578-Doge and history

That's very disappointing.

 There was a scathing voice and one of the heads of state stood up.

 His skin was red and he had an unusually long nose.

''As long as Militia is a bubble world, you Demon King's Academy are not suitable for the Holy Upper Sixth Academy. The shallow will be taken away and the deep will reign. That is the order of this Silver Water Holy Sea. You who try to deviate from reason have no idea what effect it will have on Pablo Hetara.

 While running a hand over his chin, the man said.

''It's true that the Demon King's Academy does have some power. If they beat Eavesino in the hierarchy, they are no less powerful than the Holy Sixth Academy. But, as usual, the silver bubble will not last long without the Lord God. Or, if it is the last glimmer of light from a small world on the verge of ruin, then that much power is understandable.

Hmm. What's your name?

The first in the pecking order. The miasmic world's leader of Hinzebolu.

 With a trace of cunning, Gao speaks up and says, "This is something you must understand.

It is important to understand this, Head of the Bubble World. A shallow champion, no matter how strong and intelligent, will not be accepted in this sea.

You're right, Master Gao.

 At the sound of a voice, a sharp-eyed woman rises to her feet.

 Her azure hair was long, her ears looked like fish fins, and she wore a shell hair ornament on her head.

 There were balls of water floating around her.

''In the name of the Suisanjo-tei Empress Lianaprina, the Suisanjo World Cyraina also expresses its opposition to the elevation of the Demon King Academy.

Same on the right.

There will be no more misfits in my world.

 As if a dam had been broken, one after another, the heads of the various small worlds rose up.

 There are a total of sixteen hundred and ninety-nine of them.

You said to set the rules, but you are the head of Militia. It's unfortunate, but no matter how much money you win, we will never recognize the current Academy of Demonology. Whether you win a hundred times or a thousand times, it doesn't matter if you defeat all the six academies. You must awaken the Lord God, the symbol of miracles, and then start again.

 Emperor Gao said.

 The other heads of state are glaring at me in agreement.

''Even if I'm the only one?''


He's not going to mess with my men. I won't let them do anything to us. If you have won, I swear to you that I will never enter the Holy Sixth Academy again.

 After a moment's pause, Gaou's gaze sharpened as if in alarm.

I'm gonna let you keep your right hand out of it.

..... What....?

Do you disagree? Then how about two hands?

 Gao pulls his lips together.

 But he doesn't come on board right away.
 It's unexpectedly cautious.

'What's the matter? I can't use both hands and the rules are up to you.

What would you say if I told you we were going to compete in arm-wrestling? What would you do if I told you that you would compete in arm-wrestling?

Do you want to try it? Arm-wrestling with me, who can't use both hands.

 Gao is silent as he ponders.

 Is it like another push?

Lord Gao.

 It was Lianaprina, the water math empress, who interrupted her.

 The water balls that were around her gathered together to form an abacus.

 Lianaprina played it with her fingertips and said softly.

'It's not a good idea to ride his hand. Arm-wrestling with former head Anos, who can't use both hands, won't change our chances of winning by nine to nine. Our chances of victory are zero.

 She has a pretty good magic eye.
 No, it's not the magic eye, it's more like that water reckoning board.

 It's spirit magic. The principle behind it is not clear, but it may have played the answer to the fact that I'll win an arm-wrestling match even if I can't use my hands.

''Hm. I'd like to follow the calculation of the waterworks queen.

 Gao says.

 She must have so much faith in her calculations.

''You're the man who lightly broke through the baptism of the three Holy Dao Academy. There are rumors that you've crossed paths with those two pretenders. Then you should be considered an enemy of the impenetrable territorial waters.

 When Gao uttered this, Lianaprina followed suit.

''Headmaster Anos. You are strong, but you cannot defeat us who do not compete. However, you can't beat us who don't compete. If you want to join the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, you can do what you want.''

No one will ever admit it, but...

 They are right in their judgment.
 No matter how powerful their opponents are, if they don't step into the playing field, they can't lose.

 But I think they are blind to what they are not seeing.

That's a disappointment. "Can't you think of a way for the heads of the Confederation to beat me alone, putting their heads together?

 I look around at the heads of the former heads of state who keep their mouths shut.

'You think I'm going to take such a cheap provocation?'

Provocation? Do you think so?

 Gao doesn't move a single eyebrow.

 Lianaprina, too, looks unconcerned and plays the water arithmetic.

'You Pablo Hetara people talk about the Lord God like he's indispensable, but is he really? At least our Militia world is spinning unimpeded without such a thing!

History has proven that this is the idea of fools. History has shown that no small world in this Pablo Hetala Confederation of Academies could survive without the Lord God. Even the world of Militia will eventually fail and turn to seaweed.

History is what you make of it.

 The heads of state stared at me sharply.

"You are beyond irreverent, Head of Militia. Do you insult the history of our Pablo Hetara, the history of our people, the lessons we have learned after so many defeats?

'If you're going to talk about history, know that. It's always a handful of pioneers who find new truths.

 I say this not only to Gao and Lianaprina, but to all the heads of state.

'I don't know how long time has passed and how many small worlds have fallen into ruin. But I have never been in the history of Pablo Hetara. That is the answer.

"...the most arrogant thing in the world...

 His voice is controlled, but his words are laced with anger.

"Do you think that the wisdom gathered from many worlds is inferior to the wisdom of one man? Who would believe such foolish words?

"Then let the sixteen heads of state here gather their wisdom and challenge me to a contest of wits.

 The Great Tengu Emperor Gao, who was about to argue, shuts down and his expression turns grim.

You are free to set the rules. If you have this many people, this much wisdom and strength, and yet you can't even bring yourself to challenge me alone, what need is there for you to be convinced by all these people?

 All the opposing heads of state looked at each other in distress.

 Then they gave a chase.

''Don't get me wrong, heads of the little world, I have given you a chance. I have given you a chance. If you have nothing to say in return but history, you can retreat to your own world and talk to the fossils you have dug up.

 It was Pablo Hetala's decision for the Militia World to join the St. Upper Sixth Academy in the first place.

 It would be nice to have the approval of the other academies, but if they are not worthy of discussion, it's a different story.
 That's what I confronted them with.

"As a head of state, you will be the one to make history, so show some wisdom here.

I'm going to have to have your help...


 With a bang, Gaou turned around.

 The one who agreed was the Water Counting Empress Lianaprina.

''I am uncomfortable with the idea that we do not see the future of the world.

Queen Lianaprina if you lose, it will be a sign of recognition for him. You had better refrain from placing pride before merit.

It's something you'll want to think about. He's saying that if you don't challenge him, he will ignore our objections and join the St. George's Sixth Academy.

That doesn't mean I approve.

 Lianaprina sighs.

'It's not a story. You are the one who should stop doing the little things that take harassment over practicality.'

N....what is it with you, my dear? You wouldn't have done it in the past, but now you're ranked 13th on the pecking order...

But I'm with Queen Lianaprina on this one.


 I looked in the direction of the voice in an abhorrent manner, and there he was, the Three Academies of the Holy Way - the high priest of the scriptural world, Belmas.

'It would be a matter of prestige for Pablo Hetala to say that no matter how contrary the position is, he will never admit it as long as it is the Bubbling World.

But..... but...

What is it?

If you are the head of the scripture world, then you will have to do what you are told to do.

 Perhaps it was because the scriptural world Azraven was higher in the pecking order than him, but Gao withdrew as he said that.

''Does anyone else have any complaints?''

 I asked them that, but no one said anything back.

 I don't think they all completely agree, but they don't even want to speak up and take the brunt of the arrows.

 The top of the pecking order in this one, the scriptural world, is the one who says it's going to be done.
 At worst, I wouldn't be surprised if they are willing to put the blame on him.

'Then you may set the rules of the game.

"Queen Lianaprina.

 High Priest Belmas says.

'What are your thoughts?'

As you wish, let your wits and the power of our underestimated forces be waged against each other. In the old traditions of Pablo Hetara, and yet in a form that does not allow him to use his signature doomsday magic, in other words--

 Lianaprina plays the water arithmetic with a self-consciousness.

'In silver water chess,'