576-Holy sword voice

 The next morning--

 When I woke up, there were eyes close to me staring at me.

'Good morning,'

 Misha says, smiling.

 She must have been treating me all night. Next to her is Sasha, wrapped in the sheets, sleeping peacefully.

''Well I told you it would be fine until you fell asleep,''

Are we bothering you?

 Misha asked me, nodding her head.

 He can't help it.
 I sit up and pat her on the shoulder as if to congratulate her.

'I'm feeling a lot better because of it.


 I get off the bed and draw a magic circle under my feet. As it rises to my head, the nightgown I was wearing turns into a uniform.

 I walk out and Misha follows behind me.

'It's still early. Rest.

I'm fine.

 She has regained her creator's authority and her powers have been strengthened.
 It's not as if she's unable to move due to fatigue, as she was the last time.

I had to stay up a little late last night. "I stayed up a little late last night, so I don't think he'll be able to get up again.

 If you look at Sasha, who is sleeping peacefully, Misha will also pour his gaze on it.

 'Wake up my sister,' she said, 'I'm sure she understood my intentions.


I'll see you later.

 Leaving the bedroom, I left the quarters on my feet.

 Shin was standing in front of the door.

 The rumor that the Demon King's Academy had captured the mastermind of the Fallen Fallen Destruction has already spread throughout Pablo Hetara.

 The source of the information is the Cutthroat King's daily issue of the Cutthroat Death King's newsletter, which is spread out daily.

 The Militia World is headed by a non-conformist. There was a possibility that those who were not happy about the Bubbles World becoming the Holy Upper Sixth Academy would take the initiative to take a blackout, so they took the initiative to stand guard.

 He closed his eyes, but he was only half asleep.
 If he sensed anything unusual, he would immediately draw his sword.

 Noticing my presence, he opened his eyes.

'No change.'

Good job. Rest.

"As you wish.

 After seeing me off, Singh walked back to his quarters.

 After a leisurely walk through the corridors of the palace, we arrived at the garden.

 Early in the morning, my father and mother were busily working on baking bread in the purchasing cafeteria, The Wind of the Great Sea.

 In front of the store, Erdmeade is standing there eating bread and explaining the contents of the next issue to Naya.

 There were no other customers in sight.

 In a corner of the garden, a man sits on a rock, staring at the holy sword.


 I called out to him and he turned to me.

'Hey. You're early.

Not as much as you.

 As he said it, he stood next to him.

 Ray returned his gaze to the Spirit God Human Sword. He stared at the demon's eyes as if looking into its abyss.

''I couldn't sleep.''


''........I think I can hear voices coming from the Spirit God Man Sword. Just as I was about to leave Ewezeino........

 I turned my demon eyes to the Spirit God Human Sword in Ray's hand.

 The swing of the magic power is a bit large. I've been trying to get the power out of it, but I can't get it out, that's the impression I got.
 I'm not going to be able to hear the voice.

"Is it now?


 I listen to it, but it's still the same.
 It must be a voice that only the Spirit God Human Sword wielder can hear.

''What does it say?''

Maybe, but...

 Ray said as he listened to the holy sword.

'Help me,'

I see.

'This didn't happen to me when I was in Militia World.

 Is the Spirit God Human Sword, which has gone out to the Silver Water Holy Sea and can wield as much power as it wants, trying to make a case for something?

 I hope this isn't a bad omen.

Let's ask Barzalondo.


 And that's when I was blocked from view by hands from behind.
 I feel a soft touch on my back.



 The hand that had been covering my eyes is released.
 When I turn around, I see Eleonor, who is smiling broadly, holding out a paper bag of bread to me.

'It's a winner! Yes, your reward of hope bread.

Let's get it.

 I'll take the desired bread from Eleonor.

'Yes, I'll give you one, Ray.

That's nice, but I'm not sure I can see the road ahead.

 Both of Ray's eyes were blocked from behind by Zesia's hands.

''Ah, Zesia, if you don't tell me it's me, even Ray-kun can't guess it?''

It's me..........

Who could it be...?

 I should have heard the answer just now, but Ray is dutifully playing along with Zesia's play.

'Is it Ennesone?'

It's an outlier...!

 Zecia replied proudly.


It's an outlier...!

 It is an unreasonable game.

''As a matter of fact.......Ray's bread, Zesia will confiscate it.......!

Um... isn't it Zecia?

'Just because it's Zetia.....you thought it was Zetia........'

 As he says it, Zecia opens her mouth wide, as if she wants something.

'You can't spill it, okay?

 Eleonor put the bread in Zesia's mouth.

 She filled her cheeks with the bread and munched on it.

'Do you have a clue?'

That's what we're talking about.

 Ray ponders with a straight face.

'You're just not speaking well with bread. Zecia, Ray, you're going to get confused, so let's wait until you've eaten to get a clue.


 Zecia mumbled and ate the bread and swallowed it very quickly.

''I have a hint..........

'Hmm? Don't you think you should give him a few more hints?

It's okay..........

 Zecia assured him once and for all, with her best face.

 Ray showed a refreshing smile.

 Rather than a look of knowing the answer, it seems to me that he has no choice but to laugh.

''You're out of luck.''

There you go. That was a little difficult.

 With a bobble, Zecia shook her head widely.

 Then she strolled behind me and tugged at the sleeves of my uniform.

 When I squat down, Zecia's hands cover both of my eyes.

'Yes. Zesia has never woken up on her own at this hour. In other words, early bird Zesia.

Wow. You were right!

 Eleonor says, surprised.

 Zesia let go of my eyes and leaned back from my back.

'Anos........what was Ray.......doing.......?

They say they can hear voices coming from the God-Man Sword.

 Then Zecia put her hand on my shoulder and jumped with a whimper.
 When she landed in front of Ray, she put her ear to the Spirit Godman Sword and seemed to be listening to something.

''I don't know exactly what it is, though. I have a feeling that the Spiritual Goddess Human Sword is saying something to me. If that's really the case, I'd like to respond to it.

'Hmm? But wasn't this the holy sword used to destroy the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon? If you ask me to destroy you, Anos, I'll be in trouble.

 Pith, Eleonor holds up his index finger.

'It is,'

 Ray chuckled.

''I hear..........''


 Eleonor voices a question.

'Um, but does Zesia hear me...?'

'I'm not sure. Zesia also has the qualities of a brave man. I wouldn't be surprised if she could hear the voice of the Spirit God Human Sword, but........

 It could be that he just happened to be on the same wavelength as that voice.

'What does it say?'

 Zesia says.

'....waking up early...'

Are you awake early?

 Eleonor looks at Ray as if to say, "What in the world?

'....waking up early.......for a child....

 Eleonor nodded and waited for the rest of the story.

'....reward.......apple pie.......

''The Spirit God and Human Sword would never say that!

 It was just a wish.

 However, with a serious expression on his face, Zecia said, "The world.........

''The world........may be saved.........''

No way. You'll never get away with it. How would you save the world with apple pie?

"....impossible....people....it's a miracle....I say...

Mooo. You don't say that when you want apple pie. Where did you learn that? You'll be a bad adult if you follow Dr. Eldmead's example.

 The Cutthroat King, who was standing in front of the purchasing cafeteria eating bread, turned to us as if he was concerned.

 Me and Ray looked at each other and smiled at each other.

''If that's the kind of appeal you're looking for, though, I don't have much to say.