583-The origin of Pablo Hetara

 Eleonor twisted his head as he looked up at the floating continent.

'Hmm? That was Pablo Hetara, the place where we are now, but it's Pablo Hetara too, right? What does that mean?

 Then, the Cutthroat King swooped up towards the Floating Continent.

''It would be quicker if we went there. It'll be interesting.''

She has a point.

 I also use
'You say you have a point, but wouldn't it be quicker if you didn't bother to go and ask Ottolou?

It's more interesting to go.

Oh, f*ck.

 Sasha and the other students from the Demon King Academy flew in after me.

 The Cutthroat King and I set foot on the floating continent.

 It's Pablo Hetala Palace, which is in ruins.

 Not only have the years passed.
 Every part of the palace had fallen to pieces.

"Hmm. When was this supposed to be a remembrance?

It's the last thing I remember of Ottrelu and his friends.

 Ottolu catches up and lands on a floating continent.

'Who did this to you?'

 I look at the marks of destruction on the palace and say, "You say the world is close to the abyss and has been swallowed up, but this is a mark of war.

I said, "You say the world is close to the abyss and has been swallowed up, but this is the mark of war.

 Ottolu walked out and approached the old palace.

''The Silver Water World Listeria is the head of the former, and Elmide the Hermit, the Hermit, has been disturbed and has destroyed his own Lord God.


'The deeper and closer the world gets to the abyss, the more magic and order will be gathered from many small worlds. The Lord God will become more powerful, and the Headmaster will also benefit from it.

 Magic flows from shallow to deep.

 So does fire and dew and order.

Perhaps Elmide the Hermit could not bear that power.

Is that why you're mad?

''The truth is nowhere to be found. It was when Ottolou and the other Silver Water World Listeria were about to reach the abyss soon. Suddenly, Hermide the Hermit was disturbed. He tried to persuade her, but it didn't happen, he fought, he was defeated, and Pavlohetara was destroyed.

 Any sane man would certainly have no reason to destroy his own world.
 But I don't understand why he was mad.

 If he was the head of a world close to the abyss, he must have been quite powerful. Is it possible that so much power that such a fierce man could not carry on his back has suddenly gathered at once?

What happened to Hermide the Hermit after that?

'He committed suicide. Listeria, who had reached the height of her prosperity, lost both her Lord God and her head of state at the same time, all in one night.

 We walked along, looking around the outer walls of the palace.

 Many water channels have been set up, leading to the interior of the palace, but the water was dry.

''Um, so, Ottolu-chan is a survivor of that?''

No, sir. Ottreloo has perished. There are no survivors of Listeria, as far as Ottolu knows.

 Eleonor twisted his head more and more at Ottolu's answer.

''There was an in the Silver Water World Listeria. <''The Abyss of Remembrance. When Listeria was destroyed, this abyss, which stores and embodies the remembrance of the ruined world, held many of the remembrances of its inhabitants.

 A clerical voice wooded the ruins.

 No melancholy or sadness hovered in Ottolu's face.

'The pieces of their remembrance made up Ottolou's body. The last thing anyone reminisced about was the Silver Water Academy Pablo Hetala. They tried to revive that law-governing god of adjudication in order to keep only this academy alliance that wished for the calm of the Silver Water Holy Sea to remain.

 So in Listeria, the divine race that controls the laws of the Silver Water Academy Pablo Hetala is called Ottolu.

 As expected, even the Abyss of Remembrance didn't have enough power to revive the Lord God, right?

"Due to the remembrance of the people, Ottolu has risen in a slightly different body than before. He had the power to save Pablo Hetala.

 Ottolu was staring at me.

 The gears behind his eyes were clattering and turning.

''After connecting with the , Ottolou was able to transform it into the power of the . <The one that I am giving shape to using the tangled abyss, the fire and dew, and the silver water that I have collected is the palace of Pablo Hetala, where I have studied with you so far.

 Reminiscences of the ruined world accumulate. As we saw in the Silver Water Shogi, it would normally be the ruins that the embodies.

 It's like they are using the power of fire and dew to repair it.

 In short, the current Pavlohetara Palace and Ottolu are nothing more than memories of the inhabitants that the Discipline drew in.

"Kaka, isn't this interesting! That body of yours, God of Arbitrage, is the tsugee hag that numerous people of Listeria have reminisced about. Isn't that why Elmide the Hermit has gone mad?

 Despite his questioning, Erdmeade opened the broken main gate and walked in.

'You will not be allowed to enter without permission,'

 Arcana says.

'No problem.'

 Saying that, Ottolou also passed through the main gate.

 The Cutthroat King proceeded onward as he pleased.

''As the Cutthroat King Eldmead has spoken, everything about Ottolou is not perfect. In his lifetime, Ottolou may have known why Hermide the Hermit had gone mad.''

Do you want to remember?

 When I asked her that, Ottolu turned to me for a moment.

 But without saying anything, she walks straight on.

'Ottreloo has no heart. Nor does it seek what it doesn't have.

If you are a collection of remembrance fragments, it's no wonder you have feelings in you.

 She took a few steps forward in silence.
 Then she didn't stop walking and stated clerically.

''I'm not aware of it...''

What is your purpose, then?

"Perpetuate Pablo Hetara.

 This time it was an immediate answer.

''The Arbitration God Ottolou will continue to adjudicate on this Academy Alliance. The now deceased Lord God of the Silver Water World and its numerous inhabitants must have remembered Ottolu for this reason. Wishing for the calm of the Silver Sea, which the former head of the former madness dreamed of--

 The Silver Water Academy Pablo Hetara is a symbol of an evil class system, Ronculus said. There is no doubt that he is taking the fire and dew away from the bubble world.

 I don't think he was lying.
 But or perhaps that was only one aspect of it.

'When did the Silver Water World fall?'

It's about 14,000 years old.

 It was sixteen thousand years ago that the former Holy King Ordoff of the Holy Sword World Highforia had been wary of Pablo Hetala.

 If that was the case, had Hermide the Hermit been showing signs of going mad since then?

'I heard that the Academic Alliance of Pubhetara was once centered on the shallow world?

'The Silver Water World Listeria offered only Pablo Hetara and his ideals and never sought to reveal itself. The ideals of the Head of State, Elmide, are an alliance in which we all discuss and decide together. We didn't think it would work if the deeper worlds were revealed.

 Whether or not it's true, there will be people who will take a liking to the silver water world.

''Is that why you're a hermit?''

Yes, sir.

When did you notice Elmide's modulation?

We are on the verge of listeria's demise.

 There is no indication that Hermide the Hermit has been planning something wrong for some time, is there?
 It could be that she simply doesn't know.

 At the very least, former Holy King Ordoff had noticed something.

"Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka!

 We heard the Cutthroat King laughing from afar, as if he had found something interesting.

 In that direction, we walked in the direction of the Cutthroat King.

 We arrived at a vast room with a high ceiling.

 Broken swords, broken cannons, shattered shields, torn books, chipped quillers, old paints, broken glass, shredded sails, and damaged dolls were left in a mess.

 Another battered silver water machine soldier was lined up in a row.

 Erdmeade stood at the back of the room.
 In the corner of his gaze was a single god.

 It had a solidified body of mercury and was damaged in places.

''Hmm. It looks like a god race, but it's not alive.

 The magic power is faintly felt, but it has no root.

 Is this also a remembrance embodied by the Silverwater Abyssal Board?

"Ka ka ka ka, it stinks, it stinks! A dangerous smell is coming over you!

 Eldmead looks at the mercury-bodied god as he licks it around sticky.

'Behold. Here's what it says about this god. What do you think it's all about?

 Eldmead pointed with his staff at the tablet next to the divine race.

'I can't read it at all, but what does it say?'

 Sasha turned to the stone tablet.
 Grinning, the Cutthroat King laughed.

''I can't read it at all! Ka-kah-kah-kah-kah!

You know...

 Perhaps it's the magic letters of the Silver Water World Listeria.
 I turned to Ottolu.

 Then she read out the tablet.

It is a man-made mechanism. It is a strong soldier on the march. It is a ship sailing into the abyss. His name is Karakurigami, the God of Whirlpools.