaged from Ennesone and gathered in the holy water sphere that covered Eleonor.

"....unwanted magic, not abortion...!

 Anderuk said this, but the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor) did not stop.

It's useless. It's no use," he said. "The magic that works in that magical order cannot be eliminated in this Palace of God. Otherwise, you'd have destroyed Ennesnesone.

 Eventually, the rays of light emanating from the stork gathered in Eleonor's womb.
 From her abdomen, a magic ray extended straight from her abdomen.

 It was just like the one from Ennezone's navel, and the two were connected silently, as if joining hands.

 <With the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor), a pseudo-root source - that is, a vessel without magic power and a mindless doll - was created and the two were sent through the umbilical cord.

'Why is she Zetia's sister? And why did he call me his father? Pretty much, why, that was an interesting riddle.

 The shell of light that covers Ennesone begins to glow dazzlingly and covers her form.

'This is the answer,'

"....this can't be.... A magic that works within a magical order can exert a power beyond that magical order...

Ha-ha. What are you talking about, Anderk. Remember?

 The red two-headed serpent's face paled as it looked at Ennesone, who was about to be born.
 As if it were overcome with despair.

'The order is overturned--'

It's the Witch King's magic!

 As if to steal my line, Eleonor said with great skill.