Pablo Hetala Palace. St. Upper Grand Court.

 When I made the transition, the representatives of the St. Upper Sixth Academy had already taken their seats.

 One person is missing.
 There was still no sign of Bellamy, the witch from the All Hallows' Workshop.

''Lebrahard. Where is Ordov now?''

 I asked lightly as I took my seat in the militia world.

'I'm still out fishing, as usual. It's probably some shallow world somewhere.

Is there no way to contact him?

The King uses a ship that has no means of communication.

 Ordinary thought transmissions (leaks) cannot reach outside the small world.

 If that's the case, it's no wonder we don't know where he is.

"What about the First King?

I need to ask you something.

 Then a hoarse voice rang out.

'If you want to talk to Ordoff in person, I don't know how many thousands of years you'll have to wait.

 The one who appeared in the fixed magic circle of the transition was an old woman with a bandana and goggles on - Bellamy.

 She said as she took a seat at Badyloua's table.

'He's a heartless man who won't even come to see me, his old friend. I guess the earnestness of my time as a holy king has taken its toll. Now he's just spreading his wings. Isn't it?

 With a wry smile, Lebrahard nodded.

'We're all here, aren't we?'

 The air in the courtroom tightened at the sound of his voice.

 Guy, the man in the restraining cap, and Rekol, the assassination idol, turned their gazes toward Rebrahard.

'Let's get to the agenda. Let's talk about the world of Ewezeino, the Disaster Abyss World.

The Holy King is really quick to strike.

 Smiling, Naga chirps.

'If it's a crisis of the same academy alliance, that is.

 Quickly, Lebrahard dodged and turned to Ottolu.

 She nodded and opened her mouth.

'I am reporting my findings. Due to the power of both the Head and the Lord God, Isak the Plague, and his continued slumber, the Plague Abyss World Ewezeino is currently not in normal order. As our Acting Head Naga has declared, the inhabitants of the Plague World are in danger of losing their reason or being swallowed by the Silver Bubble itself, which is an abyss of craving.

Oh, dear, that's a big deal. Well, I'm sorry, you left it there. Couldn't you have done something about it earlier?

 Turning to Naga, Bellamy asked curtly.

'I didn't neglect it. 'So Ewezeino was taking steps, too.'

Wanted to cause disaster?

 It was Rekol, the Luzendrfolt military officer, who said this.

''It's only recently that we entered Pablo Hetara, isn't it? The only person who lent us a hand before that was the former prince at your place.'

You were originally from the Lord's world.

Yes. You were the one who seduced and robbed your master, Puppet Emperor Bez, weren't you?

I don't think so.

 Then Bellamy sighed loudly.

It's too late to talk about it. So what do you want to do, Mr. Lebrahard?

"Isak the Plague is an impenetrable sea. He can easily destroy the world at his whim. He acts according to his craving and lives only to satisfy his desires. It's no exaggeration to say that he is a disaster to the people living in the Silver Water Holy Sea.

 Blithely, Lebrahard explains.

'As our predecessors have narrated to this day, we must never cause it to happen. I therefore propose that the sealing of the waking Isaac the Plague Man and the salvation of the world of Ewezeino from the plague with all the might of the Pablo Hetara.

'The second place in the order of the Silverwater Academy, I approve the motion by the Hunting Academy. The motion is passed in the event of a majority vote for all academy participation. All those in favor, raise your hands.

 The hands were raised by Lebrahard, Bellamy and Guy.

 Me, Naga, and Lekol were against it.

'Oh? You two are on my side, aren't you? Thanks.

 Naga said so lightly.

'Three in favour, three against. Therefore, the vote fails. The representatives of the various academies are invited to consult on the motion by the head of the head, Rebrahard.''

 Ottolu states clerically.

 'Huh,' a sigh escapes Bellamy.

It's a problem for young people these days. It's not a good idea for our generation. Our generation would never have thought of that.

 Crossing her hands behind her head, she leans back in her chair.

'Acting Head Naga. Do you still disagree on the condition that Pablo Hetara will redeem Ewezeino?

 Lebrahard asks Naga.

''Of course I have many concerns. In the first place, I wonder how the Holy King is planning to save the disaster abyss world?

'There are several possible ways. We can discuss and decide.

'Like having Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife bless Ewezeino?

It's not what you want.

 Naga narrows her eyes.

'Do you really think he does? I will make the abominable world of disaster abysses walk on the right path. That's what I've been saying all along, Hyphoria-san.

 She continued to speak, even as she pasted on a good-natured smile.

'This is a good time, and I'll make it clear here. This craving that we, the lions of Arzenon and the inhabitants of Eavesino, have is, of course, an unexpected disaster for me as well. For me, lying is like breathing, maybe even now I'm lying. Sometimes I strangle myself with them.

 She proudly puffed her chest out on the wheelchair, as if to say she was proud of that.

'But this is who we are. I'm sure Hyphoria is thinking of turning us from beasts into men, but that's none of your business.

I understand Ewezeino's argument.

I guess. You don't know what's inside the beast. When they become people, they will always be grateful to us. We both know that's what you think, Mr. Hyphoria.

 Naga thrusts his words of blame sarcastically.

''Even if you are no longer a phantom beast or a phantom demon race, we will only resent you. We'll hold a grudge, hold a grudge, get a new craving to replace the craving that was taken away from us, and we'll eat you all as people.

Hmm. But there must be some who think differently. And you, the lion of Arzenon's doom.

 As I speak, Naga shifts her gaze to me.

'For example, Kostoria. Well, you will reject what Hyphoria does, but you hate your craving. Perhaps you would be happier in someone else's shoes than you are.

You know your stuff.

How could I possibly enjoy being alive if I only envied you?

 Then she smiles coldly.

'I wonder which side Anos is on?'

'I just don't like the motion. I'm not going to side with Ewezeino.


 Softly, Lebrahard interrupted him.

'Headmaster Anos. I would like to know your opinion on the proposal.

 If even one of the three opposed to the motion changes his opinion, the motion will pass by a majority in favor.

 Originally, Rebrahard is probably hungry to bring me or Rekol to his side, not Naga, who would never agree to it.

 The skirmish with Naga is like trying to figure out how to get around.

It's not reasonable to not listen to the opinions of the Lord God and the Head of State when deciding what happens to Ewezeino. Shouldn't we invite them to this court session?

 There was a moment of silence at my words.

'I think that's the right view,'

 Lebrahard says.

'Unless they're a disaster,'

'If you have a problem with destroying the world on a whim, I'll hold you down.

Don't be silly.

 Bellamy waved one hand in denial.

'I'm not doubting your power,' said Bellamy. 'I'm not doubting your strength,' said Bellamy, 'but you did a terrific job with the silver water shogi. But, you know, it's just not possible. Even if nothing happened during the court session, what would you do afterwards? Do you want to be on the watch all the time?

'We'll have to do that until we come to a conclusion. If you've caused a whim, let him sleep.

It's war. I can't even think about it. Hey, Guy. What do you think?


 The Demon Bullet World's Guy immediately replied in a genuine voice.

''Although the power of the calamity is unknown, with the strength of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy, including the Abyssal General Army, we do not believe that defeating it is impossible. However, since we cannot escape the damage, we have determined that avoiding the battle is our top priority.

 The Demon Bullet World's argument is frank and straightforward.

 There is no need to listen to the views of the plagues, even at the risk.
 It would be fine if Eavezeino was destroyed.

 The forge world, Bellamy's view is generally similar.

 What I don't understand is still--

'Lebrahard. Wouldn't you like to talk to the plague?

'Isaac the Woe went to sleep himself. Knowing that in time, this is what will happen to Ewezeino. I believe that is his answer. Don't bother waking him up.

 How much of this is true?

 Lebrahard, who had been enthroned as the Holy King, would have inherited Ordoff's dream.

 Could he accomplish this by leaving the plague man asleep?

Looks like this is going to take a long time. I'd like to make sure we have a reprieve first, but any signs of waking up to the disaster?

 Lebrahard asks Naga.

'You're a worrier, Saint King. I've discarded the awakening jutsu, and if we leave it as it is now, it won't awaken for months.'

 You're lying. That's not what I've heard from Kostoria.

'You don't mind if I consider that a guaranteed word, do you?

I don't mind having a lookout. Ottolu, not Miss Hyphoria.

 A straight-faced Lebrahard and a smiling Naga sparked a gaze.

'All right. Let's make a move on that.'

Yes, sir. First, we'll send the Silver Sea whales to the waters around Eavesino...

 Ottolu shuts his mouth in the middle.

 A disastrous cold air drifted into the Holy Upper Grand Courtroom.
 The temperature in the room was rapidly dropping.

 Everyone present stood up and instantly looked up at the ceiling.

 It was freezing.
 Suddenly and violently, Pablo Hetala Palace shook violently and the frozen ceiling was obliterated.

 A large amount of cold air flowed in from the large gaping hole, and a figure descended.

 My roots buzzed with the enormous amount of magical power.


 It was Bellamy who let out a murmur.

 When the cold air cleared, the man standing there was a man with blue demon eyes.
 His hair, like a beast's mane, was blue as well, with frost down there.

 Fangs peeked out of his open mouth, and with his breath, he spat out white cold air.

 The man made a pretense of sniffing, then turned his gaze to Lebrahard.

'Hey, huntsman.'

 His voice was as fierce as a beast.
 Isak the Plague Man looked at the Holy King and asked.

'Where is Ordoff?'