226-Researching feelings that echo on the ground

 The old dragon let out a decapitated cry and its huge body tilted languidly.
 With a thunderous sound, the dragon prostrated itself on the ground.

 A faint light leaks from the dragon's mouth.
 <It's the radiance of the sanctuary.

 As its power swelled, thin fingertips squeezed out of the old dragon's mouth.

''Kono-oh, please open up! Open...!

 Emilia crawled out of the body of the fallen old dragon as she pried its mouth open with . Her opposite hand grabbed Ledriano, and with all her strength, she pulled him out.

 Using her experience with the different dragons, she dared to jump into the dragon's mouth and bound his organs with the .

 Ledriano is unconscious, but he is barely breathing.
 Immediately, the students of the heroic academy rushed over and cast a recovery spell on him.

''Emilia...................This is not good! Eleanor's Sanctuary Resuscitation (Theo Ingal) won't kill us, but it will consume our magic first.

 I've drawn holy water to this point, but if my original magic power is reduced to zero, I can't even use it enough.

''Heine, you! <What's the situation with the Dragon Binding Walls (De Gerias)?

 Emilia sends out a
'.........it's more than 90% complete! The question is whether or not I can use the Dragon Binding Binding Field Seal in an impromptu performance.

 Only Emilia is the only one who can reliably use at the Brave Academy, but she is a demon race.
 The holy water is poisonous, so it will be difficult to use magic properly. It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to get away with it, because even if you did, your body would not be safe.

You have spoken so highly of me, so please make a decision with one shot!

Yeah, yeah. I know. You really shouldn't put any pressure on yourself at times like this.

 Heine stops speaking, as if realizing something.

'Heine you?'

''........this is not good. That blue strange dragon up there is looking at us.......I think he's noticed the magic circle.......?

 The moment Emilia looked up at the sky above, the different dragon opened its mouth and spat out a blue breath towards the ground.
 It flew in a straight line towards the magic circle of the that Heine drew on the ground.

''Please stop it!

 At Emilia's signal, two students who were on the protection of the magic circle jumped up in and used warding magic.

''Let them do it!

 The sound of clashing magic and magical power clashing with a bumblebee echoed, and part of the students' wards froze in place.

''We'll cover you!

 From afar, Eleonor superimposes the Four Genus Warding Seal (De Igeria) on top of the magical wards.

 However, the raging blue breath freezes those two magical wards. Again, the momentum did not wane, and as if breaking a thin layer of ice, it shattered the wards, swallowing the two students and putting them on ice.

 Furthermore, that cold dragon's breath freezes 30% of the magic circle of that Heine drew on the earth.

''.........d*mn! No, Emilia, we're f*cked! If we don't dissolve that thing somehow, we can't flush the holy water...!

 Emilia pours her steely gaze upwards.
 As long as that different dragon is in the sky, they won't be able to carry out their plan.

Emilia. We'll take care of that dragon. I'll take care of it in three minutes. I can't revive anyone during this time, so don't let anyone else die.

 Emilia wraps the thread around their arms as if to protect Eleonor and Zesia.

''Please! If they drop it, we win.

I got it.

"....Zecia and the others........will win.......

 Eleonor and Zesia kick the ground and soar into the sky in .
 More than half of the dragons in the sky above had already been shot down by Eleonor's .

 The remaining dragons formed a formation that seemed to protect the blue different dragons and spat out high heat breaths at the two people in the sky.

 <Eleonor and Zesia approach the different dragons while receiving them with the <4 genus ward seal (De Igeria)>.

 Then the dragons that were around them began to move away from it.
 The blue different dragon flapped its wings wide. An enormous amount of magical power dwells in the flapping of its wings and fills the entire airspace with cold air.

 Every time the dragon's wings flutter, a furious blizzard blows across the sky.
 It freezes even the De Igeria and disrupts the magic of flight.

"Zecia," he said. I'm not going to last long. Let's take them out all at once!

 Eleonor throws a green  She touched it and absorbed the magic ball.

 Instantly, its magic power swells up a lot.
 Perhaps because its roots are still young and its latent ability is different, the range of magic power increase was orders of magnitude greater than that of the Laos.

''I've practiced a lot........''

 Zesia drew ten magic circles in an arc line behind the different dragons.
 A square object emerges from its center.

 It reflected Zesia's figure.
 It was a mirror.

 A light gathers in Zesia's hand.

 The thing that appeared was the Holy Sword of Light, the Enhale.
 When Zecia held it up, the Enhale was also reflected in the .

 At the moment when it seemed that the magic mirror had been infused with magic power, Zecia's reflection in the mirror disappeared, the surrounding scenery disappeared, and only Enhale was left there.


 Countless numbers of the Holy Sword of Light Enhale increase, and a hundred Holy Swords float around Zesia.

 Then, from the that was reflecting them, a hundred enhancers appear as well.

''Do it, Zecia!

I'm going......... The real one... which one...?

 Zecia thrusts out the enhaire with great force.

 A hundred holy swords reflected in ten mirrors. A total of one hundred and one Enhale attacked the blue strange dragon, tearing its legs, wings, tail, neck, and head to shreds.

The correct answer is ... all of them...

 No matter how tough the scales and skin of the different dragons are, if Xecia's magic power strikes you with over one hundred enhancers at once, you won't be unscathed.

 Blood dripped from its huge body, and its scales were peeling away as fast as they could.
 The blue dragon stared at Zetia with its demon eyes and opened its jaws wide.

 Magic power and cold cold air gathered in the dragon's oral cavity.


 Like a blizzard, the blue breath strikes Zesia.

 Zesia creates two magic mirrors in front of him.
 It reflects the blue bracelets of the different dragons.


 From the two , exactly the same breaths as the reflected blue breaths were released.

 One of them canceled out the different dragon's breath, and the other one swallowed the body of the different dragon.

 As expected of his own breaths, although his own breaths were resistant, the part where the scales fell off was frozen by the cold air.


 As if enraged, the different dragons glided and charged at the . The moment the dragon's body touched it, the magic mirror cracked with a snap.

 I guess it's not possible to duplicate living things.

''Xeshia, let's decide at once!

 Holy water flooded out of the magic letters floating around Eleanor, turning into a sphere that enveloped her.

 Eleanor pointed at the different dragons as if to aim with her hands.

 Two magic mirrors appeared slightly ahead of Eleonor, to the left and right.

A mirror......

 A cannonball of light, the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias), passes through the middle of the which is facing each other.

 Inside the reflected in it, and a reflected in it as well.

 All of these magic mirrors replicate the one after another.
 The endlessly increasing number of light cannonballs were released from the magic mirrors all at once, and they all became one, and were shot out by the blue different dragon.

 It is a vast amount of light.

 However, the different dragons flew at a terrifying speed and evaded the that went forward like a comet.

''It's the Reflective Magic Mirror (Regalonating).........''

 The Reflective Magic Mirror (Regalonating) appears in the direction of the missing

 The different dragons avoided it again while raising a dragon cry.
 However, in the direction that the light cannonball was headed, another was placed.

 The two 'Reflective Magic Mirrors (Regalonating)' always serve as a matching mirror with the different dragons between them, continuing to reflect the light shells until they hit the different dragons.

''Let's go again,
 When Eleonor let loose a shell of light, it was increased endlessly by the magic mirror of the Legaroneitin, which turned into a comet.

 When the different dragons evaded the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias), Zecia once again used the matching mirror of the Reflective Magic Mirror (Legaroneitin) to reflect it.

 The two comets attacked the different dragons again and again as if they were guiding them.

''Cease and desist,
 Immediately after the different dragons dodged the two 『Sacred Area Cutthroat Artillery (Theo Trias) 』 shots, the third shot was fired from directly in front of them.

 Due to its huge body, it was unable to make a sharp turn or stop suddenly, and the blue dragon was finally swallowed by the light cannonball.


 As a scream-like voice rises, the two remaining reflected shoots through the different dragons and extinguishes their huge bodies with a dazzling light.

''.........Zecia and the others are victorious.......''

We'll take care of the rest of the dragons.

 Meanwhile, on the ground...

 Watching the sky shine, Emilia ran frantically through the forest to the plains.

 The sound of the dragon's footsteps rang the ground even louder than before. Maybe reinforcements had arrived. They must be planning to break through the wards with that amount of material.

 Emilia gathers all the magic power she can find from the and melts the frozen earth with the magic of .


 Slowly but surely, the ice melts, and then the magician's channel for the passage of holy water is restored.

'I'll flush it!

 Emilia shouted and lifted the magic that had dammed the river.
 Then, holy water flowed vigorously into the magic circle of the channel drawn on the earth.


Ah, that's it! That's a piece of cake.

 Heine raised his hand to stab the two holy swords into the ground.
 At that time, a blue breath passed through from across the forest and attacked Heine.


 <Despite the fact that the power had been attenuated by the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias), Heine's entire body froze in an instant.


 With a roar, the trees were cleaved down and a huge blue alien dragon appeared here.
 It was a different individual from the one that was in the sky above.

''........d*mn it! Don't lick it! High nets! I'm going to be rough on you!

 Lao leapt out of the forest and swung the Holy Flame Cutlass Galluford as hard as he could.
 Then, he slammed into Heine's face as hard as he could.

''Oaah! This is no time to sleep! Get up now...!

 The flames wrapped around Heine's entire body.
 At the same time, Lao uses a recovery spell with holy water, and soon, pissy, a crack appears in the ice and Heine's face thaws.

 A moment later, Heine screams.

''Quickly, I only need one arm!

I know!

 Lao puts his magic power into Garulford and melts the ice on Heine's right arm.

''A little more--''

 Lao's body was bouncing off the spot.
 The dragon, which had come through the forest, rushed forward and played him off.

 The dragon's evil eye stared at Heine with a glare.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.


 Just as Emilia was about to run out, yet another one, a third blue dragon, landed in front of her.


 Without mercy, a ferocious claw swung down and flung her off with the
'........I thought it would be something like that...............

 Heine says with a hint of frustration.

''Just when you think you've done well, you get beaten up........ That's right, even the holy sword will be patronized and taken by a real brave man.......

 Gritting his back teeth, Heine saw a great number of dragons coming through the forest.
 Two different blue dragons.

 It was nothing short of a desperate scene for him.


 Even so, his eyes still hadn't lost their light.

''For once...!

 Heine puts her magic power into her frozen arms, trying to force them to move.

''d*mn........move........! Move it. You useless...! How long will you be a useless person? I can't move........!

 His arm moved slightly as it made a dull sound with a mishap.
 The magic power was transmitted to that holy sword.

''Please.......my holy sword.......! I'm not a real person, I don't even look like a real hero, but...!

 Heine shouted as she put all her strength into her arms.

'But I still want to save those guys! Please! Help me...! For God's sake!

 With an eerie bang, the tip from Heine's elbow snapped off and fell to the ground.
 Spinning around, the holy sword stabbed into the ground.

 The dragon in front of him snarled and snapped its fangs at Heine, taking a bite out of him.
 But he sneered. Its gaze turned to the ground.

 There was a slight amount of magic in his arms and in his holy sword.

''Ikke ee!

 Gogo gogo gogo gogo gogo gogo, the last piece of the magic circle was filled in with an earth-shaking sound.
 Holy water flowed vigorously into the channel drilled into the ground by the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zele.

''.........the rest - gah.......''

 The moment Heine was about to use the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias), the dragon's fangs slipped into his body.

Haha...... I guess I can't be good enough for you, huh....

 Heine's head drooped in the dragon's mouth with a thump, as if he had lost his strength.
 In his ears, though, a voice rang out.


 Heine opens her eyes wistfully.


 Emilia, who was flung away by the different dragons and rolled on the ground, had her hands in the channel of the drawn magic circle. Holy water flowed there, and she was already prepared to use her magic.

''I always slacked off, but you did a great job today...''

 Emilia's magic power is transmitted to the holy water and activates the power of its magic tool.


 The power of the holy water entered her body and turned into poison, consuming her body.
 Every time she gained magical power, intense pain hit Emilia.

 Still clenching her teeth and dripping fat sweat, she fought the pain, shaking her thoughts.

 No matter how much her body was consumed, no matter how many stigmata floated around her body, no matter how many holy scars appeared all over her body, no matter how much they tried to invade even her roots, Emilia never, even for a moment, faltered.

 Her pain and suffering are insignificant compared to the days of yore.

 As if to appeal to her as such, the was activated more perfectly than ever before, creating countless threads on the spot.

 The plain was shining.

 When those threads of light trembled, a beautiful sound as if they were played on a musical instrument could be heard far away.

 Doggone it, the dragon that was holding Heine in its mouth fell to the ground.
 One after another, the dragons came out of the forest, bathed in the sounds played by the dragons, ceasing their activities and bowing down.

 Finally, from the sky, a dragon fell and plunged into the earth. The dust rose high in the air.

 The sound warding by the huge echoes all the way to the Enola grassland. When the dragon heard the sound, its power was blocked or it returned to the depths of the earth.

 Exhaustion, many were injured, most were dying.
 If one thing went wrong, it was impossible to know which way the victory would have gone.

 Still, it was a last-ditch victory that all of the girls had been able to reel in.