141-Book fairy

Come on.

 Lyna was making her way through the maze-like schoolhouse of spirits without hesitation.
 After that, she suddenly ran out and asked us to follow her.

 <It seems that this spirit schoolhouse was among the memories I remembered from the .

 We're chasing after Lyna as she continues onward and onward.

''Where are you going?''

''There's a good place to study the spirits. Maybe the people of the Four Evil Royal Clan haven't found that place either.

 She saw a trident in front of her.
 Stepping as if she had come before, Lyna turned right there.

 There, she stopped in a flash.
 She waited for a while, but she didn't try to move.

 Lyna's gaze is directed at the stone statue placed in the passage.
 It's a human-shaped frog in armor. The lower half of the shield in his hand had been cut off completely.


 She muttered, reaching for the severed shield.
 Then she gently touched her fingertips to it.

'Do you remember something?'

 I asked, but she slowly shook her head from side to side.

''.........hmmm. I can't remember anything....

 He mutters, then stares at the stone statue's shield again.

'But there's something familiar about it. I've probably been here before. I had to do something here...

 Lyna pondered as she dove deeper and deeper into the depths of her memories.

 Since she knew about the spirit schoolhouse, it was natural that she had been here before.
 It could be that if she touched something memorable, or that her memories would return.

 Normally, that is.
 Her memories don't come back that often.

"No, no. I still can't remember anything...

 I said and Lyna started walking again.

'I'm sorry. We don't have much time. Let's go.

 I call out to the girl in front of me as she goes ahead of me, looking very energetic.

It's a good idea to be careful. It's a good thing that you're able to remember it so easily, because your memory will have returned to you long ago.

What happens when you can't remember with that magic?

 Lyna asks as she moves on.

'It would be a case of a complete loss of memory, or perhaps when a spell was cast to block the memories.

 Or he didn't remember from the beginning.
 After a moment of silence, Lyna said.

'Which one do you think it is?'

It doesn't seem to me that you have a spell over your memory.

...So it's completely gone then?

 Lyna says, sounding discouraged.

'If that's the case, there's probably a way to get your memory back.

 Lyna spun around and turned to face me.


Once we know who you are, we can use the levy's magic to pull your memories out of your past.

"...but I don't know who I am...

I'm sure there's someone who knows you. You can ask him.


 Lyna raises her voice.

''The Spirit King...?''

If you feel the need to see her, you must know her. If I can get to know you, I can do some serious time manipulation.

I see. Then I have to pass the genie's test...

 With an uneasy look on her face, she muttered.

''What, I just had a lot of questions I wanted to ask the Spirit King too. Even if you're rejected, I'll ask him while I'm at it.

 Then Lyna's face lit up with a flash of light.

Thank you. I knew you were a good person, Anos. He wasn't crazy in my eyes.'

 For a moment, I was stuck for a response.
 It's a strange thing to say.

'....Hmmm. What do you mean by that? Are you referring to the time we met in the capital of Zehmburg?

"...Huh? Um, that's funny, right? Somehow, I had a feeling that...

 Lyna looked down for a moment, then looked up as if something had occurred to her.

'Maybe I've met you before.


 A spirit from two thousand years ago would be a possibility.
 And after enlisting Reno's help, I've been involved with the spirits.

Can you take that hood off?

'What? Hood?

 Lyna turns around and scurries around, looking for something.

'What's wrong with the hood?'

 <I'm going to make a mirror out of Ibis.


 Lyna looks into the mirror.
 But there was no reflection of her there.

''Hmm. 'I see.'

 I'm not sure I can see the face inside the hood when I look at it with my evil eye.
 But it's not a magic tool.

It's a good idea to have some kind of spirit power at work. It's a good thing that you can't see your face because of this.

So is it possible that you don't remember anything?

It could be the spirits. Or...

 I looked at Lyna and said.

'You do realize that you're a genie, right?'

 She nodded with a chuckle.

''I kind of had a feeling it was going to happen... I think it's pretty clear now...''

Maybe you're one of those spirits.

The genie who forgets his memory?


...So, maybe I'll never remember it...?

 If this is a spirit born of rumor and lore that is forever wandering in search of memories, there may not be any memories to return to in the first place.

 In that case, no matter what you do, your memories will never return.

I still don't understand. If you feel like you know me, there is a good chance that you have forgotten your memories due to the work of a spirit.

 As he said this, Eleonor, who was listening beside him, said.

It's going to be fine. If we can figure out what spirit did this, I'm sure Lyna's memory will come back.

I hope you're right.

 Lyna smiled, just a little.

'Do you have any idea?'

'You mean the spirit that makes you forget? Hmmm, not one of the ones I remembered.... But if you look up where you're going, you might find it.

 With a hopeful look on her face, Lyna laughed.

'By the way, haven't we been going around the same path a few times before?'

 Ray said, and Lyna nodded her head.

'Yes. It's the fourth time I've come through here.'

What does that mean?

 Sasha has a question on her face.

'There's a place in the spirit academy where you have to follow a certain path to get there. It's not magic, so even the magic eye can't see it, and I don't think anyone who doesn't know about it will be able to find it first.'

 Lyna stopped in front of a door she had passed many times.
 When she opened it, it was a small room inside.

 There is nothing in particular.
 It's just a nondescript room.

'Come in.'

 Lyna walks into the room.

'There's nothing in there for you to ask me to come in, okay?

 Twisting her head as if she didn't know what it meant, Sasha walked into the room.
 After making sure that everyone had entered the small room, Lyna closed the door once and quickly opened it.


 Surprise escaped Sasha.
 What spread out beyond the door was a vast forest.

 No, it wasn't just any forest.
 It's not just a forest, it's a forest of trees with countless books instead of fruits.

This is our destination, the 'Forest of Books'. The books that will become the trees of this forest have a lot of information in them. Midori's book has information about spirits. The questions in the Great Tree of Enyeunien are based on this book.

So, if you can hold on to what's in that book, you'll get points for it?

 Lyna nodded.

'But isn't the test range going to be in class anyway?

 Sasha asks. Lyna shook her head.

The educational policy of Enyuwen's Daiki is that lessons are only supplementary lessons and students should study on their own. That's why the quizzes include questions that are not covered in class.

What's that.......that's not fair.......

''The Scarlet Monument King also said something like that.

 He was probably high on the idea that it would be impossible to cover the entire range of questions in a week.
 It was also a confirmation that he didn't know the place.

'Collecting Midori's books?'


 Misha reached for Midori's book that had fallen to the ground.
 Then, limbs like sticks grew out of the book and moved around a little bit.

I mean, what's that?

 The books, with their limbs growing out of them, roamed the forest.
 As if that were the case, the books that had been turned into trees fell in unison and began to move, sprouting limbs as well.

''Leelan the Book Fairy. The books here are spirits.'

 Lyna says.

'Wow. There's going to be a lot of Midori's books alone, and they're going to be hard to catch!'

........play tag........

 Eleonor chuckled and Zesia was somewhat amused.

'If we're playing tag, though, we've never lost.

 With that said, the magic circle is unfolded and stacked in layers of one hundred.
 I quickly dipped my fingertips into that multiple magic circle.

 <The magic of the forest lava (Lee Guneas) is activated and his right hand is covered with a pale white glow.
 Even the number is meaningless if you can cross the distance and hold everything in your hands.

 <I beckoned to him with the hand of the .
 In a moment, Midori's book limbs retracted, and all at once flew over to me and were laid out on the ground.

 That number, seventeen hundred and ninety-nine books.
 With a flick of my index finger, the pages of the seventeen hundred and ninety-nine books were turned over one after another at a tremendous rate.
 I turned my evil eye to all of them and stared at them.

 Eventually, all the pages are flipped over and the book of the fairy Leelan is closed.

''Hmm. I've learned.

'Huh! Learned it, now?

 Sasha sounded surprised.

'Anos is smart,'

It's not that he's smart, it's that he's crazy...

"I could only read half of it.

 Sasha looked at her sister seriously with a stern stare.
 She seemed to be trying to say if the source was really the same root.

You'll be fine. I just remember half of it.

'Don't follow me it makes me sad...'

 I beckoned with my index finger to Sasha, who was bemoaning something.
 Then a book flies out and settles into my hand.

'Lyna. It's a description of a memory-blocking kind of fairy, but it wasn't in the book here.

''....I see. But even Midori's book doesn't have all the spirits in it, so.......

 She looks down, a little disappointed.

'But there was one page that caught my attention.

 I open Midori's book, which is labeled Volume 771, and show a certain page to Lyna.

''........Love Fairy Fran.......? It is said that there are as many spirits as there are missing loves to shape and bind unrequited love....

 Lyna's eyes reflected on the next page.
 But it wasn't the page of Fran, the love fairy.

 Only there, the page had been torn out.

'It's possible that this page contained something about memories.

 Even though not all spirits are listed in the book, there are still seventeen hundred and ninety-nine books of Midori. Most of the spirits would be covered.

 If so, it's not unlikely that these torn pages could contain information on the spirits that block memories.

''In a hundred years, I'll be able to figure it out.

 The book is subjected to