139-The big tree of Anyunien

First of all, let me tell you about this spirit academy for the new students.

 The great tree of Enyeunyen emitted a hoarse, old manly voice.
 However, that voice could be heard echoing throughout the classroom, not the large tree with a face.

 This is probably because that large tree located in the teaching room is not the main body.
 As the name implies, he's this big tree building, the spirit schoolhouse itself.

 In other words, we are inside the body of a spirit called the Great Tree of Enyeunien.

This is where we teach about the various spirits and their history. Of course, we have all sorts of other classes, but they are compulsory in the spirit class.

 In a calm tone, the Great Tree of Anyuyuen said.

''Once you enter the Great Tree of Anyuyuen, everyone who enters this Great Tree of Anyuyuen will be admitted to the spirit academy. And they can't leave until they take the spirit class and graduate. Persistence is the key to study. We have enough food, clothing and shelter for you.

 But there were some annoying rumors and lore.
 Someone must have thought that if you wandered into the spirit school, you would be stuck in it until you graduated.

It is also forbidden to use violence to harm or restrain others. If you disobey this rule, there will be a punishment. Now you will be put through the ordeal of stepping on the back of the Long Serpent Epitheo.

 Hmm. So the Scarlet Monument King wanted me to attack him and take his punishment.
 But it's an unfamiliar spirit.

'What is the Long Snake Epitheo?'

 When I asked him that, woo woo woo woo, Enyuwen's Daiki laughed.

''Good question,''

 I didn't hear much, but Enyeunyen's voice was bouncy.
 He looked like he was happy to be asked a question.

'Then I would like to have my students answer the question. Who can answer about the Long Snake Epitheo?'

 The Scarlet Monument King, the Underworld King, and the Cursed King raised their hands as if they were competing with each other.

'The one who was quickest was the Scarlet Inscription King Gillicilis. 'Answer me.'

 The Scarlet Monument King quickly stood up.

The Long Snake Epitheo is a spirit born from the rumor and tradition that it is the longest snake in the world. When it was born, it was about the size of a snake that could circumnavigate the world, but rumors led to rumors, and now it is about 33 times as long as it can circumnavigate the world. Because it is so long, it can only live in the magical swamp in this spirit schoolhouse. It is said that sometimes they only show their heads through there to the seven seas.

Hmm. That's right.

 The Great Tree of Enyeunyen said in a low voice.

 So, if you commit violence in this spirit schoolhouse, you will have to step on the back of a snake that is the length of the world's thirty-three weeks' worth of bodies?

 He said that now, but the punishment might change depending on the time. In any case, it would be just as troublesome as stepping over the Epiteo.

 It's messy.

Well, well. I'll give you some spirit-related questions like this from time to time. If you answer them correctly, they will be added to your grades. Of course, there are also quizzes and spirit trials to keep track of your grades. The student who achieves the best grades will graduate. As a memento, I will give them a graduation token. As a memento, the student will receive a graduation token, which will allow him or her to enter and leave Ahartheln freely.

 I see.
 So I won't have to find out every single rumor about Ahartheln like I did this time.

''I hear you're going to excel, but how much exactly?

As an educator, I've been making judgments based on my longtime intuition. It's not enough to just get a score on the test. Of course, there is nothing better than getting a high score. The earliest person to graduate took two weeks, and the longest took fifty years.

 Does that mean there are no clear standards?
 No. Maybe it's part of the class to find those standards.

'Will I still be able to take the class after I get my graduation stamp?'

Hmm. Of course it's possible. As I mentioned earlier, the lessons are only compulsory. There are many other types of education available here. They can teach you everything from magic and witchcraft, cooking, arithmetic, and even how to discipline spirits and create them. I am the Great Tree of Education, Anyunyan.

 Hmm. That sounds like a pretty good idea.

Could you train a non-speaking girl to speak, for example?

Of course it's possible. It is possible, of course, because spirits have a mysterious power. However, a certain amount of effort is required.

 This great tree of Eniyunyen is quite large.
 The fact that there is also a swamp with the Long Snake Epitheo inside means that it must be a magical space as well.

''It would be a good place to bring ten thousand Zetia, wouldn't it?

Yeah, yeah, I felt that way too, now.

 At my muttering, Eleonor happily agreed with me.

''I mean, how can you guys afford to think about such things........ Instead of thinking about what you're going to do when you get out, shouldn't you be thinking about how you're going to graduate first?

 Sasha has a dumbfounded look on her face.

'What, Sasha? Are you afraid?

I'm not afraid of them. But your people are in a god's hiding place and even the four evil royal families are so quiet. The Great Tree of Enyeunyen, with his cheery old man's voice, is actually pretty bad, isn't it?

 Next to her, Misha was nodding in agreement.

Don't worry about it," she said. ─ Don't worry about it, you know that if you get good grades, you will graduate.

'Did Anos know much about spirits?'

 Ray asks.

'No, not so much. How about you?

''You may know more about them than the demon race, but spirits are a poorly understood entity to begin with. Unfortunately, there's a lot we don't know about them.

 Well, I guess so.

'It's appalling. You're so full of confidence and you don't know?

 Sasha says in protest and stares sideways at me.

'What, you can learn what you don't know from now on. There you go, focus on the class.

 As he uttered that, Sasha muttered, "You didn't get sidetracked first........

''Woo hoo, I see we're done talking. Let's continue with the class.

 The Great Tree of Enyeuen said.
 It is indeed a spirit made of rumor and lore called the Great Tree of Education.

 He stood firm, not paying any attention to the fact that he was talking a little privately.

We're going to spend a week in the classroom learning about spirits, and then we'll take a quiz. After that, there will be a quiz. If you fail the quiz, you'll be in danger of being hid from the gods. After a few quizzes, the student with the best score can move on to the ordeal of the spirits. Students who pass the ordeal will be granted an audience with the Spirit King. If you pass the ordeal of the king, you can graduate straight away.

 As Enyeunyen said this, a letter was drawn on the large tree in front of him.

Then here's another question. What is the name of the fox-like spirit that looks like a small bear that only appears in the daytime?

 Hmm. I don't know.

 I'm not the only one who doesn't know that, or maybe the four evil royal families don't know that either, but no one wants to raise their hands.
 I have a feeling that Nausgaria would know, but from what I've seen, they seem to be dozing off. I guess he's unwilling to do it.

''Woo hoo, is it too minor a spirit indeed?

Well, do you mind if I answer that question?

 It was the informant girl, Lyna, who raised her hand as if she was afraid.

Good. And what is the name of the genie?

You're Gauilet, right?

Well that's a good point.

 The Scarlet Monument King and the Dark Lord looked back at Lyna.
 They didn't understand even after hearing the answer, but they looked at Lyna who answered correctly, licking her with their demon eyes.

I'll explain about the fairy dog Gauilet later in class. I'll give you a few more questions first.

 Once again, the problem statement came to Oki.

''What is the name of the strongest swordsman of the spirit, with a broken shield and a broken pike in his hand?''

 The only one who raised his hand was still Lyna.

''Babloana the Contradictory Swordsman, is it?''

Very good. Babloana is one of the few fairies you'll ever hear of, and one of the few you'll ever meet.

 Lyna nods vaguely.
 Hmm. Is that a rumor you got from an informant? 

'Hmmm, if it was a slightly older spirit, I could follow you, but I have no idea what the answer is.

 Eleonor said as if he couldn't do it.

'Woo hoo, now let's do the famous genie question. It's a service question.

 Three pictures, this time not letters, floated on the large tree in the pulpit.

 But they were so poorly done.
 One was a stick figure.
 One is a swarm of worms, something that looks like a swarm of worms.
 One is just a black circle with hair growing out of it.

 In the first place, it is doubtful if we can even call it a painting.

Well, this is a painting of three famous spirits. What are their names?

 Daiki of Enyeunien said as if it was obvious that he could answer, but no one raised their hand.

''You don't understand, Lyna-chan?''

 Eleonor asked, and she nodded her head.

''.........because that's not at all picturesque.......no matter how famous the spirits are, it's impossible.''

 Lyna murmured in a whisper.
 Then, as if an earthquake had occurred, the classroom shook.

''What the heck!

 The great tree of Enyuwen was shaking with anger.

''This education of mine, the education of me, who was even called the Great Tree of Education, you are going to stink at it!

 Enyeunyen's angry voice echoed throughout the classroom.
 For an ordinary person, it was an ear-aching blast.

This is not good. This is not good. Enyeunyen often throws a tantrum when he is criticized in class,''

 The Scarlet Monument King Girisilis turns his gelatinous face towards me.

''Hmm. How do I quell it?'

I'll just have to answer that question correctly. If you don't, I wouldn't be surprised if you all got a zero on the scale.

So why don't you answer the question?

 The Scarlet Monument King shrugged exaggeratedly.
 He said it was impossible to guess a spirit from such an unpainted picture.

''You are conceited, Demon King. That's why I say you're too proud.

 'I see that you cannot answer me either,' said the Dark Lord Yggeth, with a gleam in his eye.

'And you can't seem to answer me either, can you?

You have no idea. It's like a river flowing downstream and upstream to find out who that stick figure is. There's a reason for everything.

 Yggeth said as he spat out.

'Hmm, no wonder. Then we'll see.'

 I quickly raised my hand and stood up.

 Then he points out the stick man painted on a large tree.

The six wings of the stick man represent the mother of all spirits, the great spirit Reno.

 Then he points out something that looks like a swarm of worms.

"The countless dots around it are the drizzle, or rinyon, the great spirit of water.

 Finally, he pointed to a picture of a mere black circle with hair on it.

'These dull eyes are definitely fairy titties.

 With a snap, the classroom stopped shaking.
 Enyeunyen's anger had subsided.

'Hmm. Very good. Anos Voldigord, I give you a sign of graduation.

 Light gathers on my uniform and I get a medal that resembles fairy wings.
 That's all it takes for me to graduate.

 It's hard to believe, but even though we are the great trees of education, we are still cashmere in some ways.
 Well, this is also a character based on rumor and lore, isn't it?

''...How did you know that stick figure is the Great Spirit Reno?

 The Dark Lord Ygess muttered wistfully.

''........That thing that looks like a worm's crawl marks is a lignon......?

 The Scarlet Monument King Girisilis contorts his gelatinous face as if to say that he sincerely doubts it.

'Let me tell you, it's not a fluke.

 I said to the two men, who looked stunned.

"That's why you've never been able to defeat me.