137-Spirit of the God

 The fairies are flying around the classroom in a panic.

''Is it the work of a spirit to hide a god?''

 I asked, and Titty and the others flew up close to my face.

'Yeah, god-forsaken spirits,'

The Wolf.

I've got wings.

I hide everything.

Your name is Inrou Gennuru.

 So it's a spirit born from rumors and lore that hides gods.
 But why hide my people?

Is it really a godsend?

 Eleonor says curiously.

'Look, this inside of this great Enyeunien tree looks very large, maybe we're just in a different place?

 Then Titty and the others shook their heads in unison with a bobble.

'I won't lie,'

"Titi doesn't lie.

Sometimes it happens.

I can't get it now.

 Hmm. That's not a very credible way of putting it.


 Misha stares at me with inorganic eyes.


 Some magical power can be felt in this great tree. Even if it was true that the gods were hidden, they couldn't all have disappeared.

''My God........''

Oh, my God!

I'm here.

I'm here.

 Titi and the others shuddered in unison and looked towards the entrance.
 They seemed to be frightened by something.

'What came?'

Bad Boy.


"Delinquent Student.

Four evil royals!

 As if fleeing, Titty moved away from the door and huddled in the corner of the classroom.

'Well, well, well,'

 A voice comes from behind the door.

'It's a rare sight to see a bunch of titties making a scene, but you've got some unusual guests here.

 A man wearing fancy clothes and a large hat walked into the classroom. To be precise, it's hard to tell a man from his appearance alone. The guy's body is gelatinous and his face is almost entirely unkempt.

 Hmm. It's been a long time ago.

''I didn't expect to see you here, Scarlet Inscription King.''

 'Hmph,' said Gilisilis Dello, the Scarlet Monument King, speaking out.

'I did not expect to see thee here either. What do you want, Demon King?'

 He's a tough guy.

"Hmm. Well, that's certainly a coincidence. But you messing with my guys, you didn't expect to see me? You're still the same dumbass you've always been.

 If he flew a sharp glance at Gilisilis, he contorted his gelatinous face as if to change his expression. It's as if he's mocking me.


 'I don't know,' he says, as if just now remembering.

'You mean that. I didn't like it either. It's a bit of a nuisance at the top, you know.

 At those words, Eleonor made a miffed expression.

''Your second in command was doing terrible things. He said he was going to study me and Zesia.''

Which of the following is a terrible thing? Since you're being forced to do something you're not willing to do by your superiors, isn't it human nature to want to at least get some research material?

I don't know anything about humanity. You've had a hell of a time treating people like they're fodder for your research, Ledriano.

"Research in magic requires sacrifice. All men perish and disappear. Isn't the cornerstone of magic the most meaningful thing to do, then?

I don't know what you're talking about at all.

 'Hmph,' said Scarlet Monument King Girisilis, laughing wryly.

'Good grief, that's foolish. I don't think I'm going to be able to get along with you. That's the magic of the Demon King, indeed.'

 The Scarlet Monument King kicked it off as if Eleanor didn't even seem to take up the fight.

''Hmm. I don't think you're going to be under the thumb of another demon race?''

It's been two thousand years, you know. Nothing stays the same after two thousand years, Demon King. If you take so much time to reincarnate over two thousand years, you won't be able to keep up with the flow of the times.

 Gilisilis utters such sarcasm.
 I listened lightly and asked.

'Who is the top, Scarlet Monument King?

'You're going to find out for yourself, aren't you? As I said two thousand years ago, I don't like thee. You're that fascinated by magic, but you don't want to contribute to the progress of magic. Just looking at your face makes me feel sick.

'So why don't you try to take my roots away right here and now? They've been preparing for 2,000 years, haven't they? Or have times changed, and you've lost that inclination?

 When I challenged him, a magic circle eye appeared on the Scarlet Monument King's gel-like face. It's his magic eye.

''That's not so bad either.''

 The moment he utters that, Girisilis' entire body glows black. The gel-like body of the guy is one that he modified with his own magic in order to make it easier to pass the magic power emanating from the source. I'm not going to be able to tell you what to do, but I'm going to be able to tell you what to do.

It's a good idea to get your hands on it, Demon King Anos. In the last two thousand years, I have surpassed you. Let me remind you that your magic is an obsolete antique.

 Once again, his body glows black and shifts into a battle stance.


 It's odd.
 It's like he's not trying to set us up.

What's the matter, are you losing your nerve?

What are you after, Scarlet King?

 Grumbling, Scarlet Monument King Girisilis twisted his gelatinous face.

It's not a quality that you would challenge me head on. If you had the time to say "come on," you would have set one of your traps.

 It looks like they're daring me to take the initiative.
 So the trap has already been set.

That's pretty clever.

 As if settling a contraption, Girisilis' entire body returned to its original color again.
 He stopped using his magic power.

''Hm. What do you mean by that?''

'In any case, you'll find out soon enough, so I'll tell you. In the great tree of Enyeunyen, you must follow the rules of the schoolhouse. To enter this place means to enter, that is, to enter. And you are not allowed to leave until you graduate.

 I see.

"So if you don't follow the rules of this schoolhouse and harm others, you'll be barred from going out?

 Without denying or affirming, Girisilis said.

It would be karmic to not be able to rob thee of thy roots, but, well, you'll get another chance anytime. You'll have to look forward to it.

''You seem to be watering down the place of your satisfaction, Scarlet Monument King. You're the one who's stuck in here, I'd say you're nothing but a moron, wouldn't you?

 'Huh,' laughed Girisilis.

''The Great Tree of Enyeunyen is just the right place to study magic, so hey. I dare to be here. I don't want you to be with thee rashly.

 As he said it, Girisilis walked past me and took a seat at the front of the classroom.


 Ray comes to my side.

'....Maybe this is what Nausgaria is after?

 Ray whispered as he kept an eye out for Nausgaria behind us.

'You want to keep me locked up in the spirit schoolhouse?'

I'm wondering if he's up to something in the meantime.

But then again, he's probably trapped in there right now, isn't he?

 Sasha countered.

'Well, Ray has a point. Maybe he dares to pretend we're trapped together to catch us off guard.

 As he says it, he looks at the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis.

 He hasn't shown any interest in Nowthugalia, but considering what happened earlier, I don't think he's unrelated.
 To begin with, Nowusgaria's body belongs to the Four Evil Royalty Clans, the Cutthroat King Erdomade. It's not natural for him to show no reaction at all.

 He may be thinking about it, though he doesn't show it, but it's quite possible that he's in touch with Nowusgary.

 Nevertheless, it's more convenient to have both Nowusgalia and Girisilis here.
 As for the talk of not being able to get out unless they graduate, well, they were allowed in. If you want to leave, you won't be able to do so.

 At any rate, the first thing to do is to look for the demons from two thousand years ago who were hiding from the gods, and my men.
 Especially Shin.

 I'm also curious about the Great Spirit Reno, do you think it's necessary to ask the Spirit King?

What do you want to do?

 Misha looks up at me.

"Let's check out the other rooms first. Maybe there are others under my command who haven't been hid from the gods.

 As I said it, I stopped in front of the doorway as I was leaving the room.

'What's the matter with you--te, eh...?'

 Sasha rolled her eyes and looked there.
 Where the door had surely been earlier, there was now a wall made of large trees.