227-Uncovered oracle

 I descended to Gaela Hesta, the city of God, and stood in front of the main gate of Aebelast Anzeta.
 As I walked loosely, the gate was opened by myself.

 I walked in and passed through a long corridor to find myself in a pure white circular room.
 It is the Holy See Room, with eight seats.

 In the center of the room stood a man, the oracle Ahyde Arobo Agatse.

'I thought it was about time you came. Nonconformist Anos Voldigod.'

 Ahide greets me with a calm expression, as if he has everything in perspective.

'Answer me with your heart.'

 I look straight at him and let the words fly.

'Did you invade Azation on your own? Or is it your country Geordar's decision?

 I take three steps toward him and I say.

"All things considered, it could destroy the country.

No, sir. Neither, sir.

 Ahide shook his head from side to side with an expression of innocence.

'The use of dragons on earth was only in response to the plea of King Lysius of Gairadite. King Lysius invited his people to join him in God's service and hoped that they would be reincarnated as God's people, the dragon men, through sanctification.

 Ahide smiled thinly with unclouded eyes.

'The pious King Lysius gave his charity to his people and asked God for salvation.

How can you talk to me like that when you're trying to seduce me with all these tricks about kingship and eternal life?

 Ahide looks down at me with pitying eyes.

'You are a heretic and this is something you cannot solve.

"Believe what you will, as a foolish king, but what right do you have to impose it on the people? What right do you have to force it on the people? There is nothing but malice in forcing salvation on the faithless.

 With a look of enlightenment on his face, Ahide gave his answer.

'I have taught you once, but I will explain it to you again and again. The people of Azéon have faith in my God. The holy sword that the gods have blessed, the brave canon that they have chosen. Believing in him, they worship him. Evans Mana, in other words, was blessed by the hand of the Almighty Glittering Eques. Therefore, they believed in the Almighty Gleam through a brave man.

I'm speechless. Even a child would know that this is a lie if he were to say it at this point in time.

 As if to admonish me, Ahide says in a gentle tone.

''As a heretic, it seems that you are still unable to come to this belief. They didn't believe in a brave man, they believed in the Eques. They believed in God. They just didn't realize it, I guess.

 He utters these words with a cool face, as if it were a matter of course.

King Lysius, who was initiated into Geordal, realized this and realized that the people of men were eligible to be reborn as the people of God. Whether we want it or not, God will provide salvation. The man of Azesion will be saved without knowing it. That's not an unfortunate thing, you know.

"Hmm. So what you're saying is. Whether we are forced or not, the dragon will eat us and destroy us all.

 Silently, Ahide closes his eyes.

'It is not perdition, but salvation.

'Arcana is right, you're an irredeemable man, you are. Even your own selective gods are only patronizing you.

 Ahide responded with a smile, and if you looked into the depths of his eyes, you could see the sharpness in his eyes.
 Misha would have clearly dismissed it as irritation.

'I'm sure you at least have an idea of the consequences of the battle that took place on the ground. The dragon you released is now trapped in a warding, unable to move. It is the only way to get rid of it, and the people of Azation risked their lives to evade its salvation. They have no need of it.

'No, sir. It was not by their will or power that the dragons were sealed up. It is by God's guidance. Everything is on its way to salvation.

 Ahide quietly closed his eyes and made a gesture of listening to something.
 Of course, there was no sound of voices.

'The oracle has come down. Your companion in the royal palace of the Gaeladite. The heart of the Mass travels to God by the hand of the Keeper of the Thoughts God. When the brave canon draws the Spirit God-Man sword, its blade will be returned to God. Judgment will fall on the power of God, on the canon who is self-conscious about being his own, and he will travel to heaven.

 Wrapping his left hand around the selection pact pearl, Ahide prays.

'And so a single dragon that has emerged will lead the people of Azation to God.

Saying stupid things.

 Ahide stopped praying and looked at me.

'What is foolishness?'

You have no idea what the brave men of 2,000 years ago were capable of.

I was given an oracle.

 He laughed off the word and thrust the word at the guy.

'So you're saying you just heard it.

'A picture is worth a thousand words, but it is always true in the Word of God.'

If it's true, what I saw with my own eyes is all that's needed.

 He glares straight back at Ahide's gaze and tells him.

'The humans believed in the brave canon because that man, in truth, fought for them. Even though he didn't regret himself and even if every single piece of his body turned to ashes, he stood up again and tried to protect everything he saw.

 In retrospect, I can still vividly recall the spirit of that incarnation of Asura.

'You think it was God? Through the canon, man believed in God? It's enough to make you laugh. People didn't believe in God at the time. The reason is that I killed them so brutally that they couldn't believe in such things. The only person who was their shield and hope was that man, the brave canon.

 Quietly closing his eyes, Ahide said plainly.

'So it is the work of God.

"Law. That man's protection of Gailladite, Veronies, Naderoynika, all of it was God's doing? The brave canon never said anything like that, you know.

'Yes. That's right. God has sent an oracle to the brave men to protect them. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is so. You, who do not believe in God, would never understand.

 A chuckle escaped me. From the bottom of my stomach, I couldn't stop laughing.

''...........kukku, kukku, kuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...!

It's pathetic. There's nothing funny about it.

'No, no, ahide. You should laugh. This is a funny thing that doesn't happen very often. After all, I destroyed the Veronies and Naderoynika in the first place. Every last one of them has been wiped off the map.

 Closing and with a straight face, Ahide looks at me.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not the only one. I'm not sure why you wanted to say that the hand of the almighty shimmering brilliance didn't extend to me. Or did you--

 I said to Ahide, who shushed me.

'Did you go along with something you don't know and get ragged?'

"...the will of the Most High God is not for you to estimate.

 I glare sharply at Ahide as he continues to make painful excuses.

'Then why didn't you save them all?'

 Ahide doesn't answer.
 He's probably being cautious because of his earlier gaffe.

'Those days were hell. We didn't have to kill them even if we didn't want to. They had to be destroyed before they could be destroyed. If it really is God, the Almighty Glittering Eques, why didn't he come to save us?

'For what is to be destroyed is to be destroyed, and what is to be saved is to be saved. All is as God wills.

'The arrogant God. If the Almighty does not save everything, his heart is rotten.

 The words were naturally angry.

'What I cannot forgive you for, Cardinal. Because the salvation you speak of is a mockery of those who have lived so desperately, who have tried to live and failed to live. Don't let the deaths of my men, of those who bravely challenged me, be done away with by a single will of God.

 This man's line that everything is God's work is a disservice to all of us, all of us who tried so hard to survive those times.

''Both Emilia and the students of the heroic academy, they all risked their lives and pride to face the swarm of dragons that were attacking their homeland. If it was not their will or their power, and they were controlled by the gods, then what was the battle all about?

 The words are thrown out, hard.
 As if to expose a man's deception.

This life and this death, the salvation we have obtained and the mistakes we have made, are not under the control of God. All that we have done is what we have done with our own hands.

 They couldn't blame God, so they fought desperately for it.
 And they won.

 Every bit of that victory is theirs.
 They can't give it to the gods.

Ray, Mhysa. You heard me.

 I traced the connected leaks and said, "I heard the oracle was sent.

I said, "I heard that the oracle was sent down. The heart of the mass has departed to God, and when the brave canon draws the Spiritual God-Man sword, the blade is returned to God. Judgment will fall on the canon, who fancies the power of God as his own, and he will travel to heaven.

 I repeated Ahide's words earlier.

'Let them see the reality.'

 I tell Ray and Misa that and I point loosely at Ahide.

'You are a foolish crook, Ahyde Arobo Agatse. It's easy to kill you, but first I'll peel off the bogeyman of an oracle.

 He clearly declares to Ahyde, who stands there with a sober face, "There is no salvation in this world.

''The salvation of the Almighty Glittering Eques does not exist in this world. All the voices of the gods you hear are bright red fakes.