414-Believe in the nesting of chicks

 While stalling the Anderk, she passed through the magic line and shifted her vision to Eleonor's magical eye.

 She stretched the across Ennesone, reducing the influence of the abortion god's order as much as possible.

''........It's getting worse.......''

 Eleonor looked up at the sky.
 A black monstrous bird was flying around and making eerie noises as Ennesone searched for it.

 It would only be a matter of time before it was noticed.
 Red threads frayed and scattered from the giant two-headed snake that peeked into the palace, sticking everywhere in the Mei-Gu shrine city.

 Each time that thread, which looked like a scar, increased, Ennesone's expression became painfully twisted.

''Eleonor. The two-headed serpent is held down by me. You give birth to Ennesone and bring her here.''

 <This is what I ordered her to do in my thought transmission (leaks).

'To give birth to Enne-chan, we can just get all the mindless dolls and turn them into storks, right?


"I'm sure I can do it, but with all the mansions, cemeteries, and shops, it's going to take a lot of time...

 Then, Zecia said in .

''Enne........it's disappearing.......! You're not...?

 With an uneasy look on her face, Zesia looked into Ennesone's face.
 She flapped her head wings and smiled weakly as if she was fine.

''Besides, it's only a matter of time before those birds find you,'' she said. If you try to erase the magic, if you erase the De Igeria, Enne-chan will be in danger...''

 Eleonor turned around as quickly as he could.
 With a high-pitched voice, the abortion guard god Veneze Lavelle pointed his black beak and plunged in like an arrow.

 The target is not Eleonor or Xecia, but the <4 genus ward seal (de Igeria)> that covers Ennesone's surroundings.

''Hey, no!

 The released from Eleonor's fingertips shot through Veneze Lavelle.


 They let out a scream of demise, and with a flurry, the monstrous birds fell to the ground.
 However, the red thread of the Anderkes tangled in their bodies.

 An eerie, ominous and evil magic power rises up to the surface.

''Theo Trias.

 A barrage of light cannonballs shot from Eleonor's fingertips.
 One after another it landed on the Abortion Watch God, however, Veneze Lavelle spread its wings wide and flew up with ease.

 Its entire body was wrapped with the red thread of the Abortion God, and its magic power was greatly enhanced.
 To the extent that even Eleonor's couldn't kill it with a single blow.

"Hmmm........we're in trouble. I think we can take it down if we shoot it with all our might, but.......

 Eleonor's magical power is generated by a pseudo-root source that generates the mind and is amplified by the  And now it is spending most of its power on protecting Ennesone.

 If it turns into an attack, Ennesone's abortion will proceed.


I'm still thinking about it. Any boy that does this will be punished!

 <With the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias), Eleonor shot out the red monster birds that flew at him.

 However, the guardian gods who withstood this attacked the four genus ward seal (de Igeria) that was stretched across Ennesone.

 Doggone it, a hole is made in the ward with a small amount of bog-o'clock.
 <The guardian god of abortion who plunged his entire body into the De Igeria was being chipped away by its power.

 However, the monstrous birds, without regard to the situation, one after the other, rushed in with abandoned bodies.

 It was as if Anderk's madness had taken over.
 As if to say that as long as Ennesone is aborted, that's all that matters, the guardian gods of abortion drilled holes in the wards while letting out high-pitched cries.

''........If you mess with Enne.......meh.......!

 Zecia pulls out the Holy Sword of Light, Enhale, and multiplies it countless times with her
 While releasing an immense amount of magical power, she skewers the monstrous birds one after another with that long extended sword of light.

Zecia, you'll get an upset stomach if you eat them raw!

 Eleonor unleashes the Sacred Area Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias) on the monstrous bird that has been skewered by Enhale and is unable to move.

 The red thread wrapped around the gap, the light cannonball passes through the gap and shoots directly through the guardian god of abortion.
 The dazzling light burns through, and Veneze Lavelle dies limp and limp.

Let's get away! Let's get out of here, or they'll come back for more.

Enne ... can you move?

 Zecia reaches out to her.

 Ennesone firmly grabbed Zesia's hand and started running with her.

'So, what should I do? Since you're Anos, I'm sure you're trying to figure out an easy way to get through it, right?''

 Eleonor said in while running.

"I will use Ennesone as bait.

"Wow, this is a worse idea than I thought.

 She raised her voice in surprise.

''It would be daylight if we were to align the mindless dolls, magicless vessels, and disembodied soul spirits that exist in this Mei-Gong divine City one by one. Before then, Anderucu will be destroyed and Ennesone will be aborted.''

If we use Enne-chan as bait, what will you do?

"Eleonor. "Eleonor, the number of pseudo-roots you can generate at the same time is 306. I'll send each pseudo-root source of magic, mind, and skeleton to a doorless shop, a roofless house, and a graveyard without a tombstone.

"Oh, okay, I get it. Get it all out of there and put it all together!

'Yes. If Ennesone draws the abortion watchdog farther away, he won't be disturbed by it.'

Oh, but wait a minute.

 Saying that, Eleonor looks at Zesia anxiously.

''Enne-chan, you mean to protect Zecia alone.......? That's a bit alarming...

It's okay.........

 In front of a large building, Zesia stopped.

'Zesia ... alone, I can protect ... enne ... give birth to her ...'

 Squeezing Ennesone's hand tightly, she says.

''Zesia is also........under the control of the Demon King.......!


"Ha ha. Ha ha ha. It's your job to worry. "You'll never be able to enjoy your errand alone if you keep it out of sight.

 After thinking about it for a few moments, Eleonor nodded her head dully.
 Then she folded her knees and squeezed Zesia into a hug.

'We're going to the outskirts of town. Get as far away as you can and attract as many birds as you can. If you succeed, I'll make you Zesia's favorite apple pie every day.

"...success........is assured...!

 Raising the holy sword Enhale in high spirits, Zesia declared.

''Apple pie ... knight ... this is Zesia.

 She pauses bravely.

'Good luck, Enne, too.'


 Eleonor hugs Enne.
 The wings of her head twitch with joy.

 When she moves away from them, I say.

''Use the
 Eleonor dismantles the Ask, and then uses the love that Zecia has for Ennesone to deploy the Ask.
 Then, using the love that Xecia has for Ennesone, he deploys the Ask and re-stretches the De Igeria.

The Duplicate Magic Mirror (Regalloymitin)

 Zesia draws a magic circle.

 A matching mirror appeared around Ennesone, layering and reinforcing its magical wards in layers.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you have to be able to see the whole thing. I'm not around, so if this dejeria is breached, you won't be able to put it back up.

 Eleonor says as he holds up his index finger and nails it.
 Zesia nodded persistently.

''I'm going........!

 Holding hands with Ennesone, Zesia starts to run.

'Keep up the good work!

 In response to Eleonor's encouragement, Zesia raises the Holy Sword of Light above her head.
 As she does so, when she finds the Watchtower of Abortion in the sky above, she extends her raised enhaire intact and skewers her enemy.

''Zesia is........here.......! Everyone, it's a roast........!

 Zesia flares her holy sword of light with a flourish.

 Immediately, the other guard gods noticed it and began to gather to her.
 While attracting them, Zesia headed towards the outskirts of the city, just as Eleonor had told her to do.

 Looking at the sky above, a black cloud was moving in pursuit of Zesia.
 No, it wasn't a cloud, it was a bird.

 A large flock of Veneze Lavelle was trying to get ahead of Zesia's destination.

 Eleonor stared anxiously at the dark clouds, then shook his head as if to shake them off and walked into a nearby building.

'Let's go, Anos-kun,'

 Quietly, she mutters.
 In the next moment, magic letters begin to drift around Eleonor, and from there, holy water floods out.

 Her body floated in a huff within the holy water ball.

 The gentle chanting echoes through the room.

 <The number of root source clones that can be created by the magic of the is one hundred and twenty-two at the moment. Originally, the amount allowed is about double that, but she has already produced 10,000 Zesia.

 A pseudo-root clone is an incomplete root clone, so to speak. For example, a pseudo-root clone with only magic power would require only a third of the power. The same goes for the mind and the skeleton.

 Hence, the pseudo-root source she could create now was three hundred and sixty-six.

 Spheres of pale light overflowed out of the holy water sphere one after another, and they began to drift into the room.
 Soon, countless pseudo-root sources were covering the inside of that building.

 For a while, Eleonor remained in place.
 He couldn't release the pseudo-root sources until the abortion guard gods disappeared from this city in pursuit of Zesia.

 The black monstrous birds were moving and disappearing from the city as fast as they could.
 At the same time, it was proof that Xecia and Ennesone were being pursued by a large number of guard gods.

 Eleonor had a worried look on her face and just trusted her daughter to endure.

''Good. Let go.''

 I give the signal.

 Eleonor raised his hand, and with the overflowing magical power, the window and door was opened.
 From there, a faintly glowing pseudo-root source slipped out and flew fluffily through the Mei-Gu shrine city.

 Aiming for a mansion without a roof, a shop without a door, a cemetery without a tombstone--

 The pseudo-root source's movement speed wasn't slow, but it wasn't fast either.
 While doing this, Zesia would be getting cornered more and more, but it wasn't possible to have her arrive at her destination in an instant.

''........There's a lot more than I thought.......?''

 Half of the pseudo-roots have been traced to roofless mansions and doorless shops.
 But still only half of the city had been examined.

 Or perhaps the number of mindless dolls and magicless vessels is greater than the upper limit of three hundred and sixty-six pseudo-root sources that Eleonor can produce.

 If so, it would take much longer than predicted to get them all together.
 That would put Zesia in danger.

 As the pseudo-root source spread throughout the city, Eleonor became impatient.
 If they reached seventy percent of the city, they needed seventy percent of the pseudo-root sources.

 Enough or not enough. It would be just barely enough.
 If only one corner had a large number of shops without doors, it would be pretty tough.

 A prayerful time passed, and soon, that ball of light spread to every corner of the city.

''........Is this all there is to it.......?

Looks like it.

 Eleonor patted his chest in relief.

Thank God that was really just in time. I was lucky enough to have exactly the same number of pseudo-roots that I could produce.

 A mindless doll, a vessel without magic power, a spirit without a body.
 The total number of them was three hundred and sixty-six.

 Combine the three into one, and the number of storks born was one hundred and twenty-two.
 That was quite a number.

 Even if they manipulated the pseudo-root source and gathered the three in one place in the shortest distance, it would still take some time to hatch all the eggs.

''Zecia, you have to work a little harder. I'll give birth to Enne-chan now.