142-Satan's answer

 One week later--
 A classroom in Enyeunien.

 The ringing of bells and bells, and a face floats in the great tree of the pews. 
 The great tree of Enyeunien echoed hoarsely.

''Well then, we have a quiz for you today,''

 Something fell out of a large tree with a thud.
 It was a white book. It had arms and legs that looked like sticks and began to walk briskly.

 They are Leelan the Book Fairy.
 He came to the students, one by one, and opened the book himself.

 On the first page, it said 'The Spirit Schoolhouse Quizzes'.

'As you can see, the questions for the quiz are written in the book's Fairy Leelan. You can use a special quill pen to write your answers directly on it. Cheating, such as looking at other students' answers, is forbidden. If you are found to be cheating, you will be taken to the crater of the volcanic spirit Idoam.

 The book fairy Leelan removes the quill that was attached to her and offers it to each of her students.
 I take the quill in my hand.

The time limit is one hour. Then you may begin.

 I heard the ringing, leaning bell and the quiz began.

 I opened the book, and there was the first question written in it.

 'Look carefully and think carefully. A genie is a genie, but what is a genie that is not based on a rumor?

 Hmm. It sounds rather trickier than I thought.
 Rather than a problem, it's more of a riddle.

 I've memorized all the spirits in that Midori book.

 Misha and the others had memorized them too, but for those who couldn't help but remember them, such as Zesia and Fun Union and the others, they used magic to implant their memories.
 At least, they wouldn't forget until this test was over.

 If it was a normal test, it was no contrivance to get a perfect score for all of them, but if it was a riddle, it was a different story. Even if you know the answer, you won't be able to get to it without using your brain.

 This first question, if you think about it in a normal way, the answer would be 'There is no such spirit'.
 The definition of a spirit is that it was rooted in rumor and lore and came into the world, and if it is not based on rumor, it cannot be considered a spirit.

 However, this is not true.
 The correct answer to the first question is "six-legged spirit dijek".

 The word Žižek means 'not a rumor' in the ancient spirit language. In other words, it is a spirit that is not based on a rumor in the language. Of course, it's just a pun.

 It's a riddle, but the definitive proof that the answer is "dijake" is the cube drawn underneath the question.

 There are six lines protruding from the picture, though it is not very much. It's a poorly drawn picture, no doubt, but this is definitely the leg of the six-legged spirit dijake.

 I'm sure the phrase 'look carefully and think carefully' refers to this picture.
 Aside from me, it's doubtful that anyone else will notice.

 The reason why the Scarlet Monument King so easily took the bet was because he knew that this spirit schoolhouse test was of this kind.
 Even if he instantly looked up the spirits in the range of the test and handed over his memories to his subordinates, he must have been convinced that it wasn't a problem he could solve so easily.

 <Do you want to apply the and tell everyone the answer?
 From what I read in Midori's book, the Great Tree of Enyeunyen, as a characteristic of the Spirit of Education, has an excellent magic eye to detect injustice. In his body, that power is even more enhanced.

 But with my magic power, even that can be deceived.

"Unfortunately, the Demon King. I know your thoughts very well.

 Scarlet Monument King Girisilis said as he ran his pen stagnantly.

 In the next moment, he broke through the earth and a huge stone grew gingerly in the four corners of the classroom.
 The Scarlet Monument Stone. It was a magic tool made by the Scarlet Monument King.

It's the same monument that's been storing magic for the last 2,000 years.

 On the scarlet stone, magic words float on a scarlet monument.
 <It's the magic of the Magic Eye Enhancement (Greer). Its effect is to strengthen the magic eye of the Great Tree of Enyeunyen within this classroom only.

 If the magic eye characteristic of the Great Tree of Enyeunyen that detects injustice is combined with the power of the Scarlet Monument King's Inscription Stone that has stored magic power for two thousand years, it is indeed difficult to deceive that magic eye.

 I'm sure that once or twice would be a no-brainer, but if I had to tell Misha and the others all the answers, it would be an extremely difficult task.

'Hmm. Looks like you haven't just been playing around for two thousand years, Scarlet Monument King.

''You don't have time for this. In less than an hour, your roots are mine.

 Despite his gusto, Scarlet Monument King Girisilis contorted his gelatinous face.

''You're too quick-witted. At best, you can dream on.''

Ah, boys. Focus on the test.

 The Great Tree of Enion flew to attention.
 For now, let's keep it quiet.

 But what to do?

 It's hard to tell the answer to everyone under my command.
 But the chances of them all getting more than 90 points on their own are slim.

 So there's only one way to go about it.
 If possible, I wanted to save my magic power, but I had no choice.

 The magic eye of the Great Tree of Enyeunyen is directed at its own body, which is the schoolhouse of spirits. In other words, if it is outside of that body, it will not be able to exercise its power to detect injustice. Well, I don't think it's going to do you any good if they can see through it.

 I'm not going to be the only one who can do this.

'Love is memory, memory is love. What's the name of the spirit that wanders around in search of love?''

 Hmm. I don't understand this one.
 There is no corresponding spirit in Midori's book.

 I'm not sure if the answer is "Fran, the Love Fairy" by a process of elimination, since the scope of the question is Midori's book?
 There should have been some content on this on the torn page.

 I decided to skip it for now and clean up from the other questions, but other than the second question, there was nothing else whose answer was unknown.
 I wrote 'Fran the Love Fairy' in the answer to the second question and put down my pen.

 Misha and the others stared at the test, still working the pen.
 They decided to wait loosely until the test was finished.

 Soon, bells and bells rang.

'That's enough. I'll collect the quiz.'

 Leelan the Book Fairy closed by herself, grabbed her pen, and trudged back to the big tree. He climbed up the tree and walked into the leaves.

 The branches of the tree swayed loudly.

Hmm. Well, shall we announce the results of the test?

 Quickly completing the grading, the Enyeunian Daiki said in a stern voice.

''Aegis Code, eighty-five points.

 The Dark Lord Ijus gave a look like this.

''Kaihiram Jiste, eighty-one points.

 Jiste, another of the Curse King Kaihiram, sighs in relief.

'Gilisilis Dello, ninety-seven points.

 As if with a grin, the Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis contorted his gelatinous face.

'Anos Voldigord, you are magnificent. One hundred points.''

 Hmm. I wasn't sure about the second question, but I guess I got it right.

"Misha Necron, that's another perfect score of 100.

 Misha blinks her eyes with a flicker.

'Sasha Necron gets a hundred points too.

 Sasha gave him a dubious look.

'Eleonor Bianca, one hundred and twenty-seven points,'

What the hell...?

 The one who raised his voice was the Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis.

''Um........well, a hundred is a perfect score, but it's 127?''

 Eleonor looked surprised.

"Zecia Bianca, you scored 150 points. That's amazing.

"....more than a perfect score.......is a first.......

 Continuing on, Eni Yunien's Daiki announced the scores of my subordinates, and they all scored over one hundred points.

''Mm. You are excellent students to have achieved so much in such a short period of time. As promised, I'll grant you the right to participate in the test of the spirit.

Well, well, well, well, you have no idea what you're talking about.

 Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis stood up and shook his head from side to side as he said this.

''It's indeed strange that all of us have more than one hundred points. Isn't there some kind of injustice going on?

I've been keeping an eye out for it, but I assure you, there's no foul play.

'No, no, it's hard to think about, this is hard to think about. Isn't a perfect score a hundred in the first place?

How true. But if there's a point to be scored, it can go over a hundred.

I don't know what the point is, but it's hard to understand. For instance, you must have had some kind of secret deal going on.

 A face in the big tree furrows his brow.

'As a great tree of education, I would never commit such an injustice.

'If you don't think there's any wrongdoing, would you mind showing me your answer? I'll check for irregularities. Since it doesn't seem to be adding up, you know.

Well, good. But you can see for yourself.

 As the Great Tree of Enyeunyen uttered this, with a thud thud thud, the book fairy Leelan fell.

''It's useless, Scarlet Monument King. I've done nothing unfair.''

'Isn't that like saying it's cheating?

 Gilisilis used her magic to open multiple books at the same time.
 She flipped them with her fingertips and flipped through the pages.


 Gillicilis pointed to a page.
 'It's Sasha's answer sheet.

'Anyyunyen. What's this all about? The answer to Q27 is 'Dead Man of Lava'. This answer is 'Deidrich'. Aren't the two entirely different spirits?

But when I saw the answers to the questionnaire, I thought there was one way to interpret it. But when I saw the answers, I thought there was one way to look at it. There are times in life when there is more than one answer. Sometimes we find new answers. In that sense, "Diedrich" is a good answer.

 Gilisilis contorted his gelatinous face and pointed at another answer.
 It was from Eleonor.

'Now, can you explain this one to me? The fifteenth question is about the number of spirits associated with fishing. The correct answer is '17'. But the answer says '21'.

'Hmm. Well, when I think about it, Jisra, Meto, Anouye and Beera are the spirits of the boat. I realized that the spirits of the boats could be considered to be related to fishing. Therefore, I give them 20 points for being correct and for bringing me to my senses.

And that's a point?

Isn't that funny?

How about this, then?

 Raising his voice, Gillicilis pointed at Zecia's answer.

It says 'I don't understand' in Q7, 9, 17, 51 and 67. I don't know." "I don't understand" is written in Q7, 9, 17, 51 and 67.

I'm going to be honest about what I don't know. It's not a very easy thing to do. It's one thing to do, but it's another to be honest. I give you fifty points for your honesty.


 Gilisilis exclaims.
 He must have realized that it was indeed strange.


 Gilisilis slowly turns to me.

'Did you think you wouldn't get a perfect score just because your answer was wrong?

 The Scarlet Monument King's voice trembled as if to say he was astonished.

I never said you couldn't use it.

 I used Origin Magic and summoned the Demon King's Castle to the sky above the Great Tree of Enyeunyen while scoring. This place is already under the influence of my bosom, the Ridiculous Sword.

 With its power, only my subordinates were able to destroy the reasoning about the wrong answer.

''I've told you. I didn't cheat. I just destroyed the theory that there is no score for a mistake.

 Even if you duck, you'll still be right in front of the sword, even if you answer incorrectly.
 Even a blank answer would be turned into a hundred points.


 In humiliation, Girisilis gagged and twisted her face.
 However, he realized that he couldn't help himself at the earliest, or he didn't try to pursue the injustice any further.

 It's strange.

 I don't remember showing Venusdnoa to the Scarlet Monument King.
 It's like with Jelga, apparently someone is leaking information about me.

 Is it the masked demon tribe that saw the Ridiculous Sword and is alive now, or is it the masked demon tribe that appeared at the Demon Sword Tournament with Nowusgaria?
 It is highly likely that one of them told the Scarlet Monument King.

''Well, Scarlet Monument King. As per your contract, you will answer me.

 I ask Gilisilis, whose gelatinous face contorts again as if tainted with humiliation.

'Who is your 'up'?'