I'm sure you'll be able to find it in the huge hole you made for yourself.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of your time with a sober face and closed eyes, but it's as if she's staring at me.

How long do you plan to do that?

Can't you give me a lift?

 She turns away curtly.

'You sound like a little girl.

 He sent his magic and tried to float it with his
'What are you doing?'

Don't get sidetracked. I don't want to be flown around like a thing.

 It's a lot to order.

 I fly in
 When she turns slightly toward me, I grab her head in a munching motion.

'It can't be helped,'

Don't... don't... treat me like I'm some kind of object...!

 I climbed straight up and out of the hole.

 Jittery and corstoria flailed while being grabbed by my head and suspended in midair.

''Die...! Let go of me.........!

 Black particles gathered on her body.
 She tried to stick her parasol out at my arm.

"Stay put.


 I grab Coastoria's head and spin her shoulder around. The high-speed spinning force overwhelmed her and she couldn't stick out her parasol.

 No, it was not the earliest thing she could do.

''Hey ... what are you doing ...! Stop, stop.........what are you doing?

 After about 30 rotations, I lowered Kostoria to the earth.

 When I landed on the ground, she opened her prosthetic eye and stared at me with a sharp look.

I'm not going to be treated carelessly. It's not a thing. I'm also dizzy! It went around a lot!

 I huff out a laugh.

'Did you want me to be nice to you?'

 When I asked her that, Kostoria closed her mouth as if she was at a loss for words.

''........I didn't say that.......''

 His voice fades into a thin line, despite his hunched attitude.

'Then that's fine.

How? If I wasn't the Lion of Perdition, my head would have been cut to shreds!

Ha ha. Don't say that stuff until you've torn it to shreds.

I can't tell you if it's broken!

 Complaining, Kostoria grew more and more excited.

'Can't you speak with a severed head? It's adorable.

I'm not a monster!

 She glares at me in frustration as I chuckle.

'So? What do you want today?

No, I can't do that. You came to Eavesino on this boat. What do you want?

 I don't want to be blunt, but

I told you I'd show you.

 Then Kostoria froze for a moment.

'Is your boredom over?'

'I was busy when you arrived in the first place. For the most part, I chased after you and didn't stop.

Well, that's not a good time, I guess.

 Kostoria bites her lip in disapproval.

'Did you come all the way out here to show me your ship?'

I had to leave for work. I need to go get some stuff for the road.

 She looks at me sharply.

 She asks, as if she's trying to guess what I'm up to.

'What do you have to do?'

Hmm. Do you really want to know me that badly?

 A moment later, glittering black particles shine and a thrown parasol approaches my mask.

 I catch it lightly and open the umbrella.

'You're clever, Kose. Just when the silver light was dazzling.

I didn't give you anything! Give it back!

 I tried to get my parasol back, and when Kostoria scooted closer, I reached out to get it.
 I lifted my arm in a gesture and dodged it.

'I'll give it back to you when I return. I can't wilt and talk with you with a weapon in my hand.'

You wouldn't even get a scratch.

 She sighed as if she had given up.

 Then she glances at me as if she were peering at me.

 A few seconds of silence comes over the place.
 She said.

'Name ... have you thought about it?'


Yeah. In case you're wondering, if it's another random one, you know what I mean.

 I slackened my face to hide my true intentions and gave a light nod as Kostoria threatened me.



It's the same!

 Trying to stick out her parasol, Kostoria grabs the sky. Twice, three times, her fingertips cut the sky, and then she shows slight embarrassment.

 She must have been so angry that she forgot that she didn't have her parasol with her.

'I've thought about it again, but it doesn't quite fit.


 Like a child, Kostoria sticks out her tongue.

'Coetzee. Don't you think that's a good name?'

I don't know.

 She sat there in a huff and lay down on her back.

 She's a free woman while in someone else's boat.

''Are you ... going somewhere?''

"We are returning to Seventh Elenesia. I must keep an eye on Pablo Hetara.


 She replies, disinterestedly.

 The guesswork was off and she seemed disappointed.

'What if we're going somewhere else?'

''It's nothing...''

 Kostoria turned over and turned her back to me.

'About the other day,'

"...the other day? I don't remember.

You can destroy the little world, but you will not destroy the abyss.

 At the very least, even if the Silver Water World Listeria was destroyed, the would not be destroyed.


 The reply is unenthusiastic.

 Rather than discouragement, it's more of a sign of apathy.

''If it was the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, they would have known.

'I don't trust the information that's within my sister Naga's reach.

 Well, that woman is a true liar.

 She will do whatever it takes to keep Kostoria from destroying Eavesino.

 So you came to ask the two presumptors who seem to have nothing to do with it.

'But I don't care anymore. It's too much trouble.

 In the first place, it would be difficult to destroy Ewezeino itself, as long as Naga and Bobonga are around.

 The phantom beasts and the phantom tribe would not be silent, and the plagues might wake up.

''I want to go home.''

Why don't you just go home?

Where do you want me to go home?

 I say something I don't understand.

'What's wrong with Ewezeino?'

I don't want to go home.

Have you been in a fight?

'Reverse. All I did was fight.

 Indeed, you were arguing even in the middle of the pecking order battle.

''...You want to destroy Pablo Hetara...?''

 She slowly turned over to us and opened her prosthetic eye.

''Shall I help you? I would be able to get inside the Pablo Hetara Palace. I could find out anything I wanted to find out...

 I didn't know what he wanted to do, but now I have some idea what he wanted to do.

 There is no great purpose in the first place for Coastoria.

 I'm sure she's just being driven by momentary feelings.

''I won't help the beast.''

What is that?

 With her hands on her hands, she raised her upper body and Corstoria looked miffed.

 In a moment, the tree ship shook violently.

 Kostoria, who was in an unsteady position, buries her face in the ground.

 The arboreal ship Ioneiria had landed on the Seventh Elenesia and was gouging the land deep. As in the past, it became one with the land and turned into a ghostly sea of trees.

'If you're going down, tell me first.

I have to go.

 I start to walk away and she tries to get herself up in frustration.

'Sleep as you please,'

 He tosses the parasol and returns it to Kostoria.

''Are you sure? It's your territory, right?

"Even if the beast enters, it will not be a beast in number.

 For a moment, I looked disapprovingly at her, but as if she had reconsidered, Kostoria lied down on the spot.

 When I tried to walk away from her without a care in the world...

The waters of Eavesino are rough.

 She says, as if talking to herself.

'Something is wrong with Sister Naga.

 Blithely and listlessly, but surely he told me.

'Maybe the plague is already awake.'