582-Silver Water World

 Two Silver Sea Whales and Ottolu descend from the sky above.

'The school insignia of the former head, Lianaprina, has been seized. Militia World, the victory is won by the former head of Anos.

 <In the Thought Communication (Leaks), Ottolou's voice rang out.

 When I loosely rise into the air, I see the figures of the heads of state crawling on the icy floor. They are looking at me with a half-hearted expression on their faces.

"I'm not complaining--I won't say that.

 As they lie on the ground, I tell them.

"But none of you ever thought that the board would be destroyed.

 Gao glares at me with a regretful look on his face.

 Other heads of state also clenched their fists or clenched their teeth.
 Some turned their faces away in shame.

''It's frustrating, but you're right........''

 Lianaprina, who has yet to regain the strength to stand, blurts out.

'The same thing with the bubble world. The world would still turn without the Lord God.'

 If you don't turn, I will turn.

"If you don't want to deny me, you can challenge me again and again. "I will accept your challenge as often as you wish.

 There are no words to refute it.

 We may not have been able to bring them to their knees by force, but at least we proved that there are things in this world that they couldn't have anticipated.

 I guess that's about it for now.

 I jumped up and approached the two silver sea whales swimming in the sky.

 Several students from the Demon King Academy were waving at me.

''Hm. It looks like you got through this without difficulty.

Not effortlessly! If you're going to use such a wide range of magic, tell me in advance. I almost got skewered.

 Sasha interjected, as if she'd been waiting for it.

'Haha. Misha would have noticed before that.

 Kokoro is nodding next to his sister, Misha nodded.

 It's a very good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

It's a good thing that you're not going to be the only one who can do this.

 A voice spilled out from the other Silver Sea Whale.
 It belonged to Bellamy, the head of the Blacksmithing World.

'How can Parrington be no match for him?

 Naga smiles at me.

"Why are you so proud of yourself?

Yeah, I wonder why.

But what is that walking magic? It's not like this is shallow magic. What do you know about it?

 Bellamy asks Guy.

'Ha. I have no information,'

 Lebrahard and the other heads of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy are also standing unharmed.
 <The aftermath of the seemed to have prevented them from having any problems.


Very well. Now I'm going to return to the Deep Auditorium.

 Ottolu said and activated the fixed magic circle of transition.

 Our eyes turn white in front of us, and the next thing we know, we're back in the deep auditorium.

 All of us are in our seats before the transition and quietly take our seats.

''Since the silver water chess has been settled, we will resume the adjourned court session. Shall we take a second vote at the Academy below the seventh rank in the hierarchy?

It's not necessary. Aye or no, you're going to have to shrug your shoulders.

 If you agree with the promotion of the Demon King Academy, the Demon Bullet World will have its eyes on you.
 On the other hand, it would hurt his pride to oppose the Silver Water Chess tournament now that he had been beaten to a pulp.

''I think that's a good idea too.

 Lebrahard agrees with me.
 There was no particular objection raised.

'Yes, sir.'

 Ottreloo says to the five members of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy.

'In the name of the god of arbitration, Ottolou, Pablo Hetala, in the eighteenth rank in the pecking order, the World of Militia, and the Academy of the Demon King are promoted to the sixth rank in the pecking order for their merits. All those in favor, raise your hands.

 The first one to raise his hand was Guy of the Magic Bullet World.

''Oh my gosh, what kind of a windbreaker is that?''

 Bellamy said, and raised his hand.

 Naga, Lebrahard and Lekol also raised their hands.

'Five in favor, zero opposed. Unanimously, the promotion is decided. The Demon King Academy will also be considered the Holy Upper Sixth Academy and will have a voice in the court session. Along with that, we need to decide on a character for the world.

 If it's Hyphoria, then the Holy Sword World, and if it's Elenesia, then the Magic Bullet World is the letter.

 Militia had just joined the Academy Alliance, so they hadn't decided on it yet.

''Then let's call it the rebirth world Militia.

 For a moment, the heads of principalities in the auditorium buzzed.
 However, perhaps because of the tail end of the silver water chess earlier, none of them outwardly claimed it.

 Lebrahard turns his gaze towards us.

''Are you sure that's the right thing to do?''

Are you in some kind of trouble?

I'm just asking. I'm sorry if I upset you.

 In this Silver Water Holy Sea, the concept of reincarnation is very different from the Militia World. Reincarnation represents becoming a completely different person.

 If we thought that the thoughts that everyone has of the root, like the reincarnation that our Militia represents, would be connected to the next, then there would be no cause to collect the fire dew spilling out of the bubble world.

 It wouldn't be too convenient for Pablo Hetara.

'Headmaster Anos, over here.

 I walk forward and stand in front of Ottolou.

 When she emits her magic, the school emblem of the Demon King Academy floats on one of the pews.
 My image is projected on the spherical blackboard.

''Today, a new Holy Upper Sixth Academy, Transmigration World Militia, has been born here. For the sake of the calm of the Silver Water Holy Sea, all of us in the Academy Alliance will join forces together.

 So Ottolu states clerically.

 In the silence, there was the sound of applause.

 Next, Guy, Bellamy, Lekol, and Naga applauded.

 Gradually it spilled over to the heads of state in the auditorium, and the auditorium erupted in applause.

'Then the court is adjourned,'

 On cue, the heads of state sparsely rose to their feet.

 Guy and Naga left, and Lebrahard and Bellamy also left the scene.

 The one who approached me was the puppet world's Rekol.

'Welcome to the world of Sir (Kei). Anos, the Demon King of Tyranny.'' 

Nice to have someone to talk to.

 As if to act out our first meeting, Rekol holds out his hand.

 I offer my hand for a handshake.

'We'll wait in the waters around the Seventh Elesia around nightfall.

 Recol's voice echoed in my ears through direct contact to avoid being intercepted.
 The time and place are for the exchange of the idol of the red thread and the tree ship Aioneilia.

'With Parrington gone, how's Luzendort doing?

There will be no normalcy.

I'm sorry about that. I wish I could have given you a reprieve.

It's not his fault. The head of state will be appointed soon.

 Rekol gently lets go of his hand.


 As it was, he walked away.

'Gen. Anos,'

 Ottolu calls out.
 I turn around and see that she has a red straw doll on her hand.

'I will return you to Parrington's custody,'

Don't you judge me?

'According to Warlord Rekol, Parrington is already no longer the head of Luzendort and has been officially expelled from the Humanoid Society. His fire and dew have not returned to Ewezeino and are floating in the air. Pablo Hetala will have no further involvement.

 If you've lost your power and authority and are no longer in the academy alliance, then there's no reason to judge or cover for you?

''Then let me do what I want.

 He took the red straw doll from Ottolou and threw it to the seat in the Demon King's Academy.

 It jumped up with a whimper and Zesia caught it with both hands.


Don't lose it.

It's up to you.....................

 She puffed her chest out with pride.

'Ottolu. I need to ask you something.

What is it?

The origins of Pablo Hetara. There are many things I don't understand about this academy alliance. Who created this organization in the first place?

'I can tell you briefly right here and now. Would you like to know more?

As much as possible.

''Very well. Since the Reincarnation World Militia has become the St. Upper Sixth Academy, I can tell you more about it. May I change the location?

 It was probably to avoid being heard by the other heads of state.
 It seems you were meant to be at St. George's Sixth Academy.

"I don't mind.

All members of the Demon King's Academy will now move to the magic circle. We will make the transition.

 When Ottolou put his magic power into it, the fixed magic circle of transference was activated and the vision was dyed completely white.

 The one who came was the same as before, the deepest part of Pablo Hetara - the top of the , where the floor of ice spreads out endlessly in the black space.

"The tangled abyss board, silver water chess (Rajina Ned Esra).

 When Ottolou used his magic, the dazzled, and a great sky was drawn in the darkness.

 A forest, grasslands, and endless ruins appear.

 The fact that it was so easy to restore it, despite the fact that it was trampled down just now, is proof that there is still a lot of spare energy left.

 Because it was only a mock battle within the Academy Alliance, the true value of the had not been demonstrated?

''You saw the at Eavesino, right?


The Torakuri Abyssal Board is likewise one of the abysses. <An abyss is a place for thoughts to accumulate. It is a place where thoughts from many worlds overflow. <Craving collects in the Abyss of Craving, and remembrance of the destroyed world collects in this Torakuri Abyss.

 Ottolou draws a magic circle and turns it with a large screwball.


 It's a building that looks strangely familiar.

''--Pablo Hetara.

 Misha mutters.

'Oh, come to think of it, they look alike. It's soooo raggedy.

 At the moment Eleanor said it, the earth vibrated violently with an earth shaking.

'Wow, what? There's an earthquake!

'....Zesia...won't shake....

 In an instant, a long crack appeared on the ground, and then the entire palace began to rise up as the ground was cut out in a circle.

 The God of Adjudication looked up at it.

''That is the remembrance of the world of Ottolu.

 Unlike her usual clerical tone, she said with just a bit of sadness.

'That little world once flourished and reached far deeper, the ninety-nine layers. It approached the deepest abyss and was consumed. Pablo Hetala is the only academy left by the perished Silver Water World.