140-Distant memory

 Bells and bells rang, signaling the end of class.

Hmm. Well, that's it for today. Do you have any questions?

 Enyeunyen's big tree said.
 I raised my hand.

'I'd like to ask you a few questions, but first, what kind of spirits are the Spirit Kings?'

''Woo hoo. You are the one who governs and protects this great forest of spirits, Ahartheln.

Hmm. So what kind of lore did it come from?

I can't tell you that yet. The Spirit King's situation is very complicated. You have to learn the basics first. I have given you a graduation certificate, but will you continue to take classes after this?

 As long as Singh and the others are here, there's no point in going out.

'Yeah, we still have a lot to learn here. I'll ask you one more question. About God's disappearance. Do you know that my people are supposed to be hiding in here?

Hmm. The ones who failed the quiz. It is true that they are enrolled in this school of spirits. Those who fail the test will be hid from the gods by Gennuru the Hidden Wolf. It's a place where the dreaded supplementary training awaits. Oh, don't worry, if you work diligently, you'll usually be back in your schoolhouse within five years.

 Five years. No wonder we can't wait.

What exactly is this concealment thing?

Well, what is it? Such is the legend. It is said to be hidden at the border of the world, or eaten by Jennuru the Hidden Wolf and hidden within his body. The logic behind this is not clear to me, but Jennuru would be able to bring the hidden ones back to the schoolhouse.

 Is this due to the strange characteristics of spirits based on rumor and lore?
 If that's the case, it's going to be hard to get them back by force.

"I heard that if you ask the Spirit King, you can get the one who was hidden from the gods back?

That's right. The Hidden Wolf Jennuru is the Spirit King's guard dog. If the Spirit King gives an order, he'll return it to you from the Spirit King's hiding place.

''The only way to meet the Spirit King is to undergo a spirit test?''

Yes. That's what this schoolhouse is all about.

 I guess that means if you break it, you'll get the punishment you deserve.
 It's tricky.

'You said earlier that you need to take a few quizzes to take the spirit test, how many times do you need to take the shortest one?

The earliest is three times. If you score an average of 80 points or more, you can try the Spirit Test.

 Three times. That's a lot.

Just once.


 A bare voice rang out.

'We haven't had much time. Make it one time.'

'Mm-hmm. I've given you the sign of graduation, but the ordeal of the spirits is a different story. This is the only time you can have an audience with the Spirit King. It's not something I can control.

We'll do three of them together in the next quiz and there should be no problem.

There are a huge number of questions, even for quizzes. That's why it's necessary to give it some time.

Hmm. I'm not so sure about that.

 As I casually said it, Enyeunyen's Daiki showed interest.

''........What do you mean by that?''

What, I just thought it would be easy to do that for a spirit who is also known as the Great Tree of Education.


 Apparently, it's just as I stared at it.
 Enyeunyen's Daiki's voice is filled with surprise, as well as an unconcealed happiness.

 If you praise him, it will be a quality that makes him feel like it.

I thought that if you put your mind to it, it would be something that could be done in 10 or 20 quizzes or even one night, but hmm, I was wrong. After today's class, I was convinced that there is no one better at education...?


 The classroom shakes slightly.
 It's a sign of Enyeunien's hesitation.

 It's just one more push.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for. I'm sure each schoolhouse has its own way of doing things.

 As if to end the conversation, I stood up and headed straight for the doorway.
 As I was walking out of the classroom, the door slammed shut in front of me.

Very well. I am also a genie, the Great Tree of Education. I'll do something about that.

'Yeah. That helps.

But Anos, the Demon King. You have only been here for a short period of time. Therefore, only if you score more than 90 points in the next quiz, you'll be eligible to take the spirit test.

I'm fine.

The next class will begin in two hours. Until then, you will do your self-study.

 The face quickly disappeared from the large tree on the podium, and gradually, any sign of Enyeunyen disappeared as well.


 Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis laughs wryly and walks over to me.

''Well, well, well, that's a pretty big one. It's quite disturbing that you think you're so special.

 Gilisilis glares at me while contorting her gelatinous face into a goofy shape.

''It took me a month to take on the test of the spirits, though.

Ho. You're putting up a hell of a fight. It's not like you.

It's easy enough to remember, though. The characteristic of this schoolhouse of spirits is to find the answers you need to learn first. Don't think it's going to be easy.

''Then you bet, Scarlet Monument King. In the quiz in a week's time, we'll all be qualified to take the spirit test.

 Gilisilis reacts uncomfortably.

'All of them? Not just you?

Yeah, all of them.

''Do you think that I, here, am inferior to the Demon Race, which has no idea which horse's bones it is?''

What do you mean?

 I let out a huff of laughter.

''Scarlet Monument King. Are you the one who is going to be an enemy to my men?

 As if his words were offensive, a magician's eyes appeared on Scarlet Monument King's face.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

You're interesting. What kind of bet do you want to make, demon king?

 You're on board.
 As usual, it's a proud thing.

'If we all qualify for the spirit trials, I win. You're going to tell me who this 'upstairs' is that I ordered you to do.

 As if in mockery, Girisilis contorts his face into a gaggle of giggles.

''Fine. If I win, I'll take thy root.''

 Hmm. You're a lot of puffed up.
 Or do you not want people to know about the "top" so much?

It looks like you don't have it in you. Well, I don't take the bet.

No, that's all right.

 For a moment, Ghirisiris exclaimed.
 He didn't expect to bet the source of the root.

'Are you insane? Or are you underestimating me?

You were the one who started it. What the hell are you scared of?

 Gilisilis stared at me.

'Very well. We have a deal, huh? You'll be sorry, Demon King.

 He passes by me and walks out of the classroom. As he does so, we sign a contract with each other.

"You guys are still the same.

 With that muttered, the Dark Lord Ygles leaves.

'The Dark Lord. Do you want to bet on something too?

You're still talking shit, aren't you? Have I ever talked to you before?

Twice, I think.

That was out of necessity. Things are different now.

 After saying that, the Dark Lord left.
 When I returned my gaze to the classroom, I saw that the Curse King's other personality, Jiste, was gone.

 It must have disappeared as a black haze, just as it did when it came.

''Do you have a chance of winning?''

 Ray asks.

You'll have to wait and see. It's not like we're going to be able to get anywhere near Singh and the others if we're taking our time to wait until we see a chance to win.

That may be true, but what are you going to do if you lose? It's going to get to the source. You're going to die.

 Sasha stares at me intently.

'I won't lose.'

'Well we're talking about what happens if you lose and you're not answering the question.

I don't see how that's possible.

 Sasha's lips twitched in disapproval as she uttered that.

'Do you want to study on your own?'

 Misha's emotionless eyes stare at me.

'Yeah. It's only a week away.'

I'm not good at ... studying...

 Zesia muttered drearily.

'It's okay. I'll teach Zecia a thing or two.

 Eleonor stroked Zesia good-naturedly.
 She regained a little bit of energy, but she still had an unflattering look on her face.

''But even if we call it self-study, what shall we do? Anos, you don't know that much about spirits either, do you?

Yeah. But there'll be someone there who'll know more about it.

 They all looked in the direction I had looked.
 Once Lyna looked back, she noticed that no one was there.

'Could it be me?'

''You have beautifully guessed the name of a spirit that the Scarlet Monument Kings don't know. Aren't you familiar with them?

 Turning her head down, Lyna hmmm, and pondered.

''While working as an informant, while looking up Ahartheln, I also looked up the spirits, but I actually didn't find that much...''

 Well, I guess so.
 Rumors of spirits are not something you can find that often.

 Even if there are rumors and lore, you will never know if it is really a spirit or not without actually meeting the spirit.

 You can't learn that much about spirits just by being an informer.

''Huh? Then how did you know the name of the rare spirit?

 Eleonor asked, and with a nonchalant expression, Lyna replied.

''Well I shouldn't have known, but when I was here, I kind of suddenly remembered...''

'Before he lost his memory, he must have known the spirits well.

...Is that right?

Want to find out?

 Lyna looks at me curiously.


'If it's magic that can bring back memories, I can use some of it. If you remember the genie, you could help me with my studies.

 Lyna looked at me, a thoughtful expression on her face.

'I have a feeling that magic won't do it,'

What makes you think that?

I don't know... but sort of...

 Hmm. It's a funny thing to say.

'But can I try? Of course, I'll help you with your spirit study. I also feel like I have to meet the Spirit King...

Is that part of it?

Yeah, yeah.

 On the other hand, Lyna has a somewhat confident look on her face.
 Well, there's no point in thinking about it.

Try not to think about anything.

 With a ton, he touched his fingertips to Lyna's forehead.
 I drew a magic circle on her head and used the magic of Evi.

 If it were possible, I would like to use the Time Manipulation Levide to turn back time as well, but I don't know the origin of her.
 However, if you have normal amnesia, Evi should be enough.


 Lyna raises her voice.
 She must have remembered something.

 Soon, the magic of the
What do you think?

'....I remember a lot about the spirits...

 Lyna has an unflattering expression on her face.

'But I still can't remember myself...'

 Hmm. I thought it was just amnesia.