584-Those who hide in hiding

 Judging from what was written on the tablet, they're not like ordinary divine clans.

 But this doesn't make sense to me.

"What is this thing?

 I ask Ottrelu.

'It is something that Hermide the Hermit has been studying and creating. It is not an order, but an artificial race of gods born of magic - called tangled gods. Perhaps it was necessary to lead Listeria to the Abyssal World.

 A god created by Hermide the Hermit, head of Listeria.

'The depth of the world was determined by the amount of fire and dew, wasn't it?


''So, is this Exceeding Tangle God for Listeria to attack the Abyssal World?

 After a moment of confusion, Ottolu replied.

'Hmm? Why are you talking about attacking me?

 Curiously, Eleonor twists his head.

''The fire dew flows from shallow to deep. The deepest world, the abyssal world, which is located in the abyss, has a stronger power to attract the fire dew than any of the smaller worlds. In order for the ninety-nine layer world, Listeria, to reach the Abyss, it must dive deeper than this Abyssal World.

 Mmmmmm, Eleonor chimes in.
 Next to her, Xecia and Ennesone were mimicking unhappily.

''I mean, it's going to be contingent on collecting more fire dew, but if we do it right, the gap will only widen.

''Yes. ''Due to the order of the Silver Sea, the Deep World has an advantage over the Shallow World. The closer you get to the Abyss, the more pronounced it becomes, and it is expected that the seat of the Abyssal World has not changed since the birth of this ocean.

What do you mean by "expectation"?

'As far as Pablo Hetala knows, the only ones who have gone to the Abyssal World and returned alive are the Demon Kings. As long as they have remained silent, we have no way of knowing the details now.

 The First Demon King, the Tyrant of Destruction, Amr has been there, huh?

 The words he used to say in Ronculus' memory were also used for this tangled god.

"What is the Vortex?

''It's a vortex that swallows everything, even the small world, and is the great calamity of the Silver Water Holy Sea. It's also known as the Great Vortex of Malice, and is said to exist in the Abyssal World.

Hmm. You mean you've never seen it in person?

Yes. <On the Twisted Abyssal Disk, reminiscences of the world that has gone extinct flow to it. The remembrance of words becomes lore, thus giving form to the tablet. Perhaps there once existed a world that perished, cut off by a vortex.

'So you're calling yourself the Entangled God of the Vortex because you're going to break through that vortex?

 Sasha asks.

'I don't know about Ottolu, but I judge that to be a strong possibility.

You're a strong soldier on a sailboat to the Abyss.

 Then Erdmead laughed with a cackle.

'No, no, it's getting interesting! Hermit Elmide used this tangled god's power to break through the Immortal Vortex and attempt to take the fire dew from the Profound World. If he directly took it away, the gap between the Ninety-Nine Layer World and the Abyssal World would instantly shrink and reverse the situation!

 Eldmead speaks eloquently while his evil eye shines brightly.

''So? Where is the crucial abyssal world?

 As if curious, the Cutthroat King asked.

''The Abyssal World has sunk so deeply into this ocean that it is usually impossible to even perceive its existence. It is said that if you reach the Ninety-Nine Layer World, you can barely see it from there. Otherwise, there is no information on Pablo Hetara.


 The twelve profound realms ruled by the Great Demon King Zinnia Sivahard, at least one of them might be deeper than the ninety-nine layers.

 But what I'm more concerned about is...

It's very strange.

 Singh says.

'If he had reached the ninety-nine layers of the Abyssal World that could be boarded and created the Tangled God as a weapon of aggression, why did Hermide the Hermit destroy his own world?'

 Ottolu was stuck for a moment in reply.

''I don't know...''

'The son of a hermit must have been crazy.

 Arcana said and Sasha nodded.

'I feel like I can't help but wonder why.

If he really was crazy.

 As I said this, Ottolu turned his gaze to me.

'Then what do you mean?'

Well. There's no end to the speculation.

 It's a story about a world that has been destroyed long ago.

 As long as Ottreloo doesn't know the truth, there may be no way to find out, but we are here. I think we should explore it a bit more.

 I have an appointment with Ronculus.
 It would be better to know about Pablo Hetara.

Mind if I take a look around?

Those of you from St. John's Sixth College are free to come and go as you please.

Okay, okay, I'll see what I can do to make him.

 Eldmead points to the Tangled God of the Vortex with his staff.

'There is no way left for us to create the Tangled God of the Vortex in Pablo Hetara.

Didn't the Twisted Abyss Board attract a lot of reminiscences? Then maybe there's a clue in there somewhere.

 As he said this, the Cutthroat King began to search the room.

''Some of you, help the Cutthroat Death King.

 Naya and the other students of the Demon King's Academy move to the Cutthroat King.

'Split up and look for traces of the former Pablo Hetala or Hermide the Hermit. Whatever. There may be a blind spot that Ottolu is unaware of.

"As you wish.

 Shin and Faris led the students to another room.
 Ray, Misa, Arcana, and the others also turned back and headed to their own separate passages.

 Me, Misha, and Sasha walked past the room of the tangled god and proceeded to the back of it.

 From the middle of the pathway, the waterway disappeared and pillar clocks lined up on both sides of the passage.
 All of them are old, damaged in some places, and not a single hand is moving.

'There's a totally different atmosphere here and there.

 Sasha says.
 Misha blinked next to her.

'A tangled clock?'

Looks like it.

 There is a screw winder on the wall clock. There must be some kind of trick.
 It won't work now, though.

 Further on, there were springs, springs, gears and strings embedded in the crumbling walls.

 Originally there must have been some kind of mechanism in the passageway or room, but like the clock, it has lost its function now.

 Beyond that, there was the Torakuri Workshop.

''Is this where they were making that clock or something like that earlier?''

 When Sasha mentioned this, Misha quickly moved to the workshop desk.
 'There's a doll with a spring mechanism on it.

'It's not broken,'

 She mouthed that and wound the spring.
 Sasha brought her face closer and stared at the doll.



 A slight amount of magical power was emitted from the doll, and its mouth moved with a clatter.

''Seitei, hang on........! Righteousness, Ganbare...!

Jesus Christ, you scared me.

"....complete ...nal justice ... done... ...we will always be on the right path... the righteous path... the righteousness of the twins will be in his hands... the emperor's hands. --!

 That's when the spring snapped or the doll stopped.

'The Righteous?'

 Misha twists her head.

'Is he the king of the Silver Water World?'

 Sasha says, staring at the doll.

 The head of state is Hermide the Hermit, but it's no wonder that there were other kings who ruled over the nations.

''The Righteous Emperor is a fairytale hero from the Silver Water World of Listeria.

 Ottolu, who came later, said so.

'The tangled god of the Righteous Emperor is a righteous man who frustrates the strong and saves the weak. Everyone in Listeria was read to him as a child. So many of the inhabitants reminisced about it before the world was about to fall.

 At the last moment, the inhabitants of Listeria longed for justice.

 However, the hero of the fairy tale never appeared in reality and the world was destroyed.
 So this is what is left of the toy tangle.

"It seems that for a world called silver water, there are a lot of things that are tied up in the mechanism?

These are magical tools that work by turning silver water into magic.

 Ottolu drew a magic circle on the spring doll.

 I could see through it, but the tubes that were stretched like veins were indeed filled with silver water.

 The Two Ruling Pretender's tree ship, Aioneilia, also uses silver water.
 I heard his world is rumored to have been destroyed, but it looks like there's a possibility of a silver water world.

''--Principal Anos.

 Ottreloo calls out to me, gesturing as if he were listening to something.

I have just received a thought transmission from the head of the Rebel Hardo. We are holding a meeting of the Sixth College Tribunal, please come to the Grand Sacred Court at 6:00 p.m.

 From Lebrahard, you mean.

Is it about Isak the Wicked?

Yes. And then I'll give you this one.

 As Ottolou draws a magic circle, several of the school insignia of Pablo Hetara appear and float in the air.
 She takes two of them and holds them out to me.

 They look no different from the previous ones.

''These are the school insignia for the Head and Lord God of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy. It's a magic tool that can communicate between worlds, but depending on the distance and magic environment, the communication time and frequency are limited. Please refrain from using this tool except in an emergency. Also, you can only communicate with others who have the same magic tool.

 I took the two school insignia and replaced one with my own uniform.

The rest of the school insignia will be for dignitaries.

 That one that was attached to Dominic.
 When an important person perishes, it records the magic around them and transmits it to Pablo Hetara.

 Giving it to my dad and mom would be a good deterrent.

Let's keep it.

 He drew a magic circle and stowed the rest of the school's insignia in it.

 With that, he turned on his heel and looked around the other rooms.
 But after that, he didn't find anything of note, and it was about time for the sun to set.

 Once back in my quarters, I put on my Avos mask and cloak and headed out of the Seventh Elenesia alone.
 As I swam through the surrounding waters, I saw a small shadow in the distance.

 It's the Aioneiria. It was getting closer.

 When I look at the tree-sea land, I see a dark-clad, full-body armor, a rekol clad in assassin idol.

 Slowly lowering my altitude, I land on the tree ship.

''It's the one I was promised.''

 He threw the in his hand.
 Rekol took it with one hand.


Let me ask you something.

 He responded to my words in silence.

"What do you think of Pablo Hetara?

"Hermide the Hermit is alive.

 Lekol said plainly.

'I see that he is still hiding out in Pablo Hetara.

Sounds interesting. Would you like to elaborate, if you could?

 Then Rekol turned away loosely.

'Sir, we have a visitor.

 The darkness of the assassination idol spread out and Recol's figure disappeared.

 In the next moment, a thunderous sound resounded and the tree ship shook greatly.


 With a voice, the ship vibrates again.
 Someone is trying to break through the magical barrier that surrounds Aioneilia.

'Hey, open up. ''You can hear me, can't you? If you don't open it, I'll break it.'

 Outside the ship, there was a figure of Kostoria concentrating her magic power on her parasol.


 Before I could answer, she swung her parasol as hard as she could and charged at Aeneilia's magical barrier with her own body.

''Break it.''

 He stabbed the two-rate sword into the earth and partially lifted Aionelia's magical barrier.

 The Coastoria, which flew like an arrow, increased its speed more and more, probably because the resistance it was expecting was gone - it went straight into the earth.

 The earth and sand popped off and made a huge hole in the tree ship.


 She paced loosely and peered into the hole, and in it she was dusting off the dirt.

 'Die,' he heard her mutter resentfully.

'Can't you stop on the way, Coze?

 With his eyes closed, Kostoria turned his sullen face towards us.

'You're making me dusty. Take responsibility.'