143-Stairs of gunière

 At my question, the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis huffed and laughed.

''Very well. However, please do not think that you have won with this. If it weren't for the Ridiculous Sword, you would have lost for sure.

 I said to Gillicilis, who showed some leeway.

'Is it because you worked on your answers?'

 At those words, Girisilis was crestfallen.
 Then, he glared at the magic eye of that magic circle.

You don't think I haven't noticed? You can't cheat in the Enyeunian tree. I've been convinced that I can't cheat in the Enyeunian tree and you've been tampering with the answers of everyone under your command except me. I was trying to make sure that the answer would never be correct, and that the score would be less than ninety.

 As if in mockery, languidly, Girisilis transforms her gelatinous face.

'Do you have proof of this?'

 I pick up the white book that was there.
 It's Zecia's answer sheet.

 I flick it with my finger and the pages are turned one after another.
 It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

''It doesn't look like you're cheating, though.

You made the evidence disappear.

 I held the page with my finger and used the