581-At the end of the best move

 The ominous magical power overflowed from my entire body, swirling strongly and violently.

 In a moment, the golden lightning spear that I was grasping onto rotted and turned to black ash.


''........Offensive magic shouldn't be able to be used on the Tangled Abyss Board.......''

It's not offensive magic.

 The deepening magic that expresses the annihilation condensed at the root and instantly raises my power to the bottom. With each step, everything approaches the abyss in the distance.

 The golden pathétique is burnt to ashes, it was only in the aftermath of this that it was destroyed.

 With my eyes on the enemy, I step out loosely and take my first step.

 A huge magic circle spread out below my feet--a huge magic circle.


 Light spilled out of the deployed magic circle and various objects were created in the hollow.

 The dozen or so silver water horsemen who attacked me did not cower, but rushed at me while releasing fierce magic power.

"Sa-Ru-kaa-aaaah! You're too slow on the uptake of creation magic...!

I got it!

 A high-pitched metallic sound rang out.

 The sword and shield I created blocked all the many thundering spears that were coming at me.

"I'm going to block the first blow!

I can't control all these weapons at once!

 Moving agilely, the silver water machine soldier raises his thunder pathetique as he moves to aim at me through the gaps in his created weapons.

 At that moment, the spear rotted away with a bollock and turned into black ashes.


 <With the Seven Steps of Nirvana Conquest (Gili Eliam Naviem), Creative Architecture (Ibis) does not work properly.

 No matter what you create, the matter you create will be destroyed, and everything you touch will be harmed.

Well, it's not like this...

 The voice that came from the sky was the voice of the Great Tengu Emperor Gao.

Gao-dono! That....!

That technique he's going to use, is that...?

 The voices of the heads of state flew around like a scream.

 Stepping on the earth, I was drawing a new magic circle.
 The second step--


 <The contours of the shields, paints, and calligraphy created in Ibis are distorted and fused together.

Shields to paints, paints to books, and books to shields. Three intersect, become one, and advance to the depths.

 A water emblem has built up under my feet.

'Woah, idiot! <You mean without using any fire and dew?

"....this magic power........this magical precision......is incredible! He can control the same level of opposing creation magic as doomsday magic...?

 The movements of the silver water machine soldiers, who have been executing their attacks without stagnation up until now, become lost.

 They are slowly retreating as if they are looking for my way out.

Hm. Liana Prina. I've been told that your abacus is capable of calculating all kinds of warfare, but it seems that you can't take into account what you can't predict.

That's enough.

 Lianaprina's voice echoed.

'As long as you expose all of your powers, I will be able to know all of the consequences with near predictive accuracy.

The only thing I know from a premonition is that you can't beat me.

Well, I'm not so sure about that.

 I put my right hand behind my head to block the shells that flew in from behind me.

 If you look in that direction, the silver water machine soldier who was looking for an opportunity to chase, froze in place.

''........Rianaprina Queen! Hurry up with your next move! He successfully completed the drumming. Could it be that he's a silver water machine or even a deep attack?

Let's charge in! If we can mass-produce silver watercraft, we will be more and more out of control!

If we have the advantage in numbers, we should be able to beat them now!

 The heads of state were making a lot of noise as if they could not wait any longer.

 But Lianaprina said in a tone of calmness that said, "No, keep your distance.

You can't get away from them. If you move closer, the aftermath of that deepening magic will only reduce the number of our pieces unnecessarily.

 As instructed, the silver water machine soldiers begin to keep their distance while surrounding me.

''However, although we can reduce our damage, we can't take them down with just the 's gunfire...''

Look at that.

 One of the silver water machine soldiers pointed with his sword.

 I could see the objects I created, such as swords, shields, books, cannons, and quill, floating in the air, beginning to crumble to pieces.

''If you use that
 Maybe it's the power of the quicksilver arithmetic, but I'm quick to notice.

 Even the crest of water beneath my feet is already beginning to chip away as the original substance is about to disintegrate.



 As the third step was clocked, the earth vibrated violently.

 The weak silver water machine soldier that was being used as a decoy was shattered to pieces by it.


It's so easy...

 Almost simultaneously, the three contours of the sword, the cannon and the quill distort and blend together.

The white blade, the fireball, the shuttlecock. The white blade and the flaming bucket, the impeller, the white blade and the fireball, the impeller, the spiral hole and the whirling wind.

 An emblem of fire floated under my feet.

"....even the deepest attack...

 As the heads of the heads of state gasped, one of the silver water machine soldiers turned a sharp gaze towards them.

''Don't worry. I see a winner.''

Are you sure?

But what am I supposed to do with this thing?

"He used the Deep Strike (Zelos) and the Deep Seal (Drum) as a means to counterattack us. That means that he cannot ignore the influence of this Tangled Abyssal Board.

 Lianaprina explained this to the heads of state while warning me from a distance.

''However, if he is going to challenge us with these silver water chess pieces and rules, we have a day to live. He has just seen the Deep Strike (Zelos) and the Deep Seal (Drum). No matter how much magic it has, it's a takedown blade. However, this one is well versed in all of the techniques.

 Lianaprina hasn't used since a while ago.

''The strike of the
 Hmm. You're going to make me hesitate by playing a verbal game?

"In other words, he can only attack with the bombardment with the . In that case--

 The silver water machine soldier at the back of the line raises one hand.

 <As if ordered by a thought transmission, swords, cannons, and shuttlecocks were created around the silver water crafters.

 <By means of Jirxade, they intersected, and one after another, fire emblems floated in front of the pieces.

The white blade and the fireball are the impeller. Three intersecting spiral holes in the whirlpool wind.

 Chanting echoes from here and there.

"....a deep attack...

 The golden pathétique was thrown.

 Ten, twenty, world-destroying spears rained down like a hailstorm.

 They pierced the shields, swords, and quill I had created and began to destroy them one by one.

 I'm not sure if there is a significant amount of fire and dew in them, or if they are opposed to the aftermath of the Seven Steps of Nirvana Conquest (Gili Eliam Naviem), and they chip away at my defense.

 What's puzzling is that the pieces are retreating in each direction while I'm rolling out my projectiles.

'Hmm. Was there a time limit?

''Yes. ''Considering the storage of magical power, the time limit of Silver Water Shogi is set at 30 minutes. If the time limit is exceeded, the winner will be determined by the number of pieces on the Irregularity board.

 I see.
 So that's the idea.

 The other side has the advantage of being outnumbered, and if they escape, they will meet their end of the bargain.

 So we will have to chase it.

"Pursue them, Anos Voldigord. But no matter which way you go, east, west, north, south or north, no matter how hard you keep playing your best moves, you will still only be able to defeat a maximum of 147 fire and dew and seventy-eight silver and water machine soldiers in the remaining two minutes.

 He raises one foot loosely and lightly touches the fire emblem with the sole of his shoe.

'Your odds are zero,'

 The fourth step--

"Deep Throat.

 As it was, he stepped through the and rang the earth.

''Unfortunately, that was a bad move. <"The Deep Strike (Zelos) is already a great deep magic, it can't go any deeper than that--

 Lianaprina is stunned and speechless.

 The endless horizon of the . All of that earth began to vibrate violently as it was trampled by my feet.


What is this...?

 The silver watercraft soldiers emitted their magic power and looked around, barely holding their stance.

 The earth, which was shaking with an unusual amount of force, was beginning to move even more. The horizon, which had been level, has tilted at an angle, and is now about to reach right beside it.

"You overturned the Silverwater Plate, didn't you?

 The vibrations grew even more intense, and at last the heavens and earth were turned upside down. However, that's not enough to stop it, this time it just spun around in a circle.



 Thrown out of the earth that kept spinning around and around, the Silverwater Machine Soldier somehow stayed in the air. But the cracked and its countless fragments attacked them.

 The ice that solidifies the unfrozen silver water, an object sturdy enough to withstand a single step of the Conquest of Nirvana Seven Steps (Gili Eliam Naviem).

 They turned into sharp blades and attacked the silver water machine soldiers.

''Ah, gather round...! You can't leave it in pieces...!

No, I can't fly, I can't...

"You can't take any more hits, you'll end up with armor...

Dear Liana Prina, what should I do?

Lady Lianaprina, please advise!

'We're running out of fire and dew! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.... No more........!

Not yet! It's not over yet! The prestige of our world!



 With a roar of agony, the silver water machine soldiers were pierced by the silver water ice one after another and their bodies were torn to shreds.

 None of them were able to resist, and not even one of them was left, and the pieces, the pieces that are called pieces, were shattered.


 The blue water was reflected in my field of vision as the board continued to rotate at high speed.

 It's a quicksilver board.
 While playing it, Lianaprina is approaching.

''It's just as I calculated, Anos Voldigord. <With the use of the deep attack and the drum, there's a 10 percent chance of us being annihilated.

 The silver water ice that struck her directly exceeded a hundred, but she was unable to inflict a single scratch on it.

 The current Lianaprina is far more robust than the silver-water machine soldiers who have gathered the fire and dew of the water-counting world Cyraina.
 What is that trick--?



 I stuck out my five fingers at Lianaprina's banked belly as she rushed into me.

 At the same time, I took my fifth step.

 A slippery feeling of water covers my right hand. Lianaprina's body turned into liquid, completely absorbing the fifth step attack and binding my hand tightly to it.

''The quicksilver arithmetic board gives you a power that exceeds the results of the calculations it played out by itself by a fraction of a percent. To do that, I had to converge my predictions to one hundred percent.

 By the time I said that, Liana Prina had already grabbed the school insignia on my chest.

 If I ripped it off and took it away, she would win.

'I see. So it's only when you realized you couldn't win that you really began to show your true colors.

Yes. Just as I did not know your power, you did not know mine.

 I restrained my body with a stream of water, and Lianaprina put a lot of effort into tearing off the school insignia.

'But you were close,'

 A piece of glass flew out in front of me.

 No, it wasn't glass, it was the Silver Water Abyssal Plate.

 Lianaprina looked at it with a face of disbelief.

 It had been torn apart.

 The blue sky was torn apart as if it was being torn apart with both hands, and a pitch-black crack spread out.


 Lianaprina vomits blood.

 In the next moment, the shattered without a trace.

 It was on the verge of collapsing at the fourth step, but the fifth step was the end.

 All that was left was the fluffy fire and dew and the tragic figures of the heads of state drifting limply in the air.

 The sky and the earth completely collapsed, and seconds later, we were back in the deepest part of Pablo Hetara - on the ice floor.

 In front of me, Lianaprina, pierced in the gut, is leaning limply in my arms.

 Because the results I brought about exceeded the scope of prediction, the blessing of the quicksilver arithmetic was lost and she returned to her original power.


Good magic, but we still have a limited view.

 He pulled out his arm and snatched the school insignia from her uniform.

'If we're going to play on the board, you should have calculated that the board would break.