415-Small subordinate

 On the outskirts of the city of Forthronal Reef.
 Zecia and Ennesone were racing through a dense forest, hand in hand.

 A dark cloud drifts just above the surface of the ocean in the gently rippling sky.
 It was a flock of black monstrous birds, the Veneze Lavelle, the guardian god of abortion, chasing them and trying to surround them.




 Eerie cries, layered and wooded, were heard.

 Thanks to Zesia's continued flamboyant wielding of the Holy Sword of Light, almost all of the Watchtower Gods had gathered to them, just as they had aimed.

 The pseudo-root source that Eleonor had created went all over the city of Forthronal Reef.
 The three things needed to give birth to Ennesone, mindless dolls, magicless vessels, and disembodied spirit spirits, have already been lured out of the mansions, cemeteries, and shops.

 The pseudo-root source will meet those three things and hatch the stork's eggs. Until then, Xecia and the others can only buy time.

 The holy sword of light, Enhale, shows its true value, increasing in number and floating around Zesia.
 When she unleashes a thrust, the giggling monster birds are skewered.

''Sister Zesia, behind you!

You are in charge.....

 With a sharp beak sticking out, she slashed the Watch God of Abortion down to the ground with her holy sword of light as it flew in like an arrow.

 Veneze Lavelle is the guard god for the abortion order. Its role is to end lives that have not yet been born.

 Hence, the individual's power should be limited to destroying the root fetus, Ennesone.
 Compared to the Watchtower of Time and the Watchtower of Destruction, their power is inferior.

 However, their numbers were not unusual, and they quickly surrounded Zesia and the others who were trying to run through the forest.

 When Zesia noticed, she stopped in her tracks.

 Countless glowing eyes are looking at Ennesone as if they were shooting through her.
 She shook her body with a jolt.

''It's okay........''

 As if to protect Ennesone, Zesia stands in front of his gaze.


 She uses the magic of the and reflects the Enhale in it.
 Then, just as the holy sword in the mirror materializes, the number of Enhale's blades floating around Zecia increases further.

 When the holy sword in his hand was pointed forward, a total of over one hundred thousand blades were shot out at once.

 With a high-pitched cry, the monstrous birds scattered and avoided the blades.
 Several blades of light pierced the ground.

''Holy Sword Boundary Light Cage (Thias Diarra).''

 A line of light was drawn from the en-hale stuck in the ground, connecting the holy sword to the holy sword.
 Then, this time the holy sword stretched out towards the heavens and a line of light was drawn to cover it.


 It was like a cage-like ward.
 The guardian gods trapped inside tried to get out, but the Enhale's blades prevented them from doing so, only to fall to the ground with a rustle.


 Zecia shoots wildly one after another at her surroundings with the replicated Enhale in the , constructing the .

 The strength of the ward is not so strong, but its range is wide, and it's perfect for rounding up abortion guard gods.

 In the forest, she uses the she has constructed a number of times as a shield, and while hiding herself, she buries the vermin one after another with her en-hale.

 That's when--


 An unpleasant sound could be heard.

''Hee hee hee.......! Hee hee.........!''

 That voice that could be heard throughout the area was full of madness.
 A red thread drifting above the forest, it gathered together to form the shape of a demon's eye.

 The abortion god Anderk in the palace must be controlling it remotely.

''It's in vain........! You will not escape your fate of abortion!

 With Anderk's voice, a red thread fell like rain from the sky.
 It wrapped around the guardian god of abortion and turned into an offensive and defensive armor.


 One by one, the red thread-clad birds rushed in from the sky.
 The guardian gods ignored Ennesone, who was protected by the <4 genus ward seal (De Igeria)>, and all of them aimed at Zesia.

"We can't........lose.......

 <Using the , Zesia intercepted the monster birds with the countless duplicate enhaires.

 A thousand light blades and a thousand monster birds ravaged each other, and so one of them passed through Zesia's sword strike.


 A huge beak was thrust into Zesia's abdomen.
 The anti-magic and magic barrier was broken, and red blood dripped from the young body.

'Did you think you were going to aim at the unborn child because you were an idiot? I will destroy you, Ennesone is powerless. Slowly peck at the wards and abort them.

 A grating laugh echoed through the place.

''Eat it, Veneze Lavelle!


 The guardian gods of abortion swooped down to Zesia, who had broken her knees, and pecked at her with their beaks, like vermin latching on to food.

 Particles of magic power and black feathers danced and red blood splattered.

''Sister...........! Zecia, big sister........!''

 Spilling tears and raising her voice, Ennesone lunged at the abortion guard god.
 She crushed Veneze Lavelle while annihilating the , several layers of which were stretched around her body.

 For a moment, they stopped attacking Zesia and the monstrous birds stared at Ennesone.


 The moment a high-pitched cry was raised, multiple flashes of light swordsmanship ran through the air and the abortion guard gods were slashed to pieces.

''You can't........touch Enne.......!

 Zecia whipped her injured body and wiped out the surrounding guard gods with an en-hale.

''Sister Zesia........''

 Grabbing Ennezone's hand, Zesia starts running with her battered body.

''Enne.......we're almost there.......!

 With their small hands clasped tightly together, the two ran through the forest.
 One by one, the Watchtower of Abortion attacked them, but Zecia fought them off with the Holy Sword of Light.

 However, her young body is at the end of its physical strength. She couldn't defend against all of the monster bird's attacks, and her wounds were increasing with each passing hour.


It's okay.........

 To encourage Ennesone, who was peering at her anxiously, Zesia smiled at her.

''Zesia is........strong.......sister........''

It's about time. No more bullshit.

 The Anderk's voice rang out, and I could see the abortion guard gods gathering overhead.
 The monstrous birds flocked together and took up a formation resembling birds.

 Then a red thread entwined with them.
 When the thread covered all the watchdog gods, there was one huge bird.

'Perish, Ennesone. Abortion!''

 A gigantic red bird falls headfirst towards Zecia and Ennesone.

"The Replicating Magical Mirror (Legaroimitin).

 Zecia looks at the giant bird coming towards her, and creates two in front of her.

''It's a matching mirror........!

 When I thrust my Enhale straight towards it, the light amplified endlessly by the matching mirror shot through the abortion guardian god.

 However, the red bird will still continue to fall while being slashed by the dazzling light.

'.........I will not be defeated........I will not be defeated......I will not be defeated.......I will not be defeated.......I will not be defeated.

 As he swung down on the en-hale as hard as he could, the red bird broke in half.

 Zesia's relief was short-lived as the red bird, which was split in two, came crashing down on the forest ground as it was.

 With a thud, the ground exploded loudly, and the abortion guard gods scattered and bounced in all directions.
 Caught up in the explosion, Zesia and Ennesone were bounced off several meters and slammed hard into the ground.


 Rolling with a rumble, Zesia fell onto her back.

 The next thing she knew, a rain of red threads had created several puddles in the Mei-Gu divine City.

 Reminiscent of deep scars, it was the embodiment of the abortion god's order. <Even Ennesone, who was protected by the Four Genera Warding Seal (De Igeria), began to be undermined.

''.........Sister Zecia.........''

 Ennesone put all her strength into trying to get her body up.
 However, her footing was ineffective and she fell there.

''........I'm sorry.......I can't move Ennesone anymore......''

 Zesia staggered up and walked up to Ennesone.

''.........Run. Just your sister........''

 Ennesone looked up into the sky.
 There again, the guardian gods of abortion had gathered there.

 In the earlier explosion, most of the duplicate magic mirror that was used for the Sacred Sword Boundary Light Cage (Thias Diarra) cracked, freeing the trapped monstrous birds.

''........I wanted to be your sister.......''


"...I'm sorry...

 Zesia stabs the holy sword into the ground and crouches down in front of Ennesone.


Don't worry Zecia will take care of it.

"No... it's impossible. I can't escape...!

 Then, Zesia clenched his fists with a proud face and showed her his two pudgy arms.

''Zesia is........monstrous.......! I'm your sister........!

 Putting his hands on Ennehle's body, Zesia lifted her up with all his strength.
 Then she carried it on her back and took Ennehale into her mouth.


 Zesia ran out heavily while carrying Ennesone on her back.
 The guardian god of abortion appeared in front of her, but with a blade of light that floated around her, she slashed through it.


 In the sky above, a flock of monstrous birds was taking up the ranks of birds, just as before.
 It wore a red thread and turned into a giant bird.

''.........We can't escape with Ennezione on our backs.......''

 She squeaks and shrinks the wings of her head. 
 Zecia never tries to let her go and just runs through the forest.

'Hold on........kurahai.......!

 Once we get to a place with few obstacles, Zesia flies low over it with magic.

''Hee-hee! It's no use. It's no use. The Demon King is stalled by my mistress. No help is needed. Your fate is decided by abortion!

 With those words, a huge red bird swooped down towards Zesia and the others.

''Eat it, yah!

 Zecia reversed and flew backwards in , while holding the Holy Sword of Light, Enhale, back in her hand. She pointed it at the red bird.

''Enne ... your sister ... will teach you ...''

 <With the matching mirror of the , just like before, Zesia multiplied the Enhale and bound them together to create a giant holy sword of light.

''The Demon King's men........will not be defeated.......!

 The giant Veneze Lavelle, which was about to charge, was struck by the brilliance of the holy sword like a flood of light.

'How many times are you going to try the same move? Your fate is unchangeable. The life you desire...

 The red bird that was sliced in half was still plunged headfirst, just like before.

''-- Abortion!

I'm sure..........

 With the last of his strength, Zesia sliced the red monster bird that had been split in half and sliced it in two more.

'Abortion, you say!

 The bird, which was divided into four parts, still attacked Zecia.

'.........it's a sure thing.......I said it.......

 With all his might, waving his enhaire, Zesia now broke the bird into eight pieces.

 The bundled en-hale breaks apart into eight pieces, and Zecia skewers the divided monster bird with her long, extended sword.

''Holy Sword Bound Light Cage (Thias Diarra).''

 The magic of the warding is activated, trapping the abortion guard god in a basket of light.

''Sister........come here.......?

 Ennesone's voice rang out.
 Aiming straight at her, one of the abortion guard gods came from behind, ramming its beak forward.

''.........I won't.......!

 Zecia turned her gaze behind her and slashed the bird at the en-hale, and at that moment--


 The sound of a mirror breaking could be heard.
 A moment later, another monstrous bird plunges into the that had been multiplying the Enhale and shatters it.

 The matching mirror disappeared, the multiplied Enhale disappeared, and the disappeared.

''Hee hee hee. You are still under the control of the Demon King to be under such a visible hand?

 The red bird, divided into eight parts, looms straight ahead.
 It is not possible to slice through it or prevent it from happening.

 That monstrous bird that rammed into the two of them would explode just as loudly as it did earlier.

It's just a child. You're just a child.

 The bird that came close to guiding the escaping Zecia - but stopped just before she did.


 <The Four Genus Warding Seal (De Igeria).
 The magical wards of earth, water, fire and wind were newly placed there, and the red bird, divided into eight parts, prevented all assaults.

''Theo Trias.

 Eight cannonballs of light swallowed the red bird and then made it disappear.

'Great job, Zesia. A hundred points.

 Flying through the sky was Eleonor, who deployed a magic character and a holy water ball.
 Behind her, over ten thousand storks could be seen.

 Holding up her index finger, she said with a smile.

''The people under the Demon King's command, the people who should be protected are a big priority!