Countless lush fireflies rose gently into the sky.

 As my gaze skimmed over the gaps and spied on the way out that way, Ottolu said.

''In the Silver Water Shogi, you can collect the fire dew of a defeated piece and use it as your own piece. The recovered fire dew will transfer ownership to that small world.''

 I see. So that's the kind of rule you were referring to when you said you were fighting for the pieces.

What happens if you don't retrieve it?

'After a minute has passed, the color of the fire and dew changes to red, and no camp can use it as a piece. There is no transfer of ownership.

 Even if you don't collect the fire dew, if you continue to defeat it, the number of enemy pieces will decrease.

''I can't..............................''

 A faint murmur came flying on the wind.

 My ears caught the direction in which the voice came from, and I turned my demon eyes in that direction.

 It's farther back than Liana Plina.
 On top of the hill, there are people watching us.

 They are the heads of the shallow world.

''I can't believe........the strength of the Silver Water Machine is like a small world itself.......''

''.........and the thirteenth place in the pecking order, the piece of the water math world Sairaina, was defeated on this 'Entangled Abyss Board'.......''

Apparently, at the very least, his fists are capable of destroying the world.

That is unbelievable! If he has that kind of unbelievable power, the bubble world of Militia could be destroyed just by his existence! No, even the Seventh Elesia can't be completely unscathed...

"....the tyrannical demon king Anos Voldigord....

 With a gulp, the heads of state swallowed their spit.

''Don't tell me.......is it really that disappeared demon king.......?

"I still don't understand. I don't know but this is no way to make silver water chess! He can destroy the pieces and take away the fire and dew, which is why his tactics and tactics are so effective. But he can unilaterally take our fire dew without risking the fire dew of the Militia world. We can't bypass him and use our possessions in this.

But if you don't use your pieces, you don't stand a chance... what are you going to do?

The world can't be saved. You can't sacrifice the world. In the first place, Queen Lianaprina was wrong to choose the Silver Water Shogi as her method of play.

 The heads of the shallow world could not refute those words.

 They stood there, clenching their fists and biting their back teeth.
 Eventually, one of them said.

''I'm sorry, but this game, the only way to surrender is to--''

It's shallow. It's a very shallow way of looking at things. That's a very shallow way of looking at things.

 The man with the long nose was the head of the miasma world Hinzebol.

 The head of the miasmic world Hinzebolu, the head of the miasmic world Hinzebolu, was the Emperor of the Heavenly Dog.

The game is ours to win.

 Without the slightest bit of affectation, he assured them so.

 The heads of the shallow layer world all had puzzling expressions on their faces.

''Gao-dono........What does that mean......?''

You'll see.

 Gaou turned his gaze to the sky as he pointed with his long nose.

 The fire dew that had overflowed when he destroyed the silver water machine soldiers had turned from blue to red.

''The fire dew........''

"...what does that mean? Why didn't you collect it?

 When the heads of state questioned him, Gao said

I heard that when he first arrived in Pavlohetara, he said to Ottolu: "Why don't you bring back the dew that leaks out of the bubble world? Why don't you bring back the fire and dew that leaked out of the bubble world?

 The heads of the former heads of state gave a flabbergasted look.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them. I thought this was a possibility, but now I'm sure of it.

 The Great Emperor Tiangu stretched his own long nose further.

'Headmaster Anos. He can't steal the dew from other worlds. He is a great follower of the impossible idea of reincarnation.

''But aren't you just pretending that you can't collect...?''

What's the point in doing that now? That's how he wins, if you collect him.


If that's the case...

''Yes. Even if they defeat the silver water machine soldiers, the fire dew will not be recovered. That means we can go all out too.

 The light returned to the eyes of the former heads who had been on the verge of giving up.

 Turning her gaze to Lianaprina in the sky above, she smiled thinly.

'If you go toe-to-toe with the world itself, you have a hundred percent chance of winning. But that is a bad move that will unite us. You should have ignored the silver water machine soldiers and taken the king.

 The Empress plays the water arithmetic.

 So it's calculated that you can't beat me with a single silver water machine soldier.

 Lianaprina's aim is to dare to have her pieces make a single suicide attack to show the others that the fire and dew can't be taken away.

 The priority of the heads of state is the fire and dew of their world. If you dispel their worries, you can pour all the fire and dew into the Silver Water Shogi game without hesitation.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you're at the mercy of the thirteenth-ranked woman. Lianaprina's adept at calculating all kinds of games. That woman can already see the moment of conclusiveness, can't she?

 Gao sniffed and jumped up vigorously.

''Follow this Heavenly Dog Great Emperor. Follow the Great Emperor Tiangu, you shallow heads of state. It is only a fool's errand to be afraid of a winnable match.

 <Gaou draws a magic circle of Ibis as he heads towards us.

 Following him, the heads of the heads of state flew one after another in the sky, using the same technique.

 Only about 120 people showed movement.

 The remaining fifty, especially the heads of the deep world, are lurking on the ground, cautiously watching for our way out.

''Ladies and gentlemen!

 It was High Priestess Belmas who leapt from the forest to the sky and let loose the words. 

"Queen Lianaprina, with her courage and wisdom, has made a winning strategy. Now, as one, we must march in unison! Should we lose the fire and dew, I will make a covenant with you in this scripture that the fire and dew we lose will be made up by my scripture world, Azrauben.

 The released words become .

 After signing it, one by one, one by one, they fly off into the sky.
 Then the remaining fifty people all fly up into the sky and join Belmas.

'The king of this silver water chess game is Lord Lianaprina. Those who follow her will be placed under her command.



 Belmas, with the heads of state, joins Lianaprina.

'Gao-dono, Belmas-dono. Thank you, Mr. Gao, Mr. Belmas. Thanks to you, we have all the pieces.

Hmm. I'm sure you've been very thorough in your calculations from the start.

 The Great Tengu Emperor Gao said.

''If you want to thank me, it will be after I have defeated that monster. If you had seen the baptism, you would know that this is not an opponent who can gain an advantage just by having all the pieces in place. At the very least, this is a fifty-fifty split. No, we should still consider our portion to be bad.

 High Priestess Bermas said.

''Of course, I know that he is a powerful opponent. But I'm sure Master Bellmuth is aware of the achievements of the water world in this silver water chess game.

 Huh, Belmas laughs.

'Undefeated, was it?'

"Even a lion cannot defeat a dolphin in the sea. <I'll show that monster who the champion of the Tangled Abyssal Board is.

 They held up their hands in unison and unleashed an enormous amount of magical power.
 Dozens of huge magic circles were drawn in the sky above.

 <The power of the Tor Torikumi Abyssal Board comes into play and the lush fire and dew gather there.

 <With the magic of Ibis, glass, sails and dolls were created one after another.


 The glass, the sails, and the outline of the doll distorted, and the three intersected.

The blood vessels of the glass, the heart of the sail, and the limbs are human-shaped. Three crossed, become one, dive deep, silver water machine soldier.

 Following Lianaprina's chanting, the other heads of state also use
 The three objects fuse together and a glass doll with wings of sails - a silver water machine soldier appears.

 There are a total of fifty of them.

"Well, shall we go now?

 Lianaprina and the other heads of state turned into light and entered the silver water machine soldiers as if they were being sucked in.

 'You control the pieces directly, and at the same time hide Lianaprina, the king, in a puppet, or.

'Come and see.'

 From above, the silver water machine soldiers rush in with unstoppable speed.

 The first thing to do is to pass through the glass doll's hand blade, which was the first to get close, and wear a black spiral in your fist.
 As they passed each other, the banked belly of the doll was hit.

"...I see.

 It was more fragile than before.

 The lush fire dew leaked out of the shattered Silver Water Machine Soldier, but the number of fire dew was still far less than the one eye piece.

 Depending on the amount of fire dew used, the strength of the silver water machine soldier would change depending on the amount of fire dew used.

 There would be a decoy piece created with a small amount of fire dew, and a real life piece that gathered several realms' worth of fire dew.

 I tried to look into the depths of the abyss with my magic eye, but it was difficult to distinguish between them.

''It's the power of the Silver Water Abyssal Board. It's disguised so that the Silver Water Machine Soldiers all look like the same piece.

 The silver water machine soldier in front of me emits a lianaprina voice.

 She leaps lightly and drops her heels to that guy's head.
 Shards of glass fly off and the silver water machine soldier shatters in half.

 However, it wasn't Lianaprina who was inside, but another head of state.


 Immediately, that guy leaves the place with a
"Hmm. I see that you are not necessarily one of the pieces that spoke.

What do you think? Maybe they're just moving on?

 Silver water machine soldiers attack from all sides of me.

 With both fists, I crushed the two bodies on either side and leapt and ducked the attacks from the front and back.
 At the same time, I crushed its face with both feet.

 Fire and dew overflowed, and the ones in the silver water cavalry broke away from this place.

 There were now six of them, and so far, they were all small fish with a small amount of fire dew.


 Lianaprina's voice echoes, and a cannon created by the is attached to the left arm of the silver water machine soldier.


 With a thunderous sound, the silver water machine soldiers surrounding me opened fire.

 What I saw for a moment was the magic circle of the creation architecture.
 I'm sure they've created a shell with fire and dew and are shooting it out.

 When I jumped back and dodged it, two shells flew in as a follow-up.

 He released a black magic power and caught them with both hands.
 The palms of my hands were burned and my skin was slightly turned up.

''Fire and dew shells?''

 Each shell is filled with fire and dew, increasing its power.
 It seems to be lightly as powerful as deep layer great magic.

"Aim at it!

 The four silver water machine soldiers held their cannons at the ready.


Bring me a better cannon.

 He releases the shell he received first and wears his magic power on his leg.
 It kicks off the shells like a ball.

 It bounces back the two shells that flew toward me and detonates the four silver water machine soldiers.

 Immediately, the ten silver water machine soldiers in front of me readied their cannons and began firing at once.
 It's as if they are trying to catch my eye.


 Hidden by the flashy artillery bombardment, there is only one piece quietly holding its cannon at the ready.

 Holding still under concentrated fire, I grabbed one of the shells and skipped my gaze as I broke through the siege.

 A hilltop with a good view.

 Floating there are shields, books and paints made of ibis.


 The voice that resounded was that of the Great Tengu Emperor Gao.
 Next, Lianaprina said.

'Shield to paint, paint to book, book to shield. Three intersect, one, and advance to the depths, deep staircase - !

 Shields, books, and paints fused together, and a water emblem appeared there.
 A silver water mechanic pointed his cannon at the center of that .


 Almost at the same time as that order. I was vigorously throwing the shell in my hand at the silver water machine soldier who was sniping.

 A few moments later, a shell of fire and dew is released from the silver water machine pilot's cannon.
 It was intense and brilliantly flared up.

 It was like a different from the artillery fire just now.
 It's as if it's a blue heat ray.

 I'm going to be able to easily dissolve the shells I threw at it and swallow this body in an instant.
 The anti-magic is dissolved and my skin is burned.

''Now! Let's not hold back on the fire and dew! Lord Gao!

I know!

 <A large amount of fire and dew poured out with the magic of the Creation Architecture (Ibis).

 Three objects were created one after another.

Shields to paints, paints to books, and books to shields. Three intersect, become one, and advance to the depths, the deep staircase -
 The silver water machine soldiers who had been hiding from all directions appeared, overlaying the
''I see. <The drum makes the magic go deeper. <I see.

 It's quite a feat of magic.

 The concentrated fire from the fire dew sparingly breaks through even my defenses and burns my body.

"It's your move, Anos. <"Your Majesty, Anos.

 A single silver sailor with a spear in his hand assaults me.

 Using the large amount of fire and dew that they had collected, the pawns created swords, cannons, and shuttlecocks from the Ibis Construction Project.

The pieces are swords, cannons and impellers. Three intertwined, a spiral hole is drilled into the ground, a whirling wind.

 The sword, cannon and quill fuse into the Trinity, and the fire emblem appears there.

"A deep attack!

 The spear of fire and dew shines golden and is covered with beehives and lightning.

 The silver sailor furiously thrusts out his golden spear and pierces my body.

It's not just a matter of time before you can get your hands on it. It's an excellent coordination.

 <The spear of the Serus was only able to gouge out the flesh of his side.
 It didn't even reach the source of the attack.

There's your reward.

 I grabbed the hilt of that spear, which was drawn quickly, with my left hand and held it down.
 Lianaprina said, 'You're one step too late.

''You were one move too late.

 More than a dozen silver watercraft that had been firing at them come rushing in with spears in their hands.
 <While wearing the magic of the .

''It's a dead end.

Do you think?

 Grinning, I draw a magic circle.

"The Seven Steps of Nirvana Conquest (Gili Eliam Naviem)