135-How to make a fairy laugh

 When we transitioned to the Licharis Grassland, there was a mist drifting around.
 Visibility was poor because the sun was hidden, but the fog covered most of the vast grassland.

 The informant girl looked at the scene somewhat nostalgically.

'Maybe there's an Ahartheln behind this fog.

 She says with a strange certainty.

''Well you're not surprised.''

 The girl twisted her head at Sasha's words.

'Surprised? What are you talking about?

is a lost magic. I thought it would be surprising if I could transfer from the city to here in an instant...?

Oh, I see. Yeah, of course. It's amazing what magic can do now.

 As she said it, the girl looked thoughtful.
 It was as if she was remembering something.

But I felt like I knew something. I thought it was no surprise that there was this kind of magic.

Hey. Speaking of which, I didn't ask, what's your name?

It's Lyna. Maybe.

Don't you remember that too?

Hmm. Clearly. It's inconvenient to have a name, so I decided to call her Lyna for now. I have a feeling it was something like that, but...?

Yeah. I'm sorry. I asked the wrong thing.

Ummm, it's all right. Maybe it will come back to you.

 Sasha said to Lyna with a look of half-amused and half-impressed.

'You're so bright in spite of your amnesia.

Being down doesn't change anything. I'm just doing what I can do to help.

 Misha is looking into the abyss of fog that hovers around, while Sasha and Lyna are talking about such things as.

''Do you understand?''

Lots of them.

 Hmm. That's Misha for you.
 It's true that this fog is the entrance to Ahartheln. If you look into the evil eye, you can see that there are numerous spirits lurking in the depths of this.

''Everyone has been informed.

 Then they'll be here soon.

Well, let's try it. Sasha.


You should try it.

 For a moment, Sasha was taken aback.


'You can't go to Ahartheln without making Titi the fairy laugh.

Oh, sure. I mean, why me?

I've been thinking about this for a while.

 'Yeah,' said Sasha counterpointing.

'You've got quite a talent for clowning around.

What are you thinking?

 Sasha raised her voice with a sharp tongue.
 I pointed at her face.

'That's it,'


His personality is like a firework that ignites in one fell swoop, and that's something we just can't seem to imitate.

Who the hell are these fireworks?

All right, Sasha, keep up the good work. Go on, go on. Let's see that sky grow a big flower.

''Well you know.......that's not something you can say all of a sudden.......''

 Sasha looks shy.

'It can't be helped. Misha, help him.'

 Kokoro Misha nodded.

'I'll try.'

What are you going to do about it?

 Misha and Sasha face each other.

'I have a plan,'

 With a serious face, Misha says nonchalantly.
 She seems confident in her own way.

'What kind of plan?'

"I'll tell you something funny.


 Sasha listens intently.

'Sasha sticks around,'

 'Mm-hm,' Sasha nodded.


A good laugh.

You're way too smart for that!

 Sasha plunged in with as much force as she could muster.

'Did it work?'

 Misha looks around.

 But there is no change in the fog.
 Fairy Titi should be peering at you, but you can't feel any reaction.

Hm. I think I've missed Titty's point. It's hard to believe that you can endure that kind of laughter.

''Of course.........''

 Sasha blurted out.


 And with a wave of their hands, Misa and Ray come over.

'It's kind of foggy already! I was surprised to see the eclipse happening all of a sudden!

Are we ready to go to Ahartheln?

 Ray asks.

'That's what makes it so hard to make a fairy laugh. But it's just as well. Ray, Misa, it's time for you to perform your special trick. I'm going to destroy their abs.

 As I say this, Ray and Misa look at each other.

Oh, haha but what do you want to do?

Well, let's just try it.

''...... According to what Misha-san told me earlier, if you do something novel, she'll laugh at you, right?

 I nod.

'Looks like it,'

Okay, Mr. Ray. I'll give it a try.

What do you have in mind?

''Yes. Um........but I have one request.......?

What is it?

 Turning over shyly, Mass says.

'Heh, I'm going to do something weird, can you please not look at me? That, is, might show you how embarrassing it is, and if you don't like it... haha...

I'll be fine.

 Ray said softly, with a straight face.

'Because no matter what crazy things you do, I'm sure you'll only think I'm pretty.

Mr. Ray....

 Ray and Misa look at each other in their quickly constructed world.

''Well, I'm going to go. Please pick up the bones...!

 Ray nodded with a wry smile.
 Mass took a few steps and headed into the fog.

 She stopped in her tracks and looked ready to go.
 Then she took a swooshing breath.

'Mo, that's a problem! I'm always thinking about Ray-san, what's my favorite number?

...why is this a quiz...?

 Sasha blurts out.

'Hmm. What's the answer?

 Misha said, nodding her head.

'Zeroes and threes?'

I see. I see.

''I don't care...''

 Sasha mutters in disgust.
 There is no change in the fog, and the fairy's laughter cannot be heard.

Apparently not so much.

 Ray says.

'Um, but...?'

 Smiling, he smiled.

'I've grown to love threes and threes, you know.

''Ah ... haha ...''

 The two of them look at each other and still create a world that separates them from the other.

Hmm. So it's the three masses.

'I mean, those two aren't just making out...'

 But not even Rey and Misa.
 Well, what are we going to do?

 And then I saw Eleonor and Zecia running towards me.

'Here you are. We're slower than I expected.

I'm sorry....................

 Zecia bows her head with a smile.

'What, we've been struggling a bit too. The fog is gone, but it's not easy to get the fairies to laugh. What do you have in mind?

'Well, what do I have to do to be funny?'

I hear the novelty is good.

 Eleonor hmmm, he ponders.

'Let's give it a go anyway,'

 Eleonor and Xecia turn their bodies toward the fog.

'So, Xecia. Do you want to try that thing we've been playing with?

I understand....

 Eleonor held up his index finger and said gleefully.

'Anos, your imitation.'

 Zesia says in a lisping tone.

'Imitating Ray-kun.'

"Hmmm ... I like Misa ... and she likes me.... .....

 Something about Rei and Misa were taking intense damage next to each other.

'Sasha-chan imitation.'

'........my Demon Lord I love you.......'

Are you nuts?

 Sasha shouted with the force of a firework.

'Misha-chan's imitation!'

...Misha will do his best...

Who are you?

 Sasha poked again.
 Misha nodded her head and pointed to herself.


Hmm, I'm out of ideas.

 Eleonor says, as if troubled.
 After all, there is no change in the fog, and there is no sign of the fairies even showing themselves.

''It's........insufficient strength.......''

I mean, what do Eleonor and Zecia usually do for fun?

 Sasha said, and Eleonor smiled.

'What? I'm imitating you all. I'm practicing so that Zesia can talk a lot.'

Training is fine, but don't teach me anything weird.

I don't tell you, but I think that's what little Sasha looks like to you, isn't she?

 Sasha exclaimed as she was told.
 She turned away with a huff and scoffed as she scooted back.

'But I'm troubled. Even if you say you're going to make me laugh, it's hard for me to come up with something when I try it.

 Mass says thoughtfully.

'Hmm. Anybody else want to take on the challenge?

 I asked them that, but they couldn't seem to come up with a good idea.

 If you don't make Titi the fairy laugh, you can't go to Ahartheln.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to do that, however, no one has any idea how to do it.

 You're going to have to make a magic formula for laughing.
 But will the magic force you to laugh, and will Titty really show up?

Oh, Anos-sama, excuse me, I'm late!

 Turning to Ellen's voice, she saw the girls from the Fun Union there.

 For some reason, all eight of them were holding clubs in their hands.

''........What's that about?''

I found this in the capital of Seegenburg. Right?

'Ha, yes. Well, er, it was an auspicious name, so I was in the middle of looking for a rumor, and I was tempted to buy it.

 A lucky name?

How. What's your name?

 After a slightly awkward expression appeared on her face, Eren said.

'Yikes, yikes! It's a good thing that you're not using the anothermic stick in front of Anos-sama. What?

 And then Jessica hits Ellen with the anossus stick.

'Oh, don't use the anossus stick for anything obscene!

You should be happy that you get to say that. I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant!

 Jessica smacks Ellen with a pecking anos stick.

'Hey, hey, stop it, Anos-sama is watching you.

 Ellen caught Jessica's attack with the weapon in her hand.
 Anosu stick and anosu stick crossed with a gasp.

 Ha! All of the Fan Union gasps.

 As if a revelation had come down, with a yellow scream, the girls began to chambara with gasps and gasps between each other's anossus sticks.

 No matter how you look at it, they are beating their clubs together, but for some reason, "Kabuto, Kabuto! And the girls are running their mouths in a scowl.

'Sasha, does that look like a helmet to you?

I don't know, you idiot!

What excites you?

No, I'm not excited.

 And just then, Eren, who had staggered back after losing the battle of the brinkmanship, bumped into Sasha.

'I'm sorry. Are you okay, Sasha-sama?

I'll be fine. You'll be fine.

 As he was about to raise himself up, the anointing stick Ellen was holding touched Sasha's forehead with a knot.

'Kyah, Kyah!

 Sasha was running at a tremendous pace to wherever she was.
 Startled, Ellen dropped the anosseed stick to the ground.


 I pick it up and give it back to Ellen.

'If it's a good-luck item, don't drop it so much.


 Clutching her anossus stick tightly, for some reason, Ellen made a mad dash to the girls in the Fun Union.

 She said out loud.

'It's real!

 A yellow scream went up and a yellow scream came out, "Indirect helmets for eight eight! One by one, the girls clubbed together, calling out the mysterious words "I'm not sure I've ever heard of this".

 That's when it happened.


 The sound of laughter came from behind the fog.
 It was a high-pitched voice, like that of a little girl.

 --It's a high-pitched voice, like a little girl's. Couscous, couscous.

 --It's an indirect helmet, an indirect helmet.

 --Anoskus stick anoskus, eight sticks, eight sticks.

 --Couscous, couscous.

 Then, the girls who appeared in a haze were like dwarfs with wings.
 It was Fairy Titi.