136-Elementary School


What's that?

I know this guy.

I know.

 Titi and the others fly around me, mouthing the words.

'It's the Demon King,'

The Tyrannical King.

The Strong Man.

A man stronger than God.

 Hmm. Guess you know me.

Good to see you. I'd like to go to Ahartheln. Can you show me around?

 Titi and her friends gathered, sneaking around and talking in private.
 Eventually, the girls looked at us.

'Are those girls coming too?'

Funny boys.

"With an indirect helmet.

Eight and eight.

 Apparently, the girls in the Fun Union liked it.

'Of course. They're under my command.

 Fairy Titi flits around happily, hailing Hail Mary.


He's coming, son of an indirect helmet.

The Demon King's men, they're not what they were 2,000 years ago.

Not even close.

 I thought that the girls of Fun Union would be on the same wavelength as Fairy Titi, but quite simply, this is more than I expected.

''Then I'll give you something good to thank you for the guidance.

 <Using the magic of the Creative Architecture (Ibis), he created a small anoss stick that matched the size of the fairy Titi and sent it into the hands of the girls.

"Yay! Anoss-bar, anoss-bar!

Yeah, yeah.

I'm pregnant!


 Hmm. It's like a little fan union.
 How harmonious.

"I'll show you around.

Come here. Come here.

Come on.

The Great Spirit Forest awaits.

 The fairies advance into the depths of the fog, glowing with phosphorescence.

''Let's go.''

 Ray asked as I took a step forward.

'Does Knowthalia look okay?'

Hmm. I think we've found him here in the meadow.

 I cut off the words in mid-sentence and turned around.
 Then Nausgaria appeared.

'Hey. Looks like you've successfully made Titty and the others laugh.

What do you want?

'It's a pull. I can't give you a grade if I just let the students go ahead. Wouldn't it be more convenient for you to do the same?

 Surely it would be easier to keep an eye on them if they were close by?

Do as you please.

 With that, we started to walk away, and Nausgaria followed a little behind us.

 We walked along the path created by the phosphorescent light of Titi and the others, and continued through the fog for a while.
 How long had we been walking? The landscape on the other side of the fog began to change.

 The grasslands were supposed to continue as far as the eye could see, but trees could be seen nearby. There were mushrooms in shapes not seen in Dillhade, flowers with dimly lit lights, and rocks with dimples that looked like human faces.

 Further on, the fog gradually lifted and then disappeared altogether.
 It was a fantastically deep forest, Ahartheln.

'We're here!'

I'm here.

The Great Spirit Forest.


 Titi and her friends are flying around happily, swinging and churning their anosse sticks.

'Titi. There's supposed to be a demon race called Sin Reglia here, do you know of one?

 Titi and the others gathered and began to talk to each other.

'Sin Reglia?'

You know what?

I don't know.

I don't know.

 If Singh has come to Ahartheln, it's odd that Titty and the others don't know about it, but, well, they're fickle and appropriate. They could say they remembered it sooner or later.

'Well, then, I'm sure my men from two thousand years ago are here, don't you know?

 When I ask them that, Titty and the others speak up.

'I know!'

Demons from 2,000 years ago.

Yeah, a lot.

"You are in the schoolhouse of the spirits...

 The schoolhouse of the spirits?
 Hmm. I've never heard of this place.

 But I don't know much about spirits either.

Then you'll show me where it is?

Sure. You gave me an a**h*le stick.

Thank you, thank you.

Thanks for the helmet.

Eight, eight, eight!

 Titty and the others fly off to give us directions.
 We followed after that.


Hey, man.


What's your name?

 The fairies called out to Lyna.

'It's Lyna,'

 When she replied, Titty got on her shoulders and head to rest her wings.


Is that your name?

I don't think so.

Really, Lyna?

 She paused for a moment, and then Lyna laughed.

'You have amnesia. Does Titty know anything about me?

 'Hmmm,' the fairies said, putting a hand to their chins as if in contemplation.

'I feel like I know.'

I do.


I can't remember.

 Once again, Titty and the others were flying through the air, happily flying around Lyna.
 Misha stared at the scene.


What's going on?

 Misha says, looking at Lyna.

'I'm not a demon,'

Looks like it.

A genie?


 It's hard to tell due to the tiny amount of magic power, but her root is that of a spirit.
 It's probably because she's a spirit that Lyna thought she had to go to Ahartheln.

'I thought that was a bit odd, for a reason.

 Sasha says.

'But do spirits get amnesia?'

Well. It could be a spirit born of the rumor and lore of a girl with amnesia.

Yeah, well...

 Lyna gazed at the forest with an expression on her face, as if she was nostalgic.



Lyna is like that.

There's a guy who looks like you.

 Titi and the others raise their voices.

What kind of person...?

 Lyna asked, and Titty and the others circled around her.


It's like Leno.

"The Great Spirit.

The Mother of Spirits.

 If I can say so, the atmosphere is very similar.
 However, even my evil eye can't see the face inside the hood. I've always thought it's not just a hood, it's a spirit.

 I'm sure there's nothing in Reno's lore that says he wears a hood that hides his face.

'But Reno's gone.

He's dead.


I can't see you anymore.

 For a moment, Misa stopped in her tracks.
 When Ray gently touched her back, she made a smile and started walking again, ".......it's okay.

 The Great Spirit Reno is dead, right?

 If what Zeke said was true, then Misa was Great Spirit Reno's real son.
 At least, she should have been alive until fifteen years ago.

 Then why did she die in this peaceful world?

 She was called the Great Spirit because the rumors and lore persisted, which was why she was called the Great Spirit.
 It was true that after two thousand years, the rumors and lore could be crushed. However, if she had survived until fifteen years ago, it was certain that the rumors and lore had been passed down to this era.

 If so, I don't think it will go out of business so easily.

"When did he die?

 When I asked that, Titty and the others nodded their heads.

'When was that?'

A few years ago?

Maybe more.

Two thousand years ago?

I forgot.

 There's a big difference between a few years ago and two thousand years ago, though.
 Well, that's what Titi says. It's better to listen to what they have to say.


What's that?

The smell of Reno.

I smell like Leno.

 As he said it, Titty and the others flew in close to the mass.

'What's your name?'

What's your name?


Leno's back from the dead?

 Misa laughs in annoyance.

Well, I mean. I'm Misa. I'm not Reno, okay?

 Then Titi and the others happily began to fly in circles around the mass, waving their anosse sticks around.

'Could it be Reno's boy?'

Real children. Real children, real children.

Reno's son's name is Miser.

You said it was a mass.

 Misa said as if she were biting on those words.


 But Titty and the others looked in the direction of the day after tomorrow as if they were blundering.

'Was it Mass?'



But you were right about that.

 Mass turned over, as if her shoulders had been shrugged off.
 However, she quickly shook her head and asked as if to regain her composure.

''Um, then, do you know who the father of the Great Spirit Reno's child is?''

 A few of the titties came in front of Misa's face and stared at her.

'His father is a secret...'

Don't say that.

The Spirit King told me...

"The good king who protects us all.

Titi likes to be king.

All spirits love the king.

 Titi didn't look as if she was going to tell me.
 Misa pulled back as if she had given up.

'Who is this spirit king?'

 I asked Titty and the others.


 Titi and the others scattered, shouting.

'Who is the Spirit King?'

Who are you?

The king is king.

Great man.

 Titi and the rest of the girls moved away as they talked about such things.
 The girls were headed towards an incredibly large, huge tree.

'Wow, it's big and thick,'

'....I'm surprised.........

 Eleonor and Zesia look up at the great tree.
 It is so high that there is no end in sight, poking through the clouds and piercing the heavens.

 The thickness of the trunk is not unusual; it is probably at least as wide as a delzogade. It's hard to think of it as an ordinary tree.

'It's on!'

I'm back.

"The School of the Spirits.

"The Great Tree of Enyeunyen.

 Scattering scales and phosphorescence, Titi and the others flew to the front of the great tree of Enyeunyen.
 There was a hole in the great tree, and vine grass was hanging from it.

 Following the girls, we pass through the vine grass and enter the hole.
 Inside the big tree was a cave made of trees. We walked through the maze-like area, following the fairies' directions, and soon we found ourselves in a large space.

 There was a long staircase with no end in sight. It turned back and forth and went on up and up and up and up everywhere.
 Titi flew to the biggest door in the back.

'Here it is!'

The Classroom with Everyone

You're always studying in here.

Are they working for the Demon King?

I'm here.

"Demons from 2,000 years ago.

 We opened the door and walked into the classroom.

 At first glance, it looked like a courtyard.
 The ground was lush with flowers and plants, lined with chairs that looked like stumps, and a large tree grew in the middle of the classroom.




Are they gone?

God forbid.

 The demon race from two thousand years ago was nowhere to be found.