225-Conspiracy under the ground

 A violent tremor on the ground carries through the ground, raining down a rain of parasites and dust.

 Above, Emilia and the others are now engaged in a deadly battle with the dragon.
 Me, Misha, and Sasha are right below them. It's an unnaturally wide hollow built into the ground.

 I turned my magic eye to that one point and lightly threw a few words at it.

''So? I think it's time you showed yourself. Using the dragon region and the subterranean darkness to increase the effectiveness of the cloaking magic, you've done quite well, but--

 <With the magic of , I grew to the equivalent of sixteen years old and stepped out loosely, stretching my arms into the space in front of me.

 Clenching my hand, I felt a response.

''--It's about time my magic eye (eye) got used to it.

 I lift the thing I grabbed and slam it into the ground as hard as I can.
 A fierce sound is heard and the magical effect that hid the figure is lifted.

 The one who appears in front of me is a man dressed in vestments and wearing pure white armor over it. Is it almost the same as the one worn by the Saint Gazelle? It's probably the dragon man.

Hmm. I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect. You are the one who released the dragon.

"Azepto, Deilo.

 The dragonman shouted that from his fallen position.
 A light dwelt in his body and his magic power leapt up.

'' Eques' will be done.

 A rumbling sound resounded from that dragon man's mouth with a keening sound.
 I let go of my hand and stomped on that guy's face as hard as I could.


'I see, a possession summoning. I'm sure there are some individuals among the dragons that are good at hiding in their surroundings so as to blend in with the environment. So they had the power of a dragon in their bodies.

 The dragon man quickly pulled out his sword and slashed at my body with the power of the dragon.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.


Answer me. What are you trying to do with your life?

...We are warriors of the Most High God! I have nothing to teach you, even if it takes my life!

 At the moment the dragon man said this, a black thread that appeared from the magic circle I had drawn appeared and twisted around its neck, and a mischievous collar was placed on it.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I'm sure you'll be able to see how far that faith will go.

 I see a godless world where I kill you time and time again.

 I pray and wish for it, but God does not appear, he just keeps killing and destroying me.
 All kinds of pain and suffering blame him, and thousands and thousands of deaths pass by in a second.

 It was then that he finally awoke from his dream.
 You're going to be able to find out the best way to get the most out of your life.

''Do you still need to pray?''

I'm going to put you out of your misery.

 With empty eyes, lips trembling, the dragon man said.

''.........We.......are the Holy Knights of Geordal....... Cardinal Ahide told us the oracle......... Sanctify the people of the Georadites....

 It was that guy.

Where is Ahide?

"...to Aebelast Anzeta...

What do you mean by "consecration"?

From the womb of the dragon, God's messenger, go to Him and rise in His holy form. You will be a dragon man like us, a holy people in the service of God.

 So you're going to feed humans to the dragon.


 With a shuffle of feet, I crushed the skull of the dragon man.
 I'm going to give a glance at the people who are still hiding and watching us.

I will not allow any kind of conflict to come onto this earth. I will give you three seconds to get out of here. I will give you three seconds to leave now. "I will not allow you to bring in any kind of conflict on this earth, or Geordar will fall.

 One moment of silence.
 In the next moment, the figures of the dragon men who had been assimilated and hidden from the ground, like protective colors, quickly emerge.

 Everyone is clothed in vestments and wearing pure white armor over them. 

'' and ''

 With his voice, their magical power swells up.
 They must have summoned another dragon for battle and possessed its body.

''Gailladite to the Kingdom of God. This is an oracle!''

 If one person shouted that, everyone followed suit.

''As the wills!

"All the people of the Gaillardites will be saved by God!

""Believe in God and receive salvation!"

 The dragonmen's soldiers opened their mouths wide.
 From there, they spat out a breath of high heat, just like the dragon.

 The next moment when the vision was filled with flames, it disappeared in a flash.
 Sasha, who was next to me, stared at me with her .

''Before you believe in God, look at the reality with your eyes.

 I take a step forward.
 Misha glares at the dragon men with the magical eye of creation.

 One by one, they transform into snowflakes.

You'll be able to find out the best way to get your hands on them. I believe in God! Charge....!

Do you not see it? Do you not see," he said, "the thoughts of those who are now fighting desperately to find their place in the world, who have finally found it. They did not ask for help. They did not ask for help. They did not ask for help; they just looked at reality with their eyes and fought against unreason with their hands.

 Black lightning gathers around me.
 Origin magic .

"...stupid...! Magic enough to pierce the protection of a dragon?

 A jet-black bolt of lightning roared and swelled up, shooting through the surrounding dragonmen and turning them into extinguishing coals.

'What is God, who has broken the will of those who are about to be saved? What is salvation, you fools? No one can save them. No one can save them, for they know with their own eyes that they will have to earn it.



「誤り? 神が教えてくれる? くくく、くははは」


「くっ……なんだ、こいつはっ! 化け物かっ!!」

「こんな、馬鹿なぁ……! 竜の力でもってしても、剣が通らぬだと……!」

「人の心もわからぬ神が、なにを教えるというのだ。彼女らが絶望の淵にいたとき、なにもしなかった神が、今更のこのことやってきて救いだと? 笑わせるな、ペテン師どもが」




「どうだ? 信仰を捧げるお前たちさえ、神は救ってはくれまい」










「どうした? 早くも一人、信仰を捨てたぞ。なんとも信心深いものだな」










 Turning my eyes to the surroundings, there are still many dragonite soldiers.
 It's quite an impressive amount of material, as they're trying to bring down Geiradite.

''Misha, Sasha,''

 The two of them listened to my words as they stared at the dragon men with their evil eyes.

You'll be able to take care of the rest. You can't mess with the ground.

 Misha nodded his head.
 The two of them are back to back, holding their hands behind their backs with their eyes focused on the enemy.

 Misha and Sasha drew a semicircle of magic on each of their bodies and connected it to each other's magic circle to make it one.

 On top of that magic circle, there was another identical magic circle.
 In the past, Necron's secret technique could only be used with the help of the Seven Demon Emperors old Aivis.

 But now that they had grown up, the two of them would be able to reach the depths of it.

 Particles of magical power shimmered and rose up.
 Their bodies swooshed together, as if they were melting.

 From the dazzling light, a figure of a demon tribe emerged.
 A girl with silver hair was there.

''You monsters...! Ashes!

 With the command, the dragonmen spat out a scorching breath.
 The momentum was far stronger than before, and it easily melted the ground.

 This time, they must have summoned a dragon that specialized in Breaths to possess it.

"of creation.

 Misha and Sasha, who have aligned their voices and fused together, say quietly.

''<---Magic Eye>''

 It was a magical eye that possessed a wide range of vision and the power to obliterate all offensive and defensive magic, a magical eye that reshaped the body.
 The breath that was spat out disappeared, and in an instant, without any way to do anything about it, the dragon-humans transformed into ice crystals.

 The holy knight, who was barely out of their sight, stared at the silver-haired girl in a daze.

''.........Well, Saka.......This is the Devil's Eye of the Treason......... .....

 The dragonmen trembled with a rattle.

''Silver hair and those evil eyes as per the evil lore................ .....

 At the merged appearance of Misha and Sasha, the dragonites are in awe of the fusion of Misha and Sasha, more than the difference in power.

''My........my.......my......non-conformist! How dare you! You've brought back the gods of the undead from the dead...!

"Do you intend to destroy our country and the earth by resurrecting Gennudunub? I won't let you freeze on the ground...!

 Hmm. I don't understand.
 It seems that there were two fused demon eyes and a god who had the same demon eye?

Wrong guy.
Sorry. We're not God.

 Glaring at them with what they call the , Sasha and Misha turn the dragon men into ice crystals in the blink of an eye.



God. <The almighty brilliance of Eques. Give us salvation--

 The silver-haired girl says to me as she turns her evil eye to look for the remnants.

''Go ahead,''
Take care of yourself.

 I nodded and put my hand on the ground.

"Find out about this god you won't bother with if you can.

 After saying this, he used his Dias magic to split the ground and create a path to the depths of the earth.

 <I jumped into the hole with the Flying (Fres) and aimed at the underground world.
 In the blink of an eye, I passed through the canopy and arrived in the sky above the divine city of Gaela Hesta.