The Third Deep Auditorium--

 A circular staircase of seats had been set up, like the spectators' seats in an arena, and many students were crammed into it.

 The Alliance of Academies of Pablo Hetara, all eighteen hundred and twenty-two Academies, had gathered before the special court session.
 As expected, not all of them could fit in, so each academy was limited to a small number of people, including heads of state and key officials.

 Even so, the circular room was packed with people.

 The pews in the center were hexagonal in shape and furnished with prestigious desks and chairs.
 From the surrounding seats, you can see the pews from above.

 The Arbitration God Ottolou was already standing there, and each representative of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy was seated.

 First place in the pecking order.
 Magic Bullet World Ehrenesia. The first captain of the Abyssal General Army (Shinen Sogun), Guy Ambared.

 Second place in the pecking order.
 Holy Sword World Hyphoria. Headmaster, Holy King Rebrahard Heinriel.

 Third place in the pecking order.
 The Blacksmithing World of Badyloua. Head, Bellamy Standad, witch of the All Hallows' Workshop.

 Fourth in the pecking order.
 Puppet World Luzendforth. Acting Head, Humanoid Society Strategist Rekol.

 Fifth in the pecking order.
 Disaster World Eavesino. Former Acting Head Marshal Naga Arzenon.

 The fourth place in the pecking order, the Dreaming World Falling Forlorn, had perished, so the lesser academies had moved up in rank, and the sixth place was vacant.

 I was standing near the center of the podium.

''But what the heck,''

 A hoarse old woman's voice rang out.

 Bellamy threw his feet up on the desk and said to Guy Ambared, who was sitting disciplined and seated.

'Where in the world is the Lord Grand Admiral of Elesia doing, that he has not come to this moment?

Ha. I can't answer that.

 In an honest voice, Gui replied like a military man.

''The agenda is about Militia joining the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, right? I thought it was going to get messy if the Grand Admiral Lord came, but it's going to get even more messy if he doesn't.

 Bellamy says, as if making small talk.

'I have been entrusted with full authority in this matter by Grand Admiral Gigi. Please judge your own words as the decision of the magic bullet world Ehrenesia.

Oh, yeah? I thought you were going to argue with me later instead of attending," he said.

 Collapsing on his back, Bellamy folded his hands over his head.

''It's the Grand Admiral's idea that those in deeper places manage those in shallower places. It doesn't add up that the Bubbles World might be entering the St. Upper Sixth Academy, but they don't show up.

 Then Lebrahard opened his mouth.

'Perhaps the Lord Grand Admiral has grown up, as you might expect. If you don't come, I won't have to object.'

I don't know if he has the balls to do that.

 Bellamy blurted out to himself.

'No matter what he says later, the law will not be overturned. Even if Elesia is the deepest in Pablo Hetara.

'Hmm. You're an uncooperative person, Grand Admiral.

 Naga says in a light tone.
 From the way he speaks, he's probably never met the head of the magic bullet world before.

''If he was as coordinated as the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon, maybe we would have talked faster.

'What? Does that mean it's pointless to talk about it?

I don't think I said that.

 The Naga responds to Lebrahard with a smile, and Naga responds with a smile as well.

''Well, Recol. Are you the next head of Luzendort?

 Sick of their skirmish, Bellamy changed the subject so.

 Rekol looks up slightly.
 He's still in full body armor, clad in darkness, as usual.

 The same is true for Parrington, but since it's a puppet world, everyone in Luzendort may be using a puppet as a vessel.

''We haven't decided on a head of state. We're waiting for the Puppet Emperor to decide.

''Well, I'm sure Luzendort doesn't care if the Holy Sixth Academy is a bubble world or not.

 From what I've heard so far, it seems that the magic bullet world Ehrenesia has expressed concern about Militia being a bubble world.

 I'm sure there are many other heads of the other small worlds who are unhappy with the situation, but now, what will happen?

Time is up. We will now go to the Sixth College Tribunal.

 Ottolu's voice echoed throughout the auditorium.

 The students seated in a circular staircase shape straightened their posture or turned their gaze to the podium.

''As I told you earlier, one of the St. Upper Six Academies, the Dream World Fallen Forlorn, has been destroyed by someone. We have captured the alleged mastermind and confirmed his authenticity in Pablo Hetara.

 Ottreloo held up a red straw doll and drew a magic circle.

 The figure was enlarged on the spherical blackboard.

 Instantly, the heads of state turned their gazes grim.

''Is that...?''

'The .........puppet prince of the Humanoid Society .......'

 With their evil eyes, the heads of state have looked into the depths of the abyss and have correctly seen the source of the red straw doll.

''The ringleader's name is Parrington Anessa, the head of the puppet world. He confessed that he had destroyed the Fallen Fallal with his hands. We have also obtained confirmation of the ability to use the destruction magic used, the , the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons>.

 The whole auditorium buzzed.

''No way........inside Pablo Hetara.......! And that's not even with Ewezeino, but with Luzendort...!

I thought it was bullshit, but I didn't realize this issue was...

 One of the heads of the former heads of state stared at the issue of the Demon King newspaper in his hand.

''So that means that bubble world that captured the ringleader alive is at the Holy Upper Sixth Academy--''

"Don't be so cavalier! That much is not necessarily true!

 The third auditorium was noisy for a while as speculations flew around, but it eventually quieted down as it waited for Ottolou's words.

'It was the eighteenth in the pecking order, the former head of the Demon King's Academy, Anos, who identified Parrington as the ringleader and took him alive. For their achievements, Pablo Hetala will promote them to the sixth rank in the pecking order. All those in favor--

 'Raise your hand,' said Ottreloo, and before he could speak, Lebrahard was standing up.

'But first, may I have one thing to say?'

I give the head of state, Lebrahard, permission to speak.

 As Ottolu uttered that, Lebrahard's figure was projected on the spherical blackboard.

''After capturing the ringleader, the academy welcomes you to the Holy Upper Sixth Academy. This is the decision of the Six Academies Court Meeting, as previously notified, and this time it's only a formality. It cannot be overturned unless all of the Holy Upper Six Academies oppose it, or unless the headmaster, Anos, declines it.

 To the heads of the various minor worlds, Rebrahard explains.

''However, some of us in the Academy Alliance may have some misgivings about a bubble world that does not have the Lord God's presence entering the Holy Upper Sixth Academy.

 Some of the students nodded widely.

''So first, I would like to hear what you guys think. Although it won't have a direct impact on the outcome of the Sixth Academy Tribunal meeting, the five of us might change our minds.

 Lebrahard turns to me.

'Or the idea of a head of state, Anos.

 In response, Ottolu said.

''I approve the proposal of the Head of the Yuan Rebrahard. Now, we will take a decision at the Academy of the seventh rank in the hierarchy. The result of the vote will not affect the resolution. All those in favor of elevating the Demon King Academy, raise your hands.

 A sparse hand was raised.

 Zymon of the Silver Castle World Balandias. Rip, the former head of the dust world Parivilla. Doneld, the former head of the world of thoughts. And the remaining four.

Ayes: 7. Opposed: 169. Therefore, it is a majority against.


 One reason is that you can't accept a small world without the Lord God.
 The other reason is that they don't want to create the fact that they agree with it.

 It seems that the magic bullet world of Elesia, which ranks first in the hierarchy, does not accept the bubble world.

 If Bellamy thought that Grand Admiral Gigi was planning to make a rude awkwardness later, it's not surprising that the other academies think the same way.

 In any case, the outcome will be the same.

 I don't want to bypass it here and have the magic bullet world take notice of me.
 And that's why I took advantage of that psychology--


 Perhaps it's this man, Lebrahard.

"Most of the Pablo Hetara seem to disagree, but it does not affect their promotion. We can go ahead with it, but you can respect their decision.

 This man obeys the law.
 As long as it was decided by the court session, Militia's entry into the St. Upper Sixth Academy cannot be reversed.

 However, the decision is only a right, not an obligation.

''Hm. It sounds like you're asking me to turn down the offer?

''I only prepared a choice. You can either enter St. John's Sixth College against all odds or you can wait until they accept you. It's up to you to decide which path is the right one.

 We need to be convinced as much as possible in Ewezeino, he said, but it's not easy to get around.

 Pablo Hetala's decision-making is primarily a court-martial by the Six Institutes of the Holy See.

 But that doesn't mean we can't completely ignore the other academies.

 It's an alliance of this scale.
 If we don't take them into account to a certain extent, dissatisfaction will ensue and the organization will fall apart.

 In other words, if it's a fact that most of the academies opposed it, then even if Militia joined the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, its power would become tangible and fruitless.

 Is the goal to reduce our voice?

The only thing that matters is that you don't want to raise the ranks, and if there are too many opponents, your shoulders are too small. If we're going to receive a high ranking title, we'll have to get the academy alliance to agree to it.

 Lebrahard nodded.

'So we'll forego it this time, if that's okay with you?

What do you misunderstand?

 Lebrahard twitched and raised an eyebrow.

 I jumped up from my spot into the air.

 I looked around at the seats around me and said proudly.

'Those who disagree may stand. I will follow the rules you have set, and I will defeat all of you and convince you all to complete it.