138-Spirit teacher

 Bells ringing, ringing and leaning.


Class is about to start.

I can't leave class.

 Titi and the others flew around the classroom, mouthing off.

'Hmm. So that's why the entrance has disappeared.'

But we don't have time for classes, do we?

 Sasha says.
 Ray stepped in front of the doorway that had been turned into a wall.

'Let's give it a try,'

 Drawing a magic circle, he took out the Unique Sword Sig Shasta from it.
 As it was, he stepped straight into the wall.


 The uni-sword Sig Shesta glittered like a flash of light.
 Its blade drew four tracks in one breath.

 Ray stared at the wall in front of him.

''I could cut it, but...''

 He pressed the spot where Ray had cut with the tip of his unique sword.
 The wall of the great tree was hollowed out into a square, and then fell down.

''What is this?

 Sasha's voice was tinged with surprise.
 The outside of the classroom was blank. There must have been an endless staircase to the top there, but now there were no shadows or shapes to hit. There was no end to the top or bottom, and a white space stretched out as far as the eye could see.

''Magical space?''

 Misha mutters.

'Looks like it. I suppose they're trying to isolate the classrooms so they can't go back in during class.'

 But that doesn't mean you can't get out if you want to, though.
 I turn my magic eye on the magical space.

 And at that time, a crack appeared in the pure white space.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 Rei quickly retreated and dodged it as soon as possible as it was thrust out.

''........What is this?''

 Rei stared at that crimson tip of the ear that was close to the tip of her nose.

''Red blood demon spear, dhid atem........''

 The space that was cracked by the spear cracked further.

 While making a gishy sound, the crack widened in a flash and the magical space shattered. As if the pure white veil was removed, the outside of the classroom had returned to the room made of wood.

 And there was a man holding out a red magic spear.
 He had short cropped hair, a stern appearance, and a large eye patch that covered about half of his face.

 Hmm. Another familiar face. It can't be a coincidence.

"I didn't expect you to be here too, Dark Lord Iges. Don't tell me that the four evil royal families are all sitting side by side in this spirit schoolhouse?

 Yggeth drew his spear and erased it into the magic circle.
 He gives me a sharp look.

Your reincarnation is as good as it gets, isn't it, Demon King Anos?

Hmm. What's constant?

It means you underestimate the Gods. You know that if you overestimate your own power, you'll be deprived of it.

 Yeejus says in a grave tone, as if to complain.

'You're the one nagging me as usual. That means that I have a son of God under my command, so get on with it, right?

I suppose that is unavoidable. You'll only cause more casualties if you sit on your hands.

 Haha, he laughs at the Dark Lord's words.

'Unfortunately, I'm not going to make the sacrifice, even if it's against a god.

It's arrogance. Can't you see that if you don't make sacrifices, you will only make more?

 The Dark Lord Ygess turned his ship-eye eyes to Misha and Sasha.
 The two of them gingerly prepared themselves.

I don't mean to make things difficult in class. It's just that this place can be somewhat of a hassle.

 With that uttered, Edgess headed for the stump seat.

'The Dark Lord. Since when did you join hands with the Scarlet Monument King and the Curse King?'

If that's what it looks like, it's the spirits.

 He said as he rolled in the smoke, and Edgess sat down.


 Misha points to an empty stump.
 Then, a black haze rose and a man appeared.

 He is a demon tribe with six horns sprouting from his head.
 He doesn't even show any interest in us, he just stares blankly in front of us.

''Could that be the four evil royalty too...?

 Sasha asks.

'Ah, Cahillam Jiste, the Cursed King.

 The one who had half the magic sword was under him.
 As for Shin, he's the most likely to know what's going on.

 However, in the case of the Curse King, it would be a bit painful even if he had to use all his strength to find out about it.
 So, which one is it now?

You're not going to talk to him?

Hmm. Yeah. Well, I'm going to go.

 I walk over to the Curse King.

'Long time no see, Caihiram.

 I started to speak to him and he looked at me blankly.
 But he didn't say anything.

"Oh, so you're a dyste now?

 Then he smiled at me.

''Ah. Look who it is, it's Demon King Anos-sama. I see. It's been two thousand years already.

 The Curse King said this in a voice that was not filled with hostility.
 His tone was that of a woman, but his heart was now a true woman.

'What about Kaihiram?'

He went off again and never came back. I'm really puzzled by the wanderlust of Lord Kailam, leaving his girlfriend behind.

Yeah. So what are you doing here, then?

You'll learn. I don't have time to do anything until Lady Kaihiram returns. What about Anos-sama?

I'm looking for someone. Have you seen Singh, or any of my guys?

'Oh, that was a while ago. I was taking a class with you, but then I was blasphemed. The Scarlet Monument King and the Dark Lord's men are gone too.


'What's the godd*mn thing to do with your classes here?

If you fail the quiz, you'll be attacked by the gods. The only way to get it back is to ask the genie king in the vicinity of the great tree.

Is it easy to get to the top?

 Giste shook her head.

''I heard that you have to take your classes seriously and pass something called a spirit trial to get there. Ah, yes. I've been told that Kaihiram-sama's men have also been caught in a divine hiding, and I've been told to help them before they come back. I'm in trouble.

 Hmm. With their subordinates taken hostage, both the Scarlet Monument King and the Dark Lord are taking their classes seriously in this spirit schoolhouse?

 I don't think that's all.

"Who is this Spirit King?

'Isn't he the King of the Spirits? I've never met him, so I don't know.

 It seems that the only way to meet the Spirit King is to pass the Test of Spirits.
 As long as I can meet him, I can get my people back, but what should I do?

 Anyway, here's what I'm going to ask Jiste.

You're in the way.

Mmm. See you later, Demon King.

 When I turned around and moved away from the spot, Sasha, who came by, whispered.

''....Hey. What do you mean?''

"The Curse King has a double identity, as you may have discovered. He has the personality of his principal, Cahillam the Spelled King and his lover, Jiste.

I don't understand...

 Sasha glances at the Curse King.
 Even though he has a neutral face, Kaihiram Jiste's body is completely male.

'The fact that he has a dual personality isn't much to worry about, but what's troubling is that when he changes his personality, his memories and roots switch completely. If you try to search for the memories of Caihiram when he is in his Jiste persona, you won't find anything.


 Misha mutters.

'There must surely be one root, though. Even Kaihiram himself doesn't seem to be able to switch personalities at will.'

 You'll have to wait until he comes out to ask the Curse King what happened.


 It was Nausgaria who let out a laugh.

''What a ridiculous sight. Two thousand years ago, the tyrannical Demon King who ruled Dirheid, and the next four evil royalty, all gathered together to take a class.''

You don't have the right to speak for yourself.

Ha, ha.

 And Nowthalia laughed and walked to the stump chair.

'God's plan is absolute. My actions are still with order. Demon King of Tyranny. You may think you've brought me, a god, out here, but I'm not at odds with the order of the world. Even if you take classes here.

 He said in a relaxed manner and Nausgaria was seated.
 Just then, the bells and bells rang again.


An order has been given.

Here he comes.

The doctor is coming.

 Titi and her friends flitted noisily around the classroom.

'Well, what shall we do?'

 Eleonor asks.

'I guess we'll just have to take a class.

 'Well,' replied Ray.

'Well, let's do that for now. I'm also wondering who the Spirit King is. It seems the quickest way to meet him and get Shin and the others freed from the god's hiding place.''

 I said and took a seat at a nearby stump.
 Misha and the others have taken their seats as well.

 -- It's time for class --

 A voice came out of nowhere.

 --We have some new students today, so let's introduce ourselves and get to know each other --

 On the classroom platform, a large tree that grew there, an eye, a nose and a mouth appeared.

My name is the Great Tree of Enyeunien. This is the schoolhouse of the spirits.

 The voices echoed throughout the classroom.