224-Brave Gakuin vs. a flock of dragons

 A fight to the death was going on.

 The magical bombardment of the holy fire, holy ice and holy lightning from the holy fire, while being hit, the dragons howled and rushed straight into the forest.

 This is the reason why it's so important to have a good quality of life.

 And so, Emilia tied up the silent dragons directly with the .

 However, some of the dragons realized that the was a boundary magic, and they opened their mouths wide from outside the forest and spat out high heat breaths.

 They easily swallowed the magical bombardment fired by the heroic academy and burned the forest.
 <If the power had not been attenuated by the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias), those on the front lines would have been extinguished by charcoal already.

 The dragons seemed to be trying to burn down the forest and sear out their prey.

''Chi.......I won't let them!

 Ledriano takes off his glasses.
 It was a magic tool that suppressed his magic, and its power increased quickly.

'Protect and heal. The Holy Sea Protector Bayramente.

 As if to shield the blue holy sword that reminds us of the great ocean, Ledriano holds it up as if it were a shield.

"The Holy Sea Patronage Boundary (Beast Rate)!

 He wears magical wards all over his body.
 The dragons' breaths focus on him, but he stamps his foot and endures them.

 Ledriano applies a magical barrier to the warding.

 The magic barrier was further layered with a holy curse to block the demons.

It's not just a matter of time before you're ready. "Defend your life, Beilamente, from ancient times. Thy power, thy will, show me your power!

 Unleashing the full power of the holy sword, Ledriano amplifies the power of the multiple layers of magic barriers by tens of times.


 He made a large circle with his bayramente.
 Then the direction of the power of the breath he was receiving reversed and bounced back to the dragons.

  Their sturdy scales, skin, and magic power completely blocked the breaths.

''As expected, doesn't it work........''

 Several dragons flap their wings and soar into the sky.

  is a sound warding, even though it affects the skies above, if you raise your altitude, it will be easy to cross the forest.

''Emilia........this isn't good, is it? They'll be gone....

 Lao stared at the shadows of a dozen or so dragons flying in the sky.

''A number like that is within our expectations. I'm going to give up on the flying dragons until the holy water "Dragon Binding Seal" (De Gerias) is completed. We can't track them!

 It's a wise decision.
 In the sky, the effect of the Dragon Binding Warding that is set up in the forest will also weaken.

 If you chase it too far, you will be annihilated in the blink of an eye.

''........It's strange.......''

 Ledriano raised his eyebrows while looking upwards with his magic eye.

''Emiliea. The dragon in the sky above isn't flying away from here, it's circling...!''

 The dragons were circling in the sky and increasing their speed.

 With a gasp, Emilia shouted.

''All of you, put the magic wards on top! I'm going to run into it!

 A moment later, a few dragons rushed into the forest from the sky, as if they were cutting through the wind.
 The students put up several layers of magical wards on the trees.

  covers the overhead as well.

 When Emilia was preparing for the impact of the dragon's charge, several trees collapsed on their own, creating a small hole in the warding of the dragon binding warding.

 The dragons jumped into the small hole with great force.

 The ground explodes with a thud.
 The students who had taken a decent hit from the dragon's swoop from the sky were blown away.

 With that momentum, it would be fatal at best.

 The dragon that landed in the forest cleaves down the trees in an attempt to destroy the warding.


 Emilia replaces the missing ward with a new Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias).

 However, several trees fall down again, creating a hole in the Dragon Binding Warding Wall.
 One after another, dragons rushed in from the sky and blew the students away.

 They are not ceasing to breathe from the ground, and other dragons are charging into the forest with the intention of crushing them.
 It's a good idea to use the amount of material to push through and crush the wards.

".........Why is the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias) of its own accord....... Don't let this go....

 The numbers of Emilia and the others were dwindling as they were pushed by the swarm of dragons.
 If those capable of fighting fell below a certain number, they would be crushed at once, unable to maintain their magical wards.

 A sense of frustration grew in the girls.

''Not yet. Humans are not going to be defeated by dragons!

 It was Eleonor's voice that echoed.
 She is inside the spherical holy water. Countless magic letters covered the surroundings.

 <She is activating the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor).
 Looking at them, the students of the fallen heroic academy were surrounded by a faint light.

 A soft, warm light illuminated the forest.
 The students of the heroic academy who died were revived and came back to life in a sweltering way.

"Cheering magic, let's go!

 Eleanor spreads her arms and draws a magic circle over the entire forest.

 A number of red, blue and green magic spheres floated as if they were springing up from a magic circle with a pop, and began to drift fluently through the forest.

 She tells everyone in the place with .

It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get the most out of it. Green will cheer for 180 seconds, blue for 120 seconds, and red for 60 seconds, and green, blue, and red will draw out more power, in that order. But when the effect wears off, the magic power is halved for 10 seconds, so you're in big trouble...!

Why do you have to remember all this troublesome magic? What does the Demon King Academy teach...

 While blurting out, Lao touches the blue .
 If he absorbed it with the capacity to use holy water, his magic power instantly jumped up.

''What the heck, that's a lot of hammers.......''

 Laos runs on the ground and aims at the dragon in front of him.

f*ck you, Grufford! Burn it all up!

 Raising the Holy Flame Cutlass with all his might, Lao took the back of the dragon that was rampaging in the forest.
 His aim was the weakest point, the neck. He swung his blade down to that spot where there were no scales.

  The holy sword was engulfed in flames and burned the body of the dragon from the inside out.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

'.........it's not good........'

I'll set up a rotation! Please follow my instructions and use the Root Source Cheering Magic Sphere (Eornez). During the interval, I'll make sure that the other three students are able to protect you at all times!

""I understand!"

 Emilia quickly gave instructions to the students of the heroic academy.

 The system that had been destroyed by the dragon's assault from the sky above seemed to be able to be rebuilt somehow with Eleonor's .


 Eleonor fires a cannonball of light into the sky.
 It flew at high speed, but the huge dragon flying in the sky avoided its magic without difficulty.

''Hmm, if that thing comes down, it looks bad indeed!

 Eleonor aimed at the blue dragon.
 It kept circling cautiously in the sky and kept its evil eye on the forest.

 It must be about 200 meters long.
 I'm not sure how many times I've seen it, but it's a good idea.

'.........Zesia.......is going........'

No, not yet! We're at a disadvantage in aerial combat, so let's wait until we've shot down the other dragons.

 Eleonor pointed the
 Emilia flew a command.

Redriano-kun, step back! <The effect of the Primordial Cheer Magic Sphere will expire.

Yes, sir!

 They're going to run into a few of them!

 Laos shouts.

 A herd of dragons poke through the hole in the sound wards, their horns protruding as they rush forward in a furious rush.
 Trees flap and uproot and fall, and the students are flung away.

 While wondering, Emilia tries to neutralize the dragon that has entered the forest somehow, and uses the .

 However, from the side, the trees fall down, the magic circle is gouged out, and the warding of the
 There are those who are lurking in the darkness and providing support for the dragon.

''It's true...!

 Just as Emilia quickly tried to reinforce the wards, the ground exploded with a thud, and a huge dragon appeared from the hole.

 Its scales and skin were dark green. The length of the body was over one hundred meters.
 The old dragon.


May God protect and heal you. Holy sea guardian bayrament!

 <Redriano, whose root source was strengthened by the Root Source Cheering Magic Sphere (Eolnes), barely managed to hold off the old dragon's rush.

''Please retreat! Emilia! If I lose you, this fight is over!

 Emilia jumps back with
''I'm fine now! Mr. Ledriano, you have to step back--?

 At that moment, the old dragon opened its mouth wide and all the magical wards sunk their fangs into Ledriano.
 For a moment, that protection held up, but in the next moment, it fragilely crumbled and the dragon's fangs pierced Ledriano's body.

 <The effect of the Root Root Cheering Magic Sphere (Eolness) had expired.
 Blood drips onto the fangs, turning the ground red. In the dragon's mouth, he went limp and weak.


 A gulping dragon swallows Ledriano whole.
 Even Eleonor's can't revive him if the dragon eats him.

 Emilia's demon eyes (eyes) were set as if they were on fire. She grabbed the red that had flown in front of her, absorbed it and charged at the old dragon without hesitation.


 Opening its jaws wide, the old dragon spits out a scorching hot breath.
 Emilia wears the and dives in with as it is, while withstanding that breath with the sound warding.

''Ko no ooohhhh! I'm not going to let a nasty vermin get in the way of my students...!

 While screaming, Emilia plunged into the dragon's jaws herself, as if to push back the scorching breath that was spat out, into the dragon's jaws--