144-Demon King's luck trial

Now, when I give the signal, go up the stairs of your choice. The sooner you choose the stairs, the better.

 The great tree of Enyeunyen makes his voice heard.
 It is said that the earliest one wins, but since this is a test of luck, it won't be of much use if you choose early.

It's fine to run, but it's a foul to interfere with someone else. In that case, you will be disqualified. If you try to run up the same staircase at the same time, I will judge you.

 Everyone listens intently as the rules of the ordeal are explained to them.

It is not allowed to go through the trials of the spirits except the way it should be. You will be disqualified from destroying the wall or transferring to a 'gathom', so be careful.

 So it's impossible to use the transference to join up after finding the correct path?
 Otherwise, it wouldn't be a test of luck.

Are you ready then? Now the trial of the spirits is about to begin!

 The signal to start the ordeal resounded.

 Out of the 20 stairs, there are five hits.
 If the word "trial of luck" is true, then the chance of getting to the Spirit King is one in four?

 While everyone present was staring at the stairs, the first one to start walking was Scarlet Monument King Girisilis.

''That's ridiculous, isn't it? There's nothing more ridiculous than getting lost trying your luck.''

 As he said, without any hesitation at all, he chose the fifteenth staircase from the far left and went up.

'Yeah, I forgot to mention that, hey.

 After going up a few steps, Girisilis turned his head, only to gape at the gelatinous neck.

'Thou shalt not pass this test, Demon King. Because this is a test of luck, and thy luck was bad, you know.

 Good grief, you say something meaningful.

'Next to your answer, did you work on the stairs?

You don't think you have any proof? It's just that it's no surprise that you were rejected. At any rate, there is a three-fourths chance that you will miss the mark. In fact, it is cheating to insist that the staircase must be the right one.

 Hmm. You try your luck and make some moves?


 Gilisilis smiles wryly.

'You're going to have to use the Ridiculous Sword, aren't you?

 With that said, Girisilis went up the stairs.
 There was a door at the end of the stairs, and it was impossible to tell which was the correct answer.

'It's a trivial ordeal,'

 Muttering this, the Dark Lord Yegesus took a quick look around the stairs with his one-eyed demon eyes.
 He went up the stairs on the far right.

''.........Kaihiram-sama is very good at this kind of thing, but I hope he'll come back......''

 Blurting out, the Curse King's lover Jiste went up the third staircase from the far left.

''There's sixteen of them all, so the odds are that four of them will draw a winning path. Depending on how many of the Four Evil Royalty Clans are drawing a hit, at worst we'll hit one.

 Sasha said.

'But what's the point of it if Master Anos doesn't go, right?

 Rei smiled briskly at Misa's words.

''Worst case scenario, if someone can meet with the Spirit King and free Shin Reglia and Anos' men, I think that would be fine.

But I still think you're the best bet to go, Anos.

 Eleonor holds up his index finger.
 Indeed, since we don't know who the Spirit King is, it's no wonder I'm the one to go.

Are you sure it's just a matter of luck?

 Misha stared at me and spoke up with a question.

'Well, looking at the four evil royalty's hesitant movements, that's not necessarily true. I don't know how long they'll be here, but this won't be the first time they've been tested by the spirits.

Is there a way to find the right way?

 I nod.

'Or maybe there's a way to do something about it, even if it's going the wrong way.

 I looked at Lyna as if to ask her a question.

''Oh I'm sorry I remember seeing this staircase but I can't remember but I think I know it. ...maybe you'll remember it when you get up there.

 Hmm. But we'll have to wait until after we've climbed the mountain.

You can't always choose the right path even if you do it the right way. From the way the Scarlet Monument King is talking, he's probably making a lot of mistakes. The staircase I climbed up is always the wrong one.

 It's not impossible, since the stairs are the genie.

 And even if you choose to miss, the odds are not strange.
 Even if it was always going to miss, you can still claim that it was bad luck.

 Using the Ridiculous Sword would be an easy solution, but I'm also worried about the Scarlet Monument King's dialogue. Or maybe he wants me to continue to use the Ridiculous Sword and drain my magic power.

 Even though the Delzogade is still above the Great Tree of Enyeunyen, once I get out of it, the draining of magic power is still not the fault of other magic.

 You can't just take advantage of it.

It's a good idea to have a good time.

 Ellen says.

'Yeah. Honestly, I'm not sure I'll be able to get through the ordeal other than trying my luck...'

It would be nice if we could give Lady Anos something to look forward to.

 With a slightly anxious expression, the girls of the Fan Union said to each other.

''Hmm. That's a good point. Let's go with that hand.''


 I stepped forward and said to Daiki of Education.

'Eniyunyen. When will you know that the staircase you passed is the right one?

Hmm. If the stairs at the end of the door are uphill, the path leads to the top. If it's downhill, it will lead you back to this place.

 That would work, I guess.
 I held up my right hand and drew a magic circle across the floor.


 A voice of doubt leaks out from the great tree of Enyeunyen.
 <It's probably because he used the magic of to hide the appearance of all sixteen people in darkness.
 Next, he used
 In order to avoid being noticed by the Great Tree of Enyeunien, I used a thought transmission (leaks) to tell everyone what I was going to do.

I understand!

I'm going to finish this!

You can count on me!

 A spirited voice rises from the girls of the Fan Union.
 After I used 'A Certain Magic', I deactivated the and erased the darkness of this place.


 A voice of surprise leaks out from the great tree of Enyeunyen.
 It's not surprising. The darkness cleared, and the ones who emerged were the sixteen Anos Voldigord.

 <The magic of Reiner transformed them all.

What does that mean?

It's all part of the quiz I was talking about earlier. I want to make sure there are no irregularities.

 One of the sixteen of me stepped up and said so.

'You can intentionally bring me down in this ordeal if the Gnielle stairs are up to it.

I will not do that. I am a great educator.

For example. Suppose the Great Spirit Reno was alive. What if her life depended on it?


'You spirits would do anything to protect your own mother. Wouldn't you?

 Heartbreakingly, Enyeunyen's Daiki said.

'That's right,'

'Then it could be that they are cheating to protect the Spirit King.

"....If you're talking about the possibility, you can't deny it.......but this time we're not doing anything like that.......

'Hmm. Well, I don't want to think that the spirits have turned against me either. I thought Reno and I had built up a reasonable amount of trust in him.

 The mention of Reno's name seemed to be extraordinary, and the Great Tree of Enyeuen snorted.

''There's no end to your doubts. This way, you won't be able to deliberately make me drop out of the ordeal. Whether I pass the ordeal or not, we will not leave each other a grudge.

 <All sixteen of them take on the form of me in the Illusion Mimicry (Linel).

 Since they don't know who is the real me, they can't deliberately make me drop out of the game, so this is going to be a true trial by luck.

"When I open the door, I'll unlock the magic of the 'illusion mimicry' (linel) and show you my original form. "When I open the door, I'll unlock the magic of the Reiner and show you your true colors.

"Uh-huh. All right. If that makes you feel better, then do what you want...

 Grinning, I laughed and called out, "Let's go.
 The sixteen of us moved to the bottom of each staircase and began to climb them all at once.

 After about ten minutes or so, we saw a door in front of us.
 All sixteen of us had arrived in front of the door. We open that door in unison, as if we were breathing in unison.

 In the next moment, Eren sees a staircase that leads down.

'Yay, it's an outlier. I was able to imitate Anos-sama, and I wonder if I'll be in luck today.

 She clenched both fists and went down the stairs happily.

 And in front of me myself, there was a staircase leading upwards.

'Hmm. Looks like it's a hit.

 <He communicates to Misha and the others via thought transmission.

"Who else caught the jackpot?

 Then Ray's voice came back.

'Looks like you got lucky.'

 I heard Mass's voice next.

'Haha I'm a winner too...'

 Three of them are the hits.

 Since five out of twenty were winners, two of the Nausgaria, the Scarlet Monument King, the Curse King, and the Underworld King would be the winners. It's reasonable to assume that two of the three men who went before you knew about the prize, but I can't be certain.

Well, shall we go?

 I began to climb the stairs that led to the top.
 Of course, it wasn't because I was lucky that I chose this path.

 <The one I used along with the Illusion Mimicry (Lynel) was the fusion magic, Root Source Equal Fusion (Jae Dyshaisis).

 He divided all sixteen of them into sixteen equal parts and collected one piece of each root source, for a total of sixteen, and fused them together.

 In other words, until just a few minutes ago, all sixteen of us were me. To be precise, they had divided me into sixteen equal parts.
 Of course, it was me, Sasha, Misha, Ray, and the girls of the Fun Union.

 <When the Jae Dyshyesis is released and I return to my original one root source, that root source will gather somewhere within the sixteen equal root sources.

 You've adjusted your magic to gather at the root cause with the ascending stairs.

 The sixteen stairs had a correct path in a quarter.
 Then all I had to do was make it sixteen.

 Then I could draw all the hits and misses.
 I can only choose the hits among them.


 On the way up the stairs, I felt an unnatural flow of magical power.
 It was from behind the wall.

'Who are you?'

 When I asked that, a familiar voice came back from behind the wall.

'Oh, is this it?'

 Gulping, the wall of the great tree split in two, and a passage could be seen in the back of it.
 The one who was there was the hooded girl, Lyna.