579-Silver water shogi

 Ottolou stretches out one hand and sends magic power to the fixed magic circle of transition prepared in the deep auditorium.

''Silver Water Shogi can only be played on the . I will move to the deepest part of the palace, is that alright?

I'm fine.

Then we'll move on.

 The fixed magic circle of the transference activated, and the area in front of my eyes turned white.

 The next moment, what I saw in my vision was a floor of ice.
 It seemed to go on and on forever.

 The surroundings are as dark as blackness. The faint light from underneath our feet only vaguely illuminates us.

''....What is this? It's not normal ice...?

 Sasha crouched down and curiously touched her hand to the ice.

 Misha stared into the god's eyes and looked into the depths of the ice floor.

''........Silver water?''

Yes, it is said that silver water does not freeze. It is said that silver water does not freeze, but we have frozen it in order to create the "Twisted Surface Panel.

 Ottolou said and drew a large magic circle under her feet.

 To the keyhole that appeared, she inserted a huge screw spool and turned it three times, gii, gii, gii.

 The floor of ice - the began to shine, and a wide expanse of sky was reflected on its surface.

 Instantly, the sky appeared in the darkness and spread wide.

 In the blink of an eye, the ice floor turned into the earth.

 Trees lined the landscape, and the grasslands that emerged rustled in the wind.
 The horizon stretched far and wide, and there was no end to what I could see with my evil eye.

 There are ruins here and there.

 The landscape of the rundown and tattered capital continues to the far horizon.

''.......Where are the Headmaster's children?''

 Arcana asks.

 ''The only people here are the students of the Demon King Academy, and there are no other heads of state.

''They have transitioned to the northern camp. The Silver Water Chess is a mock war in which they use creation magic to produce pieces and compete for them. The only condition for victory is to take the enemy king's school insignia.

 Ottolu points to the Pablo Hetara school insignia on my chest.

'Hmm. I thought it was a board game, but you're going to be your own pawn?'

Both the sorcerer and his created pieces are soldiers, and he will use all of his strength to win. Direct attacks on the pieces are also possible. There is no violation of the rules.

 I thought you were going to keep me out of direct combat, but I guess not.

 It's not that I'm not bound by rules.

 And yet, you still have a chance of winning.

"It seems that the king over there has been chosen as Head of State, Lianaprina.

 Was she the water math empress of the water math world Cyraina?

 The rankings are higher in the Scripture World, but she was the one who said she was going to play silver water chess.

''Anos, the head of the head.

 A arrives from Lianaprina.

'Please check with Ottolu about the mechanics of Silver Water Shogi. In order to create the pieces, you also need to learn the magic of creation. Do you have enough time to prepare for this in one hour?''

No need. It's easier to learn on the fly.

"...is that an insult to us?

 Maybe my words were offensive, but she sounded stern.


What do you mean?

You have underestimated me.

 After a moment's pause, Lianaprina said sharply.

''No thanks! Well, let me tell you. The weight of our history, our Lord God, and the weight of our world that you have underestimated.'

 <The telegraphic communication is being cut off.

I hear you may begin. I'll take your time. You can explain as you see fit.

Yes, sir.

 Ottolu looked up overhead.

 Then, two silver sea whales flew through the sky.

 One carried the former heads of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, including Rebrahard and Naga, on its back.

 The other one descended close to the students of the Demon King Academy.

''The people of the Demon King Academy are requested to watch the battle over there.

 Ottolu said, and the students jumped up in
 In the middle of it all, they turned around and Sasha said.

'Anos. I think you know what I mean.

What? I can't lose.

'Who's worried about that? Think about us being on top of the whale and fight us.

 I didn't return the words, but I gave her a smile.

 With a look of disgust, Sasha lightly backed away.

"........I'll be careful of the stray bullets.......

 Kokoro and Misha nodded.

''We are ready. We will now begin a silver water chess game by the joint academy led by former head Anos and former head Lianaprina.''

 When a signal was given from Ottolou, a magic circle was drawn in the northern camp, in the distant sky.

 It's a magic formula that I've seen before -
 Then, a lush, firefly-like light gathers on that magic circle.
 You also look familiar--

"Fire and dew...

 Upon receiving my words, Ottolu in the sky explained in .

''With the power of the , the fire dew of that world can appear on the at the will of the head of the head. And the dew will be your silver water chess piece.

 <When the Creative Architecture (Ibis) is activated, the fire dew shines and transforms.

 Three objects are completed.

 A glass object, a sail, and a doll.
 Lianaprina flew to the place where the three objects were located.

You've made a curious thing, Lianaprina. How can you use it as a pawn?

 Yes, send out a leaks.

"So I gave you time to prepare.

 She says with a sigh.

'You might want to take a look.'

 She stretches out her fingertips and connects the glass, the sails, and the doll with a magical line.

 The glass, the sails, and the outline of the doll distorted, and the three intersected.
 She chanted as if she were singing.

'The veins of glass, the heart of sail, the limbs are humanoid. Three crossed, one, dive deep, silver water-machine soldier (Ginsuikihei).

 Glass, sails, and dolls fused together, spreading a pale light.

 A glass doll with wings of sail appeared from within it.
 Divine magic power was emanating from its entire body.

''Do you understand?''

 Lianaprina says.

'Fire and dew is the order of life. Its quantity is the foundation of the Small World, which determines the depth of the world. It is no exaggeration to say that Silver Water Shogi uses the Small World itself as its pawns.

 If you lose the fire and dew, the world will be destroyed.

 The amount of fire and dew is directly related to the amount of magic power in the entire small world.

 Using the fire and dew as pawns would indeed be equivalent to using the world itself as a pawn.

''What you're about to deal with are the sixteen-nine small worlds. Head of the Militia World, Anos Voldigord.

 At the same time as Lianaprina's words, the figure of the silver water machine soldier in the sky blurred.

 Faster than I could blink, that glass doll that was far away had landed in front of me.

''The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).''

 The black particles of the seven-fold spiral swirl around the turret of the magic circle.


 <The magical power of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa) dissipated.

 They are sucked into the divine-like space constructed in this place, .

 Ottolu's voice echoes.

''On the Entangled Abyss Board, all offensive magic other than pieces will be absorbed.

 I see. This is the form in which the magic of annihilation cannot be used?

 The silver water machine soldier swept away the turret of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon> with his glass arm.

 The magic circle that was about to dissipate was easily blown away.

''This is the Silver Water Shogi.

 With Lianaprina's voice, the glass right arm is thrust down into my face.

 Easily piercing the
The weight of that fist is the weight of the water math world Silaina. If you have a fist fight with the world itself, your odds are--''

 The sound of glass shattering echoes and Lianaprina stops playing the math.

 Unable to withstand my fist pierced into the bank, the silver water machine soldier bounces off the wood.

 The shards of glass flying in the air return to a lush fire and dew light.

''A good blow.''

 A cock cock, he snaps his neck.
 A dull ache remains in my cheek.

 The weight of the world itself seems to be quite accurate.

 With this silver water chess, I can block my offensive magic and they can fight with more power than they are capable of.

''But didn't you play the math wrong? <If it can't absorb the embers and destroy them, then this place will not be destroyed, even if I release some of the source of my destruction.

 Just like the three-sided world Misha creates, the Demon King's Garden, we can only produce that much power.
 Lianaprina may think she's dragging me into a realm where they have the advantage, but in reality it's the opposite.

"168 worlds left.

 He turns his palms upward and beckons lightly with his fingertips.

'You may come at me in batches.'